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Kimiko saw the door to the storage closet open as someone entered, although through all the junk that filled the room it was difficult to make out who they were. Still she gripped the gun tighter, grabbed her pack and slunk deeper into the shadows. Staying behind the shelves and using the shadows to hide her movements Kimiko circled around in an attempt to see who it was. As the door was swinging closed she recognised the face of Caedyn Miller. Kimiko knew she had killed someone but the circumstances of what had happened were unknown to her. The announcements gave her some idea but how much of what they were told was the truth was another question entirely. The terrorists controlled information in much the same way China and North Korea had been known or were still known to do.

As she Kimiko watched Caedyn the door opened slightly as someone else slowly pushed it ajar. She recognised the boy vaguely but her attention was drawn to what he carried. It was something Kimiko knew from movies as a shotgun. He wasn't looking but he fired anyway and Kimiko instinctively flinched and ducked. They made eye-contact with each other and before she could raise her gun he was gone, the door swinging closed and dropping the room back into darkness. The distraction caused by the boy with the shotgun led to Kimiko losing track of Caedyn, so she stayed where she was and waited, listening for any sign of life.

((Kimiko Kao continued from Resident Evil))

She was alone again. Kimiko wasn't going to lie to herself, it was better this way. The path of least resistance meant going through as few people as possible. If she stayed by herself, alone in the dark she reduced all potential risk to nothing for practical purposes. She was sat in the dark of the storage closet, the cold hard floor providing little comfort and making her wounds and bruises ache. Her only companions being the corpses that had already been present and the spiders that she knew lived out of reach. The rest of the day had passed with no incident and she had found herself slowly drifting off. The nightmares had welcomed her with open arms and she had woken soaked in sweat. After that she had continued to quietly sit and think about her plan for the rest of the game.

The announcement had both served to bring her back to reality and give her an idea of the time. She listened to all the name of the fallen but her attention was more focused on their killers. She needed to know who was a potential threat and who wasn't. Hearing Isabel's name came as a surprise to Kimiko; in a way, she had been expecting to meet her again it had felt almost predetermined. She exhaled bitterly, the fact she felt self-important enough to even think in that way disgusted her a little. Isabel's death and the manner of how it had happened shouldn't have been a surprise to her. Isabel had been acting like a wild animal for the entirety of the time they had been on the island. The result of that had always been inevitable.

It served as a warning.

People would want to find her and get revenge for their friends eventually. Kimiko knew she needed to be aware of the potential danger someone like that posed to her. She had no friends or allies left. She only had herself to rely on and now that she had accepted it that was alright.

Kimiko stayed where she was sitting; fingers tapping gently on the gun she had taken from Nancy. There would come a point when she would have to leave her hiding place but until then Kimiko was fine taking refuge in the dark.

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Resident Evil
Vanessa's words did sound good but Kimiko found herself thinking about how she didn't deserve them. She appreciated the meaning behind them however and Vanessa was right. Despite that Kimiko was sure the meaning she was getting from Vanessa's words wasn't what the other girl had intended. Vanessa's message of giving up killing because the only person she needed to answer to was herself had the opposite effect. Kimiko remembered the main reason she was doing what she was doing. Her goal of ensuring Caleb's sacrifice wasn't in vain was why she was taking the path she was. She had come up with her plan and everything linked to it to achieve that one goal.

Maybe no one would understand in the end, or maybe they would and she would still be branded as selfish and cowardly. In a way that assessment was also correct, Kimiko couldn't run from that. She was selfish and cowardly but there was still an underlying current of some humanity wasn't there? The desire to ensure someone she cared about died for something more.

She nodded to Vanessa and spelled out a thanks, then moved past the girl and out of the room.

Vanessa probably wouldn't realise quite what she had done or potentially she could have in a small way.

Kimiko's resolve had been strengthened. It had just been strengthened in a way Vanessa may not have intended.

They may hate her or think her a monster. But Vanessa was right in the end, she only had to justify her actions to herself, anyone tried to tell her otherwise, 'tell ‘em to fuck right off'.

Commitment was key.

((Kimiko Kao continued elsewhere...))

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Resident Evil
Kimiko exhaled and thought about what she was doing. Her anger was still there, urging her to act, to lash out against Vanessa but she kept it at bay, boiling below the surface. It was prevented from boiling over due to the fact that Vanessa was right. Kimiko had a choice and she had already made it, she knew she would need to kill again. She wasn't sure if Vanessa had truly been put in a life and death situation. it was clear that she had certainly never been near someone like Isabel or Nancy.

