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Slasher RP
Diz smirked as Alec announced that he was going for a walk. It wasn't the same thing as admitting he was scared of the story but at least she didn't have to put up with his smart ass comments for the duration of the story, so that was a definite plus. Diz was disappointed by the story though, it wasn't actually that scary. Any story involving a witch always seemed to involve a curse being placed on a whole group of people. At least that was what it seemed like to Diz, not that she had much experience with witches, what with them being fake and all.

Apart from the whole witch thing though the story was pretty boring; hell Diz had heard about groups of people committing suicide within a short space of time before. It was weird and uncommon sure, but it could happen, maybe. That and the fact that it was folklore which essentially meant it wasn’t true. When Crovo had finished his story Diz expected someone to jump out of the bushes and try to scare them. That was why she wasn't too surprised when someone did jump out of the bushes; she hadn't expected it to be Alec though.

After a fake apology Alec threw what looked to be some sort of old knocker on the floor. Diz was kind of interested in what it was but at the same time it could have been a trick by Alec. She wouldn't have put it past him at that point.

"A cheap old knocker in the shape of a goats head?"

Damon listened to the story and found himself wondering if anyone had made a movie with a similar premise. The idea of people thinking there was a serial killer or supernatural entity chasing them and then ending up killing themselves sounded interesting. It probably would have worked well with The Ring. It would've made more sense than having Sadako/Samara coming out of the TV to kill people, would've been an interesting twist too. He was fairly sure that the video tape did something similar in the original book but he couldn't quite remember.

Damon was knocked out of his daydreaming when Alec jumped out of the bushes and let out a loud scream. Damon jumped at the loud noise but started laughing as soon as he realised what had actually happened.

"That was good one." He said in between laughs. "I think you got almost everyone."

Alec than announced that he'd found something in the woods and that peaked Damon's interest. He got a glimpse of it when Alec threw it at the feet of Professor Crovo. It looked like some weird door knocker that all haunted houses seemed to have in movies. It was actually kind of cool.

"Isn't a goat like that supposed to be a symbol of like the devil or something?"

Slasher RP
Damon scratched his head as he listened to the professor’s lecture on what a horror movie was. This was the part of the course Damon had been looking forward to the most of all, and it had been...alright so far. The woods added a nice atmosphere at least. You could never get the same feeling in a classroom. That said the lecture itself was leaving a lot to be desired. It was amazingly focused on solely the Slasher genre, which was only a small part of the main horror genre itself. There was torture horror, body horror, psychological horror, splatter horror films, gothic horror, zombie movies etc. and then the found footage movies that had all become popular again but at that point he was just being pedantic.

Anyway the whole point they had taken a field trip out in to the woods was so that they could recreate a typical scene you'd find in a slasher film. That was a good idea actually because looking around Damon could see at least one of every archetype that the professor had mentioned, they even had some extra ones. Damon wasn't sure if he was the only one who had noticed that little fact but he was fairly sure Logan wouldn't notice anytime soon. The guy looked so baked Damon wondered how he was even sitting up straight. Sure Damon wanted to smoke a joint but he hadn't been stupid enough to do it before they all sat down at the campfire. That was just asking for trouble, as things were though Logan had managed to get away with it. It made Damon wonder why he'd even bothered to stay sober for as long as he had.

Man he really wanted to get high.

Damon was broken out of his thoughts when the others started arguing. He noticed movement from Erica, who was sitting next to him as she put her hand over her mouth, probably trying to hide a smile if Damon knew her. She then spoke up and asked Professor Crovo about the ghost story. Damon knew there had been a reason they were sitting around a campfire.

"It would've been funnier to let them fight." He whispered to Erica. "Don't tell me the image of Diz vs Alec isn't kinda funny."

Slasher RP
Diz was to put it bluntly, bored out of her mind. She'd forgotten the reason she'd picked the Cinema class but she was sure it was because she needed to take another one and the idea of a class where all they did was watch movies sounded good since she wanted to avoid actual work at all costs. So far that had been working out great. They'd had a trip to New York City and now they were in the middle of some woods camping.

