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Randomness' Relationship Request Room 2017
I can't believe I failed to finish that sentence, but basically, yeah.

Sounds cool.

Randomness' Relationship Request Room 2017

Emily will definitely react with a combination of confusion and irritation, but not sure how she'd see him after the fact. I can see her as both regretting overreacting at him, but at the same time thinking that he's an idiot who needs to learn some tact.

Eli and Ian would definitely be friends. I'd think that Eli would be super protective of him and would like to help push Ian a little, but he might be a little patronising about it at times.

Eli might know Ivy as well, I guess I should edit the profile to mention this, but he comes from a relatively well to do family. I'd guess they might have been friends in the past, but

I can see Nia and Jaclyn getting along well! I think having her as a confidant could work great. They're both good listener, so I'd think they might find the conversations they have refreshing because they are both rather used to being talked at?

I can also see her trying to pick up ASL, but feeling really bad about being bad at it to the point she sometimes finds it hard to use it?

Also yes, Ivy can definitely pick on Jaclyn.


I've already got a close toxic relationship planned already, and Jamie probably wouldn't be on great terms with Emily. I feel like she sort of understands her self destructive traits, and I'm not sure how well she can handle someone who pushes her in that direction.

What I feel could work though, is a perhaps more one sided friendship, with her trying her best not to get too involved, but he still acts friendly despite everything, and takes her vitriol as friendly joshing?

The V2 Read-o-thon
The character who accidentally killed chat, the quotation mark and sanity.

I'm not going to quote that line from Ali's profile here, because of the swathes of destruction left by it's introduction in chat. Megami was probably too innocent to realise what effect her words could have upon future generations of SOTFers.

Ali is a bit of a stereotype at points, the stereotypical rich bitch, daughter of a senator, who cares a little too much about guys. There's an interesting nuance in her profile, she's head over heels for someone who isn't interested back, and she doesn't really understand the ramifications about the way she presents herself on anything more than a surface level.


So Ali's pregame is kinda long. Really long.

Her first pregame thread sets her characterisation from the start. She's a rich kid who never takes no for an answer, and sneaks up on Ian Rico and decides that it'd be fun to snatch Sofie de Wilde's (Sofie seems to be pregame only) not-quite-boyfriend away, insults the friends next to him to his face while buttering him up. And then this drops:

“RED CARD! Somebody stop this child molester!”

In a move that brings thoughts of Fiyori to mind, Mitch Gunther, leaps at her, biting her in the arm. She's pissed and slaps him, leaving for the infirmary with an overwrought line.

"I'll have you suspended for this, you know," she mused, no hint of remorse echoing in her words, "I don't think you understand who you're messing with. My Daddy's a senator, don't you know that I can pull the strings to get whatever I want? You people... I could make your lives a living hell. Remember that."

Herein lies one of the big problems with Ali. There's a little too much focus on how beautiful she is, almost every sentence is laced with a descriptor of either her looks/ her ability to snatch men away. This really is a problem of Ali, most of the writing is good, but it often feels a need to overstate things that are already clear to the reader, or simply unnecessary for the current post. She uses the word 'muses' far too often, and other small things in the use of vocabulary that could be evocative if they weren't overdone. Still, it brings across her character fairly well, even if I feel that a lot of her lines are way over the top.

Her second thread though, is a little more nuanced. Sophie plays off Ali rather well, almost unflappable in the face of Ali's insults and jabbing at how shallow Ali is, while Ali remains oblivious and spiteful, unable to get what Sophie means. The dialogue is a little cheesy, with gems like "Au revoir mon cheri, I do so hope we'll meet again," but it's an interesting thread in all.

She then goes on to meet CJ (our dear hook-handed janitor) Bryan, and Tori, and spends her single post in the thread telling Bryan that he'd missed a spot. It seems a little out of nowhere, but actually helps setup a little bit of the Bryan-Ali and Tori-Ali dynamic for the next thread.