If she had been Kimiko wasn't sure if her attitude and feelings towards the choices, they had to make would be the same. Maybe they would have been even then, if she would have could keep her viewpoint even after an experience like that she would have been a better person than Kimiko could hope to be, she just wished she could have been brave enough to keep viewing the world that way. Vanessa even seemed to think that there was still something salvageable within Kimiko herself.

She wasn't so sure she agreed with the sentiment. She was adrift from the rest of her classmates, unable to re-join them or take back what she had done no matter how much she may have wanted to change things. Her devising of the plan and commitment to enacting it had also served to drive a self-made wedge between her and the others. A recognition of what her plan entailed, simple, selfish acts. Whether they would be judged as evil by those who would observe what she was doing after the fact didn't matter to Kimiko as much as she considered them evil. She wasn't doing it for herself though, she was carrying more on her shoulders than her other classmates could have known.

It was why she agreed with Vanessa's sentiment but couldn't fully commit to it. She knew that her own actions had driven her into the corner she was now trapped. As much as she wanted to be more than a murderer, deep down Kimiko agreed with it. Her one arguable good act on the island was primarily motivated by convenience rather than any desire to help others and it did nothing to balance out the others.

Her body may have left the asylums basement but Kimiko wasn't sure her spirit had.

She steadied her breathing and raised her hands again to respond.

"It's not that simple."

Resident Evil
Vanessa went off on a rant which seemed to have no end. Kimiko knew the better thing would have been to stop and think about what she was doing. If she lost her composure she could have been caught off-guard by something she hadn't noticed but sometimes it was easier to think about how you shouldn't be doing something than being able to stop yourself from doing it. That was the problem Kimiko was having. Vanessa wasn't the primary cause of her anger; she was just the conduit for it.

Anger had been steadily building up in Kimiko ever since the group on the cliff had rejected her presence. It was compounded by all the other events that had happened over her time, Clarice's rejection, the fight with Isabel and the conversation with Nancy. Everything had been building inside waiting for a moment to be released. That moment seemed to have arrived and even though Kimiko knew that she shouldn't have she moved off branches of the tree and stepped closer to Vanessa.

Her hands moved fast, still shaking as she tried to contain the fury she was feeling. She hadn't felt a surge of anger like the one she was experiencing since that last conversation with Bradley.

"Would you prefer I just killed everyone I met? So, I can be the monster you want me to be?"

Resident Evil
Vanessa continued to push her for an answer. Kimiko was beginning to expect Vanessa to try something, maybe she was trying to get an answer and would try to kill her if she said yes. Maybe she was just trying to place her as a threat. There were a lot of potential options for what Vanessa wanted to gain from the line of questioning but Kimiko couldn't narrow down what one Vanessa was working towards.

Mentally Kimiko was preparing for the situation escalating. There was no solid way to say it would but it was better to be prepared for the eventuality then not. Her hand started to drift down slightly to the gun still in her pocket but Kimiko caught herself and instead picked at the bark on the tree. She didn't have to answer Vanessa, she knew that, but she couldn't lie to someone who was innocent as far as she knew. Vanessa's name hadn't shown up on the announcements at any point.

The way the other girl was talking riled her though. Demanding that she 'show commitment'. Kimiko knew Vanessa would have seen things on the island, at the point they were at everyone would have. The comment bothered her however. Demanding commitment to her either being the monster that Vanessa expected and wanted her to be or not. As if it was such a simple decision. Did she believe that one day Kimiko had woken up and decided she would kill four people, including Caleb? One of her best friends, someone who had truly loved her and sacrificed themselves for her. What level of ignorance did Vanessa possess to say something like that?

Kimiko's feelings of hurt and rejection, of being treated like a monster were beginning to turn to anger. She raised her shaking hands and spelled out a message.

"You don't know what you're talking about."

Resident Evil
Kimiko turned her gaze over towards Vanessa with a quizzical look on her face. The mood in the room had suddenly shifted as Vanessa seemed to have changed tact. The tone of her voice had changed and Kimiko wasn't sure what to make of it.

