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Morning Dew
"Guess it does sound like me, doesn't it? Didn't really plan to be up, but it's quite hard for me to get more sleep on the weekends. I find myself waking up at the same bloody time everyday whether I like it or not." Amanda flung her hands up in the air in mock defeat.

"Anyway, since I'm up, I feel like I might as well do something. It feels like such a waste to do nothing with the time, ya know? I feel like I'd waste away if I just spend too long doing nothing." Amanda shrugged at her own statement, finding herself distracted by the vending machine once more. She could always wait to get a drink back home, or even just use one of the water fountains here. Yes, the fountains were a decent replacement for a drink. If only they'd installed water coolers in the park. That would have eliminated her need for a cool drink in the first place.

"So how are things going on your end? Things are starting to get busy lately, aren't they?" Amanda asked.

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