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Personally I believe that since the island is the main focus priority should go to that and only students that are fully rostered should get their own profile pages as they're the ones taking part.

Anyone else can be put in the one page.

V6 BKA/BDA Voting: October 2016
Two days left for votes guys. So get them in quick if you want your favourite kill or death to win.

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V6 Reduced Activity Notices
Going to see the Bengals play at Wembley and Progress wrestling over the weekend with the ladyfriend and will get home on Tuesday, I'll probably be able to get posts done but it won't be speedy.

They Stumbled Into Faith and Thought
Cass homed in on the they, something Trav had missed completely. Thank god she was travelling with him. He wasn't sure if she was right or anything like that, but she obviously paid attention to the details. Irene for her part still didn't look like a threat in anyway, shape or form but she was definately acting weird, especially with the whole silently watching them look at a body deal she had going. That was weird and creepy.

He raised an eyebrow and glanced over at Cass as Irene stumbled through her explanation.

"Don't worry, we're not a judge and jury." He grinned, he had deliberately left out executioner there. It seemed a bit too strong.

Trav rubbed his ear near where it had gone all cauliflowered. He guessed this was the reality they had been avoiding on the roof. Not knowing the truth of what anyone said or if they were planning something. Never knowing if the next person they saw would try to kill them. It was a lot to have to consider and plan around, but if they wanted to find their friends they would have to dive in to their new world.

That didn't mean Trav was going to let it get to him but then he supposed he was lucky in one respect. In basically every close combat situation he had the advantage, not that he intended to use it against others unless threatened. But what it did give him was a feeling of relative safety, he knew that he could dump someone upside down on the ground before they could react. That helped make him relaxed, or at least as relaxed as he could realistically be given the scenario.

"Honestly, I don't think anyone did." He said looking back over Jane's body. It was like he had said originally, it was fucked.

Robber Barons
This was bad.

Alan was a lot bigger than she was and had a massive shield. He had also been waiting for her, meaning he had time to plan how this whole encounter was going to play out. Kimiko found it curious then that if he had a gun like he said he did, he hadn't used it, or drawn it. It lined up with what she had been thinking, people so far didn't mean her harm. But they did expect her to harm them. The encounter reminded her of the one she had with Samuel, a stand-off where the other party expected her to drop her weapon. This time it was slightly different though as Alan knew she had killed Cristo, she assumed he didn't know about Bradley, and he wanted the weapon he knew she had. He wasn't giving her very good choices though.

Despite his threats Kimiko couldn't help but feel like something was off. If he had a gun why didn't he have it drawn? It didn't match up. Kimiko tilted her head as she considered him. He must have been expecting her to have a gun, that much was obvious, what was he going to do when he found out she didn't have one? Shoot her with Schrodinger's gun? The idea that there was something else going on was starting to take a much deeper rooting in the back of her mind but considering the options she had Kimiko thought it was be best to play along up to a point. Maybe, if she was lucky, he would give up and back off when he found out the nodachi was her reward. She had no intention of letting him know about the tantō.

Raising her left hand, palm out facing him, Kimiko slowly brought it across her body and tapped the nodachi hanging from her shoulder. She hoped the implication was clear. 'This is my weapon'. She did not however put it down. It stayed where it was, hanging from her shoulder. No danger to anyone and no way for her to quickly draw it.

Right now she wasn't a threat to him.

They Stumbled Into Faith and Thought
((Travis Lynch continued from Five Finger Death Punch))

He had never seen a body before which wasn't surprising, he lived in Kingman to begin with. It was weird though how little the idea truly bothered him. His stomach wrenched and for a split-second he went slightly dizzy but once that passed he didn't really feel anything. Cass stepped in the way before he got a good look at it which Trav didn't protest, he didn't want to stare at a fresh corpse and imagine the life they could have had. He didn't know Jane all that well, she was in his year but beyond that he know nothing about her. He felt a strange pang of guilt about that.

The body was the first sign of another person they had seen since they'd left the roof. It must have been some form of miracle that they hadn't met someone else at any point, but the asylum was bigger than perhaps Trav had realised, being on the roof had distanced him and maybe distorted his sense of scale. The place itself was a depressing ruin. The signs of its inhabitants sometimes still visible, he had wondered what had made people ship their family members and loved ones off to the place. In a way it was perfect for whatever the terrorists expected them to do. People had been being shipped to the island to die years before they had arrived on it.

