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The Dungeon of Doom!
The jester slipped past her and started to speak in rhyme. Mirvea had never had any real experience with jesters before and she wasn't sure if she liked this one. He was more than a little weird, at the same time though at least he was eager. She approached the jester and the noble. Both were standing just within the entrance to the dungeon.

She had a lot of thoughts going through her mind. All the different things she needed to keep track of, watch out for and be prepared for. So many things that it would be next to impossible to keep track of all of it at once.

"You reckon there'll be any traps close to the entrance?" She didn't know if either of them had an answer and even doubted they would. But asking made her feel better.

Plush Wants To Read Your Dead Things!
Fuck it, lets have one of Gray.

General Video Game Discussion Thread
Changed the topic title because it was annoying me.

To post some content:


Star Wars Mafia: Game Thread
I mean Persy is still there for us and I mean RC using his night action on Turtle would explain the no night-kill. I just wish we hadn't wasted a phase on what could either a) be a waste of time or b) be a lie. So y'know not a fun situation to be in as the day winds down.

Star Wars Mafia: Game Thread
sum1 pls hammer

Star Wars Mafia: Game Thread
I just want to say I don't trust it so my vote stands.

Star Wars Mafia: Game Thread
What is this...I don't even.

Star Wars Mafia: Game Thread
Feb 21 2015, 02:15 PM
@Dea, why should we lynch boogie, if he would get modkilled?
Don't know why I'm responding to you but because of exactly what he did after being called out.

I.e. Posting something relevant to the discussion before disappearing into the fade.

Star Wars Mafia: Game Thread
Just going to throw out that if we ever get stuck on who to lynch (this is for a couple of day phases past now obvs) we can just lynch boogie to kill an inactive. Since that is always a town positive.


Vote: RC

Just so I don't forget like last phase.

Star Wars Mafia: Game Thread
Alright let's finally get this done.

RC - Lynch with extreme prejudice but you guys know that.

Bowser - Still leaning town on this one. He's had good unoffensive play and he's offering some stuff up, could stand to be less quiet but whatevs.

Unpy - Last day phase I said Persy hadn't done anything of substance and then day 2 happened and oh boy. He's being strangely aggressive no idea why, starting a tunnelfight with RC at the very beginning of the day really didn't help anything at all. The tunnelfight got us no where except for confirming that yes an RC lynch is a good idea. Outside of that tunnelfight nothing has been offered this phase. Leaning scum on this one.

Espi - Still leaning town but he's been really quiet again this phase and we all know scum like to be a little helpful but keep more quiet than actual town. Might be something to watch.

Slam - Probably town. The play matches up.

Yugi - If he had less substance in his posts they'd be gaseous. Watch him. Last time I said if he posts more shit (which he has let's be honest) that we either decide whether we want to lynch him or ignore him. I'm thinking we've arrived at that decision point.

Cake - Most likely town. Has been looking into different things.

Doc - 90% sure is town. No way would scum tunnelfight with their godfather that much and get a lynch just to appear town. That'd be insane.

Ime - Wow day 1 is not reflecting well. Not a fan of the reasoning behind the Vyse defence, but the suspicion towards Unpy is a good step in the right direction. Null for now.

General Goose - Most likely town.

D/N - Most likely town.

dmboogie - Needs to post more or catch a lynch, since this is how the mafia sail through.

Fenris - Veering town, has seemed genuinely helpful and I like that.

Siege Perilous - Still a wildcard for me since never played with before but I'm thinking town. Play's

decoy73 - Only posts to defend themselves, doesn't offer anything else. Watch them.

Sunny Delighted - Null.

Turtle - I think they're in the game right?

Naft - Probably town. But then again his scum play and town play are super similar so its hard to tell.

Obvs if I didn't mention someone they clearly haven't been posting/doing enough. So keep your eyes on that.

The Dungeon of Doom!
There were a lot of emotions swirling within Mirvea. Excitement, anxiety, fear. She was happy to be finally allowed to raid a dungeon but she was anxious about what it actually entailed. On top of that no one in her group seemed to be anything like an adventurer as her mother had described them bar one. One of who had just started talking to her.

