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SOTF v4 Mafia, Game Thread
Having finally getting round to reading this. I'm going to agree with Rocky that Flare is the most likely candidate for questioning using information gathered from the last phase. Not true information but whatever.

Flare has been rather quiet for a fair portion of this game. I know he was away for a bit recently but still he's been quiet before and since. So he may be someone to look into.

Handler: Deamon
Dates Away: 25th April 2012 - 27th May 2012
Days Away: 2
Reason for Away: Going to look at Plymouth Uni and won't have internet access for the duration
Characters: Gray Emerson, Yasmin Carrol and my Mafia character I guess.

As Gray offered the brownie to Kyran someone else had arrived and was saying how he could beat the other people who were running. The first thing Gray did was to see if the person was joking. They didn't seem to be. He turned his head to see Brad Poole leaning on the table. Gray didn't know him directly but he had seen him putting up some hand drawn posters for the Chess Club up around school. Brad seemed to think that Gray was seriously talking about going for class president. Gray couldn't help grinning. He may have misheard the conversation a little.

"Nah I'm not actually running." Gray said. He didn't feel more explanation was needed, since Brad had barged in on the conversation. Gray also didn't want the conversation to stay on something as boring as school politics so that may have had something to do with it.

Gray picked up his iPod and started to cycle through the songs when he heard someone pull up a chair next to him. He looked up from what he was doing to notice that: Brad was still at the table and Rachael Langdon had sat down next to him. Gray knew one thing about Rachael from classes with her which was that she was very quiet and shy. He didn't know much else due to that. She had sat down with a container full of pasta and a book. Gray then realised that she hadn't actually said hello. So he decided to do it.

"Hey Rachael."

Gray took a bite out of his brownie and tried to give Kyran a confused look. He still had no idea how two people could appear in such quick succession. That was when the third person showed up.

"I'm sitting here."

Gray knew straight away that it was Adonis Alba but he turned his head just to make sure. Gray had never spoken to Adonis, and with good reason. Gray was under the impression that half of the stories were spread around by Adonis himself because if they were to be believed he could get any girl he wanted in bed. There was also the small matter of him getting kicked off the football team due to his bad attitude. That wasn't a rumour it was fact. Gray wasn't exactly thrilled that Adonis had showed up, adding to a table that was already pretty crowded. He was starting to feel like he should just grab his board and leave but he didn't want to leave Kyran behind. So he ignored Adonis completely and went back to eating his brownie and cycling through his music deciding what to put on.

SOTF v4 Mafia, Game Thread
If that's the counter-arguement then yeah.

Vote: Laurels

Clouds Up
Yaz had also forgotten about the fact that people would be asking others if they would go to prom with them. This if anyhting only made her feel worse about the whole thing. She hadn't thought about any boys she'd say yes or no to. What would she actually do if someone did ask her to go to prom with them. She wasn't sure if she could even say no to anyone. It just seemed unpleasant.

Like Michelle Yaz didn't do any of the things that were typically done at a prom. Which she could see being an issue when it cam to having fun. But then again she could have fun. Yaz was still conflicted on the idea.

Luckily for Yaz she was saved from answering Michelle's next question about who they'd say no to by the arrival of the waitress with her chicken nuggets. Yaz thanked her as she put the plate down in front of her and immediatly took a bite out of one of the nuggets.

It had been a while since Yaz had even had chicken nuggets so she took another quick bite to ensure she wouldn't have to answer. She hoped that neither Michelle or Amy noticed what she was doing and just assumed that she was hungry, which was partly true. Watching Michelle eat for the entire duration of the conversation had made Yaz hungry so she was glad that her order had arrived so she could eat something.

She gave a small shrug so that she could say she had given some answer. One thing she didn't want happening was to be asked the question a second and directly at her. She wasn't sure how confident she'd be at answering if both Michelle and Amy's attention was focussed on her.

Gray turned to what Kyran was pointing at and saw Ms. Liddell walk out of the cafeteria with what was definitely a plate of food. Unlike the strange substance that was given to students.

"Yeah, I've noticed that. I'm fairly sure they get better options too." Gray took a sip of his drink. "Maybe we should get one of the people running for class president to promise better food." He said with a grin. "I mean it might even make me care about voting for class president."