The chapel wasn't immune to the same foreboding feeling Trav had about the whole place. It looked like it had taken the passage of time better than the main building from the outside but the gardens showed clearly how after everything was done the world was just going to continue as if nothing had happened. Plenty of profound statements could have been made, but Trav didn't enjoy considering philosophy that mainly revolved around his death.

"Shit." He breathed, one hand rubbing the back of his neck. It was the best he could really manage. "Didn't really know her but..." Then another voice interrupted, causing Trav to visibly jump for the second time in as many days.

"Jesus christ." Trav said, placing his hands on his knees and laughing out of pure nerves. He raised a hand, index finger up. "Don't, be doing that." He straightened up and looked in the direction the voice came from to see a girl from the year below, Ivy? No, Irene. Yeah, Irene. Irene. And she had a shotgun. Trav wasn't a fan of that, luckily it didn't look like she had any intention of using it.

"Yeah." He said voice steady again. "It's fucked."

Call Me Maybe
Cameron nodded in response to Vinny. They made a good point, sure they were safe, but everyone else they knew and cared about in the game was outside the pub. They could have been in danger that exact moment. She thought of Vanessa and Coleen and realized she couldn't go through the rest of whatever her life would be without seeing them again, both for different reasons.

However Tessa then decided to open their mouth and of course it was to be sarcastic. Cameron wasn't sure if that was Tessa's default mode or if there was an off-switch but she wanted to find one for it.

"It was about as subtle as a brick." Cameron said from where she was seated. When Tessa mentioned she knew how to get the collars off Cameron's eyes widened momentarily before she took a look at Enzo. Her face one of 'can you believe this shit?'

Turning back to Tessa, Cameron raised an eyebrow. She did not like the sound of Tessa's plan or what it may have meant for them. It also showed an amazing lack of self-awareness that nearly put Cameron to shame in that Tessa expected her and Enza to just jump at the opportunity to work with her on whatever the idea was even though Tessa had spent most of her time being accusatory, passive-aggressive and just generally unpleasant to be around.

"I'm not seeing how, since we have like nothing useful." Cameron scratched at the side of her head, just below her hairline. "Also why do you expect to even listen to you, I mean have you been hearing yourself?"

Five Finger Death Punch
"Yeah, I have a couple of people." Man he did not have many close friends that were actually at school with him. Trav hadn't really considered that before but just considering the idea of allies had brought that realization into a sharp focus. It wasn't something he particularly minded if he was honest, he had plenty of friends but they were pretty much people who fought all his other friends were cool and all but he found you didn't have the same bond with them as someone you tried to beat up on the regular.

At the same time there was Cass who he both trusted and actually cared about which was impressive considering they had been in proper contact for all of twenty-four hours at a push. Trav looked out over the island, the weather seemed pretty much the same but it had definitely warmed up, something something just like the competition they found themselves in. Trav couldn't help grinning to himself at how melodramatic that entire idea was. It quickly slipped off his face however, it was all real and people he knew had died. He couldn't ignore that.

"And I mean, you must have friends you want to find or at least see." He didn't phrase it as a question. He was sure Cass had friends, everyone had at least a friend. He nodded to himself but turned to Cass. He had come up with the simplest plan but it wasn't like they had much choice. They would either stay on the roof listening to the chaos and death or they could dive down into it and find the people they cared about, after that...well the plan didn't go that far but that wasn't the point.

"We can wait up here for a little bit longer than just head out, pick a direction and walk or something," He shrugged. "I dunno, but what's the point worrying about it right?" There were a lot of reasons to worry about it but Trav was ignoring them.

He took out another slice of bread and sat himself down on the roof.

"Until then we can enjoy breakfast."

