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As Long as There are Stars Above You
"It's a song by Rise Against, they're more of a punk band but it’s one of the songs they play in their acoustic set." Gray didn't mention that it was his favourite song since he saw no need to bring it up. He was just asking whether or not Sophie had heard of it. She might have heard of Rise Against in passing after all, but Gray was expecting her to not have too much of an idea who they were. Not many people he knew seemed to, or they had heard of them through him. So he was used to explaining the band to people.

Gray had been thinking of getting more into classic rock though, he had only really listened to Gun & Roses and they were supposed to be classic rock so he made a mental note ask Sophie about any other classic rock bands that were good. Gray took a look over at the queue while he took another sip from his drink. At the rate the queue seemed to be moving he would have finished it by the time Nina got back. He still had to cookie to eat, although he had already taken a chunk out of it.

Gray noticed that Nina was talking to another girl that was instantly recognisable as Meera Stele. Gray had never spoken to her properly but he had been in some of the same classes as her during his time at Aurora. Apart from that though he hadn't interacted with her much. She had more of an interest in competitive sports like running and swimming and Gray didn't take in part in those. He did wonder how he stayed so skinny despite never doing too much exercise but at the same time surfing and snowboarding were physically demanding so that helped explain it a little bit.

"How long do you think Nina has spent in the queue?"

Get The Best Side
Yaz was looking through the shorts that were on offer when she heard an excited voice greeting her. She nearly jumped due to how loud the greeting was, coupled with the fact she hadn't been expecting it. She turned to see that Summer Simms was the one who had said hello to her. Summer was one of those girls that was always wearing the latest fashions so it made sense for her to be in H&M. Yaz sometimes wished she had the confidence Summer had since she always seemed to be wearing something that was eye-catching or bright. She wouldn't use that confidence for the same things as Summer did, but it would still have been nice to have it. Maybe then she wouldn't worry about what people thought of her all the time and she might be able to actually approach other people and have a proper conversation with them.

Yaz then belatedly realised that Summer had actually complimented her and said she looked cute. Yaz was very used to people using cute whenever they complimented her looks. It was very hard to be anything other than cute when you were all of four foot ten. She made people like Summer look giant in comparison; she was practically a foot taller than Yaz was. Still a compliment was a compliment and Yaz had gotten used to people calling her cute so she returned Summers smile with one of her own. Summer then asked about Yaz shopping in H&M.

"Oh, I don't normally shop here but I was in the mall and had the money...so yeah." She held up the clothes she had picked up to emphasise her point. "Every so often I find stuff I like though."

Yaz felt self-conscious showing Summer the clothes she had picked out. As if Summer was going to instantly make a judgement based on what Yaz was showing her. The fact she actually liked everything she was showing Summer just made it worse.

"I was just seeing if there were any shorts I liked, since its summer soon." Yaz said, trying to steer the conversation away from the clothes she liked and onto something she didn't have opinion on yet. She hadn't looked through all of the shorts before Summer had grabbed her attention. So it was safer than talking about the clothes she did like. Since she no bias towards the shorts. "I'm not quite sure if I like any of them though."

Get The Best Side
((Yasmin Carroll continued from A Breath of Fresh Air))

Yaz looked at the array of tops that were arranged in front of her. It was always awkward shopping for clothes, mainly because she didn't exactly like most of the styles that were popular at any given time and sometimes her small size made it difficult to buy something that wasn't ridiculously big. She ran her fingers over her necklace as she looked over the selection in front of her again. One of the tops didn't look too bad. It was just a question of how big the small would look on her. Yaz reached up and pulled the vest top down along with another top that had a printed design on it.

Truth be told Yaz didn't shop at H&M very often. It made her feel amazingly self-conscious whenever she did, like people where judging her based on whatever she picked up. It didn't help that it was always insanely busy in H&M meaning there was always people everywhere. The store always seemed full to bursting and Yaz being tiny and very shy always found that difficult to deal with. But then again that may have been the fact that one of the staff asked her if she had lost her parents. She had been seventeen. So when even the staff didn't think you were an adult it didn't exactly help with your confidence when it came to being in the shop.

As Yaz walked further through the shop she spotted a jacket that she liked the look of. She only noticed it because it stood out from the overload of leather that was the jackets section of the store. It was a khaki green biker style jacket that in all honesty didn't look too bad. Plus it would make a change from what she normally wore. Yaz subconsciously took a look at the Vans that she almost always wore, between them and the fact she tended to just wear t-shirts and slim fitting jeans it would have been nice to have some variation in her wardrobe.

She picked up the smallest size possible; otherwise it would look like she was wearing a full coat and moved on. She decided to check the jeans section before heading off to a fitting room to try her clothes on. Once she got in there it would be fine since she wouldn't have to move through the throng of people that always seemed to be in H&M whenever she decided to venture into it. Add that to the list of things she didn't like about the store. It was always busy whenever she went in it. Whenever she was with someone else and didn't want anything from it it would be empty but whenever she was on her own and actually looking to buy something the store filled up to the brim. It only seemed to happen with H&M, which Yaz was fine with; after all she only went into the store every so often. It was still aggravating though.

She checked the sizes on the jeans that were on display and decided against trying any on. It was a tactic she had picked up over time due to her size but if smaller sizes weren't being offered it was a pointless exercise. Yaz found even some of the small sizes too big so she had no chance with anything above them. It saved her money as well, the jacket on its own had a price tag of thirty dollars and she already had two tops she was thinking of buying so Yaz didn't want to add anything else to that total.

