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Disneyland with the Death Penalty
(G23 Stephanie Wright -Start)

It was ridiculously warm. Stephanie woke up, realising that once again, she had fallen asleep with her jacket on. Even so, the air felt far more humid than usual and she could only feel hard, unforgiving ground against her back.

She faintly remembered the bus trip, the one they were taking to Disneyland, but the green blur that greeted her eyes only served to confirm that wherever this was, it wasn't Anaheim.

Stephanie sat up, shrugging off her headache and sore back to look about. Her bag lay on the ground, flap wide open, leaving its contents splayed across the floor. Apart from her things though, was a second bag, unfamiliar, carefully marked with something she couldn't quite make out. A shovel stood next to that bag, blade impaled deep in the dirt.

She walked over to the mess, still somewhat groggy , examining the second bag. The marking was simple, G23, somehow familiar to her. Had she seen it somewhere before? There was something like this wasn't there? On some show a few years back.

Things began to click together for her and she realised what had happened the day before, about those men and the video and Mr. Davidge.

"Oh." She said simply, collapsing to her knees in shock.