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Violence Is Usually The Answer
((Kimiko Kao continued from Why We Fight))

Kimiko had slowly made her way to the asylum, being careful to stay as hidden as she could. She had hesitated once it had appeared on the horizon, slowly looming over her as she moved closer. It represented a lot of different things, many of them dark and she was certain some were evil. Her fingers had nervously fiddled with her necklace, she didn't like the place. It was the superstitious part of her brain that was telling her to fear it. She knew the building itself held no power, the real power lay in the ideas it represented. That people could be fixed by shipping them off to an island prison and forgetting about them. All the while the doctors got to experiment on them.

The idea of monsters lurking in the dark corners of the asylum itself was also a crazy thought her brain had conjured up out of all the fear and uncertainty that floated around her mind like the wreckage of a ship. Kimiko was sure she was still sane but her increasing paranoia had her worried, she had enough to fret about without conjuring up monsters that didn't exist.

Once she had entered the asylum through its main door Kimiko had been presented with a choice. She could have stayed on the ground floor, gone upstairs or go down. After a brief moment of internal debate, she had decided to descend into the darkness.

She had one singular thought, a concept even enter into her head as soon as she saw what was at the bottom of those dark, unwelcoming stairs.


Kimiko had never given the stories about hell much stock. The whole idea of the afterlife was different for Taoist's. But faced with what was at the bottom of the staircase she thought she was close to Diyu. It even reminded her of another name for hell - Mingjie. The asylum itself could have even been hell, or a hell. There was a name for that as well but it eluded Kimiko as she stood in the layer of cold water that coated the floor. It didn't quite soak into her boots but every step brought forth a soft clapping noise, like something was pleased she was there. Still she forced herself deeper into the bowels of the asylum, until eventually the darkness enveloped her.

After what felt like an unending corridor she finally came to a set of double doors. Being careful to minimize the noise as she pushed them open, the first thing Kimiko noticed was the smell. Instinctively she put her hand over her mouth as she gagged, eyes watering. There were bodies in the room, she had no idea how recent they were but her right-hand reached into her pocket and gripped the tantō tight, as much for comfort as any intention to use it.

Taking much more deliberate steps Kimiko moved further into the room closer to the bodies, as soon as she was able to make them out more clearly so too did one thought become much more prominent than all the others.

She had been right.

Why We Fight
((Breaking post order because inactivity dodging))

Clarice didn't return the hug. Kimiko expected as much but it cut her deeper than anything blade could have. Clarice didn't want her there and didn't trust her. Kimiko's arms fell limply to her sides. She was stupid to
think that just because they were friends it meant Clarice would be able to work past that. She should never have stepped out of her hiding spot.

Running her eyes over Kizi, Bart and Jennifer Kimiko took stock of her options. Using the word options was too hopeful, she only had one option. She had to leave. Her presence would only make things worse for Clarice in the long run and she couldn't and wouldn't put her friend through it. It was clear that while Kizi trusted her, Bart and especially Jennifer did not, Jennifer an aggressive amount. Kimiko didn't see any way her staying with the group would be sustainable in the long run.

She also didn't want what had happened with Caleb to happen with Clarice.

When Clarice asked the question of what came next Kimiko already knew her answer.

"I can't stay here." Her hands started to shake but she fought it back and kept them steady. "I'll leave you in peace."

Kimiko slowly stepped back away from the group, making sure to not turn her back or take her eyes off any of them. Once she was happy she was a safe distance away Kimiko turned and started to run, only to stop and turn around.

"Be safe Clarice."

She meant it with all her heart.

((Kimiko Kao continued elsewhere...))

V6 BKA/BDA Voting: November/December 2016
And that's time.

The winners of the vote will be revealed in the next announcement!

No One Gets Left Behind
Trav looked away and busied himself with sorting his bag. He didn't want the conversation to keep going but it appeared that they had gone past the point of no return. Cass was laying into Irene and Wade, Trav agreed with most of her points but he didn't have as much as a vehement feeling on the subject. It was how he was he supposed, always relaxed, the fact he had come to terms with the most likely outcome of the next few days helped he supposed.

