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Spare a weapon?

Chris had to carefully consider that. There was the unspoken trust issue that permeated every facet of SOTF; on the one hand Leona seemed friendly. On the other maybe the only reason she hadn't attacked him was because she didn't have a weapon. You could never really tell Chris had learned.

He stood there thinking for a moment, trying to figure out a way to handle the situation. In the end he realised that regardless of what he did Leona was probably powerless against him. He had size and strength and unless she was also packing a gun he had the better weapon.

He nodded. "Alright I'll give you something." Crouching down he opened his bag, glancing up at Leona every so often to make sure she wasn't trying anything. He stood up as he pulled the shard of glass out of his pack and held it out to Leona. "This is all I have spare...careful, it’s sharp."

Sometimes LoL just likes to be a dick.

Leona got up and started speaking. Chris noticed her step back slightly, was she scared of him? His arms dropped, ready for any attack that could be launched. It made sense to be cautious when he thought about it. You never knew who could have snapped or who could be planning to attack you. It's why every encounter with someone else always left the after effects of adrenaline coursing through his body. Right now his body was preparing, getting him ready for either running or fighting.

Instead it just seemed like they would be talking. Chris relaxed some, clenching and unclenching his hands to try and calm himself down. His lips twitched at her joke, any smile would have been fake or forced so he didn't bother. He licked his lips before speaking. "Sane is good...sane is safe." Safety was what mattered most wasn't it? Since if you were safe you could survive and if you put yourself in danger then the more likely you were to get yourself killed. Simple logic in the end. But so hard to stick too.

Leona had no weapons though. That made Chris relax even more. She didn't look to be a threat to him in a straight and if she did try anything he had a gun and a glass shard. The phrase about having the deck stacked in his favour didn't do it justice. Instead
he just slowly dropped his bags down to one side.

"You have no weapons, and I'm not interested in violence. So let's just talk yeah?"

Eventually Chris had calmed down and stopped running. He'd run for god knows how long and he was struggling for breath.

Then he'd puked.

((Christopher Harlin continued from Cause When You Try Hard))

That had been a while ago and after drinking some water and calming down Chris was thinking more clearly. Not that it was an improvement. Now he was in a more built up area, and more exclusive after having a quick look around. There were entire gated off communities and he could even make out a mansion. Chris didn't exactly care about any of that though. As things were he was happy not to have had his collar blown up by the terrorists after Jesse had died. It would have been easy for them to do too, just press and button and then boom, his head would have been taken off.

He shivered. Another thing he hadn't thought about was the loneliness. He hadn't been on his own for a long time and now he was. It was different and not in a good way. He felt lost. They'd always had a plan and a goal when he'd been with Brianna and Jesse and now they were gone and he had no idea what he was doing. He'd achieved nothing but tiring himself out with his running and having a little explore of the area. Having to carry two bags at once was also a pain but the benefits when it came to food and equipment far outweighed the negatives Chris could think of.

He was moving towards the quad area when he heard the unmistakable sound of someone talking. It was only a few words but in the stillness it was instantly noticeable. It instantly made Chris tense. There was never any certainty that someone would be friendly or if they would try to kill you. He slowly approached to see a girl sitting on one of the swings. It took him a few seconds but he eventually recognised the girl as Leona Van Kamp? He wanted to say Kamp. She was the magician girl. She didn't look like a threat at all, and even if she did attack him Chris was certain he could overpower her based on height and weight alone.

He slowly moved closer and raised his hands up to try and convey that he wasn't a threat.

"Hey, you friendly?"

Tell No Tales
Gray looked over at Cassandra as she threw up but he was distracted by the speakers coming to life at the same moment. They never brought good news either. Gray took another drink from his water and listened. Like always it was Danya listing off the names of his classmates and their killers with the same enthusiasm as someone reading a shopping list. Gray always heard the names but he never tried to dwell on them for too long. It seemed disrespectful but he knew he had to try and just absorb the information. People were going to die every day no matter what he did.

This time though there were two names that made him take notice. The first of those names was Sean. Sean had killed Aria, the way Danya talked about it made it sound like they had been working together and something had gone down involving either Aria trying something or wanting out. As a result Sean had stabbed him. Gray didn't know enough about what had happened to judge but the fact that Sean had actually killed someone hurt.

The second name was Steven’s; he had been gunned down by Katarina. Gray took another drink at that. He hadn't known Steven very well but he had seemed like a good guy. It didn't matter anymore though; it didn't matter what anyone thought of Steven since now he was just another body on the island, like the four assembled in front of Gray.

There was also the usual list of danger zones, but there was no mention of any beaches so they'd be fine where they were. So Gray put the water bottle away in his bag and turned back around to Cassandra and Corey. Cassandra was puking her guts out. Gray couldn't blame her, the scene laid out before them was a horrible one. But he didn't know what to say to try and help.

