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Nice to see Rocky offering nothing at all and doesn't even try to defend himself. Not implying anything at all here. !!

Could probably totally fuck that senator...ok yeah that one wasn't even subtle. I'm tired.

EBWOP: Toben may have just ninja'd the shit out of me.

First off I can actually post without being targeted.

Second of all as far as the WIFOM argument that Toben suggested goes if I believe my reasoning so much why would I try a WIFOM argument anyway, it also doesn't help that defenses like that usually don't work well to begin with. So it'd be safer not to attempt one in the first place.

Attempting a lynch on Dom when we've already decided that penguin will shoot him tonight is a waste of time so it's best not to do it. Let's also not try and decipher things from the fluff since that is also a waste of time.

Deamon, your posts involve almost no scum hunting beyond when you agree with someone else.

Apart from my post right before that when I said this.

The point I'm trying to make here is that a perfect example of what I'm talking about are decoy, dmboogie and Aura Master Fox. (Will totally get yelled at for deflecting suspicion knowing my luck).

Not necessarily scum hunting but if I'm offering up people who may be worth looking into and you ignore that's hardly my fault.

But anyway Doc if you want I can help you find the mark. wink wink nudge nudge.

D&D 3.5 edition campaign Interest Check
I may also be making a human ranger...there is nothing untoward happening here. ¬¬

Maybe the reason I only post when people target me is because I always return to the computer when people have voted for me?

But in real talk I yet again have to defend myself (which will then be thrown back in my face later when it's brought up I only spoke up after I'd been voted for...I really cannot win in this situation and scum will be able to jump right on that). So to defend myself yeah I have had a low level of inactivity which never bodes well.

Maraoone has been scummy as all get-out with her choosing to go haring off after Skraal and whatnot, but Deamon reads worse to me.

Oh hey this again. Where is the reasoning? Maraoone has an example of being directly stupid/scummy yet I'm the one who's worse even though there's no reason given. This is the second time that it's been chosen to pressure me over someone who has acted scummier. Kinda looks to me like you're just throwing the suspicion out and then let other people do the work of pushing the lynch therefore making you looks less suspicious from it.

Th-The fact that th-the only times h-he comes up a-and posts are wh-when he is t-targeted directly, and th-the fact that h-he so fervently d-defends himself and th-then immediately drops o-off the face o-of the thread m-makes me think h-he is even m-more suspicious than r-random inactives, because h-he is obviously p-paying attention but d-doesn't want to t-talk in order t-to avoid suspicion.

See this is something I addressed the last time I had to defend myself by pointing out that any scum trying to hide with low-level activity after this many games is being an idiot, instead they should be you know not hiding somewhere obvious. The point I'm trying to make here is that a perfect example of what I'm talking about are decoy, dmboogie and Aura Master Fox. (Will totally get yelled at for deflecting suspicion knowing my luck). But hey it's something to look into.

Toben's point about Rocky is a good one too.

Also can we stop using the "They defended themselves when we tried to lynch them" argument as reasoning for someone being suspicious because honestly who doesn't try to avoid being lynched? Apart from Jesters.

One thing to bare in mind with the whole Penguin nightkilling Dom plan is that what if the person that roleblocked Ricky blocks Penguin or Penguin just claims to be blocked to play for time. Maybe it's nothing too important but it should be considered especially since no roleblockers have claimed/died yet. Unless Ricky was lying about being role-blocked...which doesn't really make sense unless he was pretending to be a cop and that's incredibly unlikely.

D&D 3.5 edition campaign Interest Check
I'd be up for playing but I've never DM'd before so it's probably best I don't do that.

The fact that it would be three no lynches kind of seals it for me, plus Laurels seems to be hitting all of the scum tells pretty well. So I feel safe dropping on a vote on him.

VOTE: Laurels

P.S. Aura I'm able to go 'till late ;)

Ricky you sexy thing I have no idea why Maroone decided to vote for Skraal. Unless Maroone is a lyncher...or is scum and is therefore trying to make it seem like they're helping town. You know, the regular theories.

Amendment to the Staff Heirarchy System
Communism has a new colour, it is Purple.

