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May The Odds Not Fuck You In The Butt
Nina turned up, making the it feel a little more crowded, despite the fact that they were in an open field. It had been okay when she only had to interact with one or two strangers but the addition of a third person made Stephanie feel slightly uncomfortable. Instead,she turned back to speak with the one she was most comfortable with, Mallory.

"Well, I wasn't expecting to find a tennis court out in the middle of a wheat field. I don't mind staying, but town is probably going to be better. There's probably a better place to crash there anyway, maybe some hotel or apartment or something. And it's not too far away, maybe an hour's trek at the most."

"So," Stephanie turned back to face the other two, "What do you think?"

This Ain't No Make Believe
Grace was still too angry to be impressed by Leona's magic trick. But the point had been made. The three of them had been conned. The gun was now far away and the perpetuators had dissappeared along with it.

Perhaps it was just her, but she felt as if they had just broken some unspoken rule of basic humanity. Taken advantage of the basic decency they had shown them. This was something that ahe couldn't quite accept. She was angry, and she wanted to see justice done. She knew what ahe wanted to do, feeling certain that this was what she wanted to do now.

"I'm going to try to look for them." she announced, hoping the quaver in her voice didn't undermine her statement. "Are you guys going to come along?"

May The Odds Not Fuck You In The Butt
Stephanie wasn't expecting anyone to appear at all. Perhaps it was just wishful thinking, or simple complacency, but Brian's appearance had taken her by complete surprise. Nonetheless, Mallory seemed to be okay with him, and he didn't seem hostile.

"Cool is good," she replied, before quickly following Mallory towards him.

Brian was a person she knew, but only by way of rumour. She never liked listening to gossip, badmouthing a person behind their backs was utterly distasteful, but it was nearly impossible to have a semblance of a social life without hearing this sort of thing. And what she had heard about Brian had left her feeling like she knew far too much about a person who she couldn't pick out from a crowd. Well, at least that wasn't true anymore.

"Stephanie, by the way," she stuck her hand in introduction. "Mallory seems to think you're okay, so that's fine by me. So, what are you doing out here in the middle of nowhere?"

This Ain't No Make Believe
Grace had turned about, the water bottle still held in the air for Joachim to take when he, as well as Jacquilyn bolted.

It made no sense, and she could only stay there in shock for a couple seconds, before realising that she had been left looking like a complete fool holding the bottle in the air.

It wasn't as if anyone had seen anyone or anything about. The only reason that they would have to leave so fast was-

"What. The. Hell. They did something didn't they?" Grace had turned to Leona, the one who was most likely to know what was going on.

"What just happened? What the hell did they just do?" She couldn't keep the anger out of her voice even if she tried. She had half a mind to go off stalking after them demanding for an explanation. But that wouldn't work now. She wasn't even sure if she could see them, let alone catch up with them. All she could do now was to fume here and wait for Leona.

May The Odds Not Fuck You In The Butt
Once again, it was Mallory that got up first. Where on earth did this girl get all her energy from? Keeping up with her was going to be tough. She rubbed her arm, partially out of habit but also because of the strain of being dragged such a distance.

With no warning whatsoever, Mallory began shouting at the farnhouse not too far away.

"I don't think that's such a-" Stephanie began to protest but decided against it. If there was anyone there they'd already know they were here. Might as well make sure they were friendly.

"Fuck this, " she sighed, before joining Mallory in shouting. "Is there someone out there?"

May The Odds Not Fuck You In The Butt
"A blanket fort, huh? Sounds like fun." Stephanie smiled. Mallory really had a knack for coming up with the most inane things. In a good way of courae. Stephanie sometimes wished that she could be so open. It felt weird, awkward to have her help her do something personal.

"I don't mind it either way. It would spruce up this death trap of an island. But for now, I sorta wanna just lie here and catch my breath. " At that, she slumped backwards, lying against the soft vegetation.

