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In Total Control
Chris thought it was done; he was going to say something to her. Then her fist connected with his jaw. If Chris hadn't been seeing red before then, he was after the punch. He stumbled back a little bit. Then he lashed out properly for the first time since he'd been on the island. His fist crashed into Stephanie's face. It wasn't a practiced punch, it was wild and swinging.

The dam of all of Chris' emotions broke and everything just came rushing out, his inability to save Brianna, Jesse's death. If he wanted to delude himself into using that as an excuse for what he was doing the option was there. Another excuse he could have had was self-defence since Stephanie had completely lost it. She had attacked him and he'd given her a chance. She'd wasted it by attacking her again.

If Chris had been thinking straight he would have stopped after the two follow-up punches he'd thrown to knock Stephanie down. But he was lost in anger he couldn't see properly through the red. If he had been thinking straight he would have realised he had left the realm of self-defence.

He quickly lost track of how many punches he'd thrown. The throbbing in his knuckles was what woke him up. He stood there, frozen above Stephanie. The adrenaline starting to die down. The realisation rising. He had been trying to work on his anger.

He had done so well throughout the rest of his time on the island, he'd kept is cool through most of the situations he had been in. Now it had all fallen down. The whole illusion was shattered.

Brianna's words came back to him. "You're not who you were in high school, Chris. You're a good person."

Chris was shaking, an after-effect of the adrenaline. He didn't remember when he'd started crying.

"Fuck..." Chris breathed out the word. He was still the same person. The same bully he had always been. He'd just gotten better at hiding it. He stumbled back.

Then after the shock wore off, things started to repeat themselves. He broke and ran like he had following Jesse's death. He ran to his bags and picked them up avoiding looking at the body in the doorway. Then without even glancing back at what he'd done to Stephanie he sprinted away up the street. He nearly fell over when his foot hit a crack but he was able to keep his balance and keep going.

He didn't know where he was running to, but he ran all the same.

((Christopher Harlin continued elsewhere...))

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If you're interested in the PBE, I suggest applying now. I was able to get insta-approved while poking around apps tonight between homework stuff. Can't mess with it for a couple days, though. :(
If this gets me free shit I am in.
You only get it on the PBE account, and you have to re-apply every month or so to stay/get back in,is my understanding, with no guarantees they'll keep you. But you get to test basically every champion, including some before release. Also you get wonderful stuff like this Vlad bug apparently going around where hitting his E gives him 5000 health regen/5 instead of 5.

Apr 30 2014, 05:09 AM
If you're interested in the PBE, I suggest applying now. I was able to get insta-approved while poking around apps tonight between homework stuff. Can't mess with it for a couple days, though. :(
If this gets me free shit I am in.

In Total Control
Stephanie was losing it. She was still up in his face. Chris didn't know where it had come from or if he had triggered it, but he'd stopped caring about those details.

She'd lashed out and hit him. He was trying hard not to lash out back, to get her away from him. She was saying something but he didn't care what.

He just needed to get her out his face and get some room to breathe and think about what was going on. He dropped both his bags to the floor. His muscles were tensing up and the adrenaline was starting to flow. He didn't know what was going to happen but it looked like it had a chance of being violent.

Stephanie's arms flew up again and Chris' moved on instinct. He stepped forward and put all his weight behind a two-handed shove to her chest.

He'd had the choice between fight or flight and as he used to do back at Aurora he'd chosen fight.

In Total Control
Stephanie was starting to get angry. She was yelling at him for no reason. He'd been trying to deal with his anger issues. He was stressed as well. He was just trying hard not to show it. The last thing he needed was for some to get angry at him for being "too calm". He was only trying to keep his wits about him in a dangerous situation. He'd seen what the game they were in did to people first hand. He'd seen Theo before Hansel killed him, he'd seen Brianna before she killed herself and he'd been with Jesse when he had died.

Three different people. Three deaths under different circumstances. Three lives that all had the same end point on the island both him and Stephanie were currently standing on. He knew as well as anyone what SOTF did to people. So the last thing he needed was for a girl he'd only recently met to start yelling at him for something as trivial as being calm.

Then she'd hit him. In all honesty it had hurt a little, if only because it had caught him off guard. He stepped back and his anger flared up. There was a line and she was crossing it.

"What the fuck?" He asked his voice quiet.

((Gray Emerson continued from Tell No Tales))

Sean had been unresponsive since they'd left the freighter. Gray had spoken a couple of times but he was quiet himself, so the silence suited him just fine. They hadn't come across anyone else either, so it had been all quiet. Not that there was anything wrong with that of course.

