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Skies of Gray
Gray watched as Mrs Garvey barely acknowledged Tito. He half expected her to walk over and ask what he wanted, but she was distracted by the sound of books falling to the floor.

That was lucky.

As Mrs Garvey moved away to check what the commotion was Gray let his bag drop back onto the floor. It looked like he was going to be able to keep his skateboard for a little longer. Misa made an attempt to see what was going on but couldn't get a good view.

"Be right back."

Knowing Misa she was probably going to see if the person who had knocked the books over needed any help. She was a kind person who accepted people for what they were so it wasn't really much of a surprise that she could be checking if someone needed help.
"I didn't mean to like, barge in on you two like that though,"

Huh...oh right, Tito's still here.

Gray didn't exactly know Tito very well...ok at all. He did seem to be making an effort to seem friendly and polite though and Gray could appreciate that. Tito must have been slightly nervous because he didn't know either him or Misa very well, so he was probably trying to make a good impression.

"But you know how Mrs. Garvey gets. Man, we've been going to this school for four years and we really don't know each other, do we?"

Gray turned and looked at Tito. He was right they'd been going to the same school for four years and they didn't know each other. Gray may have possible heard Tito's name mentioned at some point but there was no way he was going to remember. He didn't know anything about Tito, he wasn't even sure if Tito knew anything about him. It was weird thinking about it like that. Standing next to him was a guy that had been in the same building as him for a long portion of Gray's life, and yet they'd never really spoken. It wasn't like the school was even that big. Gray found it interesting of stuff like that could happen.

"It's cool. I don't mind and I don't think Misa minds. Oh and about Mrs. Garvey, I don't know how she gets since well Misa had to remind me of her name. You're right though we don't know each other. Which is weird considering four years is a long time to be in a building with the same people almost every day. Not that I'm surprised I don't know everyone, I don't even remember the last time I even came into the library."

Skies of Gray
"Garvey, Mrs. Garvey."

Gray made sure made sure she wasn't within earshot before replying.

"I knew it was similar to gravy."

Gray wasn't all too surprised he didn't know her name. That would have required him to actually use the library and that never happened. He'd just never actually needed to use the library. He managed to do well enough to pass without it so why bother. If he was honest though he preferred doing just about anything other than study, like practice skateboarding which is what he did most of the time.

Gray then realised he still hadn't asked Misa what she was doing. He had thought it was weird for someone to be in the library working so soon after returning from the break but he'd never found out why.

"So anyway Misa what ar-" He was interrupted by a cough.

"Hey, guys."

Gray turned to see Tito del Sol standing by the table. He was a nice guy but Gray hadn't had too much interaction with him so he didn't really have much to base that on not like he cared anyway.

"Mrs. Garvey thinks I'm with the newspaper. I am, but I'm not really on duty or anything. But she won't bother you guys, or try and confiscate anything."

As he said the second part of the sentence he glanced at Gray's bag.

He knows about the skateboard then.

Gray scratched the back of his neck again.

"I hope not."

Gray really didn't feel like having his board confiscated on its first day of use. It would be a pain trying to get it back if it was too. His old board had been confiscated once after someone had said he wouldn't try riding it through a hallway; they had been wrong and it took him a good week to get the board back. Walking to and from the school took a lot longer and was a much more boring experience so he wasn't up for doing it again. Although since he had two boards now if one got confiscated he could just use the other one, and completely defeat the point of having the first board confiscated. Gray shook his head as Tito smiled in Mrs. Garvey's direction. This could end badly he just had a feeling, on a more positive note it could be entertaining.

Yasmin "Yaz" Carrol
Edited the profile covering all the changes you wanted.

Skies of Gray
Misa greeted him with a smile and nod as he sat down.

"What's up?"

She was keeping her voice quiet, made sense. Neither of them wanted the librarian coming over to tell them to be quiet. Gray never could quite remember her name, it was similar to gravy he knew that much but he never did spend enough time in the library to know it. He shrugged

"Not much. I've been looking for someone to talk too for a while now. I'd almost given up when I came in here, but hey things just work out for me I guess."

Didn't work out with the car though.

"Almost always work out." Gray corrected himself. He noticed Misa shaking her head and trying to laugh silently. Turning he saw the librarian peering in their direction. His hand subconsciously shifted the skateboard further under the table and his bag. She wasn't exactly being subtle about the fact she was trying to listen in, or maybe she was trying to be subtle and failing he didn't really know or care.

