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NaNoWriMo 2012
Oh right yeah I should probably link my profile.

Guilty Gear Mafia Signups
If you could sign me up that'd be great!

Adapting The Orchid Thief
Claire knew what the X-Games were. Gray hadn't been expecting that, sure some people knew but the vast majority didn't seem to have any idea of what the X-Games actually where. Then again she may have just heard the name somewhere, since Claire did watch a lot of different things so it didn't seem that far-fetched. She was busy explaining how the video was going to look to the others so Gray used the opportunity to eat some more of his sausage roll. He wanted to finish it while it was warm at least, after swallowing he took a long drink from his Pepsi. In the meantime Claire had stopped explaining the ideas she had for the demo tape to look at her phone; when she looked up from it she shouted for Meg to come out of wherever she was hiding. Amy also called out to Meg so Gray could assume she knew her as well. Gray didn't know who meant exactly but he got his answer when Megan Gassert stepped out from behind the door frame at the entrance to the Student Center.

Gray didn't like to judge people just by their appearance but he had to admit Meg was big in a couple of ways. One was her height, which looked to be around 6 foot if Gray had to guess. The other thing was her weight. Meg looked to be on the heavier side of the scale. Gray hated the fact that his first impression of someone was their weight but since he knew nothing else about Meg he could only go by physical appearance. It didn't help that she had a plate of pizza in her hand though. Judging by the way she was walking over though her personality matched her size; Meg was pretending to creep over to them like a burglar would in an old cartoon. Then once she had reached them she spoke in a mock whisper. Gray had to admit it was sort of funny the way she kept the whole act up and was committed to it.

"Not up too much really." Gray said "Just talking about my demo tape." He took a quick drink from his Pepsi. "Claire said she'd help make it as well. So it'll be awesome."

Gray finished off his sausage roll and crumpled the paper into a ball before throwing it at a bin.

"Food fight." He muttered as the ball flew through the air before hitting the inside edge of the bin and dropping down into the bag. It annoyed him that the even though the food fight had happened a little while ago it was still bugging him. Not so much the food fight when he thought about it, but what happened later when he was serving his punishment. He pushed the thoughts from his head though, since he was with others. It wasn't social.

A Breath of Fresh Air
As soon as Yaz had finished replying to Gavin another, quieter voice spoke up from the next table over. The girl had long brown hair and a pair of thick-rimmed glasses. The glasses were a giveaway that it was Sara Corlett. She was a quiet girl and Yaz couldn't remember a time where she had had any meaningful interaction with Sara. She guessed it due to the fact both of them were on the quiet side. It didn't really produce conversations.

Yaz didn't quite hear what she was saying but it didn't matter because another boy had walked over and picked up a piece of paper off the floor. It didn't take Yaz long to realise that the boy was Alex de Gaulle. He had a unique appearance to say the least, with his unkempt and curly hair being bleached white. He handed the paper back to Sara and started talking to her so Yaz turned her attention back to the others on the table.

While her attention had been focussed on what Alex and Sara had been doing Hiro had left the table. She just got a glimpse of the other girl walking away before her attention was drawn back to the table by something Gavin was saying. As it turned out he was just talking to Maddie again. Yaz started to zone out until she realised what Gavin was saying. It wasn't especially clear but it seemed like Gavin was asking Maddie out at least that was what Yaz had gotten from his little speech. Gavin then turned to Yaz and gave her an apology that didn't really sound sincere and gave her a smile.

"Is he trying to ask you out?" Yaz whispered to Maddie after she'd given her reply to Gavin's question.

V5 Character Themes
Since I changed my mind on both my characters here are their new themes.

Gray Emerson: Swing Life Away - Rise Against

Yasmin "Yaz" Carroll: Break - Three Days Grace

My Little Pony Mafia - Game Thread
Well looks like the game is ending this way.

"No matter what we try, we always end up without our cutie marks. And, surprisingly often, covered in tree sap."

Posted Image

You are Scootaloo. You've always idolized Rainbow Dash, and are the founder and of her fan club. It makes sense, cause you're her number one fan too! Even though you aspire to be her, flying just isn't something you can get the hang of. Thankfully, you've got your trusty scooter to let you soar through the air at like, totally breakneck speeds! When you're not in school or pining after the fastest flier in all of the world, you're spending time with your two bestest friends in the whole wide world. You are one of the Cutie Mark Crusaders. An elite organization comprised of ponies who haven't gotten their cutie marks yet, you and your two fellow Cutie Mark Crusaders have been going at it for longer than you'd really like to think about.

As a Cutie Mark Crusader, you can speak with the other Cutie Mark Crusaders during the night phase. They are, of course, Applebloom (BROtoro) and Sweetie Belle (decoy73). You know for a fact they're on the side of the good guys. I mean, come on! Their sisters! They just have to be!
You win alongside the town when all who would stand to threaten Equestria have fallen.

