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Worm Mafia
Typoed Skraal there. Sorry.

The lynch could still happen, but I'm a little hesitant to vote for CBP, since this strikes me more of inexperience than scum. If it was L-1 or the argument was stronger, I might be more inclined to ensure the lynch, but there's enough doubt for me to stay on the fence right now.

Also, going for lynches based on which one is more likely also raises my hackles a little bit, since getting the better lynch is more important than getting any lynch.

Worm Mafia
Just worth noting how quickly the group of people who were most active - being Deamon, Yugi, and MW, all turned on me in roughly the same amount of time, after having barely said anything to me this entire time, as if targeting me

It's very unlikely that this is an all out mafia drive to get you. Your post was over-defensive in a way which generally feels far stronger than neccesary for the level of accusation.

While it is plausible that you are mislynch bait, if you flip town next phase, all eyes should be on the people that voted for you. The key drivers of your bandwagon will be quentioned, hard. There's little chance that most of the people on the wagon are mafia, simply because they want to avoid this questioning. Odds are some of them are mafia, but that doesn't really mean this couldn't just be town catching you for something that looks scummy.

Also hasty vote count since I only just noticed that there is less than half an hour left in the phase and it's been a while since the last one.

Cicada: Randomness, Riki (L-4)
Riki:Skrall (L-5)
CBP : Murder, Deamon, Yugi, Cicada (L-2)
Murder: CBP (L-5)

Worm Mafia
@CBP Sorry, but what do you mean by a turnabout and why do you think it is unlikely?

Worm Mafia
I think my logic at the time accounted for townies who have no power role so they're like 'eh' in terms of trying to sniff things out and so they let others lead the discussion?

Just a reminder for everyone in case they missed it:
14. The game is role madness. There are zero vanilla townies, and zero goons. Everyone has a power role. Power roles may be combined (i.e. a character might be a cop-bulletproof hybrid (this specific role will not appear in the game, for obvious reasons)).

Worm Mafia
@Cic, I think the opposite really, given that mafia can just schmooze through the random voting phase, townies must hunt to get any info. Also, hunting as mafia early is risky since that 'extra meta knowledge' can be a dead giveaway. The point is, this is more a personal playstyle thing more than an actual tell.

Worm Mafia
@CBP Why do you think noting the brevity of a post isn't a serious reason to vote for someone? I mean it's more serious analysis than most of the votes that have come before, and is actually related to the game.

Worm Mafia
Feel free to shitpost though, :)

All shitposting has been sanctioned by this statement. Clearly, what this means is that we should be more concerned about those who refuse to take this invitation. Vote:Cicada for this uncharacteristically unbridled attack on our oppurtunity to shitpost.

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throw me on as well

V6 Ninth Announcement
Jordan is dead.

In Cups of Coffee, In Strife
((Jordan Green continued from Gift for the Darkness))

She was dead.

Just like that.

That was an hour, several hours ago? Sometime in the past, at least, and he barely cared how long it had been since then.

He'd tried not to think about her, not to understand what was going on, because he knew he would just stew over it, rethinking it again and again, but his mind wouldn't let him. He couldn't help it.

And he'd ended up back here, the same stupid slope that he'd woken up on that first day, and he had no idea what to do. He couldn't do anything about Hazel. Or more specifically, he wouldn't. He didn't even know her killer, who he'd seen momentarily in the darkness, he didn't recognise her, and he wouldn't until her name came up with Danya's voice.

Hazel had helped him so much and he'd do nothing for her. Leaving her dead there was a mistake but he didn't dare go back anymore. He could almost still feel the light touch from earlier, and he couldn't understand what it meant. Her and Jay and the whole high school drama thing that he'd done his best to keep out of despite being in the drama club.

And yet he was stupidly calm. No, not calm, something else darker than calm, there was no way this could be called calm, by anyone, not with the voice inside his head screaming as if it would rip itself apart.

He needed someone to talk to. Someone to console him apart from the overbearing thoughts running inside of his head. But it would be too convenient wouldn't it, for someone to come and help him out right now.

Besides, not everyone was like him, afraid and confused, and unwilling to do anything about it.

He'd lived far longer than he had expected, and he wasn't even able to feel happy about it.

All he wanted to do was to break down and let everything out, but he couldn't. He was stopping himself and he didn't know why. Even now, his mind borderline frantic, the tears refused to flow.

He couldn't think of anything to do anymore, and suddenly, half his mind was made up. It was all wrong and he knew that he was on the verge of doing something stupid, and yet for some reason he wasn't stopping himself.

The slope looked steep, going all the way down to the ocean. There were rocks too.

He wasn't going to do it. He wasn't going to do it.

He could already hear Danya's voice mocking him.

He shouldn't.

He would step away from the slopes.

He would-

With a sudden surge of emotion he leapt.


A sound more of a gasp than an actual word.

The only thing that cut into his confusion was the blur of pain.


V6 Ninth Announcement
Toss me death ideas please.