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RuPaul's Drag Race Mafia Fallout Thread
Yay! We won! Good job, everyone!

Am I the first Princess to not get mislynched? Because looking back in the archives it seems there's a pretty shitty track record for them.

Given that this is my first mafia in years, I really don't know how this compares to others, but I really liked the setup. It was quite interesting to know that there were two neg utility roles from night one onward.

I was actually sorely tempted to claim early on, given that it would give town more setup info and stuff, but given that the dayphase would be skipped even if I was nightkilled, I ended up just playing as I would a standard townie. Is it standard form for it to be when killed or is it more common for it to require a mislynch to lose a dayphase?

Morning Dew
Raina was okay. That was good. Still, the ground was damp enough to soak through Amanda's shoes and she wasn't keen on staying there much longer. Raina would probably be feeling much worse than that mild discomfort too.

"Ugh. Let's get to the pavement. No point standing around in the wet grass for any longer than we need to, right?" Amanda said, heading back towards the pavement. "It's starting to get a bit too bright for stars anyway, isn't it?"

The sky was starting to turn a vivid shade of orange in the distance. While the moon was still visible, only the brightest stars still remained visible. Amanda wasn't really into astronomy, in any case. She could maybe guess at Venus, and that was about it. Not a topic she really wanted to talk about for very long, especially since Raina seemed to know a thing or two about it.

"Anyway, it's just me here today. It's quite hard to find people willing to wake up at 5 on a weekend to go out on a jog, you know?" she said, half-jokingly. A jogging partner was a nice idea, but she'd never actually gone round looking for one. For one thing, Amanda liked to keep her jogs as a spontaneous choice, to run whenever she felt like it. Having someone to run with her would make it an obligation, and that was a bit too much for her.

"So, have you been here a while?" Amanda asked, putting her hands into her jacket pockets absent-mindedly. Still devoid of coins, of course. "It's quite rare to see you up and out at a time like this."

RuPaul's Drag Race Mafia Game Thread
EBWOP: By vote failing I meant Boogie flipping town.

RuPaul's Drag Race Mafia Game Thread
@Boogie Yeah, I've been posting with less frequency than most people, but two reasons for that. One, is timezones, I'm 8 hours apart from both US' West Coast and London, most of the time I can only react to things after they happen. Two, I take a long time to think about things and don't really just throw my thoughts out in the moment, so I sometimes see a few posts come by while I'm posting when something big is happening. Besides, my posts are much clearer on what I think and where my suspicions come from, so people can more easily track what I'm doing. The coasting is more about the lack of explicit information in your posts than a straight out lack of posts.

Rugga seems to have hit the nail on the nose. In any case, if my claim is fake, the two flavour people would likely agree that it would be weird for Ricky to leave out Ben. He's mentioned in the flavour that Ben's his favorite queen and as a fan-favourite she's clearly town leaning. Since no one is counterclaiming Ben, you guys can see that my claim is solid.

Given everything we've had this game (hated, jester, me), there can't be more than one mafia member left. Honestly, I thought it'd be over last phase but nope. Unlikely that the rivals would be town+scum, since they apparently can win if they are both alive at the end.

Anyways, I've already said many times why I've found Boogie suspicious so I'm not going to reiterate.

Vote: dmboogie

We're at L-1 now? If this vote fails, I'm really unsure on targets. Does anyone have any secondary suspicion targets? I know I'm one, but for obvious reasons I don't think I'm scum and I've also given reasons why my claim is probably good.

RuPaul's Drag Race Mafia Game Thread
@Boogie, what is your opinion of the points that I made in my previous post? Not replying really doesn't help my opinion of you avoiding replying to questions and accusations.

I've said before that I think that Lore doesn't feel scummy, but that survivor is a decent safeclaim that should be looked at a little suspiciously.

Dayphases are the most important thing we have now given that our vig has fired all shots. I'm honestly okay with Frogue's idea for a one-two lynch, if little more information of use comes to light this phase. Boogie still seems the most suspicious to me and I still stand by what I said here. We have about a day left, so I'll see if there's an answer to my queries before I vote, but that's my thoughts on things now.

