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Stephanie brought Mallory up to her feet. Even though the girl hung limply there as she did so, Stephanie was absolutely sure that there was no way that she could be dead, was there?

After all, she knew that the movies were all lies. Bullets weren't made of magic. People didn't simply just die when they get shot. So there was no way that the girl who had dragged her around the island for so long was now dead.

She picked up Mallory, carrying her by piggyback, and stumbled out of the store. A part of her brain told her the truth but she ignored it. After all, it sounded just like the part of her brain that was paranoid.

Stephanie began to run, making her way back out of the shopping center and into the glare of the sunlight outside. The hospital wasn't too far. A kilometer. Or a mile. Or two. Like distance mattered now. All that mattered was that she keep going.

((Stephanie Wright continued in Voyage of the Dawn Treader))

"Gah!" Stephanie threw the shovel to one side, where it bounced off a mattress in an unsatisfactory manner.

"And he just walks away!" Stephanie shouted, kicking a mattress aside, moving towards Mallory. Hansel may have been right. He might not have shot if she hadn't decided to charge in like a crazed murderer. And now, Mallory was shot. Shot! If Mallory hadn't told her not to go after him, she would have. In fact, she still had half a mind to go out there and give him hell.

"I'm such a fucking idiot!"

It was obvious how bad the situation was. There was enough blood here to tell that she needed medical attention immediately. She had passed by a hospital yesterday but that was almost a mile away. And she needed help now.

"Tie that down. We're leaving. Now." Stephanie's voice was filled with urgency. The adrenaline was fading and reality was beginning to sink in. "We're going to the hospital. Gonna patch you up. Come on."

The gun went off. Then pain.

It took Stephanie a second to realise that she wasn't the one shot and that she had merely been hit by the rifle.

But she had barely noticed her own pain. The sheets were red with blood and Mallory was still there. The guy had gone and fucking shot Mallory. Fucking shot her. Just what sort of crazy bastard was he?

And he had hit her in the shoulder with his rifle. What was wrong with him? Stephanie wasn't shocked or scared anymore. She only felt hate. Hate for a person who had showed so much contempt for another person that he could shoot them.

"You." Stephanie brought the shovel up above her head and swung it at Hansel, forgetting everything she had been taught about self control.

"Fucking. Shot. My. Friend." She punctuated each of her words with another swing of the shovel. She was going to make him pay for this, one way or another.

She should run. She should help. Both thoughts came to her mind almost simultaneously. There was too long of a moment where she didn't do either, standing there in shock at exactly what she was seeing.

She had a shovel. She could knock him out. He hadn't seemed to have noticed her. She could. She should. If there was any time where it was okay to hit someone, it was now, wasn't it?

But she still held herself back. She was scared. She was afraid of fighting and she was afraid of dying and she was afraid of doing nothing and watching Mallory die and she was afraid that struggling with the decision that she was making would be the worst choice she could make.

Then, Mallory kicked the gun.

There was a short moment of hesitation, but Stephanie realized that the struggle was a chance. She picked up the shovel.

"Oi, Cowboy!" She shouted at him. "Let go of my friend!"

And with that said, she charged at him.

((Stephanie Wright continued from Good Day Sunshine))

It seemed obvious after the fact.

She had tried to follow Mallory. But by the time Stephanie had left the apartment that they were hiding in, Mallory was already too far to hear her. She had shouted for Mallory to slow down, ran after her, but it hadn't been long until she was out of sight.

She had thought that she had caught a glimpse of her, almost an hour later, as she made her way back across the island somewhere south of Central Park. She had ran after that image, only to find that there was no one there.

It was of course ridiculous. How had she expected to find one person on an island that was as big as Manhattan. And there was enough forest for an entire army to conceal themselves in. Impossible.

And yet, she trekked on, towards the clubhouse where they had said that they were going to. She wasn't going back to Brian and Zubin after all. Brian would kill her if she didn't manage to tell Mallory to meet back at the apartments. Besides, going back this late would make her look stupid. That was the last thing she needed anyone to think at this point.