"I guess she fell out of the loop over winter break. Seems like she's pretty intent on getting ahold of some good gossip to blab in the teachers' lounge later,"

Gray turned back to Misa.

"She can try." he whispered. "What gossip can you get from us though? I mean other then the fact we talked or is that enough to count? I don't really pay attention to how gossip works."

It was true Gray didn't care and couldn't remember a time when he did care what people said or thought about him. It just seemed to be how he was as a person. He didn't care what people told him about others either. If they were alright to him he'd be fine with them regardless of what he rest of the school thought. Everyone had an opinion, accept it, move on and live your life. Same applied to his biggest passions, skating, snowboarding and surfing. People could think or say what they wanted it was their right. Didn't mean he was going to change for them though.

He got the feeling Misa sometimes thought the same thing, but that she seemed to care more about what people thought. Gray had once come in with a gash across his whole index finger and some stitches in his head where it had met concrete. Imagining Misa coming in looking like that was hard. She put effort into her appearance. Gray just threw on his hat, shoes and then whatever else he felt like. It did explain why he was wearing a Birdhouse t-shirt that he hadn't actually seen before.

He heard the scraping of a chair and turned again to see the librarian getting up from her desk. He quickly leaned under the table and opened his bag, sliding as much of the skateboard as he could inside before zipping it to as close to closed as he could get it. He had to settle for hiding the front of the board between his legs and hoping she didn't look too closely at him. Sitting back up straight he rubbed the back of his neck.

"Don't want to lose my new board." He whispered to Misa. " I spent most of last night putting it together." He glanced at the librarian as she started to walk around the room.

"Also what's her name...I've kinda forgotten."

Survivor Mafia: Game Thread
EBWOP: Huh, wasn't aware I was one of the lowest posters.

Survivor Mafia: Game Thread
Well, now we know what happens if we don't have someone having more votes than the other. Which means we have to lynch someone otherwise we'll have to leave it to chance, which seems like the worst idea ever.

Yasmin "Yaz" Carrol
Edited it to match the template. That's what I get for writing this at 2:00am.

Yasmin "Yaz" Carrol
Name: Yasmin "Yaz" Carrol
Gender: Female.
Age: 18
Grade: 12th
Hobbies and Interests: Drawing, Photography, Music

Appearance: Yasmin definitely falls under the category of cute standing only 4"10' and weighing 99 pounds. This makes her rather skinny. She has a fairly pale complexion that makes her long brown hair stand out against her face. Her hair reaches down to her shoulders and bangs hang over a blue headband that makes them stick out off her face keeping her hair away from her eyes. Her face is fairly straight and her eyes are a dark shade of blue and very rounded and she has a small button nose. Her mouth is quite small but always seems to be smiling. She tends to wear tight fitting t-shirts and jeans as well as purple and pink Vans and she always wears a black and white bead necklace.

Biography: Born to Kimberly and Mike Carrol, Yasmin has lived in the same two bedroom house her whole life. It's not that her parents can't afford to move it's more that they are happy with where they are living. Her nickname of Yaz came when her parents were trying to make her learn her name and she could only say the first three letters. The name stuck with her parents using it and others picking it up when they visited which has led to it becoming more used then her actual name. Yasmin has a very positive outlook on life and is very happy go lucky once people get to know her. She is shy though and will tend to be quiet around large groups of people or people she doesn't know. She grew up as an only child so didn't have as much social interaction with other children.

While she only interacted with a handful of other children in elementary school her time at the school could be considered happy and uneventful. Her hobby of drawing started at Elementary and she excelled in Art class. After moving to middle school however Yasmin started to become a victim of bullying for being smaller than all of the other girls. While at first this distressed Yasmin since she had never been picked on to any real degree before then she eventually adapted to it and managed to keep up her happy go lucky while in public. In private however she became increasingly more depressed and upset, beginning to spend much of her time at home alone in her room. It didn't help that she entered puberty later than many of her classmates and as such remained small while they were all growing. Her parents realising that something was going on with her took her to see a councillor, who got Yasmin to admit that she was being bullied at school. After her parents went to the school and explained what had been happening the bullying started to decline and Yasmin became much happier.