As she was making her way to the fitting rooms though she saw the shorts that were on offer. It was coming up to summer after all. She shrugged; it wouldn't hurt to look at the very least.

Blood Bowl
So in my first game of the league I was against Slam...this is what happened to his team.

Spoiler: click to toggle

Slasher RP
Damon watched as Crovo used the knocker. It made the ominous and foreboding noise he expected and it echoed throughout the woods. Crovo then went off to get firewood not after handing the knocker off to Rachael of course. Damon wasn't surprised that she had taken an interest in it. She was a goth after all, at least Damon couldn't see any other reason for her to dress and act the way she did unless she was. Not that he could judge, he had ended up with a lot of motocross brands stuff over the years. It was just what happened when you became interested in something.

Everyone had ended up leaving apart from him, Holly, Rachael and Erica. They had all gone back to their tents bar Diz who had gone for a cigarette and then go to her tent. Truth be told Damon was bored. He always got bored quickly, probably why Motocross was such a good sport for him. You were always moving forward, always doing something, especially in Freestyle Motocross. There was always another trick to learn. None of that helped him now though, his bike was at home.

He felt someone tug on his arm and turned to see Erica. She asked him if he wanted to do something fun...There was something about the way she said it though. It made it clear that the fun would be one of two things. Either: a) sex or b) weed, maybe both, Damon wasn't going to complain. He had weed in his bag and he had condoms in his wallet so he was prepared. The fact the person was Erica was more unexpected than anything else. She always seemed to have this reputation as a "good girl". He knew her better than that but weed and/or random sex. Yeah he was caught off guard by that one. He decided on asking the safe question first.

"A special type of fun involving everyone's favorite weed?" He asked keeping his voice down. He didn't need too many people knowing, that just made things awkward especially if they wanted some. "'Cause I have some in my tent, all I need to do is roll it."

Blood Bowl
I'm in, just need to decide what team I'll be using...and figure out some funny names.

Welcome to New Staff
Congrats guys!

Time to bring justice to this lawless sector of the galaxy...or something along those lines.

As Long as There are Stars Above You
Nina had managed to finish wiping up the coffee and went to go and queue for another. Gray felt sympathy for her as he looked at the length of the queue. It was pretty much at the same length it had been when he'd walked in, and it had taken a while for him to get his drink then. He took a sip of his drink before starting to work on the cookie he had bought. He'd always been a sucker for a cookie.

As Gray sat there chewing on his cookie he remembered that both Nina and Sophie had asked him what a demo tape was. He decided to give Nina a quick explanation while they waited for Nina to return.

"Anyway, a demo tape is a video that a skater makes that shows off all their skills and best tricks. They then send this off to sponsors. Hoping that they'll be...well sponsored. Claire Monaghan filmed it for me and said she'd edit it, so it should look good when she's done."

Gray took another sip of his drink. It was weird since the ad had claimed it had all the benefits of caffeine but none of the taste, which was fine by him. Although it did make him feel like he'd just bought an expensive Sprite more than anything, but it had been his choice to go into Starbucks so he would have to deal with the price tag on everything. It was nice and cold though, especially on the fingers that had got coffee on them.

Gray wondered how close to the register Nina was. He wasn't exactly the best person at holding up a conversation when he didn't really know what the other persons interests were. He could at least talk about music, but depending on what genres people liked that could be awkward as well. It was worth a try though. He'd wanted to ask Sophie about "Swing Life Away" anyway so it was as good a time as any to do it.

"Hey Sophie, have you heard the song "Swing Life Away"? Just out of interest."

Guilty Gear Fallout Thread
I died to fast to do anything. So that's my whole game summed to. Damn you Sickness. *shakes fist*

Slasher RP
Crovo showed how the knocker was supposed to work, as if no one actually knew how a knocker worked before declaring that he was going to get more firewood. Diz assumed that meant story time was over and that they could all go and do what they wanted. Diz didn't really have anything she particularly wanted to do. She did feel like having a smoke though. Alec said something about sending someone to look for Crovo in case he didn't come back and Diz laughed.

"He's only going to get firewood. It's not like he's going to die, or are you scared the witch will get him?"

Diz stood up from where she had been sitting and stretched, then ran a hand over the stubble on her head.

"Right I'm going for a smoke."

It was a statement more than anything else, she didn't care if anyone decided to join her or not. As long as they weren't annoying if they did decide to join her. She walked over to her tent and searched through her bag to find her cigarettes. Once she had she walked away from the fire and the group. Once she was far enough away she leaned against a tree and lit up. It was a pleasant feeling. Mainly because she was properly alone for the first time since they'd been on the trip. Diz had never really considered herself a people person to put it lightly so having alone time was important to her. She blew out a cloud of smoke and watched it slowly disperse.

"Fuck me it's cold." She whispered to herself. She ran a hand over her scalp which was especially cold without the presence of her hair keeping it warm.

She flicked the cigarette away once it got down to the butt and watched it's dim glow as it arced through the air. She turned to leave but as she did she noticed something behind one of the other trees. She decided to go and check what it was before heading back. When she got closer she realised it was a body, Professor Crovo's body.

"Oh shit."

Diz needed another cigarette.