But she had found the clubhouse occupied, two people within the building and with weapons by the looks of it. She wasn't going to wait there long, and instead decided to stake out the road so she could see when Mallory walked in.

But somehow the stakeout turned to aimless wandering in circles, and even that turned into wandering down the road as boredom overtook her. It was only late in the evening that she realized that this whole thing wasn't going anywhere and she was caught out in the open with nowhere to go.

It was too late to return to the apartments now, and she simply found a place to rest, breaking into a house near the hospital. She regretted having to stoop to that, but it was better than caught outside at night.

The morning brought with it announcements and names that she didn't want to hear. This time she didn't try to blot them out. It hurt to hear every name that Danya was reading, but that was better than being ignorant.

It was hunger that had brought her to the building in the first place. It was only upon entering it she found the place that should have been obvious, if only she had known it was there. Linen and Things. If there was one place on this island to find Mallory McCormick, this would be it.

She opened the door and walked in.

Good Day Sunshine
((Sorry for skipping again, but just gonna follow Mallory))

Stephanie's stress dissipated for a moment as Mallory snapped back at Zubin. It was shocking to see the reaction from Mallory, after all, Stephanie had been seconds away from doing the same.

Mallory was leaving, and the door still hung open, ready for her to follow. Stephanie couldn't leave her behind. Not now. It didn't seem safe to let her go out like this.

"I'll tell her." she said to Brain, not quite looking him in the eye. "And... I'm sorry. Really."

It made her feel a little better even though she wasn't quite sure why she was apologising. Her pack was heavier now, with some proper supplies this time. She hefted it and followed after Mallory. Hopefully she could catch up before it was too late

((Stephanie Wright continued in Fluffytown))

Good Day Sunshine
((Retroactive notice of skipping Fioriboy, sorry for any potential inconvenience))


Mallory was right, of course. And Zubin was right too. And she wanted to let neither of them down. How was she supposed to choose between being gunned down by terrorists or being blown up by her own classmates? What sort of sick choice was that?

She wanted to help Zubin, but she wanted to leave just as much and she could feel the contradiction tearing her apart. There wasn't anyway to do both, was there? There wasn't any third option that she could choose. And now her thoughts were jumbling up, running so fast that she couldn't make heads or tails of them, logic giving way to the stress that she was faced with.

She needed to calm down.

She took a breath, trying to focus on the problem at hand but it didn't help. Either choice she made would leave someone upset, and that was the last thing she wanted. But if she stayed here making the decision too long, she'd be the one to snap.

She hated making decisions. Especially when there were people waiting on her answer. But she couldn't make any non-committal statements here and now.

"I don't know." she said, ignoring her last thought. "I don't know." She brought her hand up to rub her temples. This wasn't good at all. She was far too stressed out to make a good decision. She needed to calm down. Calm down. Calm down.

The Red Shoes
(Sorry for the delay guys)

And not a moment after she joined them, they were planning to move off. Gavin was busy, and it wasn't long before he was off to get the supplies that they needed. Grace felt bad, letting him do all the work, but she didn't know what he wanted to get and how to arrange them. In the end, she'd just be getting in the way.

She resigned herself to watching as Gavin placed the items from the shopping trolley into their bags, and when they left the shopping center, she wanted to ask him to let her carry her own bag. But she didn't. She was tired and selfish and upset that she was both. And so she had let him carry the bag. She merely followed him out, following her bag towards wherever Gavin had planned.

((Grace Faraday continued in I solemnly swear that I am up to no good))

The Red Shoes
Grace sat up again. She had planned on lying there much longer but somehow she just couldn't bring herself to relax. It was probably just paranoia and fear that was causing this, but knowing that didn't make her feel in anyway better.

Sophie had joined the couple and it seemed like the drama was over. Good. Even though it was a fact of daily life, Grace hated being involved in drama. It was far too easy to get cauht up on the wrong side of it.

She got up again and wandered over to the group.

"So, did I miss anything? " She looked at the three for a reaction. For a moment there was only doubt.

Oh. I am disturbing something, aren't I?