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Super Mario Bros Mafia: Game Thread

Now if only I knew why.

Super Mario Bros Mafia: Sign-ups
Has received the role.

The Kindness of Strangers
The girl had called back with a simple hello.

On the other hand, Adrian was at a complete loss for words. Should he shout back at all? Luckily for him, the decision was quickly put aside as Sam called out to the girl again, this time to ask her to come over here.

Adrian sighed. Sam was definitely friendly. Calling out to a stranger like that. Would he actually have done it? Or would he have just waited there?

But now that she had called out to her, all Adrian needed to do is sit there waiting for the girl's reply.

That was a good thing, right?

The Kindness of Strangers
Adrian was just getting comfortable when Sam had pointed out the person walking below.

With a sigh he turned to look. It was a girl. He definitely recognized her from somewhere. And yet, he couldn't seem to place a name to that face.

Sam called out to her. He wasn't actually sure if it'd be better to be seen. Then again she had probably already seen them. Atop a hill was not the stealthiest place to be. So the whole thing didn't matter, did it?

Well, guess there's nothing better to do than to wait and see right?

Super Mario Bros Mafia: Sign-ups
I guess you could count me in too.

Though I haven't played Mafia in a while.

The Kindness of Strangers
"Just over there," he said, pointing at the chosen hill, pulling Sam up. Ah, this wouldn't be as easy as he thought. Why were people so heavy?

Their progress was slow, giving Adrian a lot of time to think. Sam. He had definitely heard that name many times before.

Was she a killer? He wouldn't know. It wasn't like he could remember every name from the announcements anyway. Well, even if she was, she wouldn't kill someone who had just helped her, right?

When he finally reached the tree, he let her down as gently as he could. And with that done, he just slumped against the tree, weary.

The Kindness of Strangers
The girl was in all certainty fine.

Or at least close enough to it. It was good enough for Adrian. A little bit of bruising, but nothing that would last. Besides, he knew nothing about first aid; he would be just about useless if she had sprained her ankle. The way things were, there was no need to pull out a first aid kit.

Standing up, he looked around. "A place to rest, huh?" It was mostly hills around here, with the occasional tree breaking the monotony. Could have been a great place for a picnic. You know, if it weren't on an island in the middle of nowhere.

Deciding upon a large tree on top of the nearby hill would be a good spot to rest, he extended his hand out towards her.

"Um, you asked for my name?" he asked. "It's Adrian. