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Here take Sarah Bourne she's always fun

Smoke On Her Face
A jam sounded like a great idea, it would allow Coleen to see their process and it would help people relax; at least Cameron found it helped her relax. Chilling and playing music with friends was good for the soul. Speaking of souls, she glanced over at Vanessa. Her friend cut an angry figure, standing there glaring at Coleen. It was slightly unnerving.

"Getting a jam going would be awesome." Cameron said in response to BB's suggestion. As the bassist started to fiddle with her amp Cameron turned her attention back to Vanessa. Yeah, her best friend looked pretty furious with the world in general. Cameron felt a pang of guilt in her stomach, she knew it had to hurt bad to be moved from one position to another and in the short term Vans would probably hate her for a while, long term however she would eventually come around and see how good the band was with Coleen added to the mix. At least, that was what Cameron hoped.

Vans was shaking and that made Cameron worry though, it didn't look like she was taking things well. That was the point where Cameron noticed that Vans was actually gripping her arm so hard she'd drawn blood. Cameron turned and put her body between Vans and the others; trying to avoid making a scene.

"Hey," She whispered making sure to keep her voice down for once in her life. But then a new problem presented itself. What did she say? 'How're you doing' sounded stupid and any other variation on that would be just as bad. Cameron settled for the simplest thing.

"I'm sorry for how this happened."

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Hello! I can draw something for you if you'd like
Here have Travis Lynch. Since you need more stuff to do.

Roots of Jade
Kimiko picked up her ball and listened to Bradley's reply while wondering just how hard she could throw it. After both him and Isaac were done being awful she held up her free hand and signaled that she was going to come back. Turning away she took a couple of steps before rifling the ball down the lane, one of the pins got thrown back while another bounced up before falling out of sight. It would have had more impact if she had hit more than three pins but her skill at bowling wasn't great plus it didn't help that she was flustered.

As she came back she signed Clarice her response to Bradley. She had volunteered as translator and Kimiko was eager to embrace the offer. It meant she would be quicker to respond. Reply speed was going to be important as Isaac had made it clear he wasn't going to read anything she wrote. That just looped back around to her original problem, if people didn't want to read what she was saying there was no hope. It was a good thing she had refused an electronic voicebox, it would have only been the source of more mockery from the two boys.

"Tell Bradley jokes are funny and that he's just shock humor for the point of a reaction."

She paused for a second and thought. Isaac was just a typical asshole, Kimiko didn't see much point in actually responding to him, he'd just say something about her inability to speak and that would be that. Bradley however seemed to be adamant about the whole 'joke' part of what he had said. Kimiko knew it was a bad idea to continue to engage him but she didn't want Bradley to have the satisfaction of her just backing down.

"Also tell him he's a clown with one trick."

Bernadette Thomas
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Sting Like A Stingray
The reaction Jerry had to his leg kick was great comedy. His attempt to play it off was also spectacular, if immediately spoiled as soon as he put his leg down.

Now Jerry had an idea of what was going on he seemed much more cautious. Trav couldn't blame him for that, after all leg kicks sucked. Thing was if Jerry wasn't going to actively go after him, and it didn't look like he was in the post-leg kick world, Trav would have to lead.

Leading was always an issue because that offered you benefits and drawbacks.

Benefit: you had a much easier time controlling the pace.

Drawback: you were opening yourself up to counters.

On the other hand Trav very much doubted Jerry had enough footwork to combat the proper use of feints and angles. His karate stance was a key element of Trav coming to that conclusion.

Karate stances tended as a general rule to be mainly side-on so were very narrow, a result of how competition karate had developed, turning was not a strong suit of a karate stance. Stepping forward Trav threw out some feints as well as a couple of long rangy jabs to keep Jerry guessing, none of them were coming at full power, that wasn't their point. The idea was to make sure Jerry never got settled and never knew what was going to be coming his way next. As Trav closed the gap more he threw out a looping right hook, no power or intent to hurt but it was a distraction and helped keep Jerry in place as he sent a left cross straight down the pipe.

Smoke On Her Face
As expected Coleen was awesome.

Obviously Cameron already knew it, but now it was a known fact to everyone in the band. She had a sense of excitement about it, discovering a genuine talent like Coleen didn't happen every day and she was the one who found her.

That was half of what made the idea of Coleen joining the band the coolest thing to Cameron.

The other half was that her voice had a unique sound that Cameron personally found haunting. The ideas for lyrics were practically overflowing from her imagination, Coleen may have been her vocal muse...if that was a thing that existed.

Regardless Cameron didn't see any real way Coleen's entry to the band could be denied. The girl was a serious talent.

She just hoped the others saw it that way.

Jane Madison
Hey Somersault, Jane's looking pretty good right now but is Denied pending some edits.

After attending several sessions of grief counseling along with her similarly distraught mother

Counselling should have two L's.

What classes do Jane enjoy the most?

As for her wanting to become a film critic, what led her to decision since right now she just keeps a blog as a hobby and it just seems to jump to a desire to be a film critic. So I'd like some more information about this.

That's everything though so make those edits and I'll give Jane another look!

Roots of Jade
He was making jokes about her inability to speak.


That was the line for Kimiko.

Then he mentioned how her response wasn't very politically correct.

Kimiko glared at Bradley. There was so much she wanted to say; call him out on his obvious hypocrisy, how all he did was say stuff that wasn't politically correct to get a rise out of people.

The worst part was there wasn't really anything she could do.

No. The worst part was that he was right and there wasn't anything she could do about it. She could have cussed him out, could have told him to his face that he was a hypocritical scumbag, she could have said a lot of things to him.

But she couldn't speak and he couldn't understand her primary form of communication. All she could do was impotently glare at him and tap a message into her phone but even then he could just ignore it. Kimiko knew she shouldn't be responding. It would only encourage Bradley and her Taoist beliefs taught her not to. Bradley however had managed to rile her up, she was in argument mode. As she was writing her response out though Isaac Brea showed up. Things were going from bad to worse.

Isaac was if Kimiko put it in the way Clarice would have. 'A giant asshole'. Then he started being sexist. There was no winning. Kimiko felt helpless, incapable of actually mounting any sort of meaningful response because she was held back by the fact she had to type everything out. It was a frustration that got to her a lot especially in a situation like the one she was faced with. She finished typing on her phone and held it up to the pair.

Convenient you remember political correctness after what you just said to me. Shouldn't be surprised that you're a hypocrite though, should have expected it, you just say whatever you want to get a reaction out of people and think its funny because you either don't understand or don't care. I think its the second one. So if you could stop talking to us that would be great. Hi Isaac, if you're going to say stuff like that just be quiet.

The second part had been added on in a rush after Isaac had spoken.

Kimiko lowered the phone. Her day was ruined.