Gray had never been into any of the miniature politics that were present in schools. He just didn't care and that in turn meant he didn't pay any attention to it. He knew it was going on but beyond that he knew nothing about who was running, what they were promising or what the class president even did. When he thought about it, it matched his knowledge of real politics.

Did the class president even hold any power? Or did the school just have elections every year to give the students something to do.

"Do you care about the class president thing?" Gray asked as he turned back around. "Also you're right, this music sucks."

Gray took a final bite of his sausage roll before scrunching up the paper and throwing it into an open bin. He searched his pocket with one hand while using the other to slide the brownie in front of him. Once he had managed to fish his iPod out of his pocket he placed it on the table. It was an old 8 GB iPod Nano. Gray had owned it since Christmas of 2006 and it looked worn and rough around the edges. His Skullcandy ear buds were much newer since he went through headphones at a ridiculous rate.

He left them on the table as he opened the brownie. He thought about biting into it but instead held it out to Kyran offering him a bite.

SOTF v4 Mafia, Game Thread
To add to what penguin_alien is saying, Laurels only threw a suspicion me in an attempt to cover for herself when I called her out on being inactive. A thing to check would be if Laurels has defended anyone. Just an idea as they could potentially be Mafia. Of course that's if Laurels is actually Mafia herself.

Gray fed his money back into the machine to get another drink for Kyran. He picked it up and walked over to the table. "Kinda got my hands full here." He said as he saw Kyran's extended hand. He dumped both drinks onto the table and grasped Kyran's hadn before sitting down himself.

"Not much, just got back in. I went to go buy some food." Said Gray as he opend his back and removed his purchases. He carefully opend the wrapping on the sausage roll to make sure it hadn't been crushed. "I mean you know how the food from in here is."

It was a well known fact amongst students that the food served in the cafeteria wasn't very good. Unless you liked vaguley meaty tasting mush or were a dog. Gray wasn't either of those, which was why he had gone out to buy his lunch.

"So what you up to?" Gray asked as he took a bite out of his sasuage roll. He knew that the roll was either just as bad or worse for him then the food served in the cafeteria but it did have one pro: it tasted much better. He brushed the crumbs off his hands and took a sip of his drink.

It was this that made him enjoy hanging out with Kyran and the others. No pressure to have gossip or even talk too much. Just sit around and chill. It was like an unspoken agreement between all of them. They'd know each other for so long that they were completly comfortable in each others presence just being who they were. No worrying about what people thought of you. Gray didn't know too many groups like that.

Kyran himself was someone Gray used to hang out with a lot more, but has they'd grown up they'd been drawn to different hobbies. Gray had stuck with skateboarding and surfboarding and picked up snowboarding along the way where as Kyran had moved into football and baseball. This mean't they were both in different crowds that didn't mix with each other. Although Gray could still remember a time when Kyran would join him and skate if he had spare time. Gray had to respect that Kyran still tried to keep the friendship going. Gray also thought that Kyran liked to be able to just spend some time relaxing with a friend, but that wasn't his business.

Gray took another bit out of the sausage roll and adjusted his hat, it had been sitting strangely on his head so he flattened it out in the middle more. He didn't want to walk around looking like he had a lump on top of his head. Gray tended not to care too much but he drew a line.

((Gray Emerson continued from Skies of Gray))

Gray made sure his skateboard was safely tucked into his bag before entering the Cafeteria. He didn't want to give any of the staff any excuses to take the board away from him. He had just gotten back from leaving the campus to buy himself food. He had managed to return with a fresh sausage roll, a brownie and a packet of crisps. The only reason he had bothered going to the cafeteria was because he knew the drinks machine could be scammed so that you had a free drink. If you picked a drink from the far right of the top row it would get stuck against the screen. Then all you had to do was press the change button, give the screen a quick hit and you had one free drink.

Satisfied that his board was crushing his brownie Gray entered the cafeteria. Ignoring the growing queue for the food that was being served he made his way straight to the drinks machine. On his way he spotted Kyran sitting alone on a table at the back of the room. He tried to get his attention as he put his change into the machine. Selecting the top right he sat back and waited. He heard the bottle fall against the screen.

"Hey Kyran!" He called out as he pressed the button for his change. "Alright if I sit next to you?" Gray asked before hitting the screen to make his drink fall down. "If it'll help sway you I can buy you a drink."