It looked like Corey was trying to comfort her, so Gray moved over to them and took an unopened bottle of water out of his bag as he did so. He tapped Corey on the shoulder and held it out.

"Give her this after."

Cause When You Try Hard
The blood hit Chris in the face, next came the shrapnel which slashed his cheek and forehead as it flew past him. Jesse fell to one side and coughed before rolling over and stopping to move entirely. Chris just stood there, shell-shocked. Jesse's plan had failed. The collar had exploded in his hands, blowing a gaping hole in his chest. Blood was slowly leaking out of Jesse's body as Chris stood there trying to comprehend what had happened. He was on his own for the first time he could remember. He shivered at the realisation and felt something wet run down his cheeks. He was crying, eyes wide and full of fear.

Then like a deer caught in the headlights Chris broke and ran. He ran to the bar and looked for Brianna's bag. It was near Summer's body. Chris almost vomited when he saw it. Having to retrieve it along with Jesse had been one of the worst things he'd ever had to do and it had all been for nothing, because the plan had failed and Jesse was dead. All Chris could smell was the blood and Jesse's vomit.

Chris saw Brianna's bag and snatched it up from the floor. Everything had gone wrong, Brianna was dead, Jesse was dead and that meant he was on his own. Chris didn't know what to do but he knew he had to get out of the hotel. He had to get away from what had just happened. If the terrorists felt like it they could blow his collar up and kill him. He had to get out before they decided to do that.

After picking up Brianna's bag Chris remembered they'd filled it with shards of glass. He dropped it onto the bar and opened it, knocking all the glass shards out onto the floor. Some of them cut his hand as he did so, but it was only minor stuff. He kept the sharpest looking one just in case and then he sprinted for the door. Not even stopping to look at Jesse.

Running back into the lobby Chris didn't slow down. He nearly slipped over as he turned towards the main doors but he kept his footing and kept moving. He burst through the doors and out into the open air. He didn't know where he was running to, but he ran all the same.

((Chris Harlin continued elsewhere.))

Tell No Tales
((Gray Emerson, Cassandra Black and Corey Esposito continued from Whereabouts Unknown))

Yet again Gray found himself walking around the island. Only this time he had a clear destination, that being the beach. Under different circumstances a trip to the beach for Gray would have meant he'd be going out into the sea to surf. It also would have meant he was with Kyran, since Kyran was his lift to the beach and all. Sadly nothing that was likely to come from their trip to the beach would be anything like the surfing trips and the good memories he had of them.

He took another bite out of the energy bar he had been munching on as he walked. Conserving food hadn't been that difficult for Gray to do. He'd just gutted out most of the hunger, eating at set times, or at least trying too. All told the lack of activity he'd encountered on the island had worked in his favour for that. He hadn't exerted much energy since all he'd been doing was walking and talking. Once he had to run and actually be physically active he anticipated using more food. For now though he was doing well.

Gray saw the ship before he saw the sea. Since it looked like a massive freighter and took up most of the view. Shining the torch in its general direction confirmed that it was indeed a massive freighter.

"We've made it." Gray said over his shoulder to Cassandra and Corey. He stopped walking and stretched out his leg. His knee had been getting sore from all the walking and he didn't want it to lock into place. Hopping down onto the beach in the dark would have been more than a little painful and awkward. He crumpled the wrapper of the energy bar up over the half he hadn't eaten and put it back in his bag before starting on his descent onto the beach.

Once he hit the sand he scanned over the beach with his torch. He wished he hadn't. There were five corpses spread across the beach. Gray moved towards the closest one and crouched down onto the balls of his feet shining the torch on their face to see who they were. He recognised Cyrus Whites hair before he recognised the face, which said something. Cyrus's collar looked like it had blown up and it had taken a good portion of his throat with it. Gray nudged the boy's head with his head and watched the wound deform as the muscles in his Cyrus's neck moved. It was weird, turning up after something big had clearly gone down. He sighed and stood up running the torch over the other corpses.

"This is messed up."

Both the scene before him and his reaction to it. Gray hadn't even thought twice about messing with a corpse. The first corpse he'd ever seen in his life and there he was poking it and watching it move.

He felt sick.

Moving away Gray set his bag down and pulled a water bottle out. He took a long drink from it while avoiding looking at Cyrus's body.

"So messed up." He muttered.

Nessun Dorma
Chris tensed as he heard someone call out his name. He relaxed once the voice confirmed that they were Jesse and then slowly walked into view. Chris thought that yelling in a place like the hospital after someone had died was a bad idea, but he kept it to himself. He didn't want to over-complicate the situation.

