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Skies of Gray
"You're right, I don't have much for the school paper right now, but I've been kind of just... Roaming around. There's never really been much to do."

Gray knew that feeling; he had been doing the exact same thing before he had entered the library as a last resort. Although with the open campus policy Gray was always able to find something to do. Just go out and find a place that looked like it had potential and then see what tricks he could do. It was simple really but at the same time he could see Tito's point there wasn't much to do at the school itself unless you were hanging out with friends.

It was funny actually, but Gray had rarely had the problem of not having anyone to hang out with. Mainly due to the fact that he grew up in the same area and went to the same elementary school as many of his friends. They had all grown close to each other over that time and while they may not always hang out together at the school itself they would always try and meet up outside of it. He was lucky that way.

"I think... Eh, I think we'll probably end up seeing a lot of people we aren't really familiar with this year, with all the stuff that's happening. I'd bet that you'd end up seeing that girl from earlier again sooner or later."

"Well we met each other didn't we Tito."

It was a simple statement but it reinforced Tito's point. They were probably going to meet new people but that tended to be how the last year of school worked. You would then move on to collage or wherever Gray was going and meet new people there. It was the way of the world. Gray had decided along time ago that he wasn't going to fight it.

Tito looked at his wrist-watch.

"What classes do you guys have next?"

"Something. I'll have to find my timetable in my bag. Also Misa I've been meaning to ask, what were you writing when I came in?"

It had been at the back of Gray's mind ever since Tito had interrupted them and he had honestly wanted to know. Plus at least he was showing an interest, which in itself was something.

V4 Mafia; Sign-ups
I'm in for another round.

Survivor Mafia: Fallout Thread
Oh Namira about the inventor role Inky has posted the original PM. He sent me a correct version reading:

"Every night phase, you can randomly give another player an item of your creation. It can be anything, from a Hidden Immunity Idol (protection for a night), Crew Pass (ability to investigate another player during the night phase), or even a Challenge Sabotage (one free kill during the night phase) - you don't know what it'll be, or if the people you'll give it too are good or bad, but you'll still be handing over a helpful item."

So I hope that clears that up.

Clouds Up
"Nothing to be sorry for! Of course you can sit here. Ummm, well, there's a menu here."

"Thanks," Said Yaz sitting down and taking the menu from Michelle. She looked over it as Michelle continued to talk.

"If you're short on money and you're hungry, you can have some of my fries and veggie burger. You can use whatever you've got to get a dessert and the two of us can share it, but nothing with ice cream, please. Maybe a slice of pie.

Yaz nodded from behind the menu. She didn't want to take any of Michelle's food but she also felt the need to buy a dessert for the two of them. In the end Yaz decided on purchasing some chicken nuggets and a slice of pie for the two of them to share.

As she put the menu down to tell Michelle her plan she heard a familiar voice call out to her from across the diner.

"Hiya Yaz!"

She turned to see Amy waving at her. She was good friends with Amy even though Amy had only been in Seattle for nearly two years, so she was happy to see her.

"Hey Michelle! I'm not interrupting anything, am I? Is it okay if I, like... stay here? Nice hat by the way, Michelle."

Yaz was about to say that Amy could stay but had only opened her mouth when Michelle spoke. She said she didn't want Amy at the table. Yaz shrank back into the cushions of the booth expecting something to happen, but Michelle smiled and said she was joking. Yaz sighed to herself and put her hand on the bead necklace that she wore constantly. Yaz instinctively moved closer to the window so that Amy could sit down if she wanted too as Michelle put the hat on Amy's head.

Yaz couldn't help but laugh. "It's so happy. It's like its just chilling on your head." Yaz then realised that she had accidently made a terrible pun. "I didn't mean to do that." She hastily added, hoping that she wasn't going too red. She hated accidently saying stupid things, which was unfortunate since it happened a lot.

The core group of students are all the people that have their own bubble on this handy chart Little Boy made.


Clouds Up
Had Michelle been licking her collar? Yaz stopped unsure how she should react but she didn't have time to think about it before Michelle turned and greeted her.

"Hey Yaz. Ah, what's up? Here for dinner by your lonesome?"

Well it wasn't exactly that...Ok that's exactly what it was but it didn't exactly sound too good when it was said like that.

