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Whereabouts Unknown
Gray hadn't been expecting Cassandra of all people to be the one to walk into the airport terminal. The amount of awkwardness in the building was insane though. It made sense though, after all the last time Gray and Cassandra had seen each other Cassandra had been laying verbal abuse on him for starting a food fight...well the way people spoke about it, it was the food fight but that wasn't the point.

The point was they had not been on good terms. But yet here they were standing opposite each other while they were on the island, taking part in SOTF. Gray instinctively reached back for the gun and stopped once he felt it. There was no danger, Cassandra wasn't a threat, and she looked worse off than he did.

He let his hand drop down to his side as she started talking. From the sound of it she was trying a much friendlier approach this time around. Gray didn't mind that in the slightest, she wasn't pleasant to be around the first time so anything else was an improvement on what she had been like.

"I wasn't looking for anything really, just stuff that could be useful." He said, rubbing his neck and relaxing his posture as he did so. "But whoever was here first got the good stuff."

He adjusted his beanie. The encounter was managing to be incredibly awkward.

"You can have a look if you want." Gray flicked his hand out to emphasise his point. He was still unsure of Cassandra and was treading carefully as far as what he said went.

He didn't need a repeat of the athletics fields, especially not in the situation they were in.

New General SOTF Discussion Thread
Danger Zoooneee

Whereabouts Unknown
Glass shifted under foot as Gray looked around some of the check-in desks. Unsurprisingly he had yet to find anything that would be useful. He'd been expecting that much; someone had probably been left in the terminal to wake up and taken everything already. He was looking through the scraps of the scraps.

There was nothing of value anywhere he looked. He wasn't exactly disappointed by that. He did still have a lot of his supplies after all and the gun. He'd be able to stay safe just off the gun alone when it came down to it. No one was going to want to attack him if he had a gun pointed at their head, the question of whether he'd be able to pull the trigger could be saved until he was put into that situation though. Didn't bear thinking about it as things were.

He sighed and vaulted back over the desk.

Didn't airports sometimes have those displays of what you could and couldn't take through security, or one of those sharp objects bins? Maybe that would be worth a look? Just so he had something else? Gray shook his head. He didn't need anything else and he just needed to keep his head. Grabbing everything that wasn't nailed down wasn't keeping his head.

He heard the footsteps of someone else meaning that Andi had finally arrived.

"Hey. Haven't been able to find..." He had looked up, and it wasn't Andi, it was someone he'd met at the same time he'd met Andi instead.


It was Cassandra. The fun had arrived.

SOTF: The Game
Girl k thnx bai

SOTF: The Video Game
We've spoken about this already but yeah I'm on board and will help you with as much as I can.

Also I will be submitting a character.

Buffy Mafia Game Thread
I tried to shoot AMF again yesterday and the same thing happened again. So I have no hesitation in doing this.

VOTE: Aura Master Fox.

Buffy Mafia Game Thread
Let's get this show on the road.


Let's hear some explanation.

Buffy Mafia Game Thread
Good job posting no new information decoy.

Buffy Mafia Game Thread
I am taking suggestions for who to shoot yes.

Feeling like we should start looking at lynching AMF today.

Buffy Mafia Game Thread
Dun dun duuuuuunn.

But yeah I did try and shoot you due to your suspicious behaviour so you may want to address that.

Buffy Mafia Game Thread
Dec 7 2013, 03:21 PM
That said, more than one person targeted Deamon,
I love being popular.

Buffy Mafia Game Thread
I targetted Aura Master Fox and nothing happened.

I kept both my shots as well but that's all I know. Wasn't told if I was roleblocked or anything.

Dec 5 2013, 04:14 PM
Turtle: Kha Zix

Turtle: Posted Image

General Video Game Discussion Thread
Dec 5 2013, 01:29 AM
You guys and your silly modern games.

I, on the other hand, have found out how to emulate PS2 games and the world is now my oyster. I'm never sleeping again.
All the fun you shall have.

Is Gangplank purely because of Oranges, matey?

Whereabouts Unknown
((Gray Emerson continued from Steadier Footing))

Gray slowly stepped into the abandoned terminal his feet crushing some broken glass as he did so. He glanced down, noticing it for the first time. If he had been trying to be stealthy that would have ruined it, he hadn't been trying though which was lucky. Gray was tired, he'd not really slept since he'd woken up in the park but still he needed to stay on his toes. The moment he dropped his guard someone could attack him. He touched the pistol still tucked down the back of his jeans, a form of safety. It made him feel a little safer knowing he had it. He still didn't know if he could use it though and if he was honest he hoped he never had to find out. It was a vain hope he knew, he would have to use the pistol eventually whether it was to defend himself or protect someone else. Pacifism wasn't going to work, the announcements had proven that much, and people were killing each other. Soon it would be his turn to end up on announcement either as a killer or a victim. Morbid though really. Scarily true as well.

Then the voice echoed through the terminal. It wasn't the Danya guy’s voice either. He said he was the collar. He then said that no one had managed to get a kill the day before. That was when Gray's collar beeped. His heart stopped and he didn't breath, everything seemed very still and quiet for what seemed like an age and then...


Nothing happened.

The guy had been joking. It was a sick joke but Gray breathed a sigh of relief all the same. He wondered whether it was a good a good or a bad thing that he felt relieved because on the one hand more of his classmates had died but on the other...he shook his head. It was messed up.

More deaths and more names, Gray just shook his head. He couldn't react any other way. He moved deeper into the terminal and threw his pack onto a row of seats, crashing down next to it soon after. He laid his head back on the seat and looked up at the ceiling, blinking every so often.

Everything was so messed up and Gray counted himself as one of the lucky ones. The madness that was Survival of the Fittest hadn't managed to get him yet. It felt like it was getting closer all the time though, after all there was only so long he'd be able to last before something crazy happened. So far though...well so far he only had to listen to the names of his dead classmates get read off.

It made it all feel further away than it actually was, he didn't know if that was better or worse.

He realised that he hadn't been keeping track of whether or not Oscar and Andi had actually followed him. He was going to feel guilty about that if he'd lost them. Andi especially.

Gray adjusted his beanie and closed his eyes. Everything was so much harder, with a small sigh he stood up. The terminal wasn't going to explore itself.

Buffy Mafia Game Thread
Everyone's been suspicious of me all game so this is really nothing new.

Buffy Mafia Game Thread
EBWOP: Let's not pretend me claiming back up vig wouldn't have been suspicious regardless anyway.

Buffy Mafia Game Thread
Not aligned with Bro at all, just a heads up.

General Video Game Discussion Thread
Outlast is also a good shout.