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RuPaul's Drag Race Mafia Game Thread
We were practically guaranteed to lose a dayphase like this at some point given the way the board plays. I think the interesting thing is that we can probably work out a little bit about the setup from this, but I guess the flip will give us more concrete information to discuss, because how a hated character effects balance really depends on which faction they're from.

RuPaul's Drag Race Mafia Game Thread
Whoops. Forgot to mention that the role has been received without a problem.

RuPaul's Drag Race Mafia Game Thread

For being the earliest person to post who hasn't been voted on yet.

New V5 Reduced Activity Notices
Finals start on Monday so I'll be less active for the next week or so.

RuPaul's Drag Race Mafia Sign-Up Thread
I did not even know this was a thing. I'm totally in.

Friends are neat
I can totally see Amanda being on good terms with Cristobal, although she can be a little overbearing at times? I can see her disturbing 'Private Cris time' quite often given her attitude. If Cristobal is okay with that though, I think they could be good friends.

For Amanda, she doesn't mind spirited debates about things she enjoys and loves hearing about other's opinions. Nonetheless, I think Raina's attitude to this may be a bit grating for her and Amanda's opinion of her are likely to be somewhere between grudging acceptance and complete exasperation of the 'Oh my God, I can't believe this girl' type.

@ Deamon
Kimiko and Amanda would have several things in common and I can see their personalities meshing. I would think that they would know each other quite well, but I don't foresee Amanda having the patience picking up more than basic ASL. They would share like three languages though, if you count Hokkien. (Does she know Hokkien I'm totally assuming all Taiwanese people do right now). Definitely they'd be on good terms, but perhaps not quite close friends.

Junko and Amanda are both a little flighty and are both outgoing and confident, with their shared interests, it's fairly possible that they'd be friends. However, Junko's attitude towards work is definitely something that Amanda would be very fond of and it could lead to some disagreement between them. Apart from that, íf they are good friends, I'd think that Amanda's natural curiosity would lead her to go along with most things Junko does, even if she may vocally object at the time.

Yeah, Irene sounds like the kind of person that Amanda would hang out with every so often. Perhaps they'd know each other from friends (from the soccer team maybe) but probably don't really hang out one on one?

As for Ben, I don't mind having them dated before. I'm thinking that it would likely have been an awkward affair, lasting no more than one, two dates before both sides realized that this just wasn't happening. They could still be friendly afterwards, but maybe things are still a little awkward between them from that?

Friends are neat
With my first character accepted for V6, its time for my first ever planning thread!

Right now it's just Amanda, so here's a quick run down of her:

Amanda is an immigrant from Singapore who arrives in the States in 2011. Shes naturally outgoing and cheerful and tends to be passionate about her hobbies. Right now her interests are in cooking, video games and soccer, but she's dabbled a little in everything and often pretends to know more about them than she actually does. She's a little bit of a busybody and is likely to have involved herself in several committees, to the point of being unable to handle them all. She's used to things going her way, and gets rather confused or upset when things turn against her.

I'm looking for both friends and foes. Amanda's rather personable, but tends to hang with the other students athletes for the most part. I'd like to find a couple close friends for her, if that's possible. For foes, there's plenty of reason for people to be upset with her too, maybe they've who worked on stuff she's flaked out on or annoyed at her poking her nose into their affairs.