"Err, yeah I was just passing by and realised I was-"

Yaz was cut off as someone pushed past her because she was still standing in the middle of the diner.

"Sorry," She muttered before moving to the booth Michelle was sitting in. "Ummm, oh! I realised I was hungry and came in. But I don't come here often so I'm not sure what they serve, or how much anything costs."

Well that sounded lame. Now instead of her being lonely Yaz just didn't know what a menu was. So she was stupid instead. Sometimes she dug herself these holes. This tended to be why she only really spoke to people she knew and was comfortable talking too. Since then she didn't worry about everything she said. Michelle was really friendly though so she wouldn't be judging her about what she said.

"Hey, Michelle could I sit there?"

Yaz almost mumbled the last part of the question as she made a small gesture towards the seat on the other side of the booth Michelle was in. Now she just had to hope Michelle didn't say no.

Clouds Up
(Yasmin Carrol continued from Flying Free)

Yaz carefully pushed the door to the diner open, ducking past a person who was exiting. She muttered a sorry before continuing towards the counter. She didn't visit the diner too often but she had been passing by and hadn't eaten yet. It had seemed like a good idea at the time but the diner did have quite a lot of people in and she was second guessing her decision. She had never liked crowds.

The fact that she rarely visited the diner also meant that her grasp of the menu was limited. As was her knowledge of the prices. A regular customer would probably know what they were ordering and would already know how much money it would cost. Yaz on the other hand only had 5 bucks and no idea what she wanted to order. The idea of turning around and leaving the diner did enter her head but her hunger won out.

As she approached the counter she noticed someone from Aurora High sitting in one of the booths. She couldn't quite tell who the person was from behind but she assumed it was a girl from the length of her hair. Then she spotted her friendship bracelets and realised that it was Michelle. Yaz knew Michelle by virtue of being in the same art class as her.

Dropping out her walk to the counter Yaz turned and carefully headed towards the booth where Michelle was sitting. She was nervous at the prospect of interrupting her and what her reaction would be but she was committed to her plan now.

"Hey Michelle, how are you?"

Her voice was almost painfully quiet and delicate. Sometimes Yaz wondered why she was so shy because it almost seemed to lead to awkward situations like the one she was in.

Mitadake High/Pryce High
I played this with you guys yesterday and it's still fun. So I'm in.

Project: f.r.i.e.n.d.s
It's fine with me. Gray would probably be able to keep her anchored and if she looked to be slipping he'd try to stop it from happening.

Edit: If you have any ideas of things you want to do just PM me and I'll be happy to figure something out.

Project: f.r.i.e.n.d.s
I think theres already been some talk of Katherine being friends with Gray. Since he wouldn't be bothered by her and wouldn't judge her.

Spooky Little Ghosties
Gray pushed his foot the floor to keep his momentum up. He couldn't remember the time he was meant to be at Alex's so he had decided that it would be best to assume he was late and speed up. The idea of going to a Halloween party had seemed like a good idea to Gray until he realised that he didn't actually have a costume or any idea what he was going to wear. Gray had ended up going for the costume that was simplest but still looked cool. So after throwing so fake blood on an old hoodie and an old pair of shorts he was ready to be a Hunter from Left 4 Dead.

He had ended up with some real blood mixed in after he had decided to try and jump some stairs in the dark without realising how many there had been. The last one had caught him unaware to say the least. So he had a cut up knee and some of his fingers were gashed. So he looked more like a Hunter now than when he had left his house.

He casually lent to one side to turn the corner that led to Alex's house. They were all meeting up to hang out, eat food and laugh at bad movies. It would be a good night. He could just about see people gathering outside Alex's house so he guessed he was probably on time. He could make out someone dressed as the main character from Assassins Creed. The costume looked pretty cool; it had a cape and everything. It put his costume to shame that was for sure. Then as he got close they went into the house.


He hopped up onto the curb and cruised towards the front door. He slid to a stop just in front of the door.

Perfect stop.

As he dismounted the board he looked around. No one else looked to be arriving so he got to enter on his own. He stepped on the tail of the board and caught it as it flipped up. It always sucked to be the one person to arrive after everyone else because then everyone is acutely aware of the fact that you were late. But since most of his friends were people who were exceptionally laid back it wouldn't matter.

Well better let them know I'm out here.