Professor Crovo was going on and on about horror movie. As if they were amazingly complex, Diz rolled her eyes. She'd seen them all and enjoyed them. Hell of the whole course the subject they were currently on was probably going to be her favourite on but the way Crovo was talking about them was sucking all the enjoyment out of it. He'd managed to miss out Halloween and Friday the 13th as well, even Diz knew about them.

Diz ran a hand over her head. She'd shaved her hair off a week before the trip to New York and would run her hand over it to feel the stubble that had grown since then. If Diz was honest she didn't really know why she had shaved her hair off, she'd just felt like doing it one day and had found that she liked her head shaved. She wasn't sure what she was going to do when it started to grow back properly, maybe she'd keep one half of her hair shaved and let the other half grow out. That'd be interesting.

The professor than said that it was time for the campfire story he;d been talking about before they'd gone on the trip. If he put the flashlight under his face Diz was leaving. She decided to make herself comfy in the meantime and stretched her legs out. Her boots looked grubby but they always looked grubby so there was nothing new there.

Alec then spoke up and asked if they had to listen to the story since he wanted to go to sleep

"What's the matter Alec? You scared of a story?" Diz said with a laugh. She didn't know if he was trying to act tough or just didn't care...but either way it was annoying and he needed to be brought down.

As Long as There are Stars Above You
Of course as soon as Gray mentioned the demo tape both Sophie and Nina asked him what it was. He really should have learned from every other time he'd brought it up. No one seemed to know what a demo tape actually was. He was starting to get bored with having to explain it too. He had gotten the explanation down to a fine art though so that was a positive.

"It's a video that-"

Almost as soon as Gray started speaking Nina knocked her coffee over, causing the boiling hot water to pour all over the tabletop. Gray pushed his chair back out of the way and pulled his bag out from under the table. As Nina jumped up to go and get napkins the coffee started to spill over the sides of the table and onto the floor. Gray took the napkin he'd been given along with his cookie and tried to mop up the worst of it. Instead he just ended up burning his fingers.

"We should've gone outside." He said with a smile as he shook his hand off.

Slasher RP take 2
Yeah Damon would be cool with her and her relationship with Diz could be an odd couple like thing where Diz doesn't really know why Erica is friends with her.

Slasher RP take 2
Yeah Niki and Diz would probably clash often but Diz isn't likely to back down from Niki which would probably only serve to make Niki dislike her more.

Slasher RP take 2
Since we don't seem to have a movie buff I'll throw in Damon.

Damon Wulf - Stoner and horror movie fan. Is very sarcastic but is knowledgeable about the horror movie genre and what not to do. Also enjoys motocross and will have to accept any dare he's given because that's just how he is.

Slasher RP take 2
I'm up for taking part in this again.

Elizabeth "Diz" Gray - A tough no-nonsense girl who enjoys Metal and Punk and doesn't take shit from anyone. She won't back down if someone if trying to intimidate her or starts an argument with her. Has a large number of tattoos and a shaved head and always seems to wear a pair of tatty boots.

Totally didn't copy and paste that character from the last thread. *shifty eyes.*

I'll save Damon in case we need to add some more characters later.

As Long as There are Stars Above You
Gray nodded in agreement to Sophie's suggestion that they should grab a table. He would've suggested they go outside but Nina had beaten him to a reply so he went along with the girls.

"I've got nowhere to be."

As it turned out Gray was the only person in the group that wasn't musical in the little group they had formed. Well he couldn't play any instruments but he definitely enjoyed listening to music. He sometimes wondered if he'd have been able to learn an instrument, after all he'd have had plenty of time when his leg was broken. Then again his parents probably wouldn't have been so hot on the idea of him picking up yet another hobby, plus most instruments tended to be expensive from what he had seen. Which granted probably wasn't a good indication of the actual price overall once stuff like amps, lessons and the like, although Gray would have skipped on the lessons and just taught himself...eventually. In the end though none of that ended up happening because he'd jumped straight back on his board as soon as he could, but hey he could still imagine what could have happened.

Gray took another sip from his drink as he sat down. He'd essentially bought caffeinated lemonade but it wasn't actually that bad. True he had bought the cookie as a safe bet in case the drink had ended up being disgusting so that'd he'd at least have something decent it just ended up being a win for him though, since he had a drink that actually tasted nice and was refreshing and a cookie.

