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Looking for a Mind at Work
Jazz made an emphatic statement over the state of his phone, to which he could only respond with a mild shrug. Shitty smartphones with shitty batteries were the shitty standard and Jordan had learnt to deal with it somewhat and while it would be nice to get a bit of charge, it wasn't exactly necessary.

All the more so given how much trouble she had gone to untangle the mess of wires that she had pulled out of her pocket, only to find that there was no place to charge it anywhere nearby. Jordan himself was used to placing his wires in different compartments of his bag, somewhat neatly folded, so he rarely had to deal with tangled wires so much himself. "It would be nice if they'd put power sockets in the benches round here, though I guess it might be a bit of a disaster infrastructure-wise, " Jordan said, half wondering if that would make the crowds here even worse. He'd likely wouldn't have gotten a bench if kids with dying laptops and smartphones were too desperate to get power.

"It's okay, anyway," he said finally, "I can wait until we get back to class." She was looking around a little, nodding her agreement to his judgement on the weather. At least the weather was an inoffensive enough subject. The only reason why it was a perennial mainstay of small talk, really.

Jazz was halfway through her reply when she just stopped, the end of her sentence left hanging as she noticed something nearby. Sandy Bricks was crouching in the grass not too far away, a camera in his hand and it was pointed in their direction. Oh hell, no. The picture had better not end up in the school paper or the yearbook. It was pictures like this that started rumours and he already had enough to deal with already. Also, why was today sneak up on Jordan Green day? They should have gazetted that as a national holiday way sooner if they were gonna do it at all.

"Sandy!" he called out, hoping that the mix of emotions in his voice didn't sound too much like anger. "Is that a new camera?" Okay, not exactly what he was planning to say but what was he supposed to do? Tell Sandy to delete it? At least this way, he'd likely see the photo first before he actually judged it any more.

Survivor: Cambodia Mafia Game Thread
Having confirmed town is good and I can appreciate that sentiment.

Most of the people who really drive conversation are out of the game though, so things may get a little iffy from here on out. Honestly, I really want to hear a couple thoughts from those who have been noted as quiet thus far, and a flavour claim if possible. Not a lot we can really work on until we really have more stuff to pick apart.

I largely like both Roricks read on RC's claim and RCs reactions thus far though neither of these are very strong reads.

Survivor: Cambodia Mafia Game Thread
Use whatever pronouns you like for me, I don't really mind.

RC, mind doing a flavour claim? I think flavour will do a good job of helping us sweep for the last scum member, since I don't think there's much more we can actually do on the Prim issue right now? Or at least I have no idea of what questions I should be asking...

Looking for a Mind at Work
"Huh?" The question surprised Jordan, having seemingly come out of nowhere.

He turned to be greeted by bright pink, surprise enough when Jordan was at his most aware but it seemed that he was really completely out of it today, letting Jasmine sneak up on him like that without being noticed. Perhaps that had been her goal too, and the thought alone set off an alarm bell or two off within his head. Even if she seemed half as shocked at her own words as he was, her reaction was something that his brain could only register as cute, and Jordan found himself a little unnerved at the unexpected interruption.

"Um, hi Jazz...mine," Jordan said, mildly uncertain whether he was exactly familiar enough with her to call her Jazz. It wasn't as if they didn't talk at all, but then again it wasn't as if they were all that close either. He knew most of the anime club people somewhat, but he wasn't exactly on great terms with many of them. Very few people even knew about his interest in anime at all; he hardly went around parading his love for anime or anything like some people did. But Jasmine did, and he respected her for that as much as he judged her for being a complete embarrassment at times.

"No need to apologise, I guess?" Jordan replied, wondering if she was just apologising for disturbing him. He did give off the impression that he'd like to be left alone sometimes, but that wasn't exactly something to apologise over, was it? "There's still a bit left I guess, but not really enough for anything useful."

Jordan was a little unsure of what to do next. It wasn't as if he actually had much he wanted to say. Definitely there were things he could talk about, but it seemed he'd probably end up whining about how much trouble it was actually getting any writing done, which didn't exactly make for riveting conversation.

