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Yugi ruins everything for everyone
I'm gonna help update this.


-Lily (By way of Lili)

You Could Have A Dream About Losing Your Friends
Jaime's sudden shouting had felt like the equivalent of a jump scare, and for a moment Amanda had panicked. Her index finger was pressing against the safety lever, the small piece of metal preventing her finger from pulling the trigger. So much for asking if the others were doing anything stupid.

But the safety had done it’s job of preventing her from even getting near the trigger. In the end it was only a little metal lever that had stood between her and the biggest mistake of her life.

But it had worked, and the what if scenarios were resigned to her brain, and she was left standing there with the person that she almost shot shouting about how the torch was burning her eyes off.

It didn’t help that Jaime was the kind of person that Amanda couldn’t really enjoy being around in the best of circumstances. Even less so now that she was being shouted at. At least the little circle of light that Jaime was complaining about showed that she wasn’t visibly armed.

Emma seemed to be doing her best to calm Jaime down, but Amanda wasn’t sure if that would work. Lucilly seemed content to stay in her corner, an understandable but mildly frustrating response.

“Sorry!” Amanda turned the light away from the girl. “I didn’t mean to… Yeah.”

The apology felt hollow. She had almost shot her. What the heck was she supposed to say? It was dark and no one had probably seen anything, but she still knew what she had done.

“Okay. Okay. Let’s calm down and talk things out a sec.” Amanda said, as much to herself as to Jaime.

The World Turned Upside Down
His legs were still aching, his head was still a mess, and if he had been by himself, he would have been quite willing to just collapse back onto the ground and stay there for a good long time.

He still wanted to. Somewhere in the back of his mind he wanted to find his own little corner to be alone in.

But Hazel's comments had somehow pushed that away.

Jordan was rarely comfortable with compliments of any sort. He was never sure what to do when people complimented his grades, and even less sure when it came to his writing. And he wasn’t as smart or as nice as people sometimes said he was, he just had a habit of not blurting out every stupid thought that came to mind. As often as not he was annoyed by them, especially when they came from people he barely knew projecting their inability to do something onto him.

But seeing him as a runner? Lanky, clumsy and generally unfit Jordan Green as a guy doing sportsy stuff? The sheer ridiculousness of that was enough to send Jordan into a fit of laughter.

“Oh gods, I can’t actually run. Not well at least.”

It felt wrong. As if he wasn’t supposed to be smiling on this island. As if everything needed to be serious and grim and dark on this island. But for once he was too tired to let the negative thoughts intrude, not the other way around for once.

“But, yeah. Living sounds good,” Jordan replied. He knew what surviving on this island meant, even if Hazel didn’t mean it that way. But it still seemed like a reasonable aspiration. Not dying that is.

He stared out at the sky for a second. The island seemed almost serene right now. Perhaps in another time, in another life, this might have been a nice place to be.

“You know, this is the first time I’ve seen the ocean.”

SOTF Grand Map of Doom! v6
I have you penned down as a shade of pink from your comment on the previous map of doom, Ricky. It will be the hottest shade of pink I can find.

SOTF Grand Map of Doom! v6
Inspired by swirly's v5 Grand Map of Doom, this is an infographic that keeps track of characters and threads. I actually had a half-assed version of my own somewhere before this, so I quickly adapted the format to produce something that is quite similar in style to the original Grand Map of Doom.

Each post is represented a white circle on the character line while threads are a series of parallel lines close to each other, with thread titles in blue somewhere above them. Thread title placement is somewhat inconsistent admittedly and has basically been somewhere above the thread lines where they can fit.

Several grey lines have been added to help designate where areas start and end. Another set of small grey lines represent characters who have heard the bell. Hopefully these will join up over time without hassle.

An attempt is made to ensure that some chronology and continuity is kept, so the horizontal axis represents a weird mix of real time and IC time.

This is of course still a work in progress, a lot of things need cleaning up and there are some things on the chart that are placeholders. I will also be adding handler colours in a later edition, but I just wanted to get this out here first.

Small version for ants is here

UPDATED TO: 21st Jan 2017

Another version at a much more readable 200% size is here.

To those of you who want to claim a handler colour (the colour that you characters will be coloured in on the chart), please do so in this thread/PM me, but let's try to keep it to something visible on white.

Claimed Colours

If any of you spot any typos or any other mistakes, do feel free to inform me.

You Could Have A Dream About Losing Your Friends
The room looked worse off in the light of the torch.

How many years had this building been left here to rot? As if the straightjackets weren’t enough, there were occasional reddish brown stains on parts of the floor that Amanda sorely hoped was merely grime.

