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Handler: Deamon
Dates Away: March 30-31
Days Away: 2
Reason for Away: Teching a school anniversary celebration on Friday until 2:00am and packing it up on Saturday
Characters: Gray Emerson and Yasmin Carrol. This is more for mafia if anything.

Spooky Little Ghosties
The door was opened by Alex who was dressed up as Nyan Cat. It was pretty good costume, but then compared to Gray's costume anything looked good. Plus Gray never had been able to tell what looked good when it came to Halloween costumes. Like most people he was good at telling which costumes you could buy looked cheap and ugly but apart from that he was pretty useless.

"Hey Alex, your costume looks good."

He meant it too. He'd never have thought of going as Nyan Cat. He thought it was a pretty original idea.

"Ummm where do you want me to put my board?"

It was probably for the best that it got put in a safe place and not with its wheels down. That just led to accidents, funny slapstick accidents but not everyone was as used to falling over as Gray was. It was an acquired skill. He looked around as he moved further into Alex's house. He spotted the person wearing the Assassins Creed costume and recognised Corey. Gray thought that he should have been able to guess that it was Corey but he was too busy looking at the costume itself. It looked so well made that he thought that it had to have been done by a professional.

He could make out Chuck wearing a costume that he assumed was meant to be a purposely bad robot costume because there was no way something could suck that badly and be serious. Claire was dressed as...a Goth girl he guessed and then there was Oz who wasn't in a costume. Gray couldn't help shaking his head and grinning as he entered the living room.

"Hey guys."

He worked his way through the room until he reached Oz who was analysing the DVD's that were available for viewing.

"Hey Oz, don't tell anyone else this but I think your costume is the best." He said as he picked up a cupcake. "Also I think I may be bleeding, not sure though."

Gray had known everyone in the room for a long time now, well maybe not quite as long for Claire but for everyone else it was a long time. He'd always got on well with Oz though, Gray was never sure how their friendship really worked but it did. Then again it was like that with everyone in their group of friends. They had known each other for so long that the friendships all just kind of worked. It was laid back group of friends which suited him fine. It always produced a good atmosphere, like the one that was in the room currently. It made everyone feel like they could be themselves.

"What DVD's we got anyway?"

Clouds Up
Michelle's laughing looked like it was about to devolve into snorting but she eventually got herself under control enough to speak again.

"It's great right? Puns are the best. I have another one! What's green and has eight wheels?"

Yaz had no idea what the answer to this one was so she decided it would be best if she just kept quiet and let Michelle tell the joke. At least this time there was no chance she could accidently spoil the punch line. She'd need to know what it was first. Amy also didn't say anything but Yaz assumed it was because she was being polite.

The punch line was grass and that Michelle was kidding about the eight wheels. Yaz didn't get the joke at all. Her face took on a confused expression as Michelle broke out into another fit of laughter, meaning she didn't notice Yaz.

She only stopped laughing when a waitress came over to the table with her food. This reminded Michelle as well as Yaz that she and Amy hadn't ordered.

"No I forgot to order." Said Yaz awkwardly, she turned to the waitress. "Would I be able to have some chicken nuggets please?"

The waitress nodded as she wrote the order down. Yaz spoke again this time addressing Michelle.

"I'll order a slice of pie like you wanted when I've finished my main, if that's alright with you?" Yaz thought that it was only polite to offer some to Michelle since she had said she would earlier but it also felt bad to leave Amy out. "Amy do you want some? I'm sure Michelle won't mind sharing some of the pie with you. I'm fine not having any."

SOTF v4 Mafia, Game Thread
Let's do this thing. Because at this point why not.

Vote: Aura Master Fox

SOTF v4 Mafia, Game Thread
Aura was because of his suspicious insistance that there was a Serial Killer and Dom was because he was being so quiet at the time. Keep in mind I said this 3 pages ago so it's out of date by now. But that was my reasoning at the time.

SOTF v4 Mafia, Game Thread
I would like to point out the post you have quoted no where states we should focus solely on Dom or Aura. Don't twist my words.

SOTF v4 Mafia, Game Thread
EBWOP: Man these are happening to me alot.

I just noticed that it was Dr. Roy and bacon that sent us after Dom originally. So that may be worth something.

SOTF v4 Mafia, Game Thread
Well looking back Flare, penguin_alien, TDS and bacon have all said stuff then dropped off. Oh and looking back to the beginning of the phase dmboogie basically said something Laurels had already said and hasn't said something since, also Laurels hasn't said much either.

So for ease of reading:

These are all people that have been quiet this phase.

SOTF v4 Mafia, Game Thread
EBWOP: Yes Slam I do find Whirly's reasoning suspicious. I'm wondering if there could possibly be Lynchers in this game. Of course assuming things like that may be a bad idea.

SOTF v4 Mafia, Game Thread
So surely we should ask Whirlpool why he is finding Inky suspicious no? I mean apart from putting FoS's on lurkers which doesn't seem very suspicious. I'd define it more as helpful because it makes the rest of the game aware who's lurking. It' a pretty weird reason to say someones suspicious if you ask me.

SOTF v4 Mafia, Game Thread
EBWOP: Due to internet crash a being ninja'd twice. I would like to point out that what I am talking about it that post is the Dr. Roy quote in Moonlight Drive's post.

SOTF v4 Mafia, Game Thread
This isn't going to lead to another discussion about lynches being good or bad is it? Because that is getting old. That said Dr. Roy having a problem with lynches could be something. Not much, but something at least.

SOTF v4 Mafia, Game Thread
He hasn't said he's away in the Away thread, so he could just be being quiet. I think pushing Fox or Dom seems like a good idea. At least until we discover any further evidence, which is something we lack right now.

SOTF v4 Mafia, Game Thread
I'd say one Mafia being eliminated on the first night is always good for town. Losing the Vig could be a problem but I'd say it would be more inconvenient because it means we don't have a way of taking down multiple people if we suspect them of being Mafia. But beyond that it seems like a good trade for the town.

SOTF v4 Mafia, Game Thread
The more people lurking also means it takes longer for the mafia members to get tracked down if they are lurking which of course is bad for town.

Clouds Up
The pair's reactions to Yaz's accidental pun were completely different. Amy agreed with Yaz's thoughts that the pun had been terrible and said as much as she sat down next to her. Michelle however seemed to think it was one of the funniest things she had ever heard. She had been waving for a waitress but had stopped to try and cover her mouth. She tried saying something but couldn't even talk properly through her giggling.

She eventually stopped laughing and got her breath back. As she did so Yaz wondered how something she found to be so lame and unfunny could be so hysterical to someone else. This was another reason why she was shy and rarely spoke to anyone she didn't know. She was never any good at gauging what they would find funny, interesting or exciting. Michelle's reaction showed that to it's fullest as Yaz didn't expect that reaction from her.

As Michelle explained how she was a sucker for puns Yaz realised she really didn't know much about humour and how you changed it based on what people found funny so she was happy for Michelle to try and bring some more humour.

What's brown and sticky?"

Yaz thought she knew where this one was going and while Michelle paused for effect she muttered something without even realising.

"A stick."

She quickly looked up after realising she had said it and was relived to see that Michelle hadn't noticed.

"A STICK! You get it?"

Yaz smiled a little bit because she had been right with her guess of what the punch line was.

"Yeah I think I get it." She said trying to hold back her grin.

SOTF v4 Mafia, Game Thread
I'll have the first one please and hold the mayo.

SOTF v4 Mafia, Game Thread
Time to kick this thing off.

Vote: Chib

Because the random number generator told me too.

V4 Mafia; Sign-ups
Got my role.