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Tell No Tales
Suddenly Sean exploded. Gray tensed, just when it looked like everything was under control it had gone right back to being messed up. Then he drew the pistol again. Gray had quickly gone from never having a gun pointed at him, to having the same gun pointed at him twice, within the same conversation. His hand almost went for his gun but he caught himself. Escalating the situation wasn't going to work, that much was clear. Sean was committed to whatever game he had decided to play, even if he had been mentally broken by it.

He was flat out lying about the lack of a body on the ship, both Gray and Corey had seen it and Gray guessed from the way Sean was talking he knew about it too. He was just trying to repress it. He'd slipped back into his pirate voice as well. It must have been his way of coping. For a moment though they had managed to make him drop the facade. Gray stood his ground, trying his best to keep his breathing steady and his eyes focused on Sean.

He'd built up a reputation as the laid back one of their group, even more so than Kyran. There was a reason for that. He never worried or stressed about anything, because on the whole things always ended up working themselves out. His dad had never been worried about getting another job when he'd gotten fired. So Gray never worried about his future. He'd had one goal, become a pro skateboarder. He was set on achieving it. Now...well there had been a change of plans, now his one goal was living to see the next sunrise and he really wanted to see the sunrise again. Just like he'd seen it rise in the park when he was a kid, or from the passenger seat of Kyran's truck when they went to the beach to surf, or seen it rise when he skated to school knowing the only real reason he was going was to see his friends.

That was the reason he wanted to see the sunrise again. That was why he had to make Sean come back to Earth, no matter how much the landing was going to hurt him.

He kept his eyes locked with Sean's as he spoke. "What happens if we say no and leave Sean? You can't be a captain without a crew, can you?"

New Official V5 Away Thread
Handler: Deamon
Dates Away: March 26th - April 2nd
Days Away: 7
Reason for Away: Going to Malta for a field trip, won't have time to post and I'm not sure what the wi-fi situation is where we're staying.
Characters: Gray Emerson and Chris Harlin

Tell No Tales
The gun was lifted up away from him and pointed at the sky. Gray gave a sigh of relief inwardly. He stayed on edge and watching though in case Sean raised it again. He was relieved when Sean tucked it away. No one was going to get shot. It was a whole weight off Gray's shoulders; he hadn't wanted to have one of his friends get shot so soon after meeting them again, either Sean or Corey.

Sean reverted back to his pirate accent and talked about the freighter, calling it his ship. Gray humoured Sean and looked around the deck of the ship he had claimed. It was a wreck; the freighter had probably been in much better shape long before they had been dropped off on the island to fight to the death. As for the current day? It was a rusted wreck, like a bike that had been left outside to long. It had been battered by the elements and showed the marks off every single rainy day or hard wave.

Sean spoke about starting a new crew and Gray shook his head without hesitation. That was a no go. Gray could see Sean was close to the edge and he wasn't going to enable him or his fantasy.

"No can do Sean. I think we need to get you off this boat and away from this beach." Gray took a quick look out over the beach; he could just about make out the bodies. Truth be told, he didn't want to be on the beach anymore either. The whole place had been a graveyard since they had arrived. He looked back at Sean.

"Come on man."

He missed out the part where he melodramatically said 'Let me help you.'

Tell No Tales
Gray listened to what Sean had to say, he was doing that pirate accent he had sometimes done back at school at Aurora. It wasn't funny or friendly anymore though. There was an edge to it. It wasn't the Sean Gray had known back at Aurora, something had happened and Gray had a feeling it had something to do with the body that was covered up in the ship.

Any other thoughts Gray had would have to wait though; because Sean was aiming a gun at him and Corey. Gray froze. This wasn't Sean, or maybe now it was one way or another though Gray didn't exactly have time for philosophy.

He didn't move an inch.

"Sean we're friends. Put the gun down man." He looked up and down at the boy he used to consider a friend. "Just tell us what happened."

The other option Gray had available was to pull out his own gun, which would have just made everything worse. Instead Gray settled for the same tactic he'd used back in Aurora. He stayed calm. He just hoped it worked better this time than it had when he'd done the same thing to Adonis. There were much higher stakes this time after all.

Why did she think he was going to shoot her? She kept talking but Chris was taken aback, did he look like someone who'd just randomly shoot another person. He knew that people were on edge, but even still just because he was holding a gun didn't mean he was going to shoot someone else. He looked down at the gun, maybe people were just starting to expect the worst? After all it must have been a tough experience for everyone being trapped in the game. Everyone was probably on edge and wondering if the next person they saw would be their last. It would have sounded melodramatic, if it wasn't true. Chris tuned back in to the other talking about having company that wasn't trying to kill her or who left her behind.

That was when the pizza box fell out of the sky.

Chris couldn't help but stare at it. He had seen and been involved in a whole host of situations since he'd woken up on the island but nothing could top that for weirdness and randomness. It didn't just rain pizza boxes after all.

"No, you're not." Chris said, not taking his eyes off the box. His thoughts had moved on from what had happened to what the pizza box could actually be for. Had someone hidden a bomb in it and just thrown it down to distract them long enough for it to blow up and kill the three of them?

Tucking his gun down the back of his bottoms Chris walked over to the pizza box and picked it up. There was something in it that was for sure. He looked between the two girls and then opened it up. Chris wasn't sure why he was surprised that there was pizza in the pizza box. But at the same time it made sense to be paranoid; he now knew what the girl must have felt like when he'd turned round with the gun.

There were four slices, which meant enough for the three of them plus one spare.

"There are four slices left." He announced as he closed the box up again. He scanned the area around them. "So, did either of you actually see where it came from? Because someone must have thrown it."

