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Resident Evil
It took Vanessa a few moments to realise but eventually she became aware of who Kimiko was. After that her reaction fell in line with what Kimiko expected. Wariness. Unease. It was always the same. People saw a wild animal with the potential to strike at any moment and tried to tiptoe around every little thing they said lest they anger her. The only difference was the level of anger some people displayed towards her. Sometimes it was more open like with Jennifer, sometimes it was visible simmering under the surface like with Clarice and sometimes there was no anger, just caution and fear.

That was where Vanessa was. There was an obvious nervous energy in her movements and speech as she found the context of their conversation had changed. Suddenly she wasn't just talking to a mute girl with a gun. She was talking to a killer with four victims and only one of those could have been twisted as necessary or just. That had only come about because she had gained Nancy's trust only to betray it the moment she let her guard down. It made sense for Vanessa to be nervous.

Kimiko watched Vanessa ramble until it eventually came to a stop. Unsure of what to do Kimiko looked away, she didn't have a response to everything Vanessa had been saying that mattered. Instead she turned her attention to the tree. It's bark, old and gnarled, having weathered many storms in its time until eventually time and the elements had caught up with it and it fell. It had a poetry to it and Kimiko couldn't help viewing herself as the tree.

However, unlike the tree her storms had been formed from her own actions.

She turned and looked at Vanessa but didn't respond. She had nothing she wanted to say.

Resident Evil
Vanessa was clearly frustrated by her response. Kimiko could tell from her body language; it spoke louder than perhaps the girls’ own words could have. But there was nothing she could do whatever the reason Vanessa wanted to find Alessio was she couldn't help. She possessed no knowledge of the boys’ whereabouts and hadn't seen him at all during her time awake. There was nothing more she could offer.

Then Vanessa asked another question and this time doubt crept into Kimiko's mind. She had been asked what her name was. She had assumed Vanessa had known who she was but now that it turned out that hadn't been true. Doubt began to creep in immediately, questions of whether or she should answer Vanessa's question truthfully or not.

If the girl had been talking to her the way she had without knowing who she was then there was nothing to say she wouldn't continue to do so once Kimiko revealed her name but at the same time, there was the knowledge of all her previous encounters with people. They all treated her the same apart from a couple of exceptions and there was no guarantee that Vanessa wouldn't be the same as everyone else and become aggressive or try to force her out of the room.

Should it have come to that Kimiko did have the gun and that would probably be enough to dissuade any attempt at an attack.

In a piece of irony that wasn't lost on her Kimiko couldn't bring herself to lie to Vanessa about her name. There were a few factors, both moral and cultural but it felt wrong to her. She couldn't claim to be someone else even though she knew that it would have been better for her. So, with an ever-building sense of dread that threatened to strangle her Kimiko raised her hands up one more time.


Resident Evil
Kimiko shook her head.

She knew who Alessio was but she hadn't seen him. There was no point trying to explain all of that however. There was a small feeling like she had let Vanessa down for not knowing where Alessio was. She knew he had been on the announcements but that wasn't to say they weren't friends and she wanted to find him. At the same time, she may have wanted to find him exactly because he had been in the announcements, maybe he had killed one of her friends and she wanted revenge for that.

It didn't matter though; Kimiko couldn't help her. She couldn't help anyone and she hadn't helped anyone since she had awoken on the island.

Leaning back on the tree, Kimiko appraised Vanessa. She didn't seem aggressive or even like she was armed for that matter. It meant Kimiko felt comfortable staying in the room. Her reasoning was that even if Vanessa was armed, she still had a gun, which was something that gave her an advantage in almost every scenario should think of. From the way things were going though it didn't look likely that the situation would escalate at all.

That was something she was glad for.

Kimiko didn't know if she could deal with anything like that with her mental state being the way it was.

Aperture Science Mafia.
Mar 21 2017, 04:26 PM
Mar 5 2017, 05:17 AM
[*]All lynches are final. You may continue talking after a lynch is reached but before I've posted the flip aka during the unofficial "Twilight Phase". Once the flip is posted and night starts, no more posting.

[*]After you are killed, do not post in this thread. This includes when you are lynched - you may not speak in Twilight if you are the person being lynched. No last minute read lists or Cop reveals, etc.
Not sure why I'm the one being queried, but I do happen to have the answer (hence my original post, actually). It's quoted above.

In other news, I humbly suggest we lynch Deamon tomorrow assuming NAFT's self-hammer means what I'm pretty sure it means.
Not gonna lie I'm hoping it doesn't purely for the lols.

V6 Alignment Thread - Slightly Before The Halfway Point Is Still Basically The Halfway Point Edition
Cameron Herrig was Neutral Good since she wasn't always making choices for the right reasons and she did some stupid things but she a good person who cared more about finding her friends and being with them then playing with the game.

Travis Lynch was True Neutral as he was perfectly happy to just live day-to-day with Cass without worrying too much about what was happening around him. The only time he ever committed to anything was when he thought Cass was threatened or when he went after Jerry for killing Noodle.

