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On the Waterfront
Despite the now heavier traffic, they'd reached Starbucks a little sooner than she'd expected.

It seemed rather crowded, full of people relaxing in the air-conditioned building, avoiding the kind of sunshine that Seattle experienced a total of two times a year. At least there seemed to be enough empty tables for them to find a decent place to sit.

"I'm thinking that I'm more in the mood for tea than coffee right now." Kalisa said.

"Come to Starbuck's and not have coffee?" Grace feigned mock surprise at Kaliska's statement. "That's almost blasphemy. What are you going to say next? That you're not allowed to bring in MacBooks as well?"

Grace smiled a little after making that comment. "Honestly though, I'm probably just getting a vanilla latte. Or an espresso, maybe. How about you, David?"

On the Waterfront
((No problem, I've got exams coming up soon, so I might not be too quick with replies as well))

Seeing Kaliska's gesture, Grace put the book back on the shelf. There was a mild twinge of disappointment. It had been a good read, at least from what she saw of it, i.e. not much. Maybe she'd stop by and get it some other time. With the book back on the shelf, she walked back towards the front of the store.

Kaliska was talking to a clerk but Grace guessed that they were just about done anyway.

"Hmn? You guys didn't find anything interesting either? That's a shame." Grace said, noting the lack of books or carriers in hands. "How 'bout we go get that coffee now. I mean, I'm practically dying for a drink."