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The Kindness of Strangers
Hearing footsteps next to him, Adrian knew that help was near.

"I... I can't move!" Adrian was way beyond panicking at this point. "I think I snapped something!"

Sam was standing next to him. Though he couldn't see her face ,he guessed that she was in shock too.

"Please... do something... It hurts!" he shouted. Then as soft as a whisper, "Please... help..."

The Kindness of Strangers
((Skipping TDS))

Adrian was halfway down the hill when it happened. The slope gave way. He had no time to react.

He reached the bottom of the hill with a loud thud ,a crack and a cry of pain.

Maybe he was bleeding. He wouldn't know. His arms wouldn't move. Neither would his legs. He lay there for a moment before trying to move again. No luck. Adrian began to panic. Here he was, on an island with god knows how many murderers running about, and here he was lying at the foot of a hill, unable to do anything.

"H...Help!" he cried out feebly. Maybe the two were still up there. Maybe they would hear him. Maybe.

Super Mario Bros Mafia: Game Thread
Nah, I made a mistake in the last paragraph. I meant not innocent. Guess that kinda messed things up.

ET's probably genuine. All the posts do have smilies, though that could have been copy pasted from somewhere else.

We've got two days left so we might want to speed things up. To put on some pressure, I'll VOTE:decoy

Super Mario Bros Mafia: Game Thread
Looks like there's still suspicion on me. I will say that I am pro-town. If you guys need further proof of that I can provide the PM.

In the meanwhile we should look for some leads. Whirl's only pattern was that he hammered both Dete and Pippin,.

That is why I think that the last few people to vote for them on those two days were suspicious.
For Day Two, this would be Pippin, Holly, decoy and for Day Three we have TDS, decoy, Frozen Smoke.

Pippin's dead, so we know he's clear. Holly seems to be trustworthy and Whirl tried to turn everyone's suspicion on TDS on Day 2.

While I wouldn't say the two of them are definitely innocent, I'd like to look at decoy and Frozen Smoke first. Decoy for one, has already been suspected multiple times before. However, I will wait for ET to post his PM before voting though.

The Kindness of Strangers
Adrian grabbed his bag. But now that he had it, he had no idea what to do. Trying to get his gun would be suicide.

He stood there for a moment. He had to do something, and fighting wasn't the answer.

He took the only other choice.

He ran.

Super Mario Bros Mafia: Game Thread
I don't post because most of the time, I'm completely lost. Talking wouldn't add anything to the discussion when I have no leads whatsoever. But if you wish to 'trim off dead weight' I'm fine with it.

Well for now, I think we might want to look at Frozen Smoke. For one, he was one of the last few to vote for Dete and second to last in voting for Pippin. Both times, it was with weak justification.

So, I VOTE: Frozen Smoke

The Kindness of Strangers
The two of them completely ignored him, deciding to focus on staring each other down.

He wasn't going to be changing anything by saying anything more. It was time to do something. Reiko was standing right in front of him. He said he didn't want a fight, but he had to stop her somehow.

He took a step back and grabbed his bag which was lying on the floor.He could only hope that the two of them wouldn't notice him.

The Kindness of Strangers
"R...Reiko? No you can't be..."

Even though he said that, he knew that the person standing before him was Reiko. Who would be stupid enough to say that they were her? He had heard her name every morning announcement. Had heard the names of those she killed. Everyone would be out to get her.

And now, she stood right before him.

He had to do something. Run, hide, fight. Any of those things would be fine. Why did he have to leave the gun at the bottom of his bag?

"Sam, please calm down." He knew it wouldn't be enough but he continued anyway, "We don't have to start a fight."

The Kindness of Strangers
Sarah Xu? The name was familiar but that didn't come as much of a surprise.

"I'm sorry, but I don't know her either," Adrian said. "I only met a few friends and well, lets just say it didn't go quite so brilliantly."

"By the way, I'm Adrian, you are?"

Super Mario Bros Mafia: Game Thread
Sorry for not posting, I've been busy lately and I thought the discussion was going just fine by itself.

I'm seriously not sure what to think of Pippin's reply. It's either pure apathy or trying to hide something. But I'm not exactly willing to vote him yet. Also, Dete was already about to be lynched when decoy posted. While there are many ways to explain it away, for now,


The Kindness of Strangers
((Skipping TDS))

Waiting wasn’t so bad. She was already walking up the hill. The whole thing was surreally normal. Watching her climb up the slope, it was obvious how unstable the footing was. Choosing this hill was definitely no the best decision he had made.

“Sorry she called you up like that.” Was that apology even necessary? He didn’t even know either of them. “So, what are you doing around here? Are you looking for someone?”