((Travis Lynch continued in They Stumbled Into Faith and Thought))

Robber Barons
((Kimiko Kao continued from Bú-Tik))

She had delayed leaving the safety of the supply depot for as long as she could, it seemed like the smartest decision she could have made. There was a guarantee of safety in the danger zone that she didn't have anywhere else, as ironic as that was, entirely because she was the only person allowed in it. Her big internal debate had been deciding whether or not she wanted to go to the asylum or back the way she had come. In the end she had made the decision to backtrack because the chances of anyone from the gym following her to the slopes seemed low. Her hope was that everyone would assume that she planned to go the asylum.

The slopes themselves offered her good cover. Even though Kimiko didn't expect to encounter anyone who meant her harm, the encounter in the gym made it clear people were expecting violence from her, she still kept herself low and as concealed as possible. It made for slow going and every so often she nearly lost her footing as some of the rocky path fell away from her but it felt smarter and safer. She thought back to her attack on Bradley.

His refusal to leave her alone had led to the violence. She had no intention of killing anyone in the gym, not even him. But he kept picking and prodding at her until eventually she had retaliated. She wasn't proud of it but she had tried to leave peacefully. As she walked and scrambled she thought of Bradley. There was a chance she hadn't killed him. That only served to make her feel worse. With that in mind she was still ready to here her name read out again, just the same as it had been that morning.

Kimiko wondered how much time she had spent slowly working her way up the slopes. She was certain it felt longer than it actually was. Her perception of time being altered by the focus she was giving each foot placement. It was a distraction though and she was grateful for that, something to take her mind off everything. Kimiko adjusted how the nodachi was hanging over her shoulder, its presence still bothered her, but it was the best weapon she had.

Call Me Maybe
There was no ice in the pub, because that would have been too good. Instead Cameron was sitting in a soft as fuck armchair with her foot elevated. She was living the glamorous rock star lifestyle. What she really needed was some weed...or peyote. Just something to take the edge off.

What Cameron did have was Vinny though and she didn't underestimate the positive effect that was having. Sure Tessa wasn't the best companion to have around but safety in numbers was a thing. They were holed up in the pub and since there was only one way in our out they would know if someone was coming. It gave a degree of comfort and safety to know that.

Eventually night came and went and they were greeted by an announcement. Cameron listened out for the names of her friends. Cristo and Abby were dead which gave Cameron pause. She knew and talked to Cristo but they had never really been close, she had been closer with Abby and now she was gone. It was a weird sensation, being aware that while she was enjoying the company of Enzo, someone she knew had died. Cameron didn't really know how to react. Instead she just looked at the tattoo on her palm and picked at it.

She was glad that neither Vans or Coleen had been in the announcements but she didn't think she should have been happy about it. Each classmate whose name was read out was a family losing a son, daughter, brother, sister, grandson and stuff. Being happy that her friends were OK didn't seem respectful.

Cameron continued to absently scratch at her until eventually it became too much for her.

"What's the plan? Stay here until we have to go?"

((Kimiko Kao continued from This Be The Verse))

She was sitting staring at her prize. It was a Nodachi and a Tantō. Kimiko was convinced the terrorists were mocking her. They probably thought it was funny to give her a symbol of Japan. Land of the samurai and their code of Bushido. Kimiko's lips curled into a grimace. She knew better and Taiwan knew better. Musha and Tapani were the proof. The Japanese were just as bad as the Chinese the world just didn't know it. Six hundred and sixty four dead in the first Musha incident then another five hundred killed and beheaded at the second. Afterwards the Japanese had attempted to fix the issue by forcing Japanese culture on the Taiwanese people from a younger age. Kimiko knew all of this because her parents had and grandparents had told her.

Now she had been given a weapon synonymous with the Japanese and despite hating herself for it she was going to take it. There was no other option. She had left the spear behind and needed a replacement. It would also have been stupid not to take two weapons that were both useful. Carefully reaching out, as if she expected the sword to turn and lash out at her, Kimiko picked the Nodachi up and removed it from it's sheath. It gleamed as the sun caught the steel. If she was capable of being unbiased it looked beautiful, but she knew what it was for and what it did. The sheath slammed back over the blade.

