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General Video Game Discussion Thread
How are you counting completion? Just beating the game or getting all unlockables/achievements?

Bradley Floyd
Hey Goose, I'll be taking a look Bradley for you. He's looking good so far and we just have a few small things that need to fixed or tweaked before we should be ready to go.

To call it a shotgun marriage would be an exaggeration, but not radically incorrect.
This is slightly too casual for a profile.

Bradley had always aspired to be the class clown, always taken a liking to all manners of humour regardless of how crude or inappropriate they were, and had always been rather emotionally resilient and not exactly sensitive to how others took his barbs and insults.
I just want you to split this sentence into two separate sentences for me.

As Bradley got older, he has accepted that ending the marriage when they did was probably the best outcome for all involved.
This sentence changes tenses halfway through.

It’s very difficult to get an apology out of him. He has his lines that he won’t cross, certainly, but they’re just much harder to find than the average person’s.

It's good to see you acknowledge that Bradley will have been called out on his behaviour by his own classmates, but if he's sometimes brought people to tears have teachers ever had to get involved? It seems like it would be something they'd at least be aware of.

Are either of his parents aware of his hard partying? If so are they trying to curb this behaviour at all?

Bradley's entrepreneurial ambition comes out of nowhere and doesn't really link in with any other part of the profile, so I'd like further clarification/detail as to the whys and hows of this.

Just go over those things and then I'll give Bradley another look!

I Hate Mustard
Another question meant more typing on the phone.

"It's Uncanny #16. The art is a mess."

That was pretty much all Kimiko had to say about the comic. It was rather typical X-Men inside the book, at least any X-Men comics that dealt with the group led by Cyclops. It had been a big moment when he'd killed Professor X but any potential momentum or interesting story directions had been squandered. Everything after Schism was a mess really, none of the writers seemed quite sure where they were going with their stories or what they should have been doing. Then Avengers vs X-Men happened and turned out to solidify the steady decay of X-Men stories. Every so often something good sprung up but it either didn't last or didn't sell well enough because it lacked name value characters, which was a shame.

Once she was happy Junko had been given enough time to read she spun the phone back around to type out another message.

"Story is alright, they're building towards Magneto betraying Cyclops and helping S.H.E.I.L.D., but I don't know if they'll commit to it."

Kimiko impaled a piece of chicken on the end of her fork and raised it into her mouth. One of the benefits of being mute, she never had to worry about talking with her mouth full. The reason for all the salads was that there was a gymnastics meet approaching and Kimiko needed to make sure she was ready to compete once it arrived. She always tried to keep herself as close to competing fitness and weight as possible but during the run up to a meet this went into overdrive as she cut all unhealthy snacks out of her diet. Normally she'd allow herself a packet of crisps, a chocolate bar or on rare occasions she'd have a burger but if she was preparing for competition anything along those lines was banned. Until then it was healthy eating all the way.

Bastard Mafia Game Thread
Thank you for going over exactly what we'd already explained.

Bastard Mafia Game Thread
I believe you did make a deal to look at Tobe yes.

Correct me if I'm wrong here but I feel like Lore has gone to ground.

Bastard Mafia Game Thread
I don't think he can become cult. Especially if he's immune to everything else.

Bastard Mafia Game Thread
I'm cool with Doc surviving that shot. It gives us solid info on the fact he is indeed unkillable, which is always a claim that should be tested. Plus now if we don't have anyone we want Gianni to shoot we can just have Doc eat the shot for us. Plus we can still lynch someone today so even though we aren't coming out ahead we still end up with a normal amount of town kills.

"I honestly don't care if you're suspicious of me or not. You're now claiming to be unkillable." So if you're somehow claiming I've never said these before as a function of the "fairy tale" you reference, I'm going to have to call bullshit.

No the fairy tail is me being scum.

I'm gonna own up here and say I misread you as being unkillable, and assumed Ricky had a correct quote he was working off. I was posting in between being out with friends on Christmas eve, which was clearly a horrible idea.

I'm not going to say I didn't want to shoot you to test the claim once you actually said you were unkillable though. 'Cause I totally wanted to test it and see if you were bluffing.

Still leery of Aura but he's still just sitting at minor scum for me right now. He's just doing the same stuff. But I think he contributed some analysis earlier!

Slam is now being helpful! Hooray!

I am game to see where this Pippin lead goes. But I'm not sure if Ricky is scum or was just pulling of some of that town tunneling we're all so good at.

Bastard Mafia Game Thread
Also a note, it was not Slam that said that. It was Doc and that's who I'm referring too here.

Bastard Mafia Game Thread
But no seriously, explain these reads.

Bastard Mafia Game Thread
Dec 26 2015, 05:33 PM
2. I've already laid my leads out for today. In order, they are Ricky, Vyse, Pippin, and Deamon. No one seems to be interested in pursuing them, however, and I'm not fond of having "evasion" heaped on top of my charges as well.
Posted Image

Bastard Mafia Game Thread
To point out, since we have two chances to kill someone everyday we still come out ahead even if the shot on Doc fails.

Bastard Mafia Game Thread
I still say do it.

Student Government/Team Positions Nomination Thread
Kimiko Kao: Gymnastics Team Captain

Bastard Mafia Game Thread
Ignore the it isn't bit. Autocorrect is a fucker.

Bastard Mafia Game Thread
General Goose
Dec 25 2015, 02:47 AM
My gun isn't a democracy.
It isn't this is true. But could you weigh up the options of whether Doc is really telling the truth here.

Suddenly going "I'm unkillable btw" when under pressure is super sketch and it's convenient it was kept hidden until now. (Yes I know the other side of the argument is also valid).

I'm not sure if Vyse was getting on this but he probably was but with the amount of people hopping on the let's shoot doc train today, it is more than likely one of them is scum. So we have a ready made suspects list as well.

All in all I see it as a good way to test a claim that should always be tested (unkillable) and get an idea of who to look at next. (Which conveniently are the same people I was looking at last phase).

Bastard Mafia Game Thread
Dec 25 2015, 04:32 AM
People who have no word limits need to be pressuring more.

I cannot do this alone.
Just going to point out that it is Christmas over this day phase so let's not be a dick about people playing an Internet game.

Bastard Mafia Game Thread
I honestly don't care if you're suspicious of me or not. You're now claiming to be unkillable.

Let's call this. Gianni shoot Doc. Regardless of what happens this is solid intel.

Bastard Mafia Game Thread
So did Slam say it was worse if he gets shot or lynched?

Bastard Mafia Game Thread
Well then, we can shoot you. I'm sure that will answer a lot of questions.

Bastard Mafia Game Thread
Shrug he claimed to be immune to being shot so I really want to test it.