The bullying had the side effect of making her lonely at school. Leading to her to start to draw much more than she used to while she was at home and didn't have anything else to do apart from be alone with her negative thoughts, because she wasn't talking to her parents about being bullied. Her drawings can be considered her way of expressing herself creatively or when she feels words won't work. This can mostly be attributed to the bullying, the drawing was a way to channel her negative emotions into something that could calm her down and produce something that she enjoyed at the same time. Many people do tend to comment that her drawings are darker than what she would normally take photos of. She hasn't told anyone why this is because of her shy nature. When she started drawing she wasn't very good but she has improved over the years through constant practice and taking it as a subject once she reached high school. Her drawings range from landscapes that are changed in some way, like the trees being dead to full portraits of monsters that tend to have dimensions that would make them tall if they were real. She does draw lighter pictures though and frequently finds herself drawing a cat she's started to call Benny if she decides to randomly draw something happy. She assumes this is due to the fact that she likes cats and the idea of having one as a pet.

Upon entering high school she took up Art as a subject without a second thought and this is the subject where she applies herself most. She is also a very competent student in other areas of her education such as English and Maths. Her grades are between average and above average, with Art being a class she is considered exceptionally good at. Art being the subject she puts the most effort into followed by English. Yasmin is hoping she will be able to go to college when she leaves high school and she is preparing a portfolio of her work for this purpose, she is also planning on using the portfolio in case she needs to become a freelance artist if she does not make it into college.

Her interest in photography started when she choose to study the subject, she found she had a natural flair for taking photos of landscapes. The thing she enjoyed about photography was the fact that a photo would capture a moment in time. She feels more like she is preserving something when she takes a photo of it whereas she feels more like she's creating something when she draws it out. She enjoyed it enough to turn it into a hobby which she actively pursues outside of school time. She can often be seen with her bag which will always contain her camera so that she can take a picture of anything the she finds interesting. Some of the photos she takes will be kept as photos while she may take others and draw them out by hand altering them in some way. She enjoys doing this and is determined to get a career in Art. Since it is a passion she has had for a long time. Although she can be self-deprecating at times about the quality of her work, she is aware that she is in fact a very good artist.

Yasmin frequently listens to music when she is engrossed in a piece. The style tends to stay around punk, indie rock and alternative. She says this helps her creativity. She even has specific playlists set up to get her in a specific mood for a piece. Her views on music are that it is a form of art you hear rather than view and she can sometimes find herself longing to be able to play an instrument so that she can produce music. She also frequently visits music stores to pick up new releases or see if there is anything interesting that she might like. In fact one of the things Yasmin wants to do if she becomes a full time artist is design the cover art for an album or be the photographer that takes the picture that is used.

Yasmin relationship with her parents is a good one; she can't remember ever having a fight with either of them. They are both very supportive of her passion for Art and bought her a brand new camera on her last birthday which is considerably better than the one she was using as well as paying for half of the cost of a laptop she bought the year before so that she could edit pictures better. They also supported her emotionally once they became aware that she was getting bullied. They would frequently check with the school to make sure that the bullying had died down as well as cheering her up if she was in a negative mood. Yasmin enjoys spending time with her parents and Saturday is a traditional movie night where all three of them watch a movie together.

Socially Yasmin can be very shy of a person that she has just met and will only say a few words to them because she is unsure of whether they will be kind to her or not. However once she gets past the initial awkward stage of meeting someone she is a very kind and supportive person. She has a small group of friends that she has mostly made through them being in the same classes. She is considered to be very trustworthy by people she is friends with and while is not the most active person to interact with in a group she makes an effort to be nice to everyone.

Advantages: Her small size means people may underestimate her and allow her to hide in places that others wouldn't be able to reach. She also has a high degree of mental toughness after enduring being bullied for so long.
Disadvantages: Yasmin is not very strong so it would be easy for someone to overpower her and her shyness means it will be hard for her to talk people out of things.

Skies of Gray
(Gray Emerson continued from New and Shiny)

Gray had been looking for someone to hang out with for a while, but luck hadn't been on his side. On the plus side he'd managed to skate to Aurora High and around it a few times in his search so he was comfortable on the new board. He was currently on the second floor looking for someone he had hung with at anytime the year before. Gray had always found first days back easier if you had someone you knew to talk too. You could discuss any changes and get used to them. It was also less lonely, so that was a plus.

I must have an anti-friend field.

Gray had seen a lot of people around school but no one he knew particularly well. The Library was now he last hope. If no one he knew was in it he was planning on seeing how many steps he could jump down in one of the streets by the school. You always needed a plan B after all.

