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V5 Thirteenth Rolls
Stephanie is finally dead

In Total Control
Stephanie regretted everything.

She always did, but only after the fact. It was always the same.She let her emotions control her.

Had high school been a farce? Was it just that she had the luck of having nice people in her classes? Or had she honestly gotten better and thrown it all away in an instant?

She was bleeding. That wasn't new. And this time, she deserved it. She shouldn't have done that.

It hurt to move. But somehow, she managed to pick herself up, despite the intense throbbing in her head. Chris was gone.

She only made it a few steps before her legs gave way. She fell to the ground in a heap. She didn't rise again. She didn't regret that.

Stephanie Wright - DECEASED

In Total Control
Disorientation, then panic.

He had shoved her, knocking her off balance. She landed badly, her right arm burning in pain from the impact.

She was going crazy. Her arm hurt. Had she broken it again, or was it just paranoia? She couldn't tell. She couldn't tell anything.

It was sheer instinct that led her to try and pick herself up. She couldn't stop herself. She was angry. At herself, at him, at the island, at every damned thing on this island. She would rip this island apart if she could.

But she couldn't and the ones who had left her in this state were far far away, untouchable, anonymous and probably contented.

She lashed out at Chris again. She didn't even think about it. All dhe knew was that he had pushed her. By the time she realised what she was doing, it was too late.

In Total Control

She'd done something wrong. Bad. She wasn't supposed to hit- She wasn't supposed to. She couldn't, she shouldn't, she didn't mean it. She didn't mean any of it. She needed to backtrack. She needed her space. She needed something and she had no idea what.

She was supposed to count to ten. She had already hit twenty two but the thoughts continued unabated, the numbers serving as a simple background for her thoughts.

"Stop it, stop it, stop it," she was frantic. She hit someone. She didn't mean it. She hit someone.

"I don't-" She was gesticulating wildly, trying to convey some sense of what she was feeling. Her breathing was too shallow. She couldn't think straight at all.

Of course she couldn't. She crossed that line again. She said she would never do it again and now it was back and she was doing it again and it would end up just like middle school all over again.

Not again. Never again.

In Total Control
Stress was usually a good motivator but Stephanie never took to it well.

Of course she knew what was going on. She'd already seen Hansel kill. Kam at the hospital. Mallory, Alex, and so many others that were killed simply because.

She just couldn't let that go.

"Fuck! It's not like I don't know anything."

"We're in a goddamn middle of a bunch of dead people and you're acting as if I don't know that sone people are screwed up? Of course I do. The thing is, I can't even pretend to understand why they do what they do. How the hell are you so calm?"

She was ranting. The pent up frustration, fueling itself, her shoutkng only serving to drive herself further into anger. She was just throwing all her anger at Chris. There was no deep reason
he was there.

She needed to hit something. She wasn't supposed to. But she needed to hit something. She was scared now. She was already guilty about it. But the urge wouldn't go away.

Chris said something. She didn't even hear it. Without thinking she hit him in the chest.

In Total Control
"I know. And that's what makes this all the more screwed up. Some part of me says that its perfectly fine to rationalise it like that but there's no way that I'm just gonna sit down and accept that."

The last words were almost a shout. She was far too emotional. Maybe it was the corpse. Someone was dead for who knew how long and their dead body was sitting right there, unattended, unrespected and the same was likely to happen to her. She'd left Mallory's body behind after all, how could she have expected any better for herself.

She had to calm down. This island was messed up, but she could show she was better. Better than everyone who ended up dead. Better than everyone who ended up killing. And then she would survive. That's was all she needed.

In Total Control
((Stephanie Wright continued from Exposure))

Stephanie had found herself slowly drifting into an irritable mood.

It wasn't just the rain, which had been little more than a drizzle and lasted all of fifteen minutes. Her jacket had kept her mostly dry through that, and the clouds had long cleared, leaving a muted blue in their wake.

It wasn't just her being tired and hungry and thirsty and probably well on her way to dehydration.