Irene wanted someone to transfer her anger at being helpless and lost on the island onto he would have said at a guess. He could understand it; it was what a lot of fighters did. They would convince themselves that it was kill or be killed and the person they were up against was their enemy who wanted to take everything from them. For some guys that was the only way they could bring themselves to even fight to begin with, of course once the fight was over they went back to being cool, well-adjusted, relaxed guys. But for that time preparing to fight and fighting they hated their opponent more than anything else in the world. Trav had fought a guy like that once, he convinced himself that Trav was some young kid wanting to jump him in the queue for a title shot. Not entirely wrong, and he hadn't been able to stop him anyway. Trav had beaten him and moved on but he still remembered the guys face at the stare down, pure hate and it was the same for the four minutes they spent together in the cage.

"I wouldn't try to reassert some control on the situation by taking it out on others." He said eventually, looking over Irene. "It sounds like a dangerous way of thinking."

Wade brought up one of the older Survival of the Fittest incidents. Trav wasn't that familiar with what had happened but he knew some group had rescued a bunch of kids. He didn't want to have to rely on that happening again though. He nodded though, silently agreeing with Wade that it was a possibility, as long of a shot as it looked. He appreciated Wade bringing it up though, a little bit of hope wouldn't hurt, as long as it was tempered with realistic expectations.

"There's no point to this whole thing." He said softly, directing it more to Cass than anyone else. "But right now, we're doing a good thing, we're not taking part. So they won't get any satisfaction out of us or be able to use us to prove whatever their point is."

It was as much as he could offer. It was hard to know what the right thing to say was. But he guessed reassurance was the best he could offer in the end.

V6 BKA/BDA Voting: November/December 2016
It's that time again as it is the third round of V6's Best Kill and Best Death Award contest voting! As always a quick recap of the rules for your benefit when voting:

Votes will remain hidden until the voting is done.

Votes are made anonymously, so you'll need to log out of your account and post as a guest.

You may not vote for yourself for either award.

Votes must come with reasoning, or they will not be counted.

As a reminder on points of courtesy: please be sure to read every kill and death before voting, please vote for your genuine favourites rather than just voting for your friends, and please don't campaign for awards in the chat or otherwise try to influence the vote.

Kimiko Kao, for killing Caleb Diamond
Alessio Rigano, for killing Cameron Herrig
Kaitlyn Greene, for killing Mia Rose
Alessio Rigano, for killing Henry Spencer
Isabel Ramirez, for killing Steve Dobson
Alvaro Vacanti, for killing Jasper Bustamante

Ruggahissy, for the death of Caleb Diamond
Deamon, for the death of Cameron Herrig
Pippin, for the death of Mia Rose
fogue, for the death of Tessa Mabel Cole
Iceblock, for the death of Wayne Cox
Espi, for the death of Henry Spencer
Rattlesnake, for the death of Steve Dobson
Cicada Days, for the death of Jasper Bustamante

Voting will run for five days, with the winners being declared in the following announcement.

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General Video Game Discussion Thread
Damn right

No One Gets Left Behind
Trav was regretting even saying anything. He didn't want to contribute to it too much. He didn't have the argumentative ability necessary to convince people of his points or the desire to even do it. As far as he was concerned he had said his part.

Of course the discussion continued without him so he listened in, occasionally taking a sip of water or gnawing on a protein bar. If he had to choose a side he would have gone with Cass. There was probably some favoritism going on there, he was able to admit that. But to him it didn't really matter what the reasoning for the killers was, he just knew that when the time came he needed to step up and defend the people he cared about. Everything else involving the killers wasn't as important as that to him.

He looked up when Wade finished off his speech and grinned. He didn't know how much Wade knew about him but he was willing to guess not much based on the question.

"We're fine for protection." He nodded in the direction of Irene and her shotgun. "We have that which will put off basically everyone and if anyone does want to try their luck and have a fight I'll be able to beat them."

