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Star Wars Mafia Sign-Ups
Fuck it why not

Fenris does sprite stuff!
I am so getting in on this. Could you do Cameron? Appearance below and all that good stuff


Friends and stuff
Fenris - For Dante I'm thinking Kimiko knows of him and thinks he's friendly but nothing really beyond that. Faith-Hope thinks he's annoying and Cameron probably gets on well with him and returns his flirtations with her own but they both know they're friends and nothing more.

For Ivy, Kimiko and Faith-Hope won't like her, Faith-Hope being much more vehement in her hate. While Trav won't care what she thinks about him and Cameron most likely wouldn't really notice.

Pan - I think Kimiko and Gary would get on fine but they probably wouldn't be super close friends, since even Kimiko likes some proper social interaction. XD

Medic - I'm cool with Clarice and Kimiko being close friends since middle school, the fact they both dislike bullies also helps yeah. Maybe Trav knows her too? Since his MMA stuff is pretty well-known around the school and I think Trav might be friends with her ex so there's that.

Danny and Trav sound good yeah.

Acquaintances is probably better for Lily and Cameron.

I don't remember what I got that's how memorable it was.

Friends and stuff
Flare: Kimiko and Charity being acquaintances is cool as for Charity and Cameron they're a lock for being close friends but maybe there's something more between them, your choice.

Seth: Seth and Faith-Hope sound like they'd get on well together since they'd both be straight with other and do have the same hobbies.

Doc: Trav and Ulysses would probably chill some yeah. Cameron and Abby sound like they'd get on well yeah, maybe they'd hang out together after school.

Playing guitar, care-free attitude, likes partying. Sounds like Cassie and Cameron would get on well.

Sandra and Cameron could be friends since both are friendly, outgoing people who play guitar. Plus Cameron is BFF's with Vanessa so they may know each other through her.

Relationships for Someone not as terrible
Cameron and Emily would probably get on since both seem to be super into their music.

Friends and stuff
Espi: Cameron and Henry would probably get on well yeah she'd find the conspiracy and cryptid stuff interesting so its not like they'd have nothing to talk about. Plus he'd probably inspire her without realizing it.

I can see Helen not liking Trav due to his outward personality yeah, her fault if she doesn't know about his hobby.

Unpy: I don't know what 2k friends (means but I'm veering towards the games?) but anyway Kimiko would attend every game she feasibly could so they'd probably be really close friends. She could still be in a fantasy league with Jojo but I can understand if you don't want too many relationships with the same person.

Poly: Eddie and Trav look like they'd get on great.

Adjective: I think he might be friends with Faith-Hope but he'd get on her nerves. Cameron may know of him and they might be acquaintances but she may also get annoyed with him.

TBH: Yeah we've talked about this and Trav and Hash would get on like gangbusters.

Friends and stuff
I'm game for any form of relationship so just post in here with your idea and I'll see what we can sort out. So with that out the way here are the kids.

Kimiko Kao: A mute girl from Taiwan who moved to Kingman halfway through middle school after her dad got a job at Praxair/IBM (job pending). She communicates using sign language, body language or notes out of a refusal to use electronic assistance. Typically friendly around most people but she is very outspoken about her views on politics and doesn't tolerate bullying. However she can be very quiet, withdrawn and grumpy due to not wanting to have to deal with her disability or just wanting to be able to sit and sign with someone else and can get frustrated when people don't understand her. Kimiko's main interests are politics, gymnastics, comic books and basketball. She's also pretty interested in Taiwanese Independence so there's that. So if you want to be friends with a really friendly mute Asian girl who does gymnastics and reads comics hit Kimiko up.


Walt Esiason - Close friends due to a love of basketball, Kimiko's attends as many games as she can.
Conrad Harrison - Friends due to a shared interest in languages and politics.
Charity Evans - Acquaintances. Is curious towards her, nothing more.
Dante Valiero - Flirted with her once, didn't seem to quite get the whole mute thing, friendly enough though.
Ivy Langley - Thinks Ivy is a bitch for no reason, has a problem with that.
Gary Kwan - Alright they're friends but their aren't really close, he's a bit antisocial really.
Clarice Halwood - Known each other since middle school, actually learned a bit of sign language. Hate bullies together.
Roderick Kanuho - Nice guy, used to go out with Clarice. Shame he also went out with Ivy.
Crisanto Luz - Bit of a downer but is genuinely friendly and intelligent when he tries. Has flirted with her, possibly something there.
Kaylee Lytton - Saved her from bullies and they get on well.
Kelsey Hamilton - Hate each other. Nothing but sheer hate.
Asher Glas - Friends, very nice to talk to.
Shane Noelson - Gymnastics friends, Kimiko stands up for him. Has a crush on her. She does not know this.
Toby 'Noodle' Andreasson - Tries to make sure she doesn't overwork herself, can be somewhat impatient with the whole mute thing though.
Caleb Haden - Good to talk comics with, pretty smart and cool, when he's not being a grump.

Travis "Trav" Lynch: Trav is a first-generation Jamaican-American who's lived in Kingman his whole life. Trav's main passion is MMA, to the point that he drives down to Glendale most Saturdays to train at the MMA Lab as well as trains locally at the Kingman Combat Club. He's also known for his dreads, doing parkour and being a total goof. He's rarely serious and prefers to hang out and have a good time rather than worry. Although he takes MMA pretty damn seriously when he's training.