He knocked on the door and hoped that the group he had seen walk in weren't late themselves. Otherwise this had the potential to be awkward.

Skies of Gray
"Looks like you're safe for now,"

Misa returned and informed Gray that he had gotten away with having his skateboard in the library for the time being, which was good news for him.

"Oh cool. Looks like I can relax again."

Not that Gray ever stopped relaxing if he was being honest. He just found it helped people gauge his mood better, since when your mood only really switches between bored, relaxed, tired and excited it could be hard for people to judge what mood he was in. Well unless he was excited. It was easy for them to tell then. The other three were probably interchangeable to people who didn't know him. It wasn't as if that was a bad thing though. It meant that people had to pay attention when they talked to him. Otherwise they'd probably miss something he said.

"Who was that? Is she new?"

Misa had started asking about the girl she had just gone to help. Gray hadn't actually seen the person so he didn't have any idea who they could be.

"So it was a girl right? Yeah I got nothing. I didn't get a look at her."

He was such a beacon of helpfulness. Well he found it funny at least. Gray considered himself pretty useless if someone needed help with their social life or social interaction. He assumed he wasn't really that good at it since he hung around with a group of people that were fine just hanging out. He had the basics down, but the social politics and cliques around the school may as well not have existed, he was blind to them anyway.

"I'm really sorry, Misa. I don't think I saw her face clearly. She looked taller than me... That means I only have about... What, 70 other kids to sort through?"

Gray shook his head; Tito wasn't really that small only a few inches below Gray so he was probably what about 5'3" or 5'4". Although Gray couldn't remember how close to average he was, meaning there was a good chance he was wrong.

"Maybe you'll see her around. I mean now that you know what she looks like and all. I wouldn't worry too much about it. Me and Tito were just mentioning how we barely talked before now. I'm sure you'll see her again."

It wasn't like the school was that big. Although the fact the school had an open campus may have been a good reason why some students never met others. If they had a different timetable and left the campus whenever they didn't have a lesson they would probably not see some people. He assumed that was what had happened with Misa and the girl she had asked about. It made sense to him.

Flying Free
Yasmin looked around the park taking in all the light, movement and colour that she could, her camera hung from a strap around her neck. She had one hand holding onto it loosely while the other browsed through her iPod's music library. She needed to find something that suited her mood; otherwise she was going to struggle to focus her ideas into something cohesive. She decided that a specific artist wasn't going to help and so she once again turned to her specialised playlists.


Sadness and Lonely weren't the ones she needed and Anger was completely wrong. But then again she didn't real feel that Joy or Excitement were a good fit for her current mood. That left Freedom. She considered Freedom to be her favourite playlist for any occasion but it didn't really go well with Photography. She used it more for drawings; it was easier to represent freedom in a drawing. You had to wait for something specific to happen before you could take a photo of it and say it represented freedom. Not that Yaz liked to set out with a specific goal whenever she went out to take pictures but it was what tended to happen whenever she used the freedom playlist.

Sighing she moved to a bench and sat down. She'd been struggling to focus and it was annoying her. Normally she was able to just go out and take photos that were interesting and/or meaningful; but today she'd struggled to even make a photo interesting. She wasn't bored of Photography something just wasn't clicking in her head. She hadn't had a creative spark. She looked around; the park was filled to the brim with amenities. Their purpose was clearly to keep people happy. Yaz however thought that the park lacked trees. She could see a few dotted around and one was in front of her, all on its own. She lifted her camera to take a photo of it. As the first one saved into the camera memory some of the branches on the tree started to rustle. Yaz quickly raised her camera again in time to see a bird burst out of the leaves. She pressed down on the shutter button and hoped that the image didn't come out blurry.

She watched the bird speed upwards before levelling off and flying away from the park and into the city. She quickly snapped another photo of it. It felt good to have finally taken a photo of something that was interesting. They two photos on their own were interesting and together they could tell and interesting story. She was anxious to make sure they were both sharp images so she switched the camera to view mode. Luckily both images had come out sharp and in focus. Yaz smiled, her mood had increased dramatically and she could feel ideas forming in her head.

It was always amazing how one event caught in time could make people feel. Taking her iPod out of her pocket she went back into her playlists. Scrolling over the playlist she wanted and pressing play.


It felt right.

I'm up for a thread with the buddies hanging out.

Gray Emerson is approved.