Trav wasn't exaggerating for effect. He believed in his heart that when it got down to it he would be able to beat anyone on the island in a straight fight. The only two people that were even close to him in his opinion were Noodle and Rod and only Noodle was on the island with him. On top of that, they were basically best friends so the chances of them ever fighting were nearly zero. That knowledge helped keep him relaxed, knowing that the only thing he had to fear was a gun. He didn't know how many people did have guns however but he imagined if a killer had one he would find out quickly. The announcements also helped give them information like that.

"Don't worry too much about this stuff. If someone does come after us with intent to harm we'll be able to either scare them off or incapacitate them. We won't even need to go further than that unless there's no other choice."

Why We Fight
Distrust. That was what she could expect now. One of her best friends didn't even trust her. That made Kimiko want to leave then and there, she wasn't even sure if Clarice realised how much what she said hurt. Instead she just took the tissue and nodded, wiping at Caleb's blood that was coating the lower half of her face. The other two, Bart and Jennifer just said how they didn't want to fight. It suited Kimiko, she had no intention of hurting any of them unless they tried to attack her.

It did worry her that Clarice had come into contact with Isabel and Nancy. Of the three of them Kimiko considered herself the most sane, and she cared about Clarice and didn't want her to get hurt. Of course her opinion of the three of them was based on what the announcements said however and she didn't know how trustworthy they were beyond giving the names of those that had died and their killers. Eventually Kimiko gave up trying to get all the blood, she was sure there would still be blood on her neck but she didn't want to spend anymore time trying to get it all.

She looked down and sighed, thinking about what Clarice had said and remembering Caleb's words back in the cabin, his smile and kiss. She looked at the tissue that was stained red with his blood and then to Kizi and finally Clarice; who didn't trust her anymore but still stood talking to her.

Kimiko had promised herself she would be smart and wouldn't do anything stupid. Nothing that could endanger her chances of reaching the end of the game and making sure Caleb's sacrifice wasn't in vain. But she felt something tugging at her and she knew deep down that the chances of her seeing Clarice again were nearly zero. She wanted to hug her but the gun and the others played on her mind, she didn't know how they would react.

But then, given the circumstances what did it matter?

Kimiko stepped forward and pulled Clarice into a hug.

No One Gets Left Behind
Trav thought about Wade's question. In truth he didn't have an answer. There was no real plan. Just his desire to find Noodle. That was priority number one. He couldn't think of a good way of going about it, there were too many different variables. Trying to make a plan around it would on serve to drive him insane especially as there were so many chances for them to walk past each other with out realizing. Trav didn't dwell on it.

He just shrugged at Wade.

"Dunno man."

He and Cass had done fine without a plan so far, there was no need to spent hours trying to thing one up only for it to be rendered null and void as soon as the next announcement hit. It was better to wait and see what the next morning brought and figure things out from there, once they had an idea of the lay of the land.

Trav turned and looked at Irene as she spoke. He thought he got the point she was trying to make but he didn't feel inclined to say he agreed. Sure bad people existed, but he doubted or just didn't want to believe that some of his classmates had just been waiting for this opportunity. For one or maybe two people sure but for the rest, that didn't line up.

He shook his head.

"I don't think so, sure maybe a couple of them." He thought back to Vanessa, how she was acting, he could see that happening with much more tragic results. "I think it's just a group of kids stuck in a situation that no one can be prepared for and a lot of what's happened is the result of that."

Trav didn't know if he was attempting to convince Irene or himself.

Why We Fight
Kimiko got exactly the reaction she had expected. Fear and anger. It made sense and she didn't begrudge them for it. But at the same time it still hurt to be treated as a monster again. Only Caleb had treated her as a real person. Clarice, one of her best friends, still shielded Kizi from her, as if she was a feral dog that looked like it was about to strike. That was all she was now to people, a threat, a danger, something to run from and have nightmares about. The feeling of shame returned.

Up close Kimiko could see that Clarice was injured, her arm had either been shot or stabbed, she didn't know which exactly. It didn't really matter. Even with that Clarice still tried to sign something, it was a gesture Kimiko appreciated and a sign that Clarice still saw her as a friend a little bit. The question was simple, blunt and delivered without emotion. Kimiko picked up on all of it, how could she have missed it? All of the signs every member of the group displayed showed nervousness. Whether they realised it or not they were sending a simple message to her loud and clear.