Appearance (totes a WIP)

Helen Cruz - Doesn't like Trav because he's a "slacker", Trav doesn't care.
Roderick Kanuho - Basically training partners at KCC and close friends outside of that.
Harold Fury - Hang out together.
Ivy Langley - Fairly sure Ivy looks down on him, couldn't even try to care.
Daniel Brooks - Cool guys together, don't really argue just hang out.
Clarice Halwood - Friends of friends, not close.
Calvin Anderson - Alright guy, needs to stop getting into fights though it's stupid.
Crisanto Luz - Chill guy, seems down a lot but he's cool to be around.
Kaylee Lytton - Nice girl to be around, supportive, good-looking too. Recently started going out.
Asher Glas - Friends, sometimes train together.
Toby 'Noodle' Andreasson - Other KCC training partner, shared dreams, train hard together.

Faith-Hope Micheals: A tall chubby girl who likes gaming, mixing music and D&D. Thinks her name is dumb, blames her parents. While Faith-Hope is close with people who are her friends her attitude and personality tend to rub people the wrong way. This is mainly due to her being very deadpan and blunt when people talk to her. Get her talking about something she likes though she's a lot more animated and friendly. Pretty much hates exercise in all its forms but won't hate you if you take part in it. Probably viewed as a little bit weird due to the whole emo/scene thing she has going but y'know these things happen.


Oswald Howell - They get on alright until he says something that makes her want to kill him.
Alessio "Al" Rigano - Shared interest in music.
Seth Dunn - Shared hobbies and both being pretty crap at the whole social thing.
Dante Valiero - Flirted with her, doesn't know why, thinks he's a fuck.
Ivy Langley - Fuck that bitch's shit.
Roderick Kanuho - The way he dumped Ivy was the fucking best. Don't hate talking to him either.
Vincenzo/Vincenza Gatti - Fellow gamer, also streams. Gender-fluid thing is weird but I can dig it.

Cameron Herrig: Cameron's a pretty chill and amiable person but when she speaks she has no filter at all and will say whatever comes into her head. Her main hobby is playing music with her band and body paint. Something she combines for shows. She's a pretty talented guitar player who got into it through her parents. She's also big into wildlife/nature photography, painting cycling, and dinosaurs. Her home life is a mess though since her parents are getting divorced and she's becoming more distant from them, not that she'll tell you that. Already BFFs with Slam's Vanessa. Cameron is relaxed and chill so as long as you can deal with her spouting whatever comes into her head and her weirdness when it comes to art you should be fine. She's also bisexual (but only out to a few close friends) if that matters to you at all.


Henry Spencer - Get on well and talk about weird and out there things, probably helps give her inspiration without realizing.
Oswald Howell - Acquaintances, sometimes annoys her.
Scarlett ??? - Friends with and hangs out with Cameron a lot. Need more info from RC on that one.
Charity Evans - Dating, Cameron isn't fully out yet so if anyone asks they're friends. <_< >_>
Abby Floyd - Finds Cameron's body paint interesting, both like animals and music. Doesn't seem bothered by some of the things Cameron says.
Dante Valiero - Flirted with her, she found it pretty funny actually, doesn't mind returning the favor. They're friends.
Ivy Langley - Thinks she's better than Cameron, Cameron doesn't really notice.
Lily Caldwell - Handles some of the stuff Cameron says well, chill enough and fun to be around. Not really close though.
Roderick Kanuho - Insulted him recently, he's made at her.
Curtis ??? - Chill guy, finds what she does interesting, enjoys talking to him.
Crisanto Luz - Not a bad guy but the downer attitude is boring.
Kaylee Lytton - She's friendly but ahhhhhhhhh always awkward.
Vincenzo/Vincenza Gatti - Brady's boyfriend, good girlguy, always down to talk music with.
Kat Zorra - It's like talking to another me. O_O

I'd have noticed more of that Weedwick thing if that wasn't my default mode of Warwick play anyway.

Un sketches V6. And V5. And Mini. And Stuff.
Alright lets do this! Was going to suggest P2 Chris but he looks boring. So instead I'll go with the V6 concept I've put most of my time into so far.

Kimiko is 5'3½" and weighs 110lbs her weight evenly distributed over her lean body. Kimiko's face is circular with a thin nose and wide eyes. Her hair is dyed bleached blonde Normally Kimiko wears form-fitting t-shirts of either the long-sleeved or short sleeved variety or tank-tops, with either skinny jeans or skirts depending on the weather. She also wears a red Taoist charm necklace and two bracelets. One with regular beads and a small carved piece of wood with freedom written on in Taiwanese and another made of jade beads.

On the day of her abduction Kimiko was wearing a women’s Minnesota Timberwolves light blue road jersey with a white Under Amour long sleeve top underneath. She was also wearing a dark wash mini denim skirt as well as taupe knitted knee socks with brown suede flat ankle boots and her necklace and bracelets.

Shadowrun: Elf Posers and Hipster Shamans
In and stuff like that.