They had also given her food and drink. A warm vegan pizza and some lemonade. Kimiko had already eaten two slices without thought or question due to a hunger she didn't know she possessed but had quickly gone off it as her mind thought back to what had happened. Unlike Cristo, Kimiko was preparing herself for the news. Bradley's death was a likely outcome in her mind, she couldn't confirm anything but she would find out along with everyone else come the next morning. She opened her bag up and withdrew the first aid kit. After opening it she located the blanket that was inside, withdrawing it she laid it out flat on the helipad and placed the remaining slices of pizza on it before wrapping them up in a bundle which was then carefully put back into the pack along with the first aid kit. The bottle of lemonade joined it.

For a while Kimiko sat on the helipad, alone with her thoughts. She briefly tried meditation but her mind was too restless, after a few stretches and some Baguazhang she tried again, to no avail. She held her triangle charm tight but nothing helped her settle and focus her mind. Rubbing her eyes Kimiko replaced the charm around her neck and stood up. She couldn't stay on the helipad, staying still was slowly going to drive her insane.

She tucked the tanto into her pocket, replacing the shard of glass which was placed in her bag, and hung the nodachi over her shoulder. Everything felt so wrong, Taoism promoted pacifism and she had been rewarded for killing someone with another instrument of death. Worse still it was from one of her peoples oppressors, and she had still taken it. Kimiko wondered what her parents would think and quickly came to the conclusion she didn't want to know.

((Kimiko Kao continued in Robber Barons))

This Be The Verse
She was done with him.

Kimiko span on her heel and after one quick step, stabbed the spear into Bradley's gut.

As she as did she regretted it. Cristo's death could have been an accident but this?

She let go of the spear and it didn't drop to the floor.

It was a deliberate and hateful act that went against everything she stood for. Everything her religion stood for. Everything her parents stood for. She felt sick and needed to get out of the gym. Kimiko didn't stop to see the reactions of the others, she just had to escape. Kimiko burst through the door and out into the morning sun.

She didn't look back.

((Kimiko Kao continued in Bú-Tik))

This Be The Verse
Things were spiraling out of control, Kimiko could feel herself shaking. She slammed the end of the spear into the ground in frustration. Bradley's goading at her to say something visibly and obviously drawing a reaction out of her. Kimiko knew she had to leave but it felt like a surrender, like she was admitting Bradley was right and submitting to his will. It stuck in her craw to let him win but the other option involved an assault rifle and ended badly for her.

She knew better.

Breaking her gaze away from Bradley she looked over everyone else in the group and slowly turned to walk away. She was a monster to them. A remorseless killer, just like the one Bradley had referenced. A silent stalking killer. One who would find them in the dark and take their lives. Kimiko didn't want to be that monster. As much as she hated it she had to give in a leave.

Even then she couldn't help herself. She couldn't let Bradley win, after only two or three steps she turned and flipped Bradley the bird.

A wordless act of defiance.

This Be The Verse
Luckily Coleen spoke up and broke her attention away from Bradley. She was glad for the distraction but it only proved to be temporary.

Kimiko felt a flare of anger, of course someone was going to say something at some point but hearing it from Bradley made it sting more. All of his talking was going nowhere and if he had been genuine to begin with he had quickly changed back to his old self.

It wasn't like she hadn't been expecting it but for a second there she had honestly thought he had changed, even if it was only a little bit.

She took a step toward Bradley but stopped herself doing anything further. She knew she needed to control her temper but around Bradley she always struggled. He was pressing all her buttons and it was a high stress situation.

Taking a deep breath Kimiko glared at Bradley, her grip on the spear tightening.

This Be The Verse
And so Bradley was talking again, because of course he was.

He was saying something about he couldn't believe he was the only one taking everything seriously. Even when he was trying to talk seriously he still managed to be condescending. Kimiko exhaled sharply, it was a pfft sound. She wasn't impressed.

Bradley was always talking. He loved the sound of his own voice so it wasn't a surprise to Kimiko that he was taking the lead in the conversation. She wasn't falling for it though, she knew that eventually he'd fall back into stupid jokes and insults. He always did, that was Bradley.

Kimiko knew better than anyone else in the room what was going on and Bradley in his arrogance assumed he knew better because he was Bradley and he knew best. The idea of someone else assuming they knew what was best for her grated on Kimiko, it was made worse by who exactly that person was. No one knew what was best for her and no one in the room seemed to understand her. If they did they wouldn't have been keeping their distance like she was a tiger that could have struck at any moment.