Kimiko Kao is Neutral Evil because she knows what she is doing is wrong but she's still committed to doing it as she's scared of dying, and as only become more so now that she's actually killed.

Resident Evil
How had she been?

Only answer was awful. Things had been bad ever since she had killed Caleb. Everyone she had met distrusted her, not that she blamed them exactly but her last encounter with Penelope, Ben and Raina had hurt. She considered the best way to respond to Vanessa's question. Kimiko didn't believe she deserved much better than what she had been given. It was the path she had committed herself to when she decided to stab Cristo. It was something she deserved.

So how had she been?

Been better.

It was a simple response but it covered her emotions well.

Kimiko wondered how Clarice was, she hadn't heard anything on the announcements so she assumed her friend was still alive, she hoped she was at the very least. Clarice deserved as much. She thought about Enzo and how they were willing to listen and talk to her like a person. After the cliffs Kimiko assumed that would have been the last time someone talked to her as if she was a person but Vanessa, while clearly unsure and wary of her was still being civil. Kimiko wondered if it would last though.

Painstakingly she spelled out another response to Vanessa.

"What about you?"

Aperture Science Mafia.
Mar 20 2017, 02:05 PM
Mar 20 2017, 02:03 PM
I'm not super sold on the narrative that Deamon is scum if I flip town,
To be clear, my narrative is that Deamon is scum regardless of how you flip!

Aperture Science Mafia.
Sure, you'd be lynching another townie straight away but go for it.

Aperture Science Mafia.
It's split between Naft and MW both having two votes.

I'm ok with also being on the board but I'd much prefer we pick one person and stick with it rather than have a repeat of last game.

Aperture Science Mafia.
Why are we splitting between two people again? This didn't go well last game and I don't see it going well this game with even less time on the clock.

Aperture Science Mafia.
Scum would also know already because Naft is scum so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Aperture Science Mafia.
Also Naft already said he didn't give me a vote of trust so even off my first post scum would know so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Aperture Science Mafia.
No problem

Aperture Science Mafia.
Before someone jumps in, he did not give me a vote of trust either.

Aperture Science Mafia.
Mar 16 2017, 10:50 PM
That's fair enough! That said, I've not seen much offered--just questions and denials. There's not engaging with an argument and then there's going "You flatter me but no!" and not elaborating further.

Can you walk me through where you stand on Deamon? What has changed and why? More than that, you two are in an interesting spot to read each other, given your neighborhood time. Feel like tossing a more detailed summary to the peanut gallery (to both of you)?
We shared reads, Naft then stopped talking and I didn't give him a vote of trust because obviously I didn't trust him. That's everything that happened.

I Smell Burning
"Ha, sucks to be you." Josie laughed as she laid her cards down on the table. "And this time I didn't even cheat."

She leaned forward and made a show of scooping up the cigarettes that lay on the table. She didn't even smoke, but she enjoyed messing with everyone who did by trying to win as many as she could. They were sitting in a kitchen in one of the upper floors of the staff housing block. It had been danger zoned at the beginning of the day and the island team had decided to use it as their base. It wasn't quite as interesting as the other locations because of how exposed it was and one of the things they needed to make sure of was that they stayed hidden from the students. So, they had resolved to pass the time doing what they always did, play cards and shoot the shit.

The job had been sold to her as outdoors work but she could deal with a few days spent cooped up inside. Her main issue was the chain of command; she was sure Parker only kept her around because she was very good at her job. She always had a comment or joke ready for whatever they were asked to do. Which typically wasn't much, just making sure all the equipment on the island was working correctly. As she went to sit back down she saw something faintly glowing and moved over to the window.

"What is it?" Haskins asked, turning slightly in his seat and spotting it himself. It didn't take long after that for a whole group of the island team to be standing watching the library burn from the window. Eventually Haskins broke the silence. "I suppose we should radio it in huh?" The suggestion elicited a loud dramatic groan from Josie and some general curses from the others.

"I'll do it." She said and moved away to collect her radio. After making sure it was tuned she went back over to the window and continued to observe the burning. Parker answered almost immediately. "Yo, Parker you probably know already but I think someone's conducting a book burning? You want us to save the knowledge or leave it."

There was a moment of silence from the other end before Parker responded.

"We already know about the fire Knight." She hated being called Knight. "They're going to declare it a danger zone shortly. Orders are to wait until that happens then you'll be going in to put what's left out. Am I clear?"

"Yeah you're clear, stay where we are and let it burn down." She grinned at the others who either smirked themselves or just shook their heads and went about getting ready.

"Go put out the fire Knight." Then he hung up before she could respond.


"This is bullshit."

The announcement that the library had been made a danger zone was soon after she had finished talking to Parker and following it the island team had marched down to sort the situation out. They were armed to the teeth with fire extinguishers.

So yeah, some of the guys were a little pissed.

"What you never had dreams of being a firefighter when you were younger?" Josie asked with a grin as she lazily sprayed a pile of smouldering embers with her fire extinguisher. The general stares answered her question. "No, me neither."