He pushed the door leading to the library open and quietly entered. He didn't want to draw too much attention since he had a skateboard in his right hand and he was fairly sure the librarian wouldn't appreciate him bringing it in with him. His luck finally came through for him, Misa Achtland was sitting at one of the tables. Gray was pretty good friends with Misa. So seeing her was a pleasant experience. He looked around to see if the librarian was nearby and after seeing her at her desk, he made his way over to Misa; taking care to ensure that the view of the skateboard was blocked by his body.
She was staring out of the window, not noticing him approaching. He pulled one of the chairs that had been left to one side to where Misa was sitting and dropped his bag off his shoulder.

"Hey Misa."

Gray wondered what she was doing. It wasn't exactly normal behaviour to be in the library on the first day back.

Survivor Mafia: Game Thread

So umm yeah not much to go on, and Slam does have a point, if Doc did know he was scum or at least had some evidence he probably would have stuck with his vote. There is also the other side of the arguement which is Doc doesn't know anyhting about Slam and was just voting for him to get or attention.

A cult might be in play, since I don't think your told if someone is converted (Correct me if I'm wrong.) Also if the fluff behind the Swing Vote role is anything to go on it seems possible thematically if there was a very charismatic player on the show. I wouldn't actually know since I've never seen Survivor but was there anyone like that? I know a guy made an alliance on one of the earlier seasons but that's about it.

New and Shiny [Oneshot]
Music played softly from the speakers of the computer that had been left on an iTunes shuffle. In front of a monitor a screwdriver lay on the desk on top of books that should have been packed for school the next day. The occupant of the room was sitting cross-legged on the only chair in the room. He had his skateboard on his lap and was cutting the grip tape he had just stuck on the deck of the board with a razor so that it was the correct shape. He looked up once he had finished, checking the time.

He was impressed. It had taken him about 5 minutes. Now all he had to do was put the trucks back on and he'd be able to ride the board to school. He had laid out all the parts of the trucks in some semblance of order. Picking up the parts of the front truck he started to assemble it. He had done it so many times before it was almost natural too him now. His mind drifted to returning to school. I wasn't that he was worried about it, it was stupid to worry about something you couldn't control especially if it was the date school restarted.

He went back to screwing the back truck onto his board. He made sure it was slightly looser so that it absorbed more of the landing whenever he would jump it. He flipped the board over his hands a few times admiring his handiwork. It looked good, he'd made sure that this board would look good. New wheels, new trucks, new deck and a he'd made a custom grip tape design. He stood up and stretched his legs, while he preferred sitting cross-legged he'd sometimes get bad pins and needles. As he straightened up he felt his left knee lock into place.

He sighed, this was why he liked sitting cross-legged, and he couldn't lock his knee in place. Putting the board down he pushed on the back of his knee until it popped back into place. It had been like that since the accident, his knee would lock itself in place and he'd have to unlock it. Normally it would lock in place at the worst times, like during a race. It was annoying sometimes but it wasn't a big deal.

There we go.

He pushed the skateboard over to the foot of his bed and turned back towards his desk, he made it about two steps before tripping over his snowboarding boots. He forgot that he'd left them there. It was pretty crazy how much stuff relating to a sport involving a board he owned. It was more of a show of passion and commitment than anything else. Gray didn't really know any other hobby, he expressed himself through boarding. He couldn't imagine doing anything else in his spare time, maybe study a little. The thought then entered his head that he didn't remember what lessons he had tomorrow.

Oh well, I've probably got a timetable somewhere.

It'd be fine, in the end it always was.

Survivor Mafia: Game Thread
Whirlpool are you suggesting that pressuring Mimi into talking is a worse idea then letting her stay fairly inactive? That just doesn't seem very helpful to me.

Gray Emerson
Edited the profile.

Gray Emerson
Name: Gray Emerson
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Grade: 12th
School: Aurora High School
Hobbies and Interests: Surfing, Skateboarding, Snowboarding, hanging out with friends

Appearance: Gray is Caucasian and is 5'6" and weighs 134 pounds. He has auburn hair that tends to be messy. It is long enough to cover his eyes when it's wet. However he tends to wear a warrior international beanie nearly all the time that covers it. His eyes are a blue green colour and round shaped. He has a rounded face with subtle cheekbones that comes to a soft point at his chin. It seems to always be in a bored expression. His expression will change whenever he takes part in one his hobbies though. He normally wears loose fitting t-shirts and tattered jeans with a pair of black Animal shoes that he wears almost as often as his hat.