"It's a pretty nice day to be out though, isn't it?" he asked, though he felt a mild sense of frustration after doing so. Talk about cliches. Obviously his default choice for small talk just had to be the weather. "I mean, it's not every day you see the grounds this crowded."

In C.
((Amanda Tan continued from Morning Dew))

Amanda loved days like today. She likened herself to a plant sometimes, needing warmth and sunlight to sustain herself and it was days which were bright and sunny like it was right now that really got her mood up. Other people might like the cold but feeling numbness in all her extremities was not something that Amanda really enjoyed. And just putting on an additional coat didn't help, her face would still be cold and she'd now have the additional benefit of looking like that marshmallow man from Ghostbusters. Besides, Kingman weather was hot and dry which was perhaps a million times better than hot, humid and sweaty. This was about as hot as spring got around here, and even with a light jacket on, Amanda felt more than comfortable.

And she'd finished her errands too, sending her poor old laptop in for repairs at the local shop. The device itself was ancient but it had served her well so far and it had turned out to be just the RAM coming loose. Maybe she would upgrade one day, but for now she was more than willing to continue on with it until it became slightly more unusable. No point replacing what wasn't broken after all. Not that she was poor or anything, but she had an attachment to her belongings, useful or not.

She turned into the park on a whim, it wasn't exactly a shortcut back home, but it a nice enough route, and she might as well make the best use of her day given that she was out anyway. Michelle had been busy lately, the 'A' levels had just released their results back home a week back or so and it was now co- university application time for those back home and Michelle was scrambling to get all her things in order. That meant that the usual weekly gaming session had been cancelled today, and Amanda knew better than to disturb her in any case. So she had a time to spare, and the park was far nicer than most other routes anyway.

The streak of colour had caught her attention even from a distance, she had seen some truly majestic ones before, snakes, dragons and chains that seemed to go on forever and ever but this kite was different, flashy in a graceful way, stunning in the blue midday sky. It dipped down steeply as she approached, like a bird of prey finding a new victim, before tumbling to a horrid stop against a smallish looking girl.

Kite Girl began talking to a girl sitting nearby, and Amanda recognised them both as Cochise students. Amanda knew Lili somewhat, if only because there were so few Chinese students in the school, though she knew little apart her beyond her name. Cass was someone she knew a little better, having had a few classes with her before, but she wasn't someone she was very well acquainted with either. But even though she didn't really know either of them, the kite was cool enough for her to feel like she should at least take a closer look.

"Hi guys. That's a pretty sweet kite you have there," she said to the pair. Hopefully she would manage to not scare the two of them off with that one sentence.

Survivor: Cambodia Mafia Game Thread
The thing is, Paige's claim came with details tha I have also received but had not mentioned yet. I don't see how this information could have been faked at this point. I'm thinking she's solidly town because of this.

One thing is that Varner seems like he could also be a reasonable safeclaim for scum given that he was elimnated relatively early in the season and yet a somewhat well liked character. No cetertainty though, but I think all the things in aggregate add up to a decent case.

Survivor: Cambodia Mafia Game Thread
Okay, I actually trust Paige a lot now because of what she's said in her post, because I received the same reason for not knowing why I don't know my flavour role. That said, I'm quite a lot less confident in guessing who I am now that there are two of us. But now that Paige and I are now in the same shitty boat, that means there's a really good chance we are on the same side, and if either of us gets lynched, it should prove like 90% that the other is innocent.

So top of scum list for me is now Prim and Lore really, barring Frogue since that's a 99% thing right now. Prim's claim is a little iffy for me, given what I'm reading up, I'm not quite sure bulletproof quite fits Varner? Lore has caught my attention a few times for minor things, but I'm not remembering them 100% right now. I'll have to do another read through for anything more than this right now though.

Survivor: Cambodia Mafia Game Thread
I'm all set to dissappoint with my roleclaim!

My role claim is that I actually was told my role. All I was told is that I am a townie. This is what I meant by giving no informaton to scum yesterday. However, there was enough information for me to make a good guess as to who my actual flavour role is. I'm willing to throw up my guess to my flavour role as well but I'm not sure if I should? Given how suspicious such a claim must look, I fully expect to be lynched at a later date but this is all I have to work on.

