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SOTF-TV Mafia: Game Thread
Why does everything happen while I'm asleep? Stupid time difference.

I suppose voting for an inactive is the best thing we can do. I probably won't vote yet, at least not until tomorrow. I'd like to give Flare sometime to give a reply. Nothing that really stands out from his posts though.

SOTF-TV Mafia: Game Thread
Honestly, no one has been overtly suspicious this game. No enthusiastic pushes for lynches or things like that. Since no one seems to have looked at it since day three, I went back to look at voting patterns. We had three lynches, which were all town. There are three people who have voted on all three of them, Slam, Kami and Whirl.

Whirl has been voting in the middle on all three days. Kami has been voting near the middle as well. Slam has hammered twice, and voted near the start of Will's bandwagon.

As for Decoy's votes, he voted for Sickness on the first day and Zabriel on the third. Decoy voted Sickness on the first day. I'm guessing that since this was a first day joke vote, he's sort of in the clear, unless he's a third party role. Of the people who voted near him on the third day, we've got Kami, Sickness and Slam.

I'm rather suspicious of Whirlpool as he hasn't said much with his votes, and he just happens to fall in the middle of all three votes. I'm also mildly suspicious of Slam for his two hammer votes.

SOTF-TV Mafia: Game Thread
Personally, I don't think back up vigs are all that common. A JOAT seems like a likely option, but I'm not too familiar with TV, so I'm not too sure.

I'm a bit surprised that they killed Holly though. I would have thought that they'd leave her alive to pin suspicion on her but that obviously isn't the case.

SOTF-TV Mafia: Game Thread
@Kami: I guess I just haven't been paying as much attention to this as I could have. While I have been sort of busy studying for midyears, it has been the school holidays I really should have been able to squeeze in some posts.

Okay, we have less than a day left in this phase and everyone's been really quiet today. I think we need to come to some sort of a decision soon. We're obviously facing a mafia that has a watcher or tracker, if not a full out role cop, so I think it would be advantageous to have a lynch this day phase, since a no lynch would just mean that the mafia have free rein.

That said, I really have no leads and no one really looks suspicious enough to lynch. We really need to more discussion before we come to a vote.

SOTF-TV Mafia: Game Thread
Ignore what I said about not being suspicious of the outspoken players. I hadn't really thought things through both times I said that.

About Zabriel, I was hesitant to throw out the first vote and by the time I checked back, he was already one vote away from being lynched and I wasn't really willing to hammer.

Anyway, Holly said that Kami was mentioned as suspicious before and looking back at the thread, both Sickness and James said that Kami was suspicious (If I'm not wrong it's page 22 and 24,respectively, on default). As a brief summary for anyone who's too lazy to check back, Sickness said that it was because Kami voted for Will, unvoted after his roleclaim and then re-voted him once the bandwagon got started. James agreed that Kami seemed too enthusiastic to get Will lynched. Kami's defence was that she was simply following the crowd in making decisions.

I'd like to note that both Deamon and Kami have pointed me out for making a vote with little justification all the way back on day one. I know that what I did was somewhat suspicious but it's still interesting that both times, Deamon raised his suspicions of me first, and then Kami added an agreement shortly after.

SOTF-TV Mafia: Game Thread
Yeah, I suppose that was somewhat hypocritical of me saying that we should look at the quiet ones. I was just thinking that it didn't seem like the mafia was likely to be some of the more outspoken players.

I'm not sure what gave Daemon and Kami the suspicion that I did nothing but jump on bandwagons. I hadn't said anything about Will, and while I was in favour of lynching Zabriel, I didn't vote, and I had voiced my opinion before any votes were cast.

As far as it seems, apart from one shots, we probably only have two killing roles left in the game, the SK and the mafia. The mafia likely have information on their side, as they have been taking down power roles that weren't that high profile players. Holly's suggestion that the mafia had a watcher or a cop of their own seems likely. While it seems a bit of a stretch that they managed to get both Sideliner and Rattle, they most likely have some source of information. Perhaps they simply ignored Holly because they knew that they had a high value target.

On another point, I'm not sure if this is fluff, but on the first two nights, the red killers were named but he wasn't last night. Perhaps the kill was a one shot kill used and the mafia kill was blocked? I'm not sure how well this theory holds up since Karen wasn't named on the first night.

Grace Faraday
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Basic Rules
An awkward lull persisted over the course of the experiment. Yukiko and Luna were both quiet, doing little more than just working on the experiment.

Several times, Stephanie felt like striking up conversation, but could never find the right place to. The bell rang and Yukiko had quickly packed up and left.

"Well, see you around, Luna," Stephanie said before picking up her bag.

((Stephanie Wright continued elsewhere))

SOTF-TV Mafia: Game Thread
We really need to come to a decision.Zabriel has definitely been the most suspicious so far and his pointing at Slam for being a vocal player was flimsy at best. Lynching him would at worst remove a iffy player.However, from the way things have been going, It seems just as likely that the mafia may be some of the quieter ones.

So should we just lynch Zabriel and hope for the best?

Grace Faraday
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