"I've been doing good. Filmed a demo tape the other day so I'm glad that went well." Gray said with a grin. "Managed to avoid injuring myself."

It felt like he'd been talking about the demo tape for ages, but he had been genuinely excited about making one. It helped when the person who would be filming and editing it was Claire, who Gray knew was good at anything like that. So it was bound to look awesome. The other thing that had him excited about it was that he'd been landing everything he'd attempted that day...which made a change. He couldn't remember the last time he'd landed everything he'd attempted but it was always a good feeling to nail and hard trick. The fact that he'd nailed everything only made him feel that much better about asking Claire for help in the first place.

Then again it could all be traced back to what Andi had said to him that day. He still wasn't sure what to think of that.

As Long as There are Stars Above You
It turned out Nina had been at the gym before heading to Starbucks. Working out was something that Gray didn't really do, apart from the period of physical therapy he'd done after breaking his leg, which hadn't really helped any. But that was different from exercising as a hobby. Nina also added that she'd showered which Gray assumed she had done but it was good to hear anyway otherwise it would have been a bit weird.

"Cool. Must be annoying not being able to exercise properly. With your arm and all."

Gray had been through a similar deal when he'd been unable to do any skating. It had been an incredibly boring and depressing time in his life but his dad had been there to take him to Centennial Park almost every day so it hadn't been as bad as it could be. It was also the reason why Gray liked the park so much, at least that's what he assumed since he couldn't really think of any other reason he'd like it.

It was at that point Gray became aware that Sophie McDowell was standing just behind Nina. He hadn't noticed her at first because Nina had started talking to him almost straight away. Gray hadn't talked to Sophie all that much but he knew she was very musical the guitar on her back was a give-away as well.

"Hey Sophie." He said as he gave a small wave. He was momentarily distracted when he had to collect his order from an employee and when he turned back around Nina was asking Sophie about her guitar. He took a sip of his drink through the straw as he listened to what Nina was saying. It sounded like Nina was asking if Sophie had been busking. Gray didn't know what type of music Sophie played but he assumed that people would give you money as long as your busking was good. He moved out of the way of the counter, making sure the part of his skateboard that was jutting out of his bag didn't hit anything as he did so.

His mind immediately wandered to whether Sophie could play "Swing Life Away". Mainly because it was one of his favourite songs he reminded himself to ask Sophie about it at some point, couldn't hurt to ask after all.

"What style of music do you play Sophie?"

As Long as There are Stars Above You
Gray pushed his foot off the pavement to keep his momentum up as he rolled along the waterfront on his skateboard. He'd been drifting around aimlessly for the better part of a half-hour. He'd left the house to buy a couple of DVD's and see what t-shirts and hoodies were being sold in some of the stores around town. Gray had ended up at the Waterfront at some point during that time and had just gone with it. After all it was a nice day out and when it was that sunny it would've been stupid to waste his time indoors. The thought of checking Elysium out of boredom had entered his mind but he'd decided against it. Instead he just decided to head into Starbucks the idea of a drink and a fresh cookie appealed to him.

Gray jumped off his board and slid it safely into his bag before stepping into the store. Almost immediately after joining the line he regretted his decision. The line was moving pretty slowly and Gray debated on whether it would be quicker for him to just leave and get a drink from a different store. In the end he decided against it, since he was already in the Starbucks; eventually he managed to get to the counter and ordered a Cool Lime Refresher as well as a cookie.

As Gray paid he heard the girl who had ordered before him greet someone called Sophie, her voice sounded vaguely familiar to him so he turned his head to have a look at whoever it was. He was surprised to see that it was Nina Cl...Clarke. Gray had forgotten her surname for a second but the splint was a giveaway. The reason he had forgotten her surname would've been because Gray hadn't interacted too much Nina before; he knew she'd broken her hand though, like everyone else at Aurora. Deciding it would be better to at least try and be social rather than just get his drink and leave Gray moved to where Nina was waiting for her order and greeted her.

"Hey Nina, how're you?"