Looking for a Mind at Work
((Jordan Green pregame start))

Jordan rewrote the line for a third time, an exact copy of what he had written the two times before. Nope, of course that wasn't working at all. It had barely been five minutes and he was already stuck. Each additional sentence seemed to be making less and less sense, slowly turning the entire page into an incoherent mess, and not even in a good absurdist kind of way either. More like a particularly bad comment on some political blog or forum which somehow made grammatical sense, but had leaps of logic so large that even the most daring of stunt drivers would be worried about jumping the gap.

Perhaps it wasn't the best of ideas to be writing in the grounds during lunch time, the noise certainly wasn't exactly helping him concentrate at all. The day was just a little overcast, and the cooling weather had enticed him out here to do some work over lunch, but it seemed that half the school had also thought the same way. Maybe he should have gone to the library after all, even if he wasn't supposed to eat there, it might have been quiet enough there to actually get something done. Sometimes a little too quiet, he reflected, there was a point where quietness drifted into eerie silence and the library was sometimes like that on its most quiet days, and given the number of people out here, that might actually have been the case.

But he was already out in the grounds, at a picnic table that he was rather sure wasn't even made of real wood, with half-finished sandwiches and scripts and thoughts and no real appetite to finish any of them. A check of his phone and the grand total of zero notifications there confirmed the absolute lack of anything going on, and the battery was just low enough for him to nix the idea of surfing the web to pass the time. Wonderful, he thought to himself, surveying the lawn for familiar faces. For once, actually talking to people looked like a big step up from sheer boredom, especially since it didn't feel like he'd be getting any work done over lunch anyway.

Survivor: Cambodia Mafia Game Thread
I'll say that I like the idea. I was almost going to claim first, thinking that it would give zero information to scum, but it actually does a little.

Ready to claim whenever.

Suddenly, a Relationship Thread
Jordan just got through the queue so I'll give a few ideas for him.

I think Jennifer and Jordan might get along pretty well. They both have shared interests in writing and while Jordan doesn't specifically seek out specific styles of movies, he does watch most things that he views as influential or well rated so he might know a bit about the experimental scene.

Jordan would totally judge Junko a lot for the way she acts, and though he isn't the type to make these kind of thoughts known, I'd think they might be mildly antagonistic if they do know each other very well.

Jordan and Emma have similar personalities and approaches to things and she seems like the kind of person that he'd largely be friendly with.

Also just a confirmation on Amanda and Junko, any idea on how Junko would feel about Amanda? I'd think Amanda would by and large be cool with Junko and they could be quite friendly, but I don't think we confirmed that?

Survivor: Cambodia Mafia Game Thread
One thing is that scum know that Frogue is in trouble either way with a scum flip on Z. This also puts Toben in squarely townie territory since his play would be honestly on a ridiculous level if he was scum.

A possibility to why Vyse died is always redirection of night abilities of some sort. Scum might also be trying to work some weird mind game where they keep Toben alive to cast some doubt on him. There might also be things going on behind the scenes. Either way, I don't think it matters too much this phase, but I'll admit we should be doing stuff to clear out the third and perhaps fourth members of the mafia from the remaining people. I know I'm seen as one of the shifty ones, and for good reason too, but I feel further sifting would help too rather than sitting on the fact that Frogue has been caught out.

Morning Dew
"Yeah? I'll look forward to it," Amanda said, though she was halfway more focused on the coins now in her hand. "I guess I'll see you two around then."

Amanda stabbed the vending machine button repeatedly while waiting for her drink, She'd probably stopped for too long already given how high the sun was. A quick drink and she'd be off.

Maria's parting shot had left her a little uncomfortable though. Rea didn't seem that bad of a person, even if thirty seconds wasn't nearly enough to properly gauge someone. Then again, unbridled hatred wasn't exactly a emotion that Amanda herself was too familiar with, she liked to think of herself as the forgiving sort, even if the other person managed to be a complete and utter arsehole. Frustration and disappointment maybe. She'd have to find a tactful way to find out what was going with Maria. Maybe over another meal? She hadn't had laksa in a while and she still had a few packs of spices for that. Yeah, that might work.