Also, it's only now that I realise that we didn't have any protection roles at all?

RuPaul's Drag Race Mafia Game Thread
I'm on my phone and busy so i haven't really rechecked the thread to double check info.

@Boogie I've asked you several times about your specific suspicions and to chime in on current events. I've even mentioned your lack of replies to questions before on May 15, a week ago.That wasn't directly at you, but it came after a vote in your direction . I would think you'd have seen that. Others have also asked for your opinion at times to prevent you from lurking too much. Last I checked, you only reply to these thrice, mostly in self defense. That might be a miscount, but your replies have also been very sparse on information on your thought processes and who you think is suspicious. Furthermore, your actions look simply like going with the flow, and without any further justification that's shady as heck.

RuPaul's Drag Race Mafia Game Thread
Okay, not sure if the full claim was necessary but that info is useful. It checks out superficially, since Trinity seems to have managed to send two people home through lip synchs, but don't take my word for it, I haven't watched the show.

If the claim checks out, then we likely have no SK. Mysterious third party is likely a survivor. Mafia is down to one, maybe two people.

So now we've got to sift through the claims to check things out. Frogue and Backslash confirm each other's roles, but not alignments.

I've already stated before that I'd like looking at Boogie, given that he's ignored questions time and again. If that's a post restriction it's a really messed up one. His claim also seems to be drawing some flak from those who know what they are talking about.

Lore, I'm not sure that she's scummy at all, but survivor seems to be a possible fake claim for scum. I think she's actually third party but there's no real evidence either way?

RuPaul's Drag Race Mafia Game Thread
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I'm BenDeLaCreme-Miss Congeniality. Here are gifs as sacrifice. I hope I did that right.

I'll keep my specifics of my role quiet for now, but it's mildly negative utility, which is why I've said we'd likely have less mafia all game.

RuPaul's Drag Race Mafia Game Thread
@Boogie. The RC train was well underway when Frogue voted for you. When pressure started piling on you as well, MW put up backslash as another target. The argument is that if you weren't scum, why wouldn't MW have pushed for your lynch when the godfather was at risk of being lynched, instead of putting up a new target? It would have been easier for him to get a lynch on you, so the action is suspicious in hindsight. This is on top of your really quiet play which we all know harms town by giving little information about your thought processes when things are being done, giving us little data to confirm a town read on you.

We're running out of time on this day as well, so I'm just gonna vote.
@Frogue The explanation to my vote was longer than that, you misrepresented it. I didn't like his argument for not claiming and Rugga's flavour confirmation was convincing, on top of lack of time.

I also don't like your argument that three people did something and there's only two scum as an argument. Things town do can be scummy. Town messes up, town has little information, town misreads. That doesn't stop a scummy action from being scummy. Given that RC was scum, it's natural to see people waffling on the lynch as scummy. Still reading you as town, but I really don't like these two points.

@Rugga Scum would have a harder time claiming imo, given that they both have little knowledge of flavour. I agree that they'd do their best to put up someone not suspicious, but the point, i think, is to catch them out on a lie, either by bad flavour choices or by someone with a counterclaim.

So are we really mass claiming? I'm a little iffy on it, but will do if pressed.

P.S. @Ricky You have RC's flavour down as RC instead of Phi Phi O'Hara on the first post.

RuPaul's Drag Race Mafia Game Thread
Forgot to make it clear in my last post. Prim, can you share what you found last night?

RuPaul's Drag Race Mafia Game Thread
On Mass claiming: I don't particularly see the negative sides of a mass claim, especially with RC seemingly already having used a bad claim, implying that they have no safe claims or that their safe claims are only partial claims or something. Willing to claim whenever.