Emma and Lucilly both seemed overwhelmed in their own ways but for everything terrible about the situation, it seemed that they were as alright as a bunch of kids dumped into this situation could be.

Emma wasn't playing. Another relief.

"I... don't think I could. " Amanda answered, a little bit slower than she would have liked. She had a gun after all, she could, if she wanted. But Emma was right. It was gross. Wrong, even. But the possibilty still hung there like a spectre.

It was then that the shouting happened, someone swearing outside, and the doors burst open.

Amanda turned about instinctively, facing the girl who had entered the room, pointing both rifle and torch towards her.

Survivor: Cambodia Mafia Game Thread
For now I'm just going to point up a few posts and ask if anyone has a reply to my

You Could Have A Dream About Losing Your Friends
"It was kinda dark, so I didn't actually see anyone. Heck, I didn't even notice you when I left." Amanda said.

Maybe she was just projecting on the darkness but Emma seemed as relieved to see her as Amanda had been. Did Amanda look as scared, as nervous herself, as Emma did? She didn't know. She was scared to know what face she was putting on. She didn't want to be nervous. But she didn't want to a be an emotionless wreck either.

Another call sounded out from elsewhere within the dark room.

"Lucilly?" Amanda didn't know the girl all that well, but she didn't sound dangerous. Scared and cornered but probably not dangerous.

There were three people about in the dark room now. It wasn't a surprise she had missed them though. The room was too dark to make too much out really. The dim light fron the door wasn't enough. Amanda wanted to see.

"Hold on a second, let me get something." Amanda started fumbling with her pack, it wasn't easy, trying to get something while holding on to a gun, but she wasn't about to give up that little bit of safety, just in case anything did go wrong.

"We're all okay here, right? No one's about to do anything stupid, right?" she asked, realising how dumb of a question she was asking. What kind of murderer would give you a chance to fight back like that? A really dumb one, that was what.

Amanda finally pulled it out from somewhere deep within the pack, the torch that she had found in the pack earlier. She struggled with the switch for a second, but the light eventually came on, blindingly bright.

"Ow." Amanda recoiled slightly, almost dropping the torch.

You Could Have A Dream About Losing Your Friends
Had she missed someone in the dark of the room earlier? The dim light filtering in through the door wasn’t quite enough to eliminate the possibility. A large pile of objects had collapsed, a stack of chairs and papers now spilt across the floor, making the room more of a mess than it had been before.

She could hear it now. Someone was sobbing. Amanda felt like a horror movie heroine right now, stupidly blundering her way back into the creepy room just to see what the heck was making that noise.

She gripped on to the rifle tightly. The safety was still on, and her hand was nowhere near the trigger, but it made her feel just a bit safer.

Then there was another voice from somewhere in the darkness, stuttering and clearly afraid. Amanda could only feel relieved hearing the voice. Emma was here, and Emma wasn’t dangerous. She’d worked together with Emma before countless times on school committees. Emma was a person that Amanda could trust.

“Emma? It’s me, Amanda!”

Amanda made her way further into the room, finding Emma kneeling on the grounds, hands up in the air. Was she scared of her? No, she was scared of what she might have been.

“Don’t worry. I’m not going to shoot.”

The World Turned Upside Down
Jordan felt far more guarded than he had moments before.

Sure, it was a paranoid thought to have, but he realised that there were eyes on him. Not just Hazel, that might have still been okay, but the realisation that he was on SOTF and that meant that there were probably a million cameras trained on him at this very moment had finally sunk in. They had seen him earlier. They could see the dirt on his face, and the little bit of vomit on the sleeve of his jacket. They could see how he snapped his hands together at the realisation that he was being watched.

And they were going see exactly how much of a flaming disaster whatever remained of the life of Jordan Green was going to be.

Okay. Calm down. He needed to ignore that. He needed to think about the situation.

They were on an island. And there were people with guns on the island. And more likely than not there were people who were willing to kill people on the island. And there was a good chance that those two categories overlapped.

Yeah. He was screwed.

Thinking about it rationally just got him to the same answer as he had at first. Just slower.

But he wasn't going to voice any of that. They were in a bad enough situation and he didn't need to make both of them feel worse by voicing his own shitty thoughts.

"Yeah, I get what you mean. The whole thing's enough to make you queasy. Not feeling so great myself, but I think I broke my personal best record for a mile back there." Jordan was trying to make light of it, but even thinking about physical exertion was making him feel worse again.