In her opinion they should have been allowed to hunt the girl down and shoot her themselves, or, at the very least the fucking kid should have had their head blown off. The fire was annoying as fuck sure but it wasn't the worst thing ever, not really. It meant she had something to do. She didn't want to be doing, but it was something to do.

No, she wanted to hunt the girl down because it would have been something to do and it would have been fucking fun.

Instead here she was spraying powder over the burning remains of a library.

Josie was still smirking though, because she knew that at the end of the day, she was still going to get paid and the girl was going to end up dead.

Aperture Science Mafia.
General Goose
Mar 16 2017, 03:28 PM
oh snap, Toben's challenging Dea's memeopoly
oh snap, you've still not posted any content

Aperture Science Mafia.
To clarify: me voting Naft isn't meant to get you off my back or anything. I'm just fairly sure that no matter what I said you'd keep pushing the lynch on me.

Aperture Science Mafia.
Mar 16 2017, 03:27 PM
Mar 16 2017, 03:20 PM
My post is from today Tobe

What post are you talking about? Since the rules were posted on the 13th and today is the 16th.
The one you defended, by NAFT.

To be clear, I'm not about to let this go as "OMG I had no idea NAFT's post predated the announcement of the rules!" This is a sloppy attempt to throw whatever possible at the wall to make it stick and get out of a colossal screw-up.

NAFT says he would've been surprised to get NKed because he was an appealing mislynch. You say you'd've been surprised if he got NKed because scum got no NK. But that could not have factored into NAFT's reasoning at the time he made his comment. The thought processes on both sides are all wrong, and it's an instance of some oddly protective behavior towards NAFT.

Hey, while we're at it, let's get your read on him spelled out nice and clear.

My comment in that post is clearly referring to the second part of his post there. It's nothing to do with the first part about the lynch it bit or the original post.

I think you've gotten what I posted confused there.

So is this asking me for my read on Naft thing legit because the way I'm looking at it based on your play is that if I don't do it I'm scum and I actually give you it I'm scum.

But whatever may as well try to be as helpful as possible before this mislynch goes down.

He's sketchy as fuck and his play today as only emphasized that. He's too coy and pleased with himself. He wants us to know how much fun he's having and it reads a lot like Vyse did in the last game and that was a deliberate attempt to swing the game one way, Naft's use of it makes it look more like he wants it to look like he's helping and is a pro-town voice that is really proud of his day one pick. He's posted a lot of stuff but its very low-level analysis, typical null stuff. He comes in prods a little to make himself like he's active and contributing and then leaves again. It's not townie Naft. Townie Naft picks a person and then goes after them until the lead is exhausted, this is a Naft comfortable he's shored up his position in the block enough that he can now coast.

Obviously we should all be well aware of this post:

Guys, it's really super flattering that you all consider me a chessmaster capable of coaching my scumbuddies and manipulating the game, but do you even know me?

This is a ton of supposition for a group that hasn't played Mafia with me for a year and has all of one dayphase worth of evidence - in which I was town - to play off of.

I'm really fucking amused right now. This is adorable.
Which ends in literally the most condescending way. Important note here: Only you brought this up since day one so him bringing it up like this and addressing it they way he does. It comes across as trying to discredit a potential arguement against him before it happens. Also interesting is the "in which I was town". That's basically scum saying "You can't lynch me I was playing like a townie last phase."

It's a statement that assumes, which you've been doing a lot of this game. But the thing is, that's not your style. You pretend to assume, but there's always a catch, a hook, a twist that shows greater thought and care. This time, you've played those assumptions straight and to the hilt the whole way through.

Aw, you flatterer. Again with the compliments.
Also here, he never addresses your issue he just brushes it off. Then he's gone.

He's posted nothing of worth this phase, it's all smoke and mirrors.

Reading it back through has actually changed my opinion on you slightly. I will still maintain that the aggressiveness of your push to the detriment of all else is dangerous play.

But that said, Naft is sitting at 80% scum for me right now. More than you are.

Vote: Naft

I'm sure this won't satisfy you but fuck it.

Posted Image

Aperture Science Mafia.
Mar 16 2017, 03:19 PM
Empress Plush
Mar 16 2017, 03:13 PM
Like, looking at your evidence it looks like Naft is actually the one who did the scummy thing in your eyes(posting about surviving the night when scum had no NK) and Deamon's just not quite getting your argument because you keep coming after him instead of Naft.
Nah, NAFT's thing is more excusable. It could be unfortunate phrasing with poor elaboration. Deamon, on the other hand, tipped his hand pretty hard and has been scrambling to untip it with loud dismissals and misleading quotes. His entire play pattern screams scum. He tried to walk me back with conciliatory behavior, then when he realized it wasn't gonna work turned to the good old chainsaw defense.

That said, NAFT is a pretty acceptable compromise for me since I'm pretty sure he's also bad news. Thing is, it's 90% Deamon to like 65% NAFT, with maybe a 40% Zetsu following.
Maybe it's because every time I try to do something I get hounded and shot down. It's not like I can do anything else.