Tell No Tales
The ship was about as well maintained on the inside as it was on the outside. Gray had no idea how long it had been beached the way it was, but if he was going to take a guess, he'd have said a long time. The ship was dark too, Gray had expected that though plus he had his torch and Corey had his. He moved through the doorway of the room he had been in and out into the corridor.

Gray had never been on a ship before, let alone exploring the bowels of one. Now he had to do both for the first time, in the dark. He rubbed his neck; the ship was pretty creepy too. The way the torch ended up lighting it made shadows dance across the surfaces and everyone so often Gray had to stop and check he hadn't actually seen anything.

One time though, he did see something, and red wasn't a natural colour for the floor of a ship. Stepping closer Gray shone the torch over where the blood was coming from. There was a body. He stepped closer; he carefully stepped around the main blood puddle but gave up on avoiding the blood splatters that were all over the floor. Someone had put a cardigan over the top of the body. Bending down Gray lifted it up. He closed his eyes and let it drop back down. He guessed the body had been a girl before, but it was hard to tell.

He stood up and sighed. This trip to the beach just got worse and worse the more they explored. Gray pushed on though, there was still a chance someone was still alive on the boat. Especially since the body he'd just found seemed to be more recent than the ones on the actual beach. At least, he'd guess as much since the smell and blood colour was different. Not that Gray was an expert or anything.

"There's another body here." He whispered back to Corey, pointing to where it was with his flashlight.

He turned and pressed on through the ship. Eventually Gray found some stairs and moved topside.

Once he got up onto the deck he wished he hadn't. Sean was standing on the deck and he was covered in blood. Gray breathed.

"Holy shit Sean."

The Alignment Thread V5 - Halfway Mark
Gray probably fits under True Neutral at the current point in time. Since he hasn't done anything that pushes him one way or the other.

Chris fits under Lawful Neutral or Neutral Good because he isn't a bad guy and tries to do the right thing.

As for Yaz I really have no idea so someone else can throw an alignment at me for her.

ReEvolution HAS BEGUN
It would be ice to see you all take part.

Leona took the glass and didn't immediately try to gut him with it. It was a start and at least there was some form of trust there.

"Plans and ideas?" The image of Jesse having a hole blown in his chest flashed through Chris' head. "Not anymore no." He left that part about the death of his group unsaid. It was better that way. Less baggage to share with someone else; Chris didn't want to drop someone into his problems anyway everyone had their own stuff to deal with anyway. No point burdening Leona with anything else.

He watched as she started wrapping the wider end of the shard in bandage so she wouldn't cut her own hand open, bending down he retrieved the gun from his bag. Now that he was calmer he realised how stupid it was to have gone running off around the island with the gun in his bag, if anyone had attacked him he'd have had to waste time retrieving it and wasting time was dangerous.

Chris jumped when he heard another voice. He span around pistol in hand but didn't raise it. He recognised the girl a little but no name sprung to mind at first. It began with an S though, that part he knew for sure.

"Hey." Chris said raising his free hand. There was a tense atmosphere as S waited for a response to her question. Chris' heartbeat had sped up at the first sound of her voice but it was starting to slow down. "Sure you can join us." Chris didn't want to turn anyone away and didn't have the heart to anyway. Not after what had happened with Brianna.

So we did a quick troll game because there's never a bad time for one.

Apparently I play best when I'm not trying

Why yes that is support Renekton.

Call of Cthulhu (6th edition) interest check
Well we voted on the setting being 1920s so I think you're fine there Slam.

Tell No Tales
Corey took the bottle from him and Gray stood there for a few more seconds until he started to feel awkward and useless and moved on. The bodies strewn about the beach all seemed to have been killed the same way apart from one. He was about to find out why one was different when Cassandra spoke and distracted him.

"Huh?" Gray didn't have time to say anything else before words tumbled out of Cassandra's mouth and she ran. Away from him and Corey and away from the beach. He watched but didn't say anything. He didn't know how to react. Yet again another person had just left; at least this time he had been given a reason instead of them just disappearing but even still. He sighed and rubbed his neck as he turned to look at Corey. He half-shrugged and turned around.

The beach was still a morbid sight the bodies all laid out with the same wound to their throat bar the one. What had happened to that one?

A movement caught Gray's eye and distracted him. Someone was running off along the beach. Gray raised his hands as if he was about to shout but let them drop. They were too far away, but they had definitely come from the freighter. There was no doubt about that.

"Hey Corey. I think we can get on the freighter." Without explaining further Gray grabbed his bag and walked down the beach, being careful to avoid tripping over any of the bodies. As he got closer to the boat Gray saw there was a gaping hole in the hull. He hadn't been able to see it before due to the darkness but now it was obvious. Being careful Gray climbed through the hole and into the ship. He shone his torch over the inside trying to figure out the dimensions of the room he was in and how to get out and deeper into the ship.

Turning around he motioned to Corey to follow him.

"Reckon we should be quiet. Could still be people in here."

Gray didn't want to get shot by accident because he'd made someone jump.

Call of Cthulhu (6th edition) interest check
Yeah the game is why I was excited. XD

Call of Cthulhu (6th edition) interest check
Aw dude who suggested Innsmouth? Because having read the background I am sold.

Oh and Rich the boxer (still figuring out how to make his initials RKO) is nearly done. So don't mind the big guy who seems slightly unhinged unless you we the mob money.

V5's Halfway Point
Champagne for everyone!

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Call of Cthulhu (6th edition) interest check
There is legit an adventure here just called Curse of Cthulhu...oh and I guess The Doom from Below sounds cool.