"People have managed to escape from this before, right?" Jordan tried to sound as hopeful as he could, but he still avoided eye contact with Hazel. He doubted he could outwit a group of terrorists, and he wasn't willing to try. He wasn't the kind who would risk everything on a stupid plan with too many moving parts anyway. "I mean, the government's probably on the way. All we need to do is not get killed before they get here, right?"

Jordan had yet another thought that he wasn't about to vocalise. The previous bunch of kids had probably thought the exact same way as he was thinking now. But the government had only found an empty island and only one girl had made it out alive.

"Do you have any ideas?"

The World Turned Upside Down

He was still in pain.

And that was how Jordan Green knew he was still alive.

You weren't supposed to feel pain when you were dreaming. So that meant that he was probably awake too.

He felt a little better now. Not much, but he would take every inch that he was given right now. He was still in pain and the queasiness refused to go away, but he wasn't two steps away from doing something stupid anymore. It was much more like three steps now.

There were footsteps not too far away, and Jordan got up almost instinctively as soon as he realised that there was another person about.

He probably shouldn't have. He had puked not long before, but the sight of Hazel retching was almost enough for him to do so again.

He knew Hazel well enough. She wasn't exactly the kind of person he'd really enjoyed hanging around with, but he had seen her perform on stage so many times. The girl who had once dazzled the stage now looked like she had weathered a hurricane, her mascara streaking down her face and her hair in a mess. Jordan realised that he probably looked like a disaster too, wiping his face with his hand again.

He didn't know what the heck he was supposed to say to Hazel. What was he supposed to do? Was he supposed to comfort her? Make some dumb comment to lighten the mood? He wasn't good at either of those things, and he wasn't sure if now was the best time for him to learn.

"Hazel." Jordan wasn't even sure what tone he was trying to convey anymore. "Hazel. Are you okay?"

You Could Have A Dream About Losing Your Friends
((Amanda Tan continued from Guns, Gerns, and Rust))

Was she being rash? Yes.

Was she being dumb? Yes.

Was she cold and wet and not trying to think to hard about what she was doing? Also yes.

The noise had startled her, sounding like a tower of the junk inside the laboratory had toppled behind her. Was that her doing? Or was there someone else in there, someone she had missed.
Either could have been the case, and she wanted to be sure.

But what was she supposed to do? Just barge back into the room?

"Hi! I'm here with a rifle and I'm totally friendly!" Yeah, that was going to work so well. But she was probably going to go back in anyway.

The space outside the laboratory had been scarcely better than the inside. It was air still felt like it had been left there for a million years to fester and the piles of objects within the corridor looked precarious but it had offered her one thing she needed, light.

She had searched through her bag earlier, looking for what looked the most useful. Torch. Food. First aid. Weapon Manual.

The booklets had been useful enough, easy enough to understand and brief enough for her to spend only a couple minutes on each of them. They had obviously wanted them to know how to use the guns. Rifles turned out to be more complex than she had expected, heavier as well, but with the manual it didn't take too long to get a rudimentary understanding of what she was supposed to do with a gun. Rudimentary probably wasn't going to help her if whoever inside was ready to be violent though.

But there was nothing to do but enter now, and she opened the door quietly, holding on to the rifle tightly in case something went wrong.

"Hello? Who's in there?" she asked quietly.

Guns, Germs, and Rust
(G040 – Amanda Tan - Start)

Amanda had woken up to find herself lying in a puddle.

Remembering where she was, she sat up with a shock, bumping her head on the corner of a table. She swore softly, spending a few long moments to reorient herself to her new situation. She was soaked, she was in a cold, dark room, the air was dead and she was stuck in some sort of murderous death game. One of these things felt a lot more pressing than the others.

Even in the dim light, she could see what she had bumped into wasn't a regular table, it was some kind of operating table with a metal tool cart nearby. There were piles of junk everywhere too, splintering wood that looked like they might have once been chairs, dozens of unmarked boxes and a pile of neatly folded straight jackets in a corner, as if waking up in a dark operating theatre wasn't creepy enough. Amanda was hesitant to search any more, given that she was unlikely to find anything in the dark.

She should have been freaking out. She should have been scared, or something. But she wasn’t mostly fine, only unnerved and Amanda could only feel an unusual sense of guilt about that. Perhaps she was in shock and her mind didn’t understand, couldn’t understand how ridiculous of a situation she was in. Even if she was in some kind of weird storage room, for some kind of mental facility, it still didn’t feel like they were on some kind of mysterious murder island.