As for as things currently stood. Gray was looking alright for food and water. He took a sip from one of his bottles of water as he walked alongside Sean. They'd entered a gated off group of houses and Gray couldn't help but feel slightly jealous of the houses the former occupants had owned. Sure they didn't look like much anymore but it was clear they had been something special back in their day. The fact they were all identical took away a little bit of their mystique, but Gray still wished he had a house like them. Not that there was anything wrong with his house back in Seattle but he had to admit the ones he was looking at would have been better back when they weren't decaying.

In general they'd be a good place to hole up and rest for a while. It was strange for Gray since he didn't like to stay in one place on the island too much. He always seemed to be spending more time walking places then he actually spent anywhere. The walking was messing with his knee too. He could feel it lock up as he took another step forward and stopped to hop on the stop.

"Come on." He muttered as was forced to drag himself to the curb. "Hey, Sean we gotta hold up. Knees gone again." Gray looked at the house in front of him and shrugged. "We can rest in there." Gray hobbled up the lawn and through the doorway. The house was about as bad on the inside as it had been on the outside, but after looking around there was a living room, with a sofa. Gray hopped over to it and dumped his bag on it. Leaning on the sofa he tried to pop his knee back but it wasn't working. He sighed and shook his head.

He collapsed back into the sofa. Left leg stretched out in front of him. He had two choices either he could wait it out or he could effectively beat his knee up. He didn't feel like doing the second thing at the present moment.

"It's gone pretty bad this time."

In Total Control
"Yeah it is screwed up." Chris agreed. Stephanie seemed to be getting agitated. "But while you don't accept it, other people already have. They're the dangerous ones, the ones that are killing." Chris knew because he had seen it first hand with Theo. He was just another body now; according to one of the announcements Hansel Williams had killed him. A killer killing a killer. That was the fate that awaited either Mara or Stacey as well. He wondered if the same situation had happened between Theo and Hansel. Had Theo killed one of Hansel's friends and Hansel had gone for revenge or vice versa?

Unless Chris met Hansel, he'd never know. Even then if he met Hansel he would have most likely run from him. There wasn't much that was predictable or reliable anymore but if there was one thing it was Hansel Williams showing up in an announcement. Chris shivered if Mara had freaked him out he'd be downright terrified of Hansel. He had a substantially bigger body count.

He looked at the body again and then at Stephanie.

"We should probably keep moving. Don't want to stand around out here in case someone dangerous is around."

In Total Control
Chris was damp and was uneasy. Then again he'd been uneasy for as long as he could remember.

((Christopher Harlin continued from Exposure))

He took a sip from one of his bottles of water and put it back into one his bags. He didn't really care which one. They were both his now anyway and Stephanie had never asked him about the fact he had two. He appreciated that, whether she was deliberately not asking him or not didn't matter. He still preferred that it was his choice whether he wanted to talk about it or not because as things were, he didn't want to.

The rain had passed long ago but Chris could still feel his hair was wet in some places. It wasn't a warm day by any stretch but it was better without the rain. Chris looked up as he heard Stephanie's voice. She'd found another corpse. He wandered over and stood by her as he took a look at the body. It was recognisable as a girl but as for who it was Chris couldn't say. The body was missing its head. Chris had seen far too many corpses already so he looked at it briefly before turning to move off. He didn't want to have to dwell on yet another loss of life, especially one that had ended so violently.

He stopped when Stephanie asked him why people kept killing. Scratching behind his ear as he thought Chris found the answer came to him too fast.

"They see no other way out I guess. No other way to escape this." He waved a hand out in the direction of the body to help make his point. "Or if they're like Mara revenge, an eye for an eye. I don't know really. There are too many reasons."

If anything that thought was worse, the fact they had been trapped on the island for so long that the list of reasons to kill some was increasing. There were other reasons he could think of, the need for supplies, fear of being attacked. So many reasons they were presented with for ending one of their classmates lives. He was sure that soon being a killer was going to become the norm and the kids that hadn't killed were going to be the exceptions.

It was a scary thought.

Jungle Leona is disturbingly good thanks to her ability to cc you forever.


That was S' name.


He nodded when she asked his name. He nodded again when she suggested they should move. It made sense; it wasn't exactly safe if someone tried to take pot-shots at them. They were incredibly exposed Chris belatedly realised. It would not have been hard for anyone to just aim and fire. Then one of them would have been hurt at the least.