On Flavour: Determining town isn't actually too hard. A quick wiki search gives enough information for me, and it seems to work for those whose alignments have been revealed. Scum are antagonistic/villain style roles while town is for those more popular with fans. For role though, it'd be much harder, and I'll leave that to those who know what they are talking about. But town/scum seems pretty easy to determine. (Disclaimer: I haven't checked William on this one. Don't know how third parties fit in)

On SKs: I don't think there'd be a SK because of the number of kills we've have per night. Two kills last night phase points largely to 1 mafia and 1 other killing role, and if there's a vig, I'd guess he'd shoot. Still, I don't discount an SK, especially if a vig doesn't claim. Faith is right that if the vig reveals themselves we'd be clear on where the kills are coming from and if there is a SK, but I'm also not certain if the information is so important that the vig should claim and we aren't even 100% sure that there is a vig. If there is no vig, I'm actually quite uncertain about what we should be doing to determine if there is a SK, but this seems like a unlikely scenario.

There's 10 of us now. 1-2 mafia and maybe an SK or some other mysterious third party. That puts us in a relatively safe position for now. Still, we should push this advantage while we can. I'd like to wait for Rugga and Prim's night reports before doing much else, but Boogie is the most suspicious to me atm. I really don't like how he's been avoiding answering questions directed at him.

This is how I'm reading people, by the way.

Def Town: Rugga, Flare
Leaning Town: Frogue, Backslash
Null(ish): Bik, Prim, Slam, Loretta
Leaning Scum: Boogie

Morning Dew
Amanda didn't have much time to think further about her coinless plight, the far too familiar sound of a person meeting the ground in a violent fashion interrupting any progress on that front.

She turned to see the source of the noise, a figure lying at the foot of a nearby tree, looking for all the world like a the victim of a particularly inept murderer. From this distance, it wasn't too hard to tell who the figure was, the blue hair an almost complete giveaway.

Raina was a friend from school. Okay, perhaps friend didn't exactly fit the bill, but that was the closest word she could think of, barring some hipster portmanteaus that she'd rather not even know existed. In any case, while they weren't best pals, Amanda wasn't about to ignore the fact that she'd fell out of a tree, making a quick sprint across the wet grass towards the girl.

"You alright, Raina?" Amanda asked. Checking for consciousness was the first and only first aid step that Amanda could remember. Granted, that step seemed completely unnecessary given the oof that Raina had made after impact, but it still seemed like a helpful thing to do.

"The heck are you doing in a tree at 6 am in the morning?"

Okay, that question was much less helpful, but her curiosity, much like her actual thirst, needed to be quenched.

RuPaul's Drag Race Mafia Game Thread
Wow. I ninja hammered. Wasn't expecting that.

If RC is scum, I'd think that RC was either trying to bait for info before he made his softclaim or get someone to cover his ass. Most likely the former, but I really can't tell.

RuPaul's Drag Race Mafia Game Thread
On number of likely mafia: We've had a hated and a jester. I'm really leaning towards 3 mafia members. Given the amount of negative utility town has had, I also don't think there'd be much in way of third parties left given that as well (especially since we've already had one).

@RC I really don't buy your argument for not claiming because it seems weird. I'd think your resistance to claiming already made you to be a bigger target than you would have liked. The only two things you could have been were scum or a power role and scum would know which you were while town wouldn't. By keeping the claim to yourself, you'd would deprive town of information, especially if you died overnight. If you were town, I don't see why making your claim next dayphase would have helped,. I was banking on a flavour confirmation that you were town, but Rugga's post has me convinced.

We're running out of time on this day as well, so I'm just gonna vote.


I'm thinking Prim largely checks outs fine, because I don't think spending two potentially risky claims to exonerate one guy is really worth it. Still could be a safe claim, but I'd read her as leaning town now.

RuPaul's Drag Race Mafia Game Thread
Hmm. I haven't looked too much into other mafias so I wouldn't know how RC or other people play. I'll take his statements with a heap more salt given the case. I'm also willing to give a bit more leeway to Prim given that it seems to be her style of play.

Cutting down Rugga's list of people who have voted on both Rorick and Laurels, we still have RC and Boogie.

RC's continued reticence to full claim feels like an important fact. @RC Are you willing to at least give a reason why you won't full claim? I don't see what the benefit of not claiming is when you're sitting at L-2.

