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Smoke On Her Face
Cameron nodded at Vanessa's question, a big grin plastered across her face. "Yep. Coleen, this is Peyote Coyote." She threw her free arm out in an expansive gesture of the three people in front of them. "There's Vanessa, our lead guitarist and current vocalist. Brady our drummer slash token guy and BB who is the bassist." She pointed to each of her friends in turn as she told Coleen their names, and then turned her finger towards herself. "And I'm the rhythm guitarist known as Cameron."

Honestly the reaction to Coleen wasn't earth-shattering. It was lacklustre, but Cameron couldn't blame the others. They hadn't actually heard Coleen sing. So they had no idea what she was capable of. That was why Cameron had to sell Coleen to them. If she didn't they'd never agree to let Coleen join the band and then the band would never be able to breakthrough to the next level. Peyote Coyote was a good band and somewhat well-known on the local scene but they were never the band people turned up to see. It was more like a pleasant surprise for the crowd whenever they were booked.

Granted they had a small section of regular fans that were really into their stuff, which was the part Cameron found the coolest. The core group of fans that showed up to see them. Not one of the bands they were supporting but to actually see Peyote Coyote. Cameron tried to go near them whenever she ended up near the front of the crowd but some nights it was easier than others.

"Basically we chill out here, or in the desert, and come up with ideas, jam or just listen to music." Cameron let go of Coleen's hand so the other girl had the freedom to move again. "It's awesome." She said, her pride seeping into her voice.

Smoke On Her Face
((Cameron Herrig continued from The Black River))

Cameron had been gently strumming on her guitar when there was a knock on the door of the house. The band were already in her basement for a regular jam/practice session, whatever people liked to call what they did when they got together...besides a mess. It was a good mess though, a mess of ideas, some workable, some not. But having a tornado of ideas was better than no ideas.

That was when she heard a knock on the door. She thought she had heard something. "Alright guys I'll be back in a sec, got a surprise for you all." Heading up and out of the basement Cameron was glad that for once her parents were both out. They tended to kill the atmosphere whenever they were around, just with the uncomfortable silences and general awkwardness. They had stopped arguing as much at least; Cameron guessed she was glad of that.

Padding down the hallway in her bare feet Cameron felt a tingle of excitement. She was going to introduce Coleen to the rest of the band. After going to the other girl's show Cameron had fallen in love with her singing. It had an amazing sound to it that Cameron thought was unique. She was certain the others were going to be as enamored with it as she was. All Coleen had to do was sing like she did on stage and they'd have a fix to the biggest problem in the band.

Cameron opened the door the door with a grin. "Welcome to where I keep my madness," She cocked her head to one side. "Don't look so nervous, we don't eat people." She waved Coleen inside. "Come on, we're in the basement." Cameron grinned again. "It's where the magic happens."

Grabbing Coleen by the hand, Cameron practically dragged her down to the basement.

The Black River
Cameron smiled at Enza's comment. Always felt good to make someone feel better.

"Happy to help Human. Always there to help raise the mood." Cameron checked the time using her phone. It was getting late. "Alright, I actually have work to do so I should probably head off." She rolled her eyes. "The life of a busy artist."

Standing with a flourish Cameron packed up her stuff.

"I'll see you tomorrow." And with that, she was gone.

((Cameron Herrig continued in Smoke On Her Face))

I wanna be king of the pirates!
Seth Crimson
Nov 10 2015, 01:23 AM
Got asked to join this by Ricky, so here I am.
Welcome to the crew group.

I Hate Mustard
That...wasn't what she meant. Slightly awkward start to the conversation as well. Then again any conversation would be better than none and they did both share the same interest. Kimiko nodded and held the cover up with a shrug. It was an alright issue but nothing special. In truth X-Men had been depressingly average. It had become a mess of different titles with different story-lines that sometimes contradicted each other. Still she stuck with it, mainly out of commitment. It had been the first comic she ever read and she felt an affinity towards it.

It was at that point Kimiko realised she probably had to offer a bit more to the conversation. Holding up her finger Kimiko pulled out her finger and started typing. When she was done she put the phone down on the table and span it to face Junko.

"Yeah, it's alright. Not the best X-Men ever."

She didn't have any better way to communicate with the other girl. Sometimes people suggested that she use an electronic voice box but Kimiko couldn't think a idea she hated more. She could use sign language, her phone and written notes, it wasn't like she needed anything else.

Taking the phone back, Kimiko typed out some more words.

"The current run has been a bit disappointing really."

When she thought about it Kimiko didn't have any problem with having a simple conversation about the state of X-Men. She hadn't had a proper conversation about comics for a while anyway. Not since she had helped that kid with horror comics anyway, but that felt like a long time ago. If anything she was overdue a conversation about comics. She was starting to enjoy the idea actually.

Digging her fork into the chicken salad Kimiko started to chew on a mouthful while she waited for Junko's response.

Serena Williams
Hey Seth, Serena is looking good but is Denied pending some edits.

First off Serena Williams is the name of the best woman's tennis player that's ever lived. So unfortunately you're going to have to change it since it's the name of a celebrity.

Serena is rather short for her age, standing at 5'6"
At this height Serena would actually be two inches above the average for female height in America. So you'll want to either take this statement out or change her height to make her actually be small for her age.

She has a petite figure, normally standing straight with her hands behind her back, since as it's a position she's comfortable in..
You don't need to have two comma's here because the part you have in between the comma's is essential to how the sentence is read.

On the day of the abduction, she opted for her more relaxed clothing; wearing a pink T-shirt with a picture of a panda slapping another panda

We also need Serena's race/skin colour as that is currently absent from the profile.

Both of her parents are devout Mormons, having both met each other while on mission in Nicaragua.
You don't to have both in this sentence twice.

How did Serena feel about being home schooled? Did she ever want to go to an actual school? Which one of her parents home schooled her?

Why does Serena enjoy playing the cello? Does she enjoy the sense of creativity or the feeling of accomplishment once she learns a new piece? Why did she choose to learn the cello in the first place?

Why does Serena enjoy singing?

As you might have noticed I'm asking for a lot of extra details about why Serena enjoys the things she does. This is because right now we just have statements of what she does and how she does it but this doesn't help us get an idea of Serena's personality. This is something you'll want to look at when you go through to make the edits.

No one is completely silent during class or group-work, at least not without attracting the attention of the teacher. So did any teachers ever try to do something about the fact Serena didn't socialise with the majority of her other classmates?

Again why does she like playing the piano?

While she doesn't have a class she's noticeably bad at their must be classes she doesn't enjoy so I'd like detail on this please.

For Serena's advantages and disadvantages right now they contradict each other as she's friendly and so will be able to make alliances but doesn't have many friends so she won't be able to make any alliance. We'll need more clarification and detail on this because right now they almost blend together.

Cochise High Clubs and Teams
Kimiko Kao is on the Gymnastics team.