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((Skipping Rugga to avoid inactivity))

There was still pizza in the pizza box. That was a pleasant surprise. Stephanie eyed the open box, already thinking about how it would taste. How long had it been since any of them had a decent meal? And it was pizza. It was like a great delicious miracle packed into a nice little box.

But it was clear enough where the pizza had come from in the first place. It wasn't as if you could somehow keep pizza fresh for over a decade. They had said it in the announcements hadn't they, asking a girl to go pick up a supreme pizza from the shopping mall?

Leona had called out to Chris. She'd found something. Stephanie followed her glance up, spotting a figure up in the trees.

That girl was a killer. And she had given them pizza. Those two thoughts didn't quite reconcile themselves with each other.

"Um, thanks for the pizza, but you were the one in the announcement, right?"

Stephanie was shocked for a second as the pistol was pointed at her. It hung there far too long for her liking, but was brought down soon enough when he realised her intentions.

"Oh god, for a second I thought you were going to- " She tried to stifle a laugh. It was so weird that people laughed when they were nervous. Completely, completely unnatural. It made no sense, why would people laugh when they were about to die?

But the guy with the gun seemed okay with her sticking around. Magician girl seemed to think the same way. For once, walking up to a couple of strangers wasn't a completely horrible idea after all.

"Nothing's good. It's good enough to simply have company," she said. "Or at least some that isn't trying to kill you or decides to leave in fifteen minutes anyway."

It was just then that the pizza box flew in. It hit the ground with a thud, and bounced a couple times before rolling to a stop against the a seesaw not too faraway.

Stephanie could only stare at it for a moment in incredulity, trying to comprehend what was going on.

"I'm not the only one who saw the box fly in, right?"

((Stephanie Wright continued from Wish I Had a Chance, Here))

Stephanie was tired of wandering, tired of being alone and simply tired. With less than a hundred people on this island, there was about half a square mile per person, which if she remembered right was lower than in Canada.

Not that it had been quiet. Gunshots in the far distance, the occasional shout, even the occasional animal cry broke the silence just often enough to remind her that she wasn't alone. But apart from that, she had been alone, and being this alone was not something she liked.

Perhaps she should have followed Claire. She would have felt much safer. She should have shouted back, should have just run after her, and decided that she didn't want to be alone after all. But she didn't and so she was here, wandering about, hoping that some minor miracle would happen.

The park had looked interesting from a distance and she had walked up to it without any extra thought. The playground's colour had faded over time, but it was the most eye catching thing around.

Little did she expect two people to already be there, familiar enough faces, but not one she knew well enough to give a name to the faces. The girl she remembered slightly better, she did a few magic tricks, and she was the one working on making something at the moment, wrapping something in cloth.

Should she say hello? Yes? No? Maybe? Stephanie was completely undecided. Maybe she should wait until they noticed her instead. But that would seem completely weird wouldn't it?

"Hey." Stephanie had simply walked over, trying her best not to look completely nervous. "Mind if I join you guys?"