If I may point out Ricky (also your ass in the most awesome thing ever) that decoy has pretty much said a whole lot of nothing despite making it look like he has.

MK Kilmarnock
Apr 12 2013, 12:27 PM
Deamon's voting for himself?

Almost as awesomely talented as me!
I wish I was capable of breaking space time like that, it'd be helpful.

Ok so I have to defend myself now, that's always good fun. Right so I'm already tied for most votes, which says a lot considering I was only brought up you know like on the last page and this is for the crime of being the person with the least posts, makes sense and I do advocate lynching the inactives in every game I've been in so I have no problem with the course action.

Ok so first thing first the vote I threw where I tried to "deflect from himself onto others who wagoned" (penguin_alien circa 2013) wasn't that in the slightest it was me saying that we should check out people who are bandwagoning the lynch on Epsi while also acknowledging the hypocrisy of my own statement since I had only posted twice at that point, but since sarcasm and/or Archer references aren't allowed in Mafia I guess the point was missed.

So anyway we're voting for me in lieu of someone actually suspicious even though others not mentioning any names are setting off more alarm bells with some people than I am? Seems a tad weird when the three of you have admitted that taking out the suspicious people is higher on your list of priorities.

To address another issue if I was trying to lay low I don't see how pointing out my own hypocrisy in my one post that wasn't a joke is going to help that. But if we want to go down the route of people who are trying to lay low it is well established at this point that in Mafia's on this site we do one thing without fail when we're running low on ideas and can't think of what to do, target the inactives and target them hard. So if we're dealing with intelligent scum players they'll be posting often enough to be considered 'active' not so much that they'd enter the foreground of the debates, I mean the middle is the safest place to be since it isn't one of two extreme's, not that you can target scum purely based on this one theory but it's something to think about at the least i.e. the people that look like they're doing something but actually aren't. Members of the mafia have stuck around throughout games doing this before but it still bares repeating. *cough* Rocky, Decoy *cough*

Also I'm not sure if this has already been talked about and it is really hard to check what with being a billion pages behind but one thing to consider is that there doesn't seem to be an SK or Vig in this game. If we're working off the principle that the town has a roleblocker (which seems likely) and that they've tested the presence of the SK/Vig with who they've been blocking.

As to who looks suspicious to me? Well beyond Slam and Laurels I don't really have much. Will was rather active on the first day when it came to the Espi lynch but hasn't contributed anything important since then, (he said he still finds Slam scummy because of what some one else said.) which may be significant what with Espi flipping town and all.

So yeah that's about all I got make of it what you will and Toben I'm sure we don't need to double check your private work if you get my drift.

As Long as There are Stars Above You
Sophie said they could either stay in the Starbucks and or if Gray had anything to do he could go and she would just go back to playing her guitar outside. Gray didn't actually have anything to do and didn't want to just ditch Sophie after the other had only just left. In the end he decided on a compromise.

"How about we head outside. Relax out there and enjoy the weather."

Gray stood up and picked up his bag and drink.

"Then I could listen to you play for a bit because honestly I have nowhere to be."

Swinging his bag over his shoulder Gray walked out of the Starbucks, he'd been told to man up. Adding some extra confidence in with that wouldn't hurt that was for sure.

((Gray Emerson continued in...))


Yeah kinda may have forgot I was part of this mafia (again.) But anyway that's not important right now. After looking over all the pages I missed, which took forever by the way. I can say that yeah Espi looks pretty damn suspicious anything else I could add has already been said so...

VOTE: Espional

As that sexy hunk of person who is JillSandwich says weeding out scum is the necessity of a mafia game so one thing to keep in mind would be that we're on 9 votes currently and it takes 14 to lynch. So perhaps we should look at who appears to be bandwagoning...he says unironically.

SRJJJB's Relationship Thread
Friendly guy who's commited to skateboarding and is easy to get along with? Sounds like he'd be good friends with Gray Emerson. In short Gray is a very friendly and laidback guy who has a serious passion for skateboarding (he hopes to go pro). He doesn't care about specific social circles and will hang out with anyone. Probably wouldn't be a stretch to say they'd go skating together.