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General Video Game Discussion Thread

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Sudden Life


The pain tore through his throat.

A warm wetness started to spread down his neck and across his chest.

Gray coughed and blood came up. He was dying and strangely OK with it. He hadn't really deserved to live longer than his friends. It was only right that he ran out of luck eventually. Blood splashed onto the floor as Gray tried to push himself up. It was weird how dark it was. He knew he'd bled after being hit by the car but it had seemed so much brighter.

His vision started to fade out. As it turned out death wasn't that scary. Then again he'd met it once before, he wasn't as surprised to see it a second time if he was honest. It was more like meeting an old friend again. He grinned to himself. Dying had a funny way of putting things in perspective. Whatever his life had been and could have been didn't really matter. He'd done what he loved, nothing else to it. He just hoped his friends would forgive his fuck ups when he saw them.

B007 - Emerson, Gray: Eliminated
9 Students Remain

Sudden Life
The FAMAS was knocked away, it flew out of Gray's hand and he heard it clatter to the floor.

The adrenaline was starting to flow. Gray embraced the rush as it swept over him. It actually felt good, almost like he was skating again. Hansel had a gun in his hand as he rushed in. Gray didn't know much about fighting but he knew about momentum and he knew Hansel had picked up a lot of it running at him.

Gray ducked and went for Hansel's legs. He felt the impact of Hansel's knee on his skull but it wasn't painful. It was softer than concrete so he welcomed it. The two of them fell to the floor in a tangle of limbs. Gray rolled and kicked Hansel away with his feet. The pain in his left leg still sharp and constant but serving to focus him.

He reached behind his back and felt the PP9. Drawing it as quickly as he could Gray aimed it at Hansel from where he was lying and pulled the trigger.

Sudden Life
Gray knew there were still people alive he'd be an idiot not to consider that he'd be alone in the mansion forever. His ability to keep track of time was also deteriorating. So when he turned the corner and entered the room he wasn't surprised that there was someone there. He was surprised by who it was.

He had heard Hansel on the announcements again. It was almost routine. He looked like he had been through an extra week of hell though. The first thing Gray noticed was the bandages around the right side of Hansel's face. He could see the bloodstains on them. Whatever happened must have been nasty. The second thing was the two missing fingers on Hansel's left hand.

Gray didn't have the time for sympathy. He knew Hansel was dangerous. He started to raise the FAMAS from where it was dangling by his leg. If he was going to die he wasn't just going to roll over and accept it, hell if he took Hansel out that would count for something wouldn't it?

Sudden Life
((Gray Emerson continued from Under This Killing Moon))

The amount of animal heads on the walls could have represented the students that had died. There were enough of them that was for sure. Gray didn't even know how anyone could have hunted on the island. He had been on it for a long time and hadn't seen any sign of any other life other than his classmates. There were bodies. At this stage though Gray was used to them, as depressing as that was. He continued moving through the mansion. He had no idea what the layout was but spending time to learn it was taking his mind of other things.

Mainly his selfishness when it came to surviving. He had been so focused on finding all his friends he hadn't helped anyone else. Even then he hadn't tried very hard. He could have let Sean walk away and survive but he had shot him in the back instead. He could have gone after Corey or Andi when they'd split off from him. He could have let Matt and Finn stay in the house. He could have stopped Sean killing Ami. He had done all of it under the pretence of being 'good' and looking after people. Even if that was really the case it hadn't benefited anyone else. For a start he was still alive when nearly everyone else was dead. Throwing away his prize wasn't going to change that.

What did that make him? It certainly didn't make him a good guy. There was also the fact he enjoyed the adrenaline rush from being in life and death situations. It all added up to make him a fucked up person. Gray knew that now, maybe he had always known it. He had certainly never thought about it in as much detail before. It was funny how being so close to the end made him assess his actions. In the end though did any of it really matter? Gray couldn't say for sure because he didn't know what the end result would be.

Instead he was focusing on looking around the mansion. It was a distraction and he knew that but being alone with his thoughts was proving to be a tough experience. So he was grateful for anything that would take his mind off it. In truth he wasn't even learning the layout. He was just looking around like a tourist would. It was better than nothing though, Gray could admit that much.