"Yeah, you're right. We should get a move on." He looked at the pizza box and thought for a moment before setting it down. He jogged over to where he'd left his bags and brought them over to where Stephanie was standing. Removing the first-aid kit from one he tore off a lengthy strip of bandages and picking up a slice of pizza wrapped it in the bandage. He repeated the process one more on the other slice. Leaving one slice for him to eat. He passed one of the wrapped slices to Stephanie and put the other one in his original bag. Then hefting both bags over his shoulders he started moving off. He didn't quite know where but if he had to guess what Stephanie would have preferred he was going to go with something under cover.

"We'll head inside somewhere. See if we can't find a place to hole up for a while."

Chris wished that this time things would turn out better than the hospital. He took a bite out of the slice of pizza. He didn't get his hopes up though.

((Christopher Harlin continued elsewhere...))

Tell No Tales
"Yeah sure man." Gray said over his shoulder to Corey. It'd be easier if everyone felt comfortable, so if Corey needed to get some space and privacy than fair enough. He lost track of how long he crouched in front of Sean with his hand on his shoulder. But eventually Sean took his bandanna off and stood up. Gray following him up; he kept his beanie on though. If he took it off it would just become more uncomfortable when he put it back on. Plus he liked it and felt better with it on. He'd been wearing a beanie on his head for as long as he could remember. Some people were surprised he even had actual hair whenever he took one off. Then again, most people didn't travel down to the beach with him and Kyran.

Gray didn't force anything; Sean had effectively had a mental break in front of him so he'd get to dictate a speed that was comfortable for him. He said he wanted to see Sara's body. Gray simply nodded.

"Sure thing man."

Gray let Sean past him and waited until he heard the other boy’s footsteps on the stairs before he walked over to the railing of the ship. He laid his arms over it and rested his head on them. Letting out a long sigh he looked up and out to sea. He raised one of his hands in front of his face and watched it shake.

"Got a bit of a rush going." He muttered as he turned his hand over and clenched his fingers. Then he turned, picked up his bag and followed Sean down below deck.

He found him looking at Sara's body. Gray stayed quiet and let Sean have his time, then once Sean spoke he nodded.


((Gray Emerson continued elsewhere...))

S took a slice of the pizza. That was good. She was a normal companion and Chris could appreciate that. He'd been missing company since Jesse and Brianna. Chris took a slice of pizza for himself and closed the box. Despite being cold it was still good. It made Chris realise how much he missed real food from home.

Chris shrugged. "Honestly I don't know. But I guess one less killer is better for the rest of us isn't it?" One less killer meant one less person who was ok murdering their classmates. Chris didn't like the thought of someone else losing their life, but if it meant that the island was less dangerous for everyone else maybe he'd be alright with it. Needs of the many vs the needs of the few and all.

Chris looked at S again. He still had to figure out one more thing about his new companion.

"Sorry but I don't remember your name. Its S-something right?"

Maybe Brianna had gotten through to him when she'd ranted about her brother or maybe it was her death so soon after that had given him the kick he'd needed. But he swore to himself he wasn't going to forget S' name once she had told him.

V6 Concepts Thread
Oh here we go.

Kimiko Kao: Kimiko is a mute girl from New Taipei, Taiwan who ended up migrating to [V6 SCHOOL LOCATION] around the middle of middle school. Since she is mute her main form of communication is through Taiwanese Sign Language/American Sign Language. Her parents ended up moving to New Taipei shortly after her birth because it has one of the two schools in Taiwan that teaches TSL. Her parents are very pro-Taiwanese independence and emigrated to America. She has very strong political views because of her upbringing and is a member of Amnesty International. She is also very proud of her heritage and is a practicing Taoist as are her parents. She practices gymnastics as her sport of choice because able to express self without words etc. and she enjoys reading comic books. Kimiko also tries hard to live a normal life despite her condition so is fairly outgoing. Oh and she's bleached/dyed her hair very light blonde as a fresh start kinda thing.

Travis "Trav" Lynch: Trav is an orphan who was adopted into America from Jamaica. He practices MMA and Parkour and while he's been practicing both hobbies for a long time and is good at them he is still insecure in his abilities. He hides this through and laid back joker attitude. Yeah he's not as well thought out as Kimiko is yet.

Leona said she had someone of her own to find and then thanking him for her 'item' she left. Chris just let her go. There had been something slightly off about Leona. He couldn't quite place what it was but it was there.

Mara advanced on him, trying her best to be intimidating. In a normal situation it wouldn't have worked. But the situation they were in was anything but normal. She had killed before and from the sound of it she wouldn't hesitate to do it again. So it was only natural for Chris' heart to beat that little bit faster when she became aggressive. He was tempted to draw his gun, but he recognized the dangers of causing a stand-off so held his hand.