Mirvea had never been good at talking to people. She had never really been taught how; it had taken a backseat to the adventurer training. Mirvea looked away from the mayor and gave Sam a small smile. "Yeah. I think I have everything we'd ever need." That sounded about right didn't it? She had originally equipped herself but then her mother had waded in and given her almost anything she could possibly need. Mirvea had decided against telling her that she probably wouldn't need half of it. Last time she'd questioned her mother she'd been hung from a tree until she managed to escape her bonds. Her mother had almost been proud of how quickly she'd escaped. Almost.

The nobleman had grabbed a torch off the wall; she was finally going into a dungeon. Her whole life had been leading up to this moment. It was exhilarating. Taking a cautious step forward before stopping to look over her shoulder Mirvea almost sighed. Her mother wasn't watching, this would be her doing everything entirely by herself. She smiled at Sam again. "Shall we enter?" Before walking forward to the nobleman with more confidence. She was finally going to prove herself.

Star Wars Mafia: Game Thread
Yeah I think its less likely for scum to be trying to hide at the end of the lynch because its next to suicidal as its the first place we'd look.

Star Wars Mafia: Game Thread
RC is clearly either bad townie or 3rd-party, we know this so let's just lynch him at the end of the day and be done with it. No point distracting ourselves.

I'm also wanting to hear from Imehal since she was the biggest defender of Vyse and since he flipped scum that's suspicious (obvs).

General Video Game Discussion Thread
Steam has trained you well.

Star Wars Mafia: Game Thread
I...what? RC what? Your posts are a mess man sort it out.

I was absent from the end of the phase since I'm 99% sure I was asleep for it. So yeah that's a thing.

As for the no night kills I am not 100% sure what could have happened there. I mean the amount of variables there could be when you consider 3rd-party along with town having a doctor or roleblocker. Not even touching on what roles the mafia could potentially have. I'd make some sort of matrix but I feel like it'd make me want to kill myself. It's a weird one for sure. But hey means we're actually a step ahead for once so that's nice.

RC is super suspicious right now though. I'm not going to put my vote down yet since we don't want to rush the day phase. I'll wait for some more discussion and have a think on peoples play so far and come back later with some updated reads based on whats happened.

The Dungeon of Doom!
Name: Mirvea Schutes

Gender: Female

Character class: Adventurer in Training

Backstory: Mirvea has been brought up her entire life to become an adventurer. Her mother has trained her for this by among other things waking her up every morning by jumping on her and attacking her. Most of her time was spent learning how to fight and fend for herself in the wild or in her own home. With her mother either entering her into gladiatorial contests, straight up leaving her in the middle of forests to find her way home (including one time when she pushed her off a cliff) or filling their house with traps. Finally after years of what she calls training her mother has allowed her to enter her first dungeon.

Personality: Mirvea has an odd personality due to her only real interaction with others coming in between bouts of brutal training from her mother. As such she only has what she was instructed to do in those scenarios to go on. This means that while being polite and able to say the right things it always sounds off. As if she is just saying it because she believes its what she's supposed to say.

Equipment: Mirvea is armed with two swords, one long, one short, a short bow and a quiver of arrows, a collection of daggers, a hand axe and a bag filled with general adventuring gear such as food, bandages, potions, caltrops etc. Her leather armor is well-worn and adorned with trophies she has collected from all the different tasks she has completed over the years.

Abilities: Mirvea is a skilled fighter with many different types of weapons, including her bare hands. She is also knowledgeable in many different aspects of survival and dungeoneering. She's not the best at thinking plans up on the go though.

A Wild Beard Appears; A Pathfinder Experience
And no one died.

We rocked it last night and won a lot of our games. Just give the enemy Nami, Taric, Soraka, Sona and Naut and laugh. We're thinking about who we can replace Naut with though.

Star Wars Mafia: Game Thread
Just so we're clear, I didn't try and present Yugi's posts as anything more. Hell I said if his next posts are fine we're all good. All I said was that it's something worth watching if it happens again.

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