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Sell Soul->Acquire friends
Virgil and Gray would probably get on well since neither of them really care about social standing and the like.

Sell Soul->Acquire friends
I think the relationship between Gray and Cassandra kind of made itself.

Guilty Gear Mafia: Game Thread
Personally I found Renard's post to just be a rehash of points we've already heard before.

Guilty Gear Mafia: Game Thread
Yeah Mimi doesn't seem suspicious to me with that reaction since that's her reaction every game to being called out on activity. One thing we could do is just put a couple of votes on Flare and Renard because even if they aren't taking part now they'll probably pay attention to something like that.

Guilty Gear Mafia: Game Thread
So the people who haven't said anything today are:


Maraoone seems to stand out since they were part of that incident with Jimmy and never spoke again, and yes I'm aware that some people have only said one thing today. E.g Rocky and Decoy at the very beginning of the day stage and Dmboogie to address what he perceived as suspicion towards him. Besides Jimmy did we actually have any leads we wanted to pursue?

Guilty Gear Mafia: Game Thread
EBWOP: The issue is the cop (if there is one, though it seems likely.) has no way of knowing for sure if they investigate Bro because they have nothing to go off to see if they have a sanity they aren't aware of.

Missed that part out of the first post.

Guilty Gear Mafia: Game Thread
While that is true bacon it seems like a really suicidal thing to do, especially on the first day phase. The other issue is that we haven't had anyone counter his claim. Of course it may just be a case of Bro actually being Testament, having a mafia role and claiming to be a miller. The issue is the cop (if there is one, though it seems likely.) has no way of knowing for sure.

Guilty Gear Mafia: Game Thread
Bro why do you think you're going to end up high up on players target lists? If anything you just put yourself on everyone's radar so people are more likely to waste the night phase targeting you.

Guilty Gear Mafia: Game Thread

VOTE: Pippin

We don't like those sorts of references around here boy.

Guilty Gear Mafia: Game Thread
EBWOP: Dammit bacon!

Guilty Gear Mafia: Game Thread
Since I appear to be the first person here.

VOTE: Murderweasel

Because I'm lazy and he was first on the list.

Adapting The Orchid Thief
After Gray had finished his very thorough description of what he had been talking about Claire filled Meg in on what she was up to. She always seemed to be working on a screenplay though, not that Gray could comment; he was always practicing on his skateboard, or his snowboard...or his surfboard, depending on the weather. Gray was getting far to used to interruptions in his conversations though because Meg's random appearance and disturbance of what they had been talking about had turned into Claire asking Meg to sit with them and asking what she was up to. It was rather tame yes but at that point nothing even surprised Gray when it came to social situations at school. Especially since he'd experienced all of them bar like two over the course of a day. It would probably be a good story they could laugh about at the end of the year though; that much was for sure.

Jesiree was starting to look especially bored, not that Gray could blame her. The conversation for at least the past five minutes had been him and Claire having to explain the demo tape to Amy and then Meg after she had interrupted. It wasn't exactly a hard concept to grasp and became less and less interesting each subsequent time you heard it. He was broken from his thoughts when Amy started addressing him. It took him a second to realise she was talking about the food fight; it was honestly weird for Gray to hear someone other than a friend be truly sympathetic to what had happened. Then again she hadn't been in the cafeteria at the time and Gray couldn't help but wonder if she would still be as sympathetic to him if she'd actually been caught up in the food fight.

"The punishment wasn't that bad actually. It was more the abuse I got during it." Gray rubbed the back of his neck. "But yeah getting Alba into shit was cool. Sucks that Kyran ended up being banned from prom though." Now that Gray thought about it he hadn't seen Rachael since the food fight, he wondered how she'd react to him. After all he had been trying to get Alba to leave her alone when everything had broken down. Knowing his luck recently she'd probably react negatively, still it was something he was interested in. If only to satisfy his own curiosity. He'd have to remember to ask someone about it.

Regardless there was around ten minutes of lunch left if Amy was right and Gray had finished eating. Luckily he still had some Pepsi to keep him occupied during periods when he wasn't talking and was just required to listen. He didn't really know who or what the Great Gatsby was so he couldn't really comment on what Meg was saying although something in the back of his mind was telling him it was a book. He couldn't confirm it though after all his brain was the same one that accepted any stunt challenge it was given and thought throwing food around was a good idea.

A Breath of Fresh Air
Maddie's reply confirmed what Yaz had been thinking. Even though neither of them were sure it seemed to both of them that Gavin was trying to as Maddie out...in a roundabout and annoying way. It annoyed Yaz because she had just wanted to talk to a friend and finish off some work. Now she was left with work she had half-heartily finished and her talk with her friend had essentially been saying "Hi." before Gavin had muscled in on the conversation and taken it over. It hadn't been bad with Adam since he had been relaxed whereas Yaz didn't get that feeling from Gavin. She didn't quite know why, she just did. It also didn't help that there seemed to be a constant stream of people joining and leaving the conversation; and there was a second conversation going on at the table right next to them.

There seemed to be a little bit of commotion at the table next door as Sara replied to Alex a little too loudly, and all it really did was serve to make the situation even more awkward. Yaz pulled her phone out of her pocket and checked the time on it to see how much longer she'd have to stay at the table. According to the time on her phone there was still a little bit of time left before her next lesson. She thought about going to the cafeteria to buy a snack so that at least she could escape from the library. She wasn't sure if Maddie would understand why she did it at the time, but Yaz was sure she'd get a chance to explain her reasons later. After all Maddie was an understanding person and she'd be able to see why Yaz would want to escape such an awkward situation. It was starting to become genuinely uncomfortable for her.

It was at the point Gavin said how his schedule was flexible and he'd love to meet Maddie after school that Yaz decided that her time in the library was over. Putting the phone back in her pocket, Yaz stood up and slung her bag over her shoulder. "I'm going to go buy a snack from the cafeteria before my next lesson. See you later Maddie, and nice to meet you Gavin." Yaz turned and carefully navigated her way past Alex before heading out of the library. As soon as she did she pulled her phone out and started writing a text to Maddie.

"Sorry to leave u with him, was really uncomfortable! :( Will make it up to you!"

Yaz read over the text once before pressing send. She didn't like leaving Maddie alone like that but she had reached her limit. She put headphones in her ear and started to play some music to clear her mind. As she headed off to the cafeteria she wondered if the cafeteria were selling any cookies or brownies; because she really felt like having one to eat.

((Yasmin Carroll continued in Get The Best Side))

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