The fact Bradley was doing the opposite made her consider the fact that she may have underestimated him, maybe he understood more than he let on. But he was still offering her membership to a potential group that he was in. She shook her head. No. Never. She wasn't going to stay near Bradley let alone work with him. The others maybe but between the options she currently had Kimiko was happy to walk out of the gym by herself.

This Be The Verse

Kimiko hadn't been expecting that.

Everyone showed some outward form of fear at her very presence it was weird. It made her uncomfortable to consider that they all probably assumed she had set out to kill Cristo, the annoucement did nothing to chance that perception. In fact it encouraged it. It was a classic technique regarding information, Kimiko was aware of it, Taiwan had been subject to it many times. The only real option she had to consider was that nothing she was told from the precise moment she found herself in onwards would be strictly true. It was more likely to be warped to give the effect the terrorists wanted or what her classmates wanted her to believe.

Of the five other people in the room only one of them didn't shown any outward signs of her presence causing any unease. The fact that person was Bradley didn't surprise her, she knew what he was like. He would much rather make a stupid joke than seriously consider his situation. Kimiko listened to what he was saying, her grip steadily tightening on the spear and her teeth grinding until he let up. It was the same thing he had done in the bowling alley. He must have remembered the effect it had on her.

The worst part was that just like the last time Kimiko wanted to retort but she had no ability too. No one else in the room knew sign language as far as she was aware and to properly communicate using it would have required her to drop the spear. She could see Bradley's gun. It wasn't a risk worth taking. The others for their part were trying to make him stop, but it was for selfish reasons. It wasn't because they cared about how his words made her feel but because they were scared of how she would react to them.

Kimiko stared daggers at Bradley, her eyes narrowed. She took a couple of deliberate steps forwards and looked over everyone in the room, taking everyone in. Arthur, Bryony, Coleen and the girl Kimiko couldn't quite place. Kimiko couldn't see any deadly other deadly weapons besides hers and Bradley's, although his was far superior. Typical. Doing her best to ignore Bradley, Kimiko nodded to each of the others individually and waited to see what they would do.

She didn't enjoy being treated like a monster.

Five Finger Death Punch
He dreamt of storms. That was ominous.

Waking up slowly Trav could hear Cass whispering, he didn't know if she addressing someone else on the roof but that seemed unlikely. Trav doubted that Cass would actually try to pull anything, they had a layer of trust that had built up over their first day spent on the roof. Cass woke him and they briefly spoke before switching roles. Cass sleeping and Trav watching. Not that there was much for him to watch, it was basically pitch black.

Trav instead distracted himself by exploring the roof and exercising. He found the camera fairly quickly and would occasionally glance over at it. He dimly realized that it was perfectly possible his parents had spent all night watching him sleep through so hazy night vision camera filter. It was a strange thought and not one he wanted to dwell on. He instead gave the camera a small distracted wave. He wasn't even looking at it but he wanted his parents if they were watching to at least know he thought of them.

Eventually, as the sun rose over the island for the second time, Trav quietly moved over to Cass and gently nudged her awake.

"Good news, we made it to day two."

No sooner had the words left his mouth did a static noise echo across the island as speakers. They were getting a status update.

Two lists of names, the dead and their killers. Trav tried to listen but a lot of it blurred together. It was too surreal that he was being told a list of people he knew that were dead and who had done it. Luckily the one name he truly cared about, besides Cass, didn't get read out. Knowing Noodle was alright...or as alright as she could be was good news. He looked over at Cass, trying to gauge her reaction. In the meantime he helped himself to some breakfast.

"The better news, is that we don't have to move." He said as he started to munch on a slice of bread.

Three sentences about your kid: Critique experiment.
As promised here is Jasmine Stone

This Be The Verse
((Kimiko Kao continued from Room of Relaxation))

After running out of the staff dormitory, Kimiko had take a moment to get her breath and wits back. A quick drink and a couple of slices of bread. Nothing much but enough to make sure her throat wasn't dry or her stomach empty. She sat in the long grass against the wall of the building, eating and thinking, contemplating what could have happened to Cristo among other things. Eventually, night closed in and Kimiko's vision darkened as she passed out.