She wasn't welcome.

Kimiko began to raise her hands to form a response to Clarice's question when Jennifer lunged forward, moving to stand in front of a discarded gun Kimiko hadn't noticed on the ground. For a split-second she froze froze and her eyes widened. But when Jennifer didn't pick up the gun, she took a small step backwards and continued to raise her hands, this time in a placating gesture. If any of them did move to pick the gun up she was ready to run.

She didn't want to fight.

She also didn't know what to say, revealing herself had been a mistake. She should have stayed out of sight and moved on. Kimiko wished she had.

Once nothing further came from the group Kimiko began to sign.

"I wanted to..."

She stopped and tried again.

"Clarice was crying and..."

She couldn't find the right words. It was difficult, difficult to be there for someone when she wasn't wanted. Instead she decided to answer Clarice's question as honestly as she could. She turned her focus more onto her friend.

"I was scared and I was angry."

She wanted to tell Clarice about Caleb. Kimiko didn't want her to think she had been hiding it but she couldn't bring herself to do it. The memory was still fresh and painful. Kimiko lowered her head and took a shaky breath, regaining her composure before she continued.

"I just saw you crying and wanted to see you and maybe help."

It all sounded so childish out in the open, but it was the best reason she had. Truthfully she didn't want to be in front of the group anymore. She wasn't ready for interacting with others. But she waited for Clarice's reply all the same, keeping her eyes on everyone else, making sure they didn't try and attack her.

No One Gets Left Behind
((Travis Lynch continued from They Stumbled Into Faith and Thought))

If the wards were anything, it was creepy. That was snap judgement Trav had made upon entering them and after spending a little while in them his opinion was unchanged. They were just empty rooms, ok so empty was incorrect. Some of them had personal effects in and that made it even creepier. People who were "insane", finger quotes mandatory, had been kept in the rooms. Judging from the way they had been laid out the person who had been in the room they were currently squatting in was basically normal. There was nothing Trav could see that indicated they had been deserving of being trapped on the island and in the tiny room they had to live in. He looked at the picture he had found once more. A group of three smiling people, two men and one woman. There were a lot of different permutations to which of them, if any, had ended up in the asylum and what their relationship to each other was. He had been trying to think through all of them but the amount of possibilities messed with his head. He was certain one of the three had ended up in the same room he was in now however.

Placing the picture face-down on the floor Trav looked over at Cass, they were still together and still out of trouble. It must have been a minor miracle. The worst thing they had encountered was the corpse of Jane. Still no sign of Noodle though. It was making doubt start to gnaw away at him and ugly questions were starting to emerge from the darkest parts of his mind to come to the forefront.

What if she's in trouble? What if she's hurt? What if she's dead and you just don't know yet?

As uninvited as they were the messages they gave him were important; until the next announcement happened he had no idea of what Noodle's status was. He helped keep in focus, but he didn't want to dwell on them. It was something to consider but he would drive himself mad if that was all he thought about.

Cass seemed to be doing fine which was good. If Noodle was No.1 priority, Cass had become a close No.2. He knew that when push came to shove he'd defend them.

Trav decided to break the silence. It was becoming suffocating.

"Makes you think about how people treat each other doesn't it?"

Really philosophy? That was the icebreaker he'd gone with?

They Stumbled Into Faith and Thought
So it looked like they were moving away from the crematorium. It was for the best, standing around talking while a dead body lay nearby was probably the ultimate image for how death was waiting for them, or something to that effect.

Moving on was also good for Trav as it meant he got to continue to search for Noodle. He hadn't heard her name in any of the announcements which gave him hope that she was still safe. If she wasn't...well he'd deal with that if it happened. He didn't want to ponder it.

"Alright then." Trav muttered as they walked away, eventually leaving the gardens and the corpse behind, he knew there would be more.

((Travis Lynch continued elsewhere...))