S supported what Chris had said in her own way. Mara didn't like their attitudes it seemed and ranted before she too walked away. Chris again let her go. The danger of trying to stop her was far greater than any potential benefits she'd give. He silently wished Stacey luck, knowing what Mara was planning to do once she found her.

Chris exhaled once Mara was gone. He still had the pizza box in his hands. He turned to S and nodded at the box.

"So...want to split this?"

At least he had one sane companion for the time being.

Tell No Tales
Sean fell to his knees.

The gun clattered to the floor.

The clouds opened and the rain began.

Gray slowly stepped forward and crouched down, carefully picking up Sean's gun. He turned back to see Corey on the deck of the ship clutching his head. He hadn't noticed that happen, he had been too zoned in on Sean to notice. He put Sean's gun into his bag and put his bag down gently. He could give it back to Sean later, but only if he was sure Sean was trustworthy and from what he'd seen that trust would take a long time to build back up.

For what felt like an age Gray stood there between the two debating what to do. In the end he settled on looking after Sean, the other issue was, how was he going to do that? Gray rubbed his neck, well aware of how awkward the situation was. Eventually he settled on stepping forward and crouching in front of his former friend. Slowly he raised his right hand and placed it on Sean's shoulder.

He lowered his gaze and waited. Not saying anything. He knew better than that. When Sean wanted to speak he'd speak. Until then Gray waited.

New Official V5 Away Thread
Back 2 days early say what?!

We got back early thanks to having a man with one leg on our coach.

Chris followed Leona's gaze up to the tree. S noticed too and also turned her gaze to the branches of the tree. She clearly spotted something and started speaking to whoever had taken up residence in the tree, the mysterious person who had given them the gift of pizza.

Then they dropped down from their hiding place and Chris was able to get a look at them. He recognized Mara Montalvo instantly. His grip on the pizza box tightened. She was a killer, and that was what had gotten her the pizza in the first place. It all made sense, the pizza was the prize the terrorists had given her.

To Chris's surprise when asked if they were scared of her the other two girls said no. That didn't quite compute. Chris was scared of her, maybe not in the knee quaking sense, but he was scared of anyone that had killed someone else. It took a special kind of mental state to be able to do that and if she had been rewarded for it? Well it must have had something special about it to rise above the other acts of violence that were perpetrated across the island every day. That was what scared Chris about her.

Stacy Ramsey?

Things just became more and more confusing for Chris but it looked like they were going to get away from the encounter alive. She didn't seem to have a weapon in her hand, of course she would most likely be hiding one but as things were she didn't have one she could use in an instant.

"I haven't seen her." Chris said his voice soft. "And I doubt you just want to talk anyway."

New Official V5 Away Thread
Handler: Deamon
Dates Away: April 5th - April 13th
Days Away: 8
Reason for Away: Going on tour to Spain with MMA and the rest of Portsmouth Uni's societies and clubs and will then be flying home once I get back in Portsmouth. Same situation as Malta in that I don't know if we have wifi and I doubt I'll have time to use it anyway.
Characters: Gray Emerson and Chris Harlin

EDIT: Did not notice it had passed midnight. So there is one Chris post to come before I'm away away I guess.

Tell No Tales
Sean's arm started to shake. Gray could only feel relieved at that. It meant something he had said had gotten through and sometimes that one bit of doubt was enough. He'd seen it before when people went for big jumps or hard tricks that one moment of hesitation they had cost them and they normally stacked it or bailed.

It wasn't close to the same situation, but Gray still saw the signs. When Sean started speaking it was all but confirmed. He stumbled over his words and didn't make any sense. He pointed the gun wildly between Gray and Corey but Gray held his ground. If Sean hadn't shot them yet then it became less likely every second.

What Gray didn't expect however was for Sean to go back to pointing the gun at his own head. So the good news, the gun wasn't pointed at him anymore. Bad news, Sean was about to kill himself.

"Sean think for a second." Gray said. He searched through everything that he'd seen and heard. Searching for something he could use to stop Sean from putting a bullet in his head. He hated to fall to what was the equivalent of an emotional gut punch but as things were he needed something that would quickly bring Sean back from his insanity before the worst happened. It just looked like the only way to do that with Sean was to shock him into listening.

"If you shot yourself you'd be a coward and pirates aren't cowards."

Gray had never hated himself more.

New Official V5 Away Thread
and back.