Tori is a character I like from the get go, her personality is rather down to earth, even if her posts are marred by a rather large number of typos. Tori wants to get in with the cool kids, and sees Ali and Preston as a chance to do so, which sets up an really interesting dynamic. Ali hates Bryan for being part of the "Bloody Fists", and his shabby dress, and wants Tori to join her "Sisterhood", while Tori is intrigued by Bryan's kindness and the conversation she'd had with him earlier that they, and yet wanting to be part of the cool kids. It's rather unfortunate that not a lot more comes from this, but it's a quality scene that actually could be the setup for a lot more.

Then comes the part I kinda don't like. Megami and Riserugu spend at least twenty thousand words describing a date between Ali and Gregg and while on a technical level the writing is good, I can't actually bring myself to like it. Gregg doesn't know Ali's mean girl personality and she's head over heels for him. Unfortunately, the thread feels like it wears out it's outcome fairly soon, with so little to actual propel things forward. There are several subtle things that work well, but too often the thread simply meanders on, an it merely comes to an uneventful stop as pregame ends.


Ali's first Island thread has her exchanging usual island pleasantries like "What weapons do you have?". Mariavel stumbles into this thread, worn and bloodied after a couple battles. The two of them seem to have a personal grudge that goes beyond just the feud between their cliques, but Mariavel refuses to defile a church with fighting, a move that comes across as rather surprising given that this is the very first Mariavel post I've ever read. In any case, the thread gets rather crowded with the addition of the very unfortunate, R. Kelly and Ali decides to get the hell out of there.

There are some interesting inconsistencies in the thread, which unfortunately seem less of a personal contradiciton than a mistake. She notes her disbelief in god, before selfishly praying to god in her first post, and then goes on to deny any thought of religiosity.

But she's off without a single thought of that, and she wanders over to witness Jameson Doeert's death. Skraal's already mentioned this one, but she uses it to good effect. We get a little look into her mind that's different from her regular prissy rich kid thoughts, and notes points which she actually fails to notice herself in the narrative, and is a touch of humanisation that Ali has sorely lacked thus far.

Her next thread is an interesting fight with Tanesha, with an interesting flashback about how Ali had basically coerced Sera into pasting Tanesha's diary, which contained stories about her infatuations, in a place for all to see. I really enjoy this post right up till the last bit when Ali decides that she needs to give a speech about how much better she is than Tanesha, instead of running away with her tail between her legs. Seriously, if Ali would actually stop interjecting everything with "but anyway, I'm better than you" and have some mild introspection, she would be a much, much stronger read.

Well, on to the next thread, and Ali is doing her makeup? But in any case, she meets up with Gregg here, which is a rather nice thread, though my earlier complaint about them taking too long to do anything in pregame starts to rear its ugly head once more.

Gregg goes inactive and Megami picks him up and the two enter the next thread where the pair are accosted by Mariavel. Mariavel, doesn't actually want to kill Ali, which is really making me confused about all these second-hand Mariavel reports, and instead merely wants to humilate her in front of her crush. Mariavel reveals Ali's terrible side to Gregg, and Ali merely responds with vitriol. And so Mariavel shoots her, as Mariavel does.

She’d never know if they hit Ali because the announcements came on after she shot.

That doesn't add anything to what I want to say about Ali, but I just wanted to share that. Somehow Mariavel can't confirm the shot because Danya is speaking. It's amazing.

But anyway, Ali is shot, and her horrible nature is revealed, and Gregg is somehow perfectly fine with that. The horribleness, not the fact that she'd been shot. They travel to the school where he tries to patch her up, and have a short encounter with Beth before the place blows sky high. But as they die, they manage to squeeze in a kiss within a song post.

Final thoughts:

Ali is competently written, but to be honest she doesn't have a strong story going for her. Her relationship with Gregg is the only real focus, and she suffers a little for it. The chemistry between them is shallow in too many ways, and really doesn't deserve the focus it gets. There are several interesting scenes, but they are all too often marred by weird choices and there's a ridiculously large amount of wasted character development potential in her.