But there were three things in the room that confirmed that the abductions weren’t a fever dream. The small beeping light of the camera in the corner of the room tracking her movements was one. The second was the sling bag that had been placed beside her when she awoke, saving her from needing to search too hard for it. The third object though was perhaps the most obvious and the most important. A rifle lay near the bag on the table, the tag attached to it declaring it to be a FN 1949, whatever that was. Amanda knew nothing about guns. She'd seen them for sure, it wasn't as if they were rare in Kingman, but she didn't shoot herself. Her parents were always of the opinion that gun culture was dumb and Amanda had largely agreed. Nobody needed a gun for self defense.

Not normally at least. Normally people shooting each other wasn't a daily incident and having a gun probably wouldn't save you from that. Here though the rules were different. People would be shooting. People would be dying. Amanda understood that much. And Amanda wasn't keen on dying. She wasn't keen on pulling the trigger either, but she would definitely be very upset if she were to die. Would she dare shoot someone? Amanda didn't know. Amanda didn't want to know.

Amanda had never really thought hard about herself before. Each time teachers would give them all these character building sheets and job prospect things and god knows how much rubbish and Amanda never really knew what to write for them. Strengths? Weaknesses? She obviously had them but all she could write on the sheet were one word answers that seemed like things that people might say about her, but were not quite anything she really felt she had anything to do with.

Was she going to play? Was she capable of playing? A million questions hung in the air, all of them unanswered, and as Amanda left the room, she was more unsure of where she was going as when she had woken up.

((Amanda Tan continued in You Could Have A Dream About Losing Your Friends))

The World Turned Upside Down
((B039 - Jordan Green - Start))

Jordan had been running for a while. Okay, it was more of a terrible mix between a run and a walk given the speed he had been going at, but he was far away from wherever he had found himself awake and that was all that really mattered to him right now. He finally stopped capable of going no further at the moment, slumping to a sorry heap on the ground at the base of the slopes.

Jordan heaved horrendously, nausea overwhelming him, the physical and mental exertions too much for him too handle. The smell was horrendous and despite his body aching in a million different places, he stood up, if only to get away from the smell if his own sick, before collapsing back on the ground a few metres away.

It had made sense at the time, when he had woken up the only things on his mind had been the video, Mr Graham corpse, and the fact that the surprisingly young looking man who called himself Danya had wanted them to kill each other. The bag, the collar, everything confirmed where he was, and when he heard someone moving about, he had freaked out, thinking about how he needed to get out of there.

And so he had run.

Now of course, there were different thoughts on his mind, like how he couldn’t breathe and how his muscles were screaming. Running was bad. He wasn’t made for running, and if he had his own way he probably wanted to never run ever again. But it wasn’t a surprise that he had freaked out right? It would take someone ridiculous to be okay in this situation, someone absolutely insane. People had died, people were probably dying, and he had been dumped on some godforsaken island in some forlorn part of the world where he would lead a short sad life before being unceremoniously shanked or shot and left to bleed to death in a ditch.

He shouldn’t have been here. He wasn’t supposed to be here. Obviously the terrorists had made a mistake because this was not supposed to happen. Even if they were anywhere as precise as their previous abductions showed, they’d clearly made a mistake this time around. Jordan Green was a junior and he wasn’t supposed to be here. They were supposed to have targeted senior trips, weren’t they? The whole thing seemed to be a deranged joke on the part of some sick man, which was probably the entire point of this affair.

Jordan wiped the tears from his face, but only managed to get dirt onto his face as well. How long had he been crying for? Since he had realised what was going on? Did his family already know he was missing? It had been at least a day since they had left, right? The government hadn’t taken too long in finding the island after the broadcast that year, right? Maybe they had a chance of escape this time round? But that was just a maybe and all he had was a piece of rope, and there would always be that guy with a gun. There always were idiots with guns in Kingman and they would be here too.

He lay back on to the ground. He knew from gym class that he shouldn’t do that when trying to recover, but that barely mattered at this point. He’d lost his cool, and now he was tired enough to be practically delirious. He lay there in the soil, mind ready to drift off again. Sleep. That was all he needed. This time though, Jordan wasn’t sure if he wanted to wake up.

In C.
"Okay, sorry." Amanda almost took a step back instinctively. She hadn't exlpected "I got it. Cass."

Cassand- No, she was Cass. Cass. Cass. Ugh.

Amanda hated making people upset and she wasn't even completely certain what she had done. Did other people call her Cass too? It seemed to be the case, and that would mean that Amanda had just made dumb assumptions this whole time. The mistake had been so avoidable as well, she could have just said Cass and the problem wouldn't have been there at all. The teachers called her Cassandra, right? Did Cass not like her name? It sounded nice enough to Amanda but perhaps there was some history to that. Now wasn't the time to pry though, the girl seemed somewhat upset and Amanda decided that she might as well try to be more careful around her a for a moment, but the questions continued to nag behind her at the back of her mind.