Adapting The Orchid Thief
Jesiree didn't appear to be doing anything if what she said was anything to go by. That and she had said "nothing", which was a good indicator of when someone wasn't doing anything. Like most other people who went to the Student Center for lunch it was because she didn't want to be in the canteen and that was understandable. Although Gray was sure that she had different reasons to his because last time he checked he was the only person that had started a food fight recently. Then again not many people had. Amy had the same reason as Jesiree and played along with the joke about the cafeteria food becoming sentient. Considering what it looked like some days Gray could see where the joke came from, although it did end up looking like something from a different planet fairly often.

Amy then asked what the video was going to be about. She had guessed skateboarding and Gray assumed it was because he was involved with it, it was a fair guess if he was honest since most of the things he did involve a sport with a board. This time Gray decided to explain what the video was going to be about.

"Yeah a demo tape is basically a promo for the skater." Gray rubbed the back of his neck before continuing. "Basically it shows the skater at their best and pulling off good tricks. The idea being you send it to sponsors and they then sponsor you. So every skater wants a good demo tape." It was a definition of a demo tape, although Gray left out the part about a lot of skaters who wanted to turn pro only sending out demo tapes, they always seemed to forget that sponsors won't want to sponsor someone who isn't competing in competitions.

Gray adjusted his beanie when he finished speaking and took a bite out of his sausage roll. It was slightly warm but he'd left it too long. He'd gotten distracted with the talk about a demo tape. It didn't really matter though, food was still food and the small cafe he bought the sausage rolls did the best ones in Seattle...at least in his opinion. Plus it still tasted good so he had no reason to complain.

A Breath of Fresh Air
Yaz was entertaining herself by drawing a swirling tattoo on the face of her doodle when she heard Hiro respond to Gavin. It turned out that she had thought right and Hiro was indeed writing something to do with a story on her laptop. Yaz smiled a little as she went back to drawing; it was good to be right every so often. Yaz didn't know what she was drawing but it looked to be another tall monster, which was her default subject, except this monster had weird swirling tattoos on its face. That did add a new layer of detail to the thing though so Yaz couldn't complain too much.

The explanation Hiro gave ended suddenly and Yaz assumed that conversation would end but instead Gavin turned his attention back to Maddie. It was starting to get irritating, it would have been fine if he was actually trying to include anyone else in the conversation but he didn't try.

"And back to Maddie." Yaz muttered to herself as she sketched a background into the doodle. Yaz then felt her face start to redden when she realised she had said another thought out loud and this time it wasn't an innocent one. She quickly ducked down and looked through her bag to avoid having any of the others notice but she seemed to be in the clear. She had misjudged what Gavin was going to do badly anyway. As it turned out he was asking both her and Maddie a question about how they knew each other.

Maddie was the first to answer as Yaz was still rooting in her bag. She came back up with a rubber as Maddie gave her answer. Yaz hadn't expected Maddie to say that she trusted Yaz with her life but it was touching that Maddie trusted her that much. It was true though, they were very close friends both in and out of school. It was weird since they had such different interests and the only thing they really had in common was that they were both pretty shy but somehow they managed to have such an extremely close friendship.

"We've been friends since junior year," Yaz added "We spend a lot of time together outside of school as well." Yaz didn't feel the need to add anything more, since between herself and Maddie they'd given Gavin and good enough explanation.

A Breath of Fresh Air
Yaz finished the sentence she had been writing and looked over her work. It wasn't as bad as she thought it would end up being. It covered all the main points about what made the picture good to her and how certain parts had influenced her own work. It was easily what Ms. Blanc had asked for, but if she didn't like the artist Yaz was using as her influence it was most likely going to be marked badly because that was just how Ms. Blanc was. If she didn't personally like something than the changes of it getting a good grade were gone. So Yaz was never sure if she would get a good grade until she actually got her work back.

As Yaz looked at the others she saw Gavin compliment Maddie and give her a smile. Yaz wondered if he was actually trying to flirt with Maddie or if that was just how it looked and nothing was actually going on. It just seemed weird to Yaz that Gavin would come over and only really talk to and show an interest in Maddie and then he was openly complimenting her when talking to others. Yaz might have been wrong though, after all she didn't have any real experience with flirting so it was hard for her to judge.

Yaz thought it was most likely that Hiro had been writing something to do with a story on her laptop. Since that was what she always seemed to be using her laptop for. Then again Gavin didn't know that so Yaz could understand why he'd ask. Yaz let out a small sigh as she put her work back into her bag. She'd put it in order when she was actually in art. There didn't seem to be much point doing it right away. Plus it wasn't like she was in a hurry. Yaz wasn't fully committed to the conversation so she decided to take out her sketchbook and doodle. She still listened to see where the conversation was going but it wasn't at the forefront of her mind. After all not much was being said anyway.

Medieval Fantasy RP
And my ax.