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V5 Concepts Thread
Here's the bunch of ideas I have right now.

Stephanie Wright. A skilled tennis player, her coaches believed that she was set to qualify for the US Open. However, shortly after qualifying started, she broke her arm in an accident. This was particularly devastating as tennis was the only thing she was good at. Though her arm hasn't completely healed, she still turns up for training regardless of what her doctor might say. Stephanie has quite a few good friends from before the incident who are still quite close to her. She maintains a seat on the student council despite her sporadic attendance.

Robert Haynes. Developed auto-phobia due to an incident as a child. However, his father, a director of one of the local theater group introduced him to theater. His condition calmed as he constantly had a group of friends around him. The time spent at the theater with friends helped inculcate an interest in drama. While he seems confident most of the time, Robert lives in fear of being left alone, that all that he's done will be for nothing. Robert thus sticks close to his friends and will go out of the way to help them.

Grace Faraday. At first glance, she seems like a nice girl. She's very friendly, optimistic and always seems to be surrounded by friends. And that is the person that she usually is. However, Grace has a very strong sense of justice and has a need to enforce it. This led to an incident where she tried to beat up a guy who was bullying another kid. Though she was prevented from getting hurt by teachers, this hasn't stopped her from doing the same things again.