Waking up was a scary moment. She knew where she was. That wasn't the problem. The problem was her passing out in what was practically the open. Luckily as she franctically looked around no one seemed to had found her. Splashing some water on her face to wake herself up, Kimiko made a promise to herself to stay alert and aware at all times.

The first of her problems she was facing was that she needed to move and none of the staff housing buildings were attractive locations to her anymore. Instead she moved towards what the map told her were the staff social areas. She knew there was a pub, library and gym there, one of those seemed like a good bet for a hideout spot.

As she was crossing the flat paved yard area to get there though there was a static buzzing as speakers she couldn't see came to life. Kimiko crouched low and quickly moved to cover. Keeping herself down Kimiko sat and listened. Even through the distortion of the speakers she recognized the voice of the man who had given them that speech after killing Mr. Graham. Kimiko's heart rate quickened as her body filled with a nervous dread. She was going to find out Cristo's fate.

Kimiko made note of the killers and their victims, paying more attention to who was being read out as a killer, then she heard her name and she already knew what the man was about to say.

Cristo was dead. She had killed him. Kimiko felt sick. The spear was in her hand and she turned her head to stare at it. She felt like the right thing to do would have been to throw it away, get rid of the thing that had caused her to kill someone she went to school with. But instead, her grip remained. She kept the spear and continued to listen, even though she felt sick and wanted it to end. More names, more killers and more victims. She tried to focus on them only for the sake of having a distraction but it was tough. The moment she had stabbed Cristo kept replaying over and over again in her mind. The feeling of the glass entering his body reared its head again.

The supply depot was a danger zone, Kimiko quickly pulled her map out and made a note of what that meant for her. As she did so however her name was read out again. She looked up, not that it made a difference. There was nothing for her to see, but she did so anyway, a reflex, from back when she was normal.

There was a prize? And she had won? A look back down at her map told her that the helipad was in the supply depot. That...that was a bonus at least. She would be safe there and could take stock of her situation. After that she didn't know.

She knew she shouldn't have gone to get her prize, she knew was so far off the right path that it was hidden by the trees and that turning back might have at least given her a chance at redeeming herself. Kimiko couldn't bring herself to do it though. She was scared of what would happen.

Packing her map away after deciding on her route Kimiko stood up and headed towards the gym. It seemed big enough for her to be able to hide out inside of without alerting any other occupants. Kimiko didn't want to hang around too long. She had no way of knowing when her invitation to collect her prize expired but at the same time she wanted to sit a think properly and get her bearings. Slowly and carefully she stood up and moved towards the gym.

Spear gripped tight in one hand Kimiko pushed the gym door open as quietly as she could. The sun of the new morning spilled inside, illuminating the figures of five people. One of which she recognized instantly.

Of all the people she had wanted to see, Bradley was the last person on the list.

Room of Relaxation
There was a tension in the room that Kimiko didn't see going away any time soon. Her refusal to put the spear down and Samuel picking the crossbow back up was seeing to that. He also didn't manage to provide any answers to her question. Instead he had taken the opportunity to grab the crossbow, it wasn't a very subtle way of getting it back into his hands either. Kimiko kept her eyes on the weapon, making sure it didn't drift in her direction. The last thing she wanted was to get shot with an arrow. No matter where it hit she would have been in trouble.

Slowing nodding in response to Samuel's response Kimiko waited to see if he was going to say anything else. Her main worry was that the potential safety of her location had quickly been shown to be nothing but an illusion. There were too many rooms and too many potential places for people to hide out. For all she knew there could have been five more of their classmates down the hallway in a different room, looking over their equipment and planning alliances. If anyone entered with a gun she would also be in trouble, the dormitories were made up entirely of long corridors and rooms with once entrance and exit.

The combination of those concerns plus the unease she was feeling in her current situation made the decision to leave to find somewhere else to hole up an easy one.

When it didn't look like any further conversation was coming from Samuel, Kimiko simply raised her hand in a half-hearted wave and backed around the corner and up the corridor, eyes trained on the doorway, making sure Samuel didn't emerge.

Once she felt she was safe Kimiko turned and ran to somewhere, anywhere else.

((Kimiko Kao continued in This Be The Verse))