In all, not a read I would strongly recommend, but an inoffensive one. If you want to read her, I would recommend you skip all the threads in pregame after the one where she meets Tori. You only really need to know that her and Gregg are a thing, and that she hides her mean side from him before getting into the game proper.

Worm Mafia Fallout Thread
I have learnt that I can't push games.

Murder really did a good job undermining my position from the get go, and I really shouldn't have launched an attack on him without a case, even though my gut told me he was definitely mafia.

I was suspecting Deamon honestly, because he wasn't using the neigbourhood to confirm info, which implied he didn't need/want it, but thought Murder was a more important target in endgame, since I already knew Deamon was a neighboirizer.

The V2 Read-o-thon
I quite like Blake, but he suffers from several flaws that detract from his character.

The opening thread works through strong and realistic thought processes. He's bright, but also flawed, and he shows that very quickly when his idea of taping a bible to his chest to act as padding is quickly shown to simply be an annoyance rather than a great idea.

His thought processes are interesting, sometimes thinking about what the game means more than his personal affairs, we occasionally get a little bit too much of the intelligent atheist archetype seeping through in the early writing, but for the most part he makes it work.

It's helped that he interacts with a lot of quality writing in his threads, his kill of Gregory is brutal, his reaction to the utterly hilarious (probably not intentionally) Stacy is nuanced, and his interactions with himself with Franco are played well enough that it doesn't seem off putting.

There's some of that unalienable wierdness that suffuses v2, though some only seem odd due to being retconned away.

Blake hits some problems starting in the middle, with a few slow threads. There's an interesting scene featuring three of Nealosi's characters, but the setup is somewhat muddled, and would probably flow better with a few breaks.

The writing remains engaging, but writing with himself for extended periods of time feel very out of place, and the lack of strong interactions with characters that aren't Franco put a damper on what could be strong writing.

It's unfortunate that he went inactive at the end, but overall Blake is a decent character with a strong voice who was marred by certain narrative choices.

New kid please.

The V2 Read-o-thon
Hit me up, barkeep.

The V5 Read-A-Thon
You know what? Toss me another one.

Randomness' Relationship Request Room 2017
Spoilered for space


Dr. Adjective




Worm Mafia
Deamon is pushing for an inactive lynch at a point where bussing is a waste of time.

Lynching an inactive person is normally only done for lack of other choices, but we have a situation where a small number of votes will decide the game.

Pushing for this easy argument against a group of people that are unlikely to argue back rubs me the wrong way.

I'm willing to take Deamon as the likeliest scum alternative.

The V5 Read-A-Thon
Mallory is a character that it's kinda hard for me to talk objectively about since Stephanie was with her for 80% of her island threads. I was done waaaaaaaay earlier and then I just let this review sit because I'm a terrible person like that. I didn't read her pregame but hopefully that doesn't really change this read.

Mallory has the absolutely fun habit of saying exactly what's on her mind. Her first meeting with Adonis was a fun scene, with an interesting mix of tension from her inability to let up on Adonis, before it transitions from awkward meeting to a holdup by Hansel.

Medic continually shows that Mallory isn't dumb, she bails her and Adonis out of trouble, she comes up with a nice message passing plan and yet, there's a selfishness underlying it all. I see a little bit of difficulty in accomodating other people and their plans in the way she reacts to things, she comes up with her own plans and she sticks to them like it or not, even though she tends to regret them not long after.

The dynamic between Stephanie and Mallory holds up fine, I think, Stephanie always struggling to keep up with Mallory's infinite depth of energy, in a kind of fun way, and Stephanie is accomodating to her impulses that leads to an interesting dynamic between the pair.

The scene with Brian, Zubin and escape talk was another strong scene, Mallory already wanting to leave the group to pursue the tennis and pillow fort plan.

The most important spoiler in this review: Mallory succeeds in making a pillow fort.

