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(Stephanie Wright start)

Stephanie never ran when she was late for class. Not that being late was a common occurrence for her. It was a thought set quite firmly in her mind that bursting into class flustered from a run and being late was much worse than simply being late.

Nevertheless, she disliked being late simply because it seemed that everyone in class would stare at her for just a moment. But that moment, if it wasn't a figment of her tired imagination, soon passed and she gave a slightly rushed greeting to Ms. Liddell.

There was a lab session today, the words titration had been printed quite clearly at the top of the sheet, and she was in a group with two others, a Yukiko and a Luna.

Finding the two of them ended up being less of a problem than Stephanie expected, even if she didn't recognize them from seeing them around the campus, they were the only two member group around.

Stephanie grabbed a pair of safety goggles and walked over to the two girls.

"The two of you are Luna and Yukiko, right?", she asked. "I'm Stephanie."