Gray had known Kyran since elementary school and they'd gone through the entire education system together. Along with others like Oz and Corey. They didn't exactly hang out with each other in school as much as they used to but the group still met up regularly to hang out. That was the main reason Gray liked it, it was laidback.

He rubbed the back of his neck as he busied himself with collecting and opening his drink while he waited for Kyran's response. It was less awkward then standing around.

I'm up for doing a current thread since Gray isn't any threads right now.

SOTF v4 Mafia, Game Thread
I'm with penguin_alien on the Laurels being suspicious front. She's been quiet almost all game and when I made the list of quiet players she got very defensive about it and now the hammering of Dom when we still had time for discussion. Yeah I'd say I'm suspicious.

Clouds Up
"At least you get tips though," Yaz said running a hand through her hair. "Or have a job."

Yaz had always had the dream of being a professional artist. She was planning on going to college first but was in the process of making a portfolio so that she had something to send to any potential jobs.

Michelle was in the process of trying to get some ketchup out of the bottle when she spoke again.

"I um, I was actually thinking of using some of my pay to take my girl to prom,"

She had said it so quietly Yaz had almost missed it. She followed this up by asking if Yaz and Amy were going. Yaz sunk down into her chair at the thought of prom. She didn't like large groups at all and at prom everyone had their own entrances. To say Yaz hated the idea was putting it lightly. She would probably spend the whole night not speaking due to how self-conscious she would be. If should could muster up the courage to go to prom at all.

"I'm not sure yet. I'd kinda forgotten, and I'm...not really good with crowds." Yaz slowly got quieter as she spoke until the last words came out almost as a whisper.

"I may go." She offered meekly.

SOTF v4 Mafia, Game Thread
So apart from Dom and Mimi's inactivity does anyone have any suspicious behaviour they've spotted and would like to discuss. Just so we don't get bogged down with everyone saying the same thing in regards to lynching Dom. We have a free day here so get's as much discussion done as possible.

Also is Flare away or just being quiet because he hasn't said anything yet today.

Skies of Gray
"Just another college application. Dad's pushing them pretty hard lately."

College...everyone seemed to be going to college. Gray wasn't even sure if he wanted to go, which considering it was getting ever closer to the time when applications had to be sent in wasn't exactly recommended. But then again Gray was more into board based sports anyway and they didn't teach anything to do with them at college. Of course Gray was aware that he was missing the point of why people went to college but if his passion was skating going to college wouldn't really help with that one.

Isn't it your decision though?

Gray hadn't actually asked the question because he realised the harm a simple question like that could do. But he had thought it. He'd have regretted saying it if he had done though. It would have sounded like he was getting involved in her business which wouldn't have been his intention, and he could see from the way Misa hadn't added anything onto the statement that she didn't want to go into it either.

Misa said she had English. That meant that he had...he had...he had no idea. That meant that he'd still have to look for his timetable in his bag, maybe memorising it wasn't such a bad idea. Or he could keep a copy on his desk at home so he could check before he left for school.

"Good to see you too Misa, and don't worry about college. As long as you’re happy it's all good."

Just had to say something didn't I?

Gray quickly realised that Mrs Garvey once again had her watchful gaze directly over him. He made a quick wave gesture at her before grabbing his bag.

"Later Tito., enjoy the rest of your day."

He said through his grin before walking out the door, taking his skateboard out of his bag as he did so. He could tell it was going to be a fun day.

[[Gray Emerson continued in Whatever.]]

SOTF v4 Mafia, Game Thread
EBWOP: That quote is from Laurels btw.

SOTF v4 Mafia, Game Thread

So...some explanation from Dom and Vinny would be nice. Also people who have only posted once to say they are present would you please contribute more. Just sayin' we won't get anywhere with the same group of people putting forward ideas.

I'm not certain on a vote yet, but I'd like to FoS: Deamon for possibly trying to trap me and others into getting lynched due to lack of ideas and activity. Sure, activity is a good thing, but sometimes, I think some people work better when taking a more passive approach to the game.

I find this interesting because I don't see how pointing out people who are being quiet and asking them to do something is trapping them into getting lynched. You either help the town or you lack of posting becomes dead weight which is bad for town. It's not hard to figure out what to do. Since I've pointed this out though you actually posted some proper analysis. Although some more explanation as to the FOS would be nice because I still fail to see how getting people to become more active or getting rid of lurkers is a bad thing.