Lili had brought the kite towards them, the wind bringing a weird acrid smell along as she did. Amanda was keen to let the problem over Cass's name drop and turned her attention over to the kite instead. "It looks way cooler up close. How much did it cost?" she asked, joining Lili and Cass on the ground.

She desperately wanted to see the kite go back in the air, but Amanda had never actually flown a kite before. How did kites even work, really? She'd love to actually help get it of the ground too. Maybe she shouldn't said that she knew stuff about kites. Right now she would have to wait for Lili to actually fly the kite. That would probably happen soon, right?

Looking for a Mind at Work
The few seconds it took Sandy and Jazz to gauge the photo felt like forever. Jordan had already made his comment on the photo and now he felt extraneous, with nothing more to add to the conversation at hand. He didn't want to stare at the picture too long either, feeling like it was rude. He himself knew how if felt to have others see your work, even if it wasn't bad. Especially if it wasn't bad.

Sandy didn't seem too happy with Jazz's off-hand comment about his camera, but Jordan wasn't keen to take a side. Jordan didn't know much about cameras beyond the one on his phone and had only noticed it was new since it looked different from his previous camera, after all. It certainly didn't look superficially fancy like a DSLR though, so he could kind of see where Jazz was coming from. But Sandy was the one who knew about cameras and photos, so Jordan was just going to take his word for it.

He looked back to the park bench for a second, the open page of his notebook flapping lightly in the wind. The sandwiches were still there too. He couldn't see his pencil either. Perhaps it had rolled off somewhere? If it wasn't for the fact it would be awkward for him to leave suddenly, he might have gone back to rectify that. And stuff the notebook in his bag, too.

"What?" Jordan suddenly realised that Jasmine was addressing him. "Yeah. It's real nice," he said, not quite sure whether he was supposed to be complimenting the photo or the camera. The camera, he decided. The picture was nice enough after all. The camera however was a bit of a mystery to him too.

"What kind of a camera is it? Doesn't look like the usual kind all the professionals seem to like."

Friends are neat
Yeah, they'd probably know each other. I get the feeling Jordan wouldn't be particularly close to her, given her personality and a lack of shared interests, but he definitely wouldn't be adverse to hanging out with her once in a while.

Survivor: Cambodia Mafia Game Thread
So you would lynch people that you think are probably not scum? Even if there was no information that just seems like a silly thing to do, especially since there are plenty of viable alternatives.

Okay, the argument about flavourless town was that since I was the first to claim it, it would have been a risky scum gamble for such a claim. Successive flavourless town claims show that my claim was probably true. Paige's claim gave additional info which makes me think that she in town too, but she may have gotten this info from previous games. RC and Goose are not protected by their claim at all since they could be scum trying to hide as flavourless town. However, last day phase, Goose proved that he had a hidden idol by giving Toben information about the idol. Scum would have no reason to reveal this and so Goose is probably town. Of the flavourless townies, RC is the most suspicious.

Lore, what's your read on RC and Rorick right now?

Everyone else, same question, but also your read on Lore.

Survivor: Cambodia Mafia Game Thread
Okay, so bulletproof claims are always kinda iffy as they can always be serial killers/godfathers giving reasons for why they don't die. There probably isn't a serial killer in this game, but it's still possible for you to be a godfather. The same logic runs somewhat for Rorick, really.

Flavourwise, I prefer Lore's claim to Rorick's but honestly I have no clue on flavour for this game. I'm not going to bank on there being anymore investigative abilities.

@Lore, if you had to vote for one person right now, who would it be?

Survivor: Cambodia Mafia Game Thread
We are so aimless right now. With all the people who are usually drive conversation dead and things are a little bit of a mess, but I'm hoping we can still carry on.

Given what we know, I think that Lore and Rorick require a look. Rorick's role actually feels more like Lore's to me, which makes me feel that one of them is lying about something.

Lore has been antagonistic towards Prim, as has been stated before, though I feel that her flavour claim is fine. However, her description of her role is different from Prim's bulletproof, and she didn't claim commuter like Rorick did. This makes me suspect her claim overall.

Lore, is the bulletproof part a natural part of your role and can you confirm when you used it?

There is one other item floating around the game, which we're not quite aware of. I had assumed it was a bulletproof vest, but I'm not so sure now.