Turning to look through Boogie's posts, I think that a lot of what Boogie has said is either really low information or unrelated to mafia and he's been very ready to go with the flow of events without actually divulging any of his opinions. He's also largely avoided directly replying to any of the comments noting his lack of presence, only replying once to defend Prim. His reasoning for voting on Rorick is actually a little similar to his vote on Laurels.
In the void of any claims or other evidence, scumhunting is needed so the town just doesn't twiddle their thumbs.


I don't like the way you're deflecting suspicion, man.
He says, twice in fact, that he wants something to be done but hasn't acted upon that apart from his votes. That's suspicious in my opinion. I'm not going to vote for him right now, because I don't know how the RC thing is going to play out and I want to hear Boogie's replies to Frogue's argument and other opinions. As of now, however, Frogue's argument seems particularly convincing.

RuPaul's Drag Race Mafia Game Thread
My thoughts on RC:
I was reading RC slightly as town at first during the whole thing with Rorick, mostly because I felt Rorick was being sketchy at the time. I have a note somewhere that says that his posts were a little information light before that, but I'm a bit lazy to go corroborate that right now, and given that it was day one or two, it's not much of a decisive factor.

I didn't vote because was kinda waiting for more thoughts on the issue before I decided, especially since my initial reading of him was somewhat town. I didn't quite understand where RC was coming from in this fight and didn't want to make a snap decision. By now though, my opinion of him is a little more mixed. The defense is coming off with a kind of anger that I don't expect from a townie-(sorta)confirmed townie fight. He was pushing on Rorick quite hard for the first half of day two, and attempted to convince Rorick not to reveal his investigation after the claim. Like I said earlier, being in fights with someone who is practically confirmed town also reads badly in his direction. I'm not entirely convinced that he's scum, but there's more than enough sketchiness for me to be okay with a lynch in his favour.

On the wagon:
Slam's vote has a little weak reasoning, but it's not a rare reason for town to vote for someone. A little sketchy.

Prim's vote feels like she's basically saying 'I think he's scummy, I'm voting for him' with little extra explanation. If any one vote was suspicious, it'd be hers.

I think Z's vote is more legitimate because of an earlier post voicing discontent with the direction RC was taking things. I also like the way RC's actions on day two are used to support the vote, because to me this isn't just 'RC slips up once and gets angry', it's 'RC has been aggressive/defensive for two day phases straight'.

Rorick's vote seems okay, because he's using it as pressure to push for a claim. I'm a little uncertain about it as a tactical move, but it seems legit to me.

On a flip:
If RC flips town, I'd look at Prim and maybe Slam.

I was willing to accept Prim's previous sketchiness as cautious town actions, and a town flip wouldn't make me think she's definitely scum, but her vote is sketchy and I'd feel she'd be the scummiest at that point barring mysterious night/other events.

Slam, like RC was also pushing on Rorick, but in a much less aggressive manner on day two and has been a little light on information in posting. I have much less certainty on this one, though.

One thing I'd say is that if RC flips mafia, I'd give Bik and Slam light town cred given that RC was using the lisps to claim that one of them was likely to be mafia.

RuPaul's Drag Race Mafia Game Thread
Okay. My thoughts on the things that have been going on.

Prim feels a little bit scummy, but I largely agree with Boogie that it feels like cautious townie play than scum.

I'm reading Frogue as leaning town, he's been chasing leads in a manner that I feel is pro-town. It's a gut feeling more than anything, though.

@Rugga I'm don't remember pushing for a Rorick lynch. My first two posts on day two were about my thoughts about setup, and then my next post was on Laurels. I did mention that I was uncertain about Rorick, but that was cleared up between my third and fourth day 2 posts. I don't see where you got the idea where I was pushing for a lynch on him?

Agree that we should watch for Boogie, because he's really laying low. @Boogie Do throw up your thoughts on who seems suspicious.

RC's not making a good case for himself, especially after getting into two fights with people now assumed to be town.
@RC Why would you read Laurels as trying to distract mafia? Flavour may have been part of Laurel's actions, but any distractions in general tend to harm town more than mafia because town has less information to run off. Mafia know who their members are and who they've tried to kill at minimum, meaning they can cut through a decent amount of noise.