Jesse skipped past all of Chris's potential responses by just stating that he had seen Brianna. Which...made things slightly easier; Chris didn't have to break the news about the death to Jesse at the very least which was something he was thankful for. He had never been very good with dealing with emotions or reacting to other peoples.

Jesse didn't give him any time to respond to the statement either; he just went straight on through. He had something planned. Chris knew they had been discussing a plan to escape before they had entered the hospital but since then he hadn't put any real thought into it.

From the sound of it though Jesse had it all figured out and was ready to go. Chris didn't have to think long and hard about his choice, he made it surprisingly quickly.

"I'll help."

Chris wasn't sure what made it such an easy decision; the terrorists had been very clear at the beginning of the game what going against their rules resulted in. He looked back at the office Brianna was in. But at the same time Chris didn't have anything else.

"We're going now right?"

V4 Part 2 Mafia Game Thread
Being über aggressive and confrontational does not work on this site and calling everyone a dumbass is a sure fire way to have yourself marked as an aggressive dick who's no use to town because they don't play well with others.

I understand that there are other suspects on the table (including me) that need to be addressed but at the same time I don't think that can be properly looked into while Zab and Ciel are taking up most of the attention with their arguing and since Ciel actually pushes the discussion forward relatively speaking I'mma do this

VOTE: Zabriel

Nessun Dorma
Sleep was anything but peaceful. Fitful was a better way to describe it. Chris fell in and out of different dreams all with different images, none of them pleasant. Death, fear and blood were the things he could remember when he woke up. In a strange bout of irony he felt more refreshed then he had before he went to sleep. So it wasn't a nightmare so much as his subconscious trying to make sense of what was going on...or something along those lines.

He slowly pushed himself up. His neck ached from the rest, which was to be expected. Chris rolled his head around and got a satisfying click from his neck in response. His mind then moved onto the two most important issues that he was facing: was Brianna OK and how long had he been out? His stood up using the wall to keep himself centred. He grabbed his pack next and swung it over his shoulder. All he had to do was find where Brianna had been last. That wasn't going to be easy because all the corridors in the hospital looked the same.

He drew his flashlight out of the pack and clicked it on as he stepped into the corridor. Everything seemed to be as it was when he went to sleep so nothing major could have happened. He would have woken up if something important had happened wouldn't he? Chris shook the feeling away, he would have woken up it was just the hospital making him tense. It had put him on edge earlier as well. It just seemed to be a natural response to the building. He started moving through the corridors heading in the general direction of the place he'd seen Brianna.

She wasn't there. Chris didn't think too much of it. She had probably just moved somewhere else; he hadn't expected to find her straight away anyway. He sighed to himself, he didn't want to explore any more of the hospital but it looked like he had no other choice. He moved at a steady pace sweeping the flashlight from room to room as he passed them. There didn't seem to be any sign of Brianna, and then he got a break. He spotted someone lying down on a couch in one of the offices. As Chris moved closer and swung the flashlight over them he recognised Brianna's face. He breathed a sigh of relief. Nothing had happened while he was asleep after all.

Chris stepped a little but closer and swung the flashlight over the office, everything seemed to be in order. He decided he'd just go on watch and let Brianna sleep. He turned to leave but stopped halfway. There was something on the floor by Brianna that had caught his eye. The flashlight had just passed over it while he turned. He pointed the flashlight down and scanned the floor. There was a bottle of pills open and some of the contents had spilled out over the floor.

A lump rose in Chris's throat. He stepped across the threshold and into the office. Moving closer to Brianna, she wasn't moving. He ended up in front of the sofa before he realised she wasn't breathing.

She'd killed herself.

Chris stood there looking at her body.

He had only just seen her. How long had she been planning to kill herself? How had he not noticed? When had she done it? Questions just poured forth from Chris's mind as he stood looking at the girl’s body. He breathed out slowly. He didn't say anything at first, he couldn't find the words.

"I'm sorry." He mumbled eventually. It meant nothing anymore, just two words he was saying to himself. Trying to relieve the guilt he felt. He turned away and screwed his eyes shut. Taking great effort to keep himself calm and his breathing steady. Eventually he opened them again. Something was reflecting the light of the flashlight back. He moved closer and saw that it was Brianna's gun.

He crouched down and picked it up. It was heavier than he expected but it was made of metal after all.

Chris felt like a scavenger as he walked out of the office with the pistol in his hand. He had to ignore those feelings though, he had to find Jesse so they could either put his plan into motion. If not...the lighthouse was the first place he remembered being mentioned as somewhere to go. Chris severely doubted that Matt would still be there but he still felt like he needed to go there. As things stood though, he'd have to find Jesse.

He looked at the gun in his hand. The next steps were going to be much harder.

He started walking through the hospital.

Sometimes everything just goes right.

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Also my worst crop job ever.