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I have my role and may I say dm that I think your avatar is amazingly sexy.

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Oh god that's a lot of people.

In anyway.

As Long as There are Stars Above You
"Music is the best thing for getting you in the right frame of mind." Gray said in reply to Sophie saying she liked to listen to music when she worked. "I listen to music when I work as well. It's just finding the right music that fits at the time. After that I can work for as long as it takes. Just need to start working first." Gray had always had a problem with that, it was the reason he only scraped average grades, he didn't put the same amount of effort into school that he put into his hobbies. The issue was none of the subjects he studied grabbed his interest, not in the same way as skating, surfing or snowboarding did.

Maybe it was the fact that it wasn't as exciting or that he never properly engaged himself unless some form of physical activity was involved. The only other thing he really committed to in the same way was music but that was for different reasons and he was mostly doing other things when he listened to music. Apart from that one Rise Against gig on his birthday but that was a different situation, since his favourite band was playing in Seattle, on his birthday. There was really only thing for him to do when he found out about it.

As Gray was thinking he heard someone call out his name. Looking up he saw that Nina was saying goodbye and leaving the Starbucks, it struck Gray as a little odd but he didn't question it. Maybe she had to be somewhere or had gotten a text from someone. Meera gave him and Sophie a small wave before she also left the Starbucks. So in the space of thirty seconds two people had suddenly left.

"So Nina and Meera just left, kinda stuck for what to do now."

Get The Best Side
Summer made a joke about how it was a bad idea to take money to the mall. It was true though, whenever Yaz went to the mall with spare money she almost always ended up buying something that caught her eye. It didn't when it came to making sure she actually had money that was for sure. Although Yasmin had been trying to cut down on the amount of money she actually spent, she found it hard when equipment for her drawing and photography cost so much.

Summer then commented on the jacket Yaz had picked out. The word cute was used again, as it was bound to be. Yaz hadn't really thought the jacket looked 'cute' when she had chosen it but at the same she was going to be the one wearing it. So it was to be expected that someone would say it was cute.

"I don’t know I tend to only pay attention to the tiny sizes." Yaz said with a smile. She had deliberately tried to avoid directly answering Summer's question because even though it had been a joke she didn't want to say anything that could be considered insulting, especially since she didn't really speak to Summer all that much. It was harder to know what was considered too far; then again Yaz didn't speak much too many people so her social interaction was probably a little awkward in that sense. It wasn't that she had a problem talking to people; it was more what said people would think of her when they were talking. It was why she was normally quiet around people she didn't know and why she hate public speaking.

After she mentioned that she was looking for shorts, Summer offered to help her pick out a pair, she even made a joke about being named Summer. Yaz smiled at the joke and the offer.

"Yeah that'd be cool; I was having trouble picking a pair. I find it hard to decide sometimes without a second opinion."

Suddenly there was a loud thud that made Yaz jump. Looking at the source of the noise she saw Aria Samuels sprawled on the floor, she had never spoken to Aria before but his hair and clothes made him fairly recognisable, scruffy really didn't do it justice.

"Do you need help?" Yaz asked as she bent down to help him up.

Slasher RP
Diz took a deep breath to steady herself. Closing her eyes she repeated the exercise and when she opened them the body of Professor Crovo was still there. With a shaking hand she took the pack of cigarettes out of her pocket along with her lighter, she pulled a cigarette free of the pack and lit shielded it from the wind as she lit it. She shivered as she did so and couldn't take her eyes off the body in front of her. Once it was lit she took the biggest drag she could and felt the sensations wash over her and soothe her nerves. After taking another long drag from the cigarette Diz approached the corpse. She spotted the axe in his back straight away.

"Jesus." She muttered as she stepped closer. Whoever had killed him had really gone to town; the axe was buried deep in his back, right where his spine would be. She slowly circled around to one side and saw another glint of metal, crouching down she saw it was a pocket knife that he been jammed into his throat, it got weird when Diz realised that Crovo's corpse was gripping the knife. It was embedded up to the handle so it wasn't like he had tried to pull it out, which meant he had stabbed himself...and embedded an axe in his spine. Diz ran a hand over her head, this was beyond fucked up. The entire class was in the middle of nowhere and now their teacher had committed one of the bloodiest suicides ever. "Selfish fucker."

Diz took another drag of her cigarette to stop her shivering as she stood up. In short the whole situation was completely and utterly fucked and now she got the fun of going back to the campsite and telling everyone what she had seen. She anticipated the fact that no one would believe her though so she pulled her iPod out of her pocket and took two photos. One of Crovo's whole body so the axe was visible and another close up of his neck. If anyone had any disputes she would take them to the body as well. She was surprised with how well she was taking the discovery of finding her dead teacher, and seeing a dead body for the first time but she was fairly sure she was only calm due to massive shock.

After taking the photos Diz tucked the iPod safely into her pocket and took one last look over the body before throwing her cigarette away. She needed to get back to the camp and quickly.

Slasher RP take 2
I'll try and get a post up tomorrow if no one else does before then.

As Long as There are Stars Above You
So Sophie hadn't heard of Rise Against. That put a damper on the idea of her playing Swing Life Away, since Gray doubted she would be able to learn it in ten minutes. Sophie made a comment about Nina being behind a group in the queue and that she would probably be back in a minute. She then asked Gray which other musicians he was into and listed off some of her favourites. Gray had heard of The Beatles and The Beach Boys because really who hadn't. He had no idea who Janis Joplin was though, although he felt like he recognized the name. Ignoring the feeling Gray listed off three of his own favourites

"I'm pretty into Billy Talent, The Offspring and CKY. If you've heard of any of them. Enter Shikari are good too, but I doubt think they're that popular over here. I tend to listen to a lot of music when I'm out skating. So I listen to whatever gets me in a good zone."

Gray took another sip from his drink. He'd been drinking it slowly on purpose so that he'd still have some left when Nina got back. As it stood he was about half-way done and Nina was just paying for her replacement coffee so he would still have something left to drink when she got back. Gray also assumed that Meera would be joining them at their table since she had been talking to Nina while they were in the line, which wasn't a bad thing after all it would be more interesting than three people.

"Looks like Nina and Meera are done paying. So they'll be over in a sec."