Whether the other girl had become so used to her presence she was no longer scared of her, Kimiko couldn't safely say. She knew she didn't want to answer Vanessa's question because neither of them would have liked the answer but Vanessa seemed intent on forcing the issue. Kimiko wasn't sure if it was all bravery on Vanessa's part. A part of it would have been of course, but this wasn't the same situation as with Ben and Raina on the cliffs. They had each other and therefore an advantage in numbers. Vanessa was alone without a weapon as far as Kimiko could tell, of course there was always the potential for Vanessa to have a weapon hidden on her person.

That doubt rolled around in the storm in Kimiko's mind just one of many others. If Vanessa did have a weapon hidden there was the potential she had been trying to make Kimiko drop her guard. Just like she herself had done previously to Nancy. Maybe she had been attempting to do that only to switch tactics to trying to goad her over. Kimiko couldn't be sure either way. She couldn't even be sure Vanessa had a weapon, but she needed to respect the possibility.

She raised her hands up, beginning the process of spelling out her answer only to stop and let them drop. Her eyes met Vanessa's and she gave a resigned shrug.

Kimiko knew, Vanessa surely knew, but there was no other way.

Resident Evil
The question Vanessa had asked was one Kimiko didn't want to answer. She already knew what the answer was of course. She had a plan and following that plan through to the bitter end meant that at least one or two more people would need to die by her actions. The question became one of what she would do in specific circumstances, mainly, could she avoid getting any blood on her hands needlessly. She had managed so far. She could have killed Enzo; she could have shot Penelope as soon as she had approached her and she could have shot Vanessa in the back of the head without the other girl even realising she was there. But there was no hiding from the truth, she would have to kill again. It would get to a point where the numbers were so low that they would be forced into conflict and if she wanted to survive and make Caleb's sacrifice worth it she would need to make sure she came out the victor.

If she needed to be a snake and use cunning like she had with Nancy she would. If she needed to be a bull and use brute force like she had with Bradley she would. She couldn't afford to hesitate or give anyone else the chance, if she wanted to win she needed to use any strategy that worked.

She looked over at Vanessa and couldn't muster up the will to reply. She didn't want to.

She knew what the answer was. That was bad enough.

V6 Sixth Announcement
So y'know, this is a thing.

A hero would be wonderful as everything I said about Kimiko last the time and the time before still apply. I'm really proud of what I've been able to do with Kimiko so far. I've enjoyed writing her and think that there's a lot more she can do on the island and I'd love to keep writing her so I can get the chance to do that.

Death ideas are obviously appreciated.

v7+ concepts
Aliya Kimia Nemati - Persian girl from Iran who is an aspiring professional wrestler something her father disproves of immensely to the point where the pair barely speak. Wrestlers on the school team with a style can best be described as funky. Has two younger sisters one of which she has a fierce rivalry with while the other teams with her whenever they get the chance to wrestle on the weekends. Aliya is a relaxed, happy-go-lucky person who is generally friendly, in good-spirits and willing to make jokes. The only thing that angers is people insulting her for being Iranian or a Muslim. Her other many hobbies besides wrestling are running and collecting Nike trainers with loud and colorful designs. She works at whatever diner or food place is present at where ever pregame is set to get extra money to pay for training. If there are any parties being held she'll probably attend.

Forrest Quin - An asexual girl (though she's not fully aware of that yet) abandoned by her original mother and adopted by a gay couple. Forrest is a DJ and remixer who has a YouTube channel where she posts up remixes and mashups under the pseudonym of DJ HELL KITTY. She's in an all-girl group where her main job is the get the room jumping via beatz. She's also a massive party girl who holds house parties whenever her dads are out of town and is known for being able to consume drugs and alcohol like they're candy. She has a droll and deadpan personality and sense of humour which has a lot of self-depreciation and bizarre interludes. Owns small collection of reptiles and exotic pets, her favorite being a bearded dragon called Drake. Forrest has had a few boyfriends/girlfriends but it never really gets past the dating and kissing phase as soon as it's suggested they go further she freaks out at the idea. Her plan's for her life can be summed up as ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Bret - American football player who plays Free Safety. Is massive (he's 6'3") as well as being a massive douche on the field, going full-bore into every tackle not caring whether or not the opponent gets hurt and spitting copious amounts of trash talk. Is a devout Catholic who prays before every game and wants to get a scholarship to be able to go and play at college. Around school he's a surprisingly alright person although he does have a tendency to look down on people that aren't in his social circle, anyone who isn't a cool or popular kid basically and is a stubborn fuck regarding his views. Has a twin brother who also plays defence on the football team and will be being played by Ricky.

Obviously this is subject to change