May The Odds Not Fuck You In The Butt
Mallory had taken it upon herself to break the silence, a fact that Stephanie would remain silentlly grateful for. Home seemed liked such a faraway dream and Stephanie would probably have let the silence drag on forever.

"Things I want to do, huh?" There were a million things that she wanted. She wanted to go to college, get a nice job, find a nice boyfriend. But if she wanted one thing most? What would it have to be?

"I want to play tennis. One last time." Stephanie looked up at Mallory. "Sort of like an apolgy to the game I turned my back to. How about you?"

May The Odds Not Fuck You In The Butt
Stephanie pulled her glasses on, letting them settle there for a few seconds before adjusting them again. There was a reason why she didn't wear glasses often. Nonetheless, she was rather pleased with the result. The fields were a brilliant gold, stretching as far as the eye could see. Stephanie fancied for a second that she could still see the amusement park far in the distance.

Mallory's sudden yell took Stephanie by surprise, coming at the end of a tale Stephanie could barely make heads or tails of. She sat there for a second, waiting for Mallory to continue, but she simply stopped with a resigned statement.

Stephanie looked down, wondering how best to help her new friend. Instead, she simply lasped into awkward silence, staring into the field as if it could give an answer.

It didn't.

May The Odds Not Fuck You In The Butt
(Stephanie Wright continued from Disneyland with the Death Penalty)

Being dragged for the entire distance was no fun, but Stephanie was happy to be away from the gun. Whoever that had been, he didn't seem in anyway hesitant to fire.

When they had finnaly come to a stop, Stephanie followed Mallory in collapsing to the ground.

"T-that was no fun at all." Stephanie turned to Mallory, the image somewhat more blurry than usual. Stephanie wiped the sweat out of her eyes.

"So this cowboy you keep talking about, he went psycho with a gun?" Stephanie picked up her own bag and began fishing for her specs. Seeing well would be good about now.

This Ain't No Make Believe
It had taken awhile for Grace to understand what was going on, given all the commotion, but Leona's comment of teaming up seemed like a good idea to her. The two of them were nice enough after all.

"I'll go get it," Grace moved over to Joaquim's bag, searching it for the bottle of water that he needed. Trying to be helpful was far too common for her, but she didn't mind. After all, they'd be much more likely to team up with someone who was helpful after all, right?

"A big group sounds like a good idea to me. Safety in numbers, right?" Grace said. "Besides, with him like this," she nodded vaguely in Joaquim's direction, "A larger group might be useful, wouldn't it?"

Disneyland with the Death Penalty
Stephanie managed to find her own map, taking a few moments to work out exactly where they were.

"Well, if we're moving away from there, there's some homestead up there on the map. But walking through three miles of woodland doesn't seem fun to me." Stephanie frowned a little. "Honestly, I'd rather walk along something resembling a road. Maybe the town would be better?"

Official V5 Away Thread
Handler: Randomness
Dates Away: June 8 - June 15
Days Away: 8
Reason for Away: Outfield camp for the next week.
Characters: Stephanie Wright, Grace Faraday.

Disneyland with the Death Penalty
"Oh, no, I wouldn't do anything like that!" Stephanie almost shouted the last bit out loud. She hated it when people thought of her as violent, but Mallory was simply stating what she woildn't do. What the hell was she getting so defensive for?

"Sorry." The word sounded hollow to her own ears. Did this even warrant an apology? "Guess this place got to me more than I thought it had. And we've been here for what two, three hours?"

"But if you want plans, let's start by getting out of here. There's enough rusty metal in here to make the Titanic look good. No point dying of tetanus before we even have a real plan, right?"

This Ain't No Make Believe
(Skipping with permission from Nuggets)

Leona had a smug look on her face. Grace didn't quite like that, given that she had finally puzzled out the weapon. The fingertrap wasn't going to help them out at all, but seemed to be an interesting diversion for Leona.