There's a nice attention to detail in the death scene, the collar beep from hiding in the fort was something I wouldn't have thought of. Hansel is still mad over the fact that she threw a waterbottle at him day one, and somehow she still manages to talk back at him, despite the gun. She's still putting up a front to the very end, her own personal pride coming before anything. Her plans are still at the forefront of her thoughts, her last

I think Mallory could have done with a little more insight into her mind at some points, but all in all, Mallory is a strong read, not just a simple comic relief character but one who was a little self-centered and mostly cared about personal gratification, both traits that would eventually lead to her death. It's a strong and largely closed arc, where her mistakes flow cleanly from her characterisation, and it all leads up to a strong pay off.

Doctor's Orders
Eli is likely to know both of them due to the time he spends at the gym, but he's likely to be closer to Akiem. Both of them are largely friendly guys on the football team who try to give back to community. I get the feeling that they'd be quite close.

Jaclyn is probably going to be kinda scared of Heather. I'd feel their relationship is probably going to hinge more around who is in their circles rather than anything else given personalities. They'd probably not know Akiem so well.

Emily probably wouldn't gel with either of them very well.

Randomness' Relationship Request Room 2017
So many people seem to be posting relationship threads today but here's another one because we can always do with more.

Emily Sharp

Elijah "Eli" Lincoln

Jason "Jaclyn" Lyons

Worm Mafia
I'd advocate a massclaim at this point. Town has zero options without information and this is the best way to ensure there is more pn the table.

Worm Mafia
@Cic I feel three is more likely than two numbers wise, simply because normally the mafia is 1/4 or so of game size. Two would be a very small mafia and would need some serious balancing in a role madness game.

@Murder The idea that getting Cic would have been as easy as pushing a vote is interesting, but you also flipped to push CPB shortly after, while they were digging themselves into a bad spot, a vote which got a lot of momentum from your push, on someone who is definitely town. I see it as oppurtunism rather than derailing.

Also, I swapped Deamon/Riki Night One. Not sure if anyone can confirm anything from that, but there we go.

Worm Mafia
I was worried about his push him starting the push on Yugi, because I was watching for potential diversions from the most likely return topic after phase one: You+CBP. On top of reading Yugi as town at end of phase, that was enough for me to risk it. We need all town members to vote on a lynch to survive, and the calculus for night phase is tricky, so I'd like to push for a lynch this phase.

Worm Mafia
Didn't think the implications of the omission through 100%. :/ Forgot people would assume there were two killing roles.

I'm the bus driver and I swapped Cic and Skraal last night. Thing is full claiming puts town into a dangerous position for night, but I guess I shouldn't have been so paranoid about that since I think this might be effective LyLo if there are three scum.

If there are three scum a misvote can lead to quickhammers.

Worm Mafia
Since this is a rather critical juncture I'm gonna soft claim with information. A shot was fired at Cic last night. It didn't go through. I'm not going to full claim unless peope desperately need to know, but I think that not revealing everything is better for now.

Anyways, I trust Cic's claim even more since I don't believe a vig would risk a doctor like this. Calling Cic for town.

Given CBP's claim, I'm looking at Murder for mafia.

Murder has been passively moving things along in a decent direction for mafia, and hasn't been pressing his cases as hard as I feel he can with the evidence available. Helped roll along the Cicada and Yugi cases. Thinking he's laying low like Vyse did in a recent game since town seems content to sit idly by.

Worm Mafia
Don't entirely like Kermit's vote since it looks like it's doing something useful, but has only moves the timeline for the flip to before night rather than after. But I can see the usefulness since it gives power roles more to work on. I'd much rather have an alternative lynch, but the conversation seems to have stalled someone.

Very tentative VOTE:Yugi

Worm Mafia
Not sure if it's advisable for the other doctor to counterclaim, especially so late in the phase when it can't ensure a lynch. Mild sketch points on Murder for not pointing this out, because he's the one my brain says normally advises against counterclaiming.

Worm Mafia
Are you talking about a result PM, because I'm not sure if doctors normally get those. Second of all, can you confirm what you mean by 'this is how I will PM people about power usage', because standard results can differ from role to role.