Biography: Born to Crystal and Grant Emerson, Gray lived most of his youngest years in a small 1 bedroom apartment. Once he turned five his parents used money they had been saving to buy a new house so they could properly raise him. It was hard for his parents at first after Grant got fired from his original job as an electrician and had trouble finding a new one. Crystal however worked as a Physiotherapist, so even though they had to be careful with their spending they managed to keep the house. A benefit of Grant's unemployment was that he got to spend much more time with Gray; Grant would often take Gray out of the house to visit the park. Gray has many good memories of the park and considers it one of his favourite places in Seattle. He frequently visits it with friends when he just wants to hang out and relax.

Early on in his life Gray was adventurous and took up many hobbies but he would always seem to drop one to move on to another that interested him. Some of the hobbies included roller blading and cycling. He would revisit hobbies he'd dropped and take them up again for a short period of time before dropping them again. This started to cost his parents too much money so eventually they got sick of his constant switching since they would need to buy new equipment every time he took up a new activity. This led to them telling him to pick a hobby and stick to it. He compromised and stuck with the two hobbies that were the most similar, Surfing and Snowboarding.

He constantly practiced with his chosen hobbies whenever he had spare time. He also took up skateboarding when he found his old skateboard. He started to practice with the skateboard everyday after school because it was more practical than either of his other hobbies. He even started to use the skateboard to get to school. However one day when he was doing this he was hit by a car as he was crossing a road. The car had been breaking the speed limit at the time. The accident broke Gray's left leg taking him out of school for two months and he required crutches to walk for a period after the accident. Although his leg has healed, his knee can still sometimes lock in place which limits his movement until he unlocks it.

He also has gained a reputation for agreeing to attempt most stunts that he is asked to do, regardless of how likely it is that he will succeed. This has led to Gray crashing and burning multiple times but he will always get up and walk away from the crash with a smile on his face. He has become very adept at shrugging off pain due to his crashes and while he has never been in a fight he is seen as someone who is hard to hurt. It is not uncommon to see Gray turn up to school on the first day of the week with a new cut or bruise on his body.

While Gray puts real effort into his favourite hobbies he doesn't put the same amount into the rest of his life. He is laid back to the point of being uncaring. He seemingly doesn't worry about anything always saying that it'll be fine in the end. This comes from the fact that his dad's attitude was that people were too caught up in their own lives and problems and never stopped worrying. Gray firmly adopted this philosophy and is laid back because he doesn't worry. His reasoning for this is that his dad never seemed worried in front of him when he was fired. Gray sees this as the best way to deal with problems because he thinks getting stressed or worrying about situations will only lead to the problem getting worse.

Grays attitude crosses over into education as well. He's an average student who puts in just the right amount of effort to maintain his passing grades. He doesn't seem to care too much about his education when compared to others. He regards exams as a waste of time because he feels you don't need to be put in a high stress environment just so you can prove your knowledge. His time at school when not in class usually revolves around hanging out with his friends. When out of school he's more likely to be found outside practicing his skateboarding or surfing, than inside studying.

Gray will hang out with anyone without caring about their social standing. Not really caring about what others think about the people he is friends with. If someone tries to annoy or get a rise out of him he will just shrug it off in a nonchalant manner normally replying with "Yeah, whatever." before carrying on with whatever he was doing.

Gray has a high tolerance for pain and is good at coping with pain whenever he does get hurt.
Disadvantages: Since Gray's leg can lock into place he can sometimes be caught off guard by the sudden lack of movement. The fact that this severely hampers his movement until he unlocks it could potentially leave him vulnerable.

Survivor Mafia: Game Thread
Well this lack of anything in the way of activity at night is both good and bad I guess, no one aligned with the town died but we didn't get any information. I'm fine to wait for Dom to explain his vote. but we should probably listen to Slam and make sure that as the day phase moves closer to it's end we become more careful in regards to throwing around votes.

Survivor Mafia: Game Thread

Lynching Sickness on joke votes alone seems pretty stupid so I'll retract my vote. Which if I've counted this right means Decoy is now in the hotseat in regards to elimination. Plus he hasn't said anything since voting for Sickness, so some more explanation other than Sickness having the most votes at the time would be nice.

Survivor Mafia: Game Thread
Vote: Sickness

For voting first.

Survivor Mafia: Sign-ups