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On the Waterfront
The bookstore looked the same as usual, the smell of cut wood and glue and whatever else that went into making books permeating the air. Grace normally loved the chance to explore the place, looking for a good book, perhaps spend some time reading before she left.

It was perhaps a little weird with the two of them there, but David had immediately gone off towards the back, while Kaliska seemed busy looking for something. A quick check of her phone showed no messages, leaving mild disappointment in its wake. It wasn't as if she was really expecting anyone, but it would have been a welcome distraction.

Putting her phone back in her pocket, Grace looked over the shelves a couple of times, picked up the first book that looked interesting, a copy of Fahrenheit 451, and began reading. Kaliska was still looking about, while David had disappeared from sight. Hopefully the two of them wouldn't take too long.

On the Waterfront
Grace mulled over the suggestion for a moment. Standing around here doing almost nothing would be pointless, no offense to the nice view, though odds were that it couldn't be offended anyway. Starbucks was much better alternative, with its source of coffee and occasional eclectic customers. Even David was up for it, showing the briefest bit of certainty before lapsing back into awkwardness. The bookstore was also a nice place, the nice scent of old books, and the odd chance of finding a great book in good condition. She wouldn't mind going there, even if she wasn't going to buy anything today, not after splurging like she did at Elysium earlier.

"Starbucks sounds great. I could do with a bit of caffeine in my system. Looking at some stores round here doesn't sound bad either. " Grace looked about at the stores for a moment. "I suppose we'll be heading to the bookstore first. Unless you want to have coffee first? I honestly don't mind it either way round."

On the Waterfront
Grace smiled back at Kaliska before coming to a stop next to the pair. "The weather is great today, isn't it? I used to come here quite often as well and I thought it'd be nice to come down here and peruse some of the stores here. I'm not quite sure why I love this place so much, but you'd have to agree that there's nothing quite like a long walk by the water, is there?"

Grace looked back to the boy once more. The boy seemed more awkward than before, if that was actually possible. He seemed so unsure of himself, it was rather clear he wasn't used to being around people. Perhaps she should back off and give him some space? She was never quite sure how she should act around people like him.

"Um...," she finally said, "So your name's David? Well, you probably heard Kaliska, but I might as well introduce myself. My name's Grace. Grace Faraday."

On the Waterfront
((Grace Faraday Start))

Grace leaned against a railing simply staring at the vast expanse of water before her. It didn't seem to matter how often she walked by here. Each and every time she still managed to be entranced by the sights and sounds of the Sound. Grace had always loved the water. As a child, she had loved to go swimming in the lakes near Austin. Upon moving to Seattle, the Waterfront had become her favorite hangout due to both the view and the interesting variety of stores there.

That was exactly why she felt almost guilty that she hadn't been here in almost a month. While she liked spending time with friends at the mall, being without them for once, was a refreshing change indeed. Even better was the fact that Elysium was actually devoid of students from Aurora for once, meaning that she could simply walk in and pick up the comics she wanted without having to try to avoid Aurora students while in the store.

With new comics tucked into the bottom of her book bag and in a better mood than she had been in weeks, she was about to make her way home when she noticed two people standing a little further down the walkway.

The two of them were from her school. The boy, who was standing around rather awkwardly, she recognized only as "the new kid". He'd been here at least twice as long as she had, but that was what her friends called him so he was stuck with that moniker, at least to her. The other person she knew a little better. She'd had classes with Kaliska before. She had seemed rather nice, even though Grace didn't get much of a chance to interact with her. It seemed like a good idea to go over and talk to her.

"Hey, Kaliska! Haven't seen you 'round here before. What brings you here?"