Under This Killing Moon
Mara moved on quickly, leaving them a threat to dwell on. Gray didn't think much of it. He could have shot her as she left. It would have been easier than with Sean. Mara probably didn't see him as a threat. She had always been egotistical like that. He didn't shoot her though. She seemed different the island had changed her, all the time she had spent on it and she was going to avenge a friend. Gray could support that. It served to say a lot about his current outlook on life he realized. Joey made some excuse about getting his things; he said it would be stupid to stick together. That made Gray raise an eyebrow. He had a feeling Joey would have been useful as a companion anyway.

After they left Gray hobbled over to the edge of the overpass and looked out over the island. He had lost track of the days, when he'd last eaten, when he'd last slept properly. But despite that he had never felt lost before. Now though, now he was finally realizing what it meant to be on the island. He had never thought about his chances of living or dying, there had never seemed to be a point to it. Sadly though he found himself drifting towards those thoughts and what was going to happen next.

It was a great unknown.

Gray had been lost looking out over the island when the speakers blared to life. He hung his head, he knew what was coming and as much as he didn't want to hear it he had to. The announcement gave him the confirmation. Sean was dead. Gray had assumed he was but actually hearing it stated changed things. The worst was still to come however and at the end of the announcement he heard his name again. He had won a prize for killing Sean. It was on the overpass. Gray looked up and scanned the area. Of course it would be at the other end. Pushing himself off the edge of the overpass Gray started limping to the opposite end.

When he arrived everything was there like they had said it would be. Gray stood staring at it all. He had been given all of it for shooting one of his friends in the back. He felt sick. Gray put the FAMAS down to one side and picked up the mug of hot chocolate. It smelt amazing, so he didn't hesitate to toss it over the side of the overpass. He wasn't going to accept a prize for killing a friend. The pot-pie followed it. Gray left the gun where it was. He doubted that anyone was going to be allowed back onto the overpass. Gray didn't care if the terrorists were laughing at his act of rebellion. It was important to him and that was all that mattered. He picked up the FAMAS and continued on his way.

((Gray Emerson continued in Sudden Life))

Under This Killing Moon
So now what?

Despite the fact both of them had killed other people Gray felt miles away from Mara. There were no similarities even the thing they shared was wildly different. He had only killed once and recently. Mara had killed three times over the course of their stay on the island. Just from looking at her it was obvious she'd had it rough. He had no idea what she had been through and it wasn't his place to ask.

Which led back to the original question. What did he do now?

Mara looked like she was halfway between breaking down or attacking them. She reminded Gray of a cat you'd see in an alley. It recognized you as a person but it didn't trust you. If there was a loud noise it would probably spook her. It meant he had to carefully think about what he did or said next because it would set the direction for the rest of their interaction.

Gray resisted the urge to ask if she was alright. It was a stupid question and he knew it. Strangely he wasn't scared of Mara. He had thought he would have been. Instead he saw her as he had back when they had been at school, just another student. It was the same with Joey. They were the last remnants of their class. Everyone else was dead.

The reason he viewed everyone as equals though was that if they had made it to the point where they were the last ones left they all had done something. Joey said he hadn't killed anyone but Gray had doubts that he hadn't run away or failed to help someone. There was no way he could have made it to the point he was at without doing something that benefited him over someone else. Mara had killed others and Gray had looked out for his friends more than others, like when he had kicked Matt and Finn out of the house. Then he had killed Sean. It wasn't like they could talk about the people they had killed or what they had done. There hadn't been any happy memories since he had woken up in the park.

So what did you say when everyone was damaged morally?

The truth he guessed.

"I don't know." He shrugged. "What's there to say?"

V5 Twentieth Rolls
Not gonna lie I'd love a hero since Gray is my favorite character to write by far and I'd love to get into endgame with him because I think I could do some cool and interesting stuff with him there. If not though send me a PM for death ideas and I'll pick whichever one I think works best.

In any case congrats to the guys that made it to endgame and see you in V6 if I ain't saved.

A Wild Beard Appears; A Pathfinder Experience
Apart from that blind guy.