She chucked the bottle at the bin in a lazy arc, watching as it bounced unsatisfyingly towards the still damp grass to the side. Welp. It was fitting enough that it would happen. Amanda almost didn't want to pick it up, but resigned herself to it, dropping it gently into the bin. The last fifteen minutes had been far more hectic than she'd been expecting out of a morning run. Maybe she would get around to fixing up that playlist after all. It'd actually be a bit relaxing after all that.

The earbuds went back on, playing another song that she was only half interested in now. And with that, she was back on her run.

((Amanda Tan continued elsewhere))

Friends are neat
Hi guys, bumping this thread for my newly accepted character Jordan. He's an all round media geek, but focuses on theater and often helps out in writing for school plays and other events like that. He doesn't try very hard to speak out and for the most part keeps his interests to himself. He's not quite a quick thinker but he's very careful and meticulous about the way he speaks and acts, so he doesn't really piss anyone off , but I guess he can come off as a bit snooty and judgemental at times.

Right now, I'm mainly looking for a few friends, most likely theater kids or perhaps some of the anime kids, though he might be a little embarassed to be too closely associated with the latter.

More relations for Amanda are also welcome!

Morning Dew
"That," Amanda said, wincing a little at Maria's reaction, "was a little overboard, wasn't it?"

"So that's Rea, huh?" Amanda watched the figure run away from them. The girl looked and felt nothing like the classic bitch that Amanda had thought she'd be from what the guys had been saying about her. Then again, people weren't always what they seemed, and her actions at the library had spoken loudly enough that a stuttered apology didn't quite seem like it cut it, especially since it seemed to have mattered so little to all but Maria here.

Then again, the fallout over the whole library incident had become rather ridiculous. Obviously it was a big thing, anything that sent Little Miss Perfect herself into detention was clearly going to be in the running for the "Most Messed Up Event of the School Year" award and she still couldn't work out how Rea dissing Asha managed to fit into the whole thing. Just one big mess that no one could really sort through. For a period of time, it seemed like it was all anyone would be bothered to talk about, and maybe it was just that she had gossipy friends, but there were a million bullshit rumours flying around the whole thing that were starting to get rather tiring. Some people were even saying that Fiyori had bit Georgia Lee. That was just a step too far to believe. She hadn't seen a bite mark the last time she was around, in any case. What did they think they were, grade schoolers? Obviously the rumours were getting far out of hand.

Ugh. The frustration from not getting a drink and from thinking about the whole fiasco was starting to get to Amanda. Raina looked like she was going off too, and it seemed like a good time to start making the trip to the fountain-

"Huh?" Amanda blinked at Raina's outstretched hand for a second, "Oh my gosh, really? Am I really that easy to read?" She wasn't going to ask for money, but there it was being offered to her. She made the decision without even considering. "Well, thanks. I'll pay you back on Monday," she stated, her own hand already outstretched to receive the coins.

Survivor: Cambodia Mafia Game Thread
alright. i must have missed that.

Survivor: Cambodia Mafia Game Thread
wait i thought it was 2/3 of the votes needed for a lynch not 2/3 the no of people left

Survivor: Cambodia Mafia Game Thread
Hmn. That means that it's likely to be a tie. I'm going to be heading off to class in 5 min, so I'm going to set my vote on Z. I can still check in, I guess, but times running out anyway. I really wouldn't actually want this phase to end in a tie though. 2/3s to lynch is 6 votes I think, so both sides aren't far from that either.

Survivor: Cambodia Mafia Game Thread
A tracker only proves you have an ability, not the one you claim and the result might be innocuous enough to pass basic inspection. I'm also not sure that getting either to target you might be the best idea given that there might be things that would give him away or straight out harm him if we know where he's looking, which is especially dangerous with the doctor dead.

I'm of the opinion that Z is actually more likely to flip town (something like 60% though), but the risk of her being scummy and the information we get in exchange is worth it and our investigators if there are any left can do something apart from look into her. I'll vote right before I leave for class.

If I'm counting right tentative votes look like:
Backslash 4 (Lore, Randomness, Vyse and Toben)
Prim 1 (Rorick)
Danny 2 (Z, Gianni)

Survivor: Cambodia Mafia Game Thread
EBWOP: and i forgot about cops, the heck me.