Morning Dew
((Amanda Tan's pregame start))

Sumac Park wasn't too far from Amanda's house and closer than most other green spaces nearby. As a result, it had become part of her favorite jogging routes, for those rare occasions where she actually did have the time to jog. With the winter season behind her, Amanda had found that she had a little more time for her own training.

She'd made it out of the house early that morning, stuffing her phone and keys hastily into her pockets, her earphones blaring a playlist that featured a little too much Taylor Swift for her current self's liking, but her past self could carry all the blame for that one. In any case it wasn't all that dislikable, and if she were to update her song list, she'd probably manage to turn that into a couple hour project. Not a job she really fancied doing any time soon.

There was just enough light for a good run, and the streets were still largely quiet. It was for the better she got her run in now in any case, so she'd have some free time in the afternoon. Not like she had plans at the moment, but more free time was always a good thing.

The green fields of Sumac park were welcoming, the temperature still cool from the early morning, a light dew blanketing the fields around her, small lights glistening in the morning sun. Sumac was often regarded duller than Liberty, but it was times like this where Amanda really appreciated the greenery of the park. Better than the gray and brown shrubs that dotted the landscape anyway.

Amanda took in the landscape for a little longer as she wandered towards her target, which was standing near a set of concrete benches. The vending machine was one of the older ones in Sumac, a light grey tingeing its white shell, and though it tended to be a little less well stocked than she liked, there was little point dragging a drink all the way out here if she could get herself a mid-run pickup right-

"Oh come on. You've gotta be kidding me," she said, patting down the pockets of her sweatpants. No wallet. Not even a couple coins. Nope, she was flat out broke right now. Good job, Amanda, good job.

RuPaul's Drag Race Mafia Game Thread
Actually, if we only have one mason left, it's super easy to check. The mason should probably claim soon, so it's not he-said-she-said at LYLO or whatever (unless they have some other useful power). If nobody counter-claims, the claimant is legit. If someone does counter-claim, we lynch one of them, then the other if we guessed wrong. It's a horrible idea for scum to trade one for one to get rid of a useless role like a mason, even if that useless role does let someone get confirmed as town.

Oh yeah. Completely didn't realise that a counter claim would get them wrecked.

About the missing kill. We have three kills from last night. If we assume that there is an SK, a vig (x-shot or otherwise), Rugga as a JOAT and mafia, that'd be four kills for last night. I was arguing it's unlikely that there is both a SK and a vig given that there were three kills last night. Looking back on it though, I guess doctor/bulletproof is also a possible explanation to that, though is it possible that multiple people took shots at Laurels?

About the vote thing. I was under the opinion that because it looked like scum play, scum might have had some benefit in pushing for that lynch. Town would also want her out of play because either she was scum, or she was impeding play. I wasn't trying to say that anyone on that vote was inherently suspicious from voting there, but that there was benefit for scum to be on there. I guess trying to draw conclusions from that was a bit fruitless.

RuPaul's Drag Race Mafia Game Thread
Hmm. I suggest that we do look at those who voted for Laurels as a little iffy, even though scum could have safely stayed off that bandwagon. (Yes I did vote for Laurels why did you ask?) Four votes means that it's unlikely that we'll catch any scum out from there but it's still a lead, even if small. I mean, at the time it looked like a free townie/3rd party and it would have wasted the day. Losing more dayphases was the last thing town needed.

Agree on Rugga's point that it's likely for town to have tried to kill Laurels. IMO, mafia wouldn't have bothered to spend their night kill on her.

I personally think it's more likely for us to have a vig than a SK. It's quite unlikely that we'd have both, especially given night one, unless the vig is a x-shot vig and even then we'd have a missing kill from tonight to account for.

Never seen a Mason before. If there's only one left though, I'd think that a claim would be hard to double check. It'd sorta be like saying that you're town, you can only check by flavor and even then, it's still iffy.