It was that and a million other tiny discomforts wrapped up in the fact that they were on an island where people were killing other people in a crazy situation that she couldn't even pretend to comprehend.

But none of that was quite conscious to her and she could only feel it as an intense feeling of irritation as she crossed yet another body. A wound could be seen clearly on the dead girl's chest, the familliar sight of blood making it clear what had happened here.

"Fuck. Another corpse, " she verbalised to Chris.

It was great to have someone else around, but Chris was yet another one of those million tiny discomforts.

Not to say he was a bad person. Far from it on fact. But Stephanie was still wary. After all, she hadn't exactly been on good terms with him back in middle school. Even, if he had changed since then, surely he remembered that she'd gotten into fights with her.

Not that she was about to remind him of that fact any time soon. There was no point in losing the friendliest person she'd met since Mallory.

"Why the hell do people keep killing?"

V5 Thirteenth Rolls
I'm going to have to request an extension of three days. The death is mostly planned, but it's not likely that it'll be done on time due to time zone differences.

Chris seemed quick to agree with her. He stopped for a moment to pass her a bandage wrapped slice of pizza before grabbing his bags.

Stephanie followed suit, stuffing the pizza ignominiously into her bag. That was a bad idea, she realised, in retrospect, but grease inside her bag wasn't something she could care to fix at the moment.

They'd go somewhere safe, and then she could deal with wharever she wanted.

But, what sort of place would be safe on this island? The only answer she could give was not here, out in the open.

She hefted her bags and followed after Chris.

((Stephanie Wright continued in In Total Control))

"You're probably right, but I don't like the idea one bit." A tiny little part of her mind wholeheartedly agreed with his statement, and she wasn't very happy to find herself doing so. She shouldn't feel better when someone else got hurt. No, she shouldn't feel that way at all.

The boy asked for her name, interrupting her thoughts.

"Huh?" She paused for a moment, failing to parse the sentence immediately. "Oh. It's Stephanie."

"Your name is Chris, right? I don't suppose staying in the middle of a park with nothing but a pizza box is all that great of an idea. Maybe we should get a move on."

V5 Thirteenth Rolls
If anyone has any death ideas for Stephanie, they would be very appreciated.

Mara left. That was a good thing, Stephanie supposed, not having a killer stay about for much longer than strictly neccesary.

Then again, that meant that the only things she had to defend herself with was a half-empty pizza box and a dirty slingbag. That wasn't a nice thought at all.

"Sure. I'm not going to turn down pizza at a time like this."

She took a slice, taking a small bite out of it, trying to savour her first taste of real food in days. It was frustratingly cold, but pizza was still pizza.

"You know," Stephanie said, "She did have a point. Stacy's not exactly nice. But they're both killers, right? I'm not sure who'd I root for if they met."

Magician Girl made her departure, but Stephanie felt no inclination to follow her. Still, her departure made Stephanie feel far less safe. Even if Mara had a weapon, three against one wasn't bad odds. Now it was just her and Chris, and the two of them would have to be more careful if she pulled something.

But it didn't seem as if it would come to a fight. After all, killing them wouldn't help her. And she had long lost any element of surprise. She wasn't going to kill them. Probably.

"You didn't quite need to describe her, you know. I doubt a soul in our school couldn't recognise her," Stephanie said, "Haven't seen the slightest hint of her, though."

"But even if you do find her, what are you gonna do?" she continued, crossing her arms as she did. "I mean, there's only one thing it could be, right?"

The girl didn't seem to pleased at either of her comments. Stephanie wasn't too suprised at the reaction, but she couldn't help but feel slightly ticked off by her rudeness.

She wondered for a moment who she had killed and how. It might have just been an accident, right? Then again, that wouldn't quiye justify them giving pizza, would it?

Stephanie berated herself for not listening to the announcements enough. Now, all she knew far too little to know how to react and badly timed comments about shoes didn't help at all.

"I suppose Magician Girl's right, given everything so far. Not quite afraid I guess, but a little wary. And we'd all have every right to be, right?"