She hadn't expected Matt to want to throw his weapon away in such a drastic manner. Hide it in his pack, maybe or tossing in the woods, but throwing it off a cliff seemed a little overboard.

She pondered for a second. "Uh, well, I think it'd be a good idea to keep the gun, but I guess it's still Matt's choice in the end, right?

Disneyland with the Death Penalty
"I get what you mean about the roller coaster. What sort of screwed up terrorists take students on their way to Disneyland? That's just downright evil." Stephanie gave a mock pout. " But it's not like this roller coaster could be a replacement for Space Mountain."

Stephanie stepped back onto platform, trying to get a better view of her surroundings. It was a nice enough place, if somewhat neglected. The sound of disgust from Mallory was only about the bars they had been given. Then again, it wasn't exactly the best place to hide in.

"Heh. Screwdrivers and shovels. We could start a hardware store." She joked.

Disneyland with the Death Penalty
The roller coaster looked like it would have been fun, but the rust and decay across the stucture made Stephanie think twice before following Mallory onto the car.

"Guess I'm a little too nice for my own good, huh?" she said, tossing Mallory's pack to her. "I guess I'm doing okay now. Honestly, I'd have expected to be a little more scared." She looked at the roller coaster again, "It'll probably all hit me again later."

"So what exactly are we doing here anyway.? Even if we could get this thing to work, I don't think it'd be that safe."

Disneyland with the Death Penalty

She was probably missing lots of context in the conversation, but it still seemed like a surprising thing to hear.

And of course there was her shovel. No point in them giving her too easy of a time of course. Shovel. Stephanie sighed audibly.

Mallory, in the meanwhile, had managed to drop off her bag and run off to the roller coaster in a matter of seconds. Eccentric. That was the word she would use to describe her. Nonetheless, Stephanie didn't want to be left here alone.

"Wait up!" She called out, hastily stuffing her things into her pack. She stared at the shovel for a second before picking it up, deciding that it might come in handy. With that, she grabbed the packs and ran after the quickly receding figure.

This Ain't No Make Believe
Grace was rather sure that she had heard a faraway sound amongst the constant background of rustling leaves. Were there any wild animals on the island? The fact that she couldn't make out where the noise had come from made her slightly fidgety.

Leona made a comment about taking the gun, which felt a little unusual to Grace, but she did have a point. There was no real point in Matt holding on to a gun that he didn't seem able to hold, let alone use.

"So what weapon did you get anyway?" she asked Leona, noticing that she was still playing with the finger trap. "I sorta already have a pistol of my own." Grace tried to make the announcement sound casual, but realised that it wasn't going to happen.

Disneyland with the Death Penalty
It had taken Stephanie more than a few minutes to collect herself. Her heart was still beating at a hundred miles per hour, but she was at least capable of thought now.

Even so, she panicked when she heard a voice from behind her, spinning around to face it before the meaning of the words had sunk in.

Stephanie recognised the girl who was running up to her, having seen her on the soccer field on her way back from tennis training. She seemed the decent sort, but Stephanie had never really talked to her before. Nonetheless, Stephanie smiled a little. A familiar face was better than a complete stranger.

"Well, I don't think I could shoot you even if I wanted to. I don't even know what my weapon is yet."

This Ain't No Make Believe
Grace paused for a moment, confused by the girl's hand gesture. Quickly realising what she was saying, Grace nodded and tried to calm her breathing, but simply ended up sputtering for a second. It was times like this where she regretted her lack of excercise.

The two people she had found herself with seemed nice enough though. She knew the two of them, somewhat at least, Matt from his volunteering and Leona from her magic. It would be safe enough wih the two of them.

But as her breathing returned to nornal, she noticed that Matt was still hunched over his pack, staring at it with a fear that seemed completely incongrous with his large build.

She peered over and quickly decided that the problem was the rather large gun that was in the pack.

"Um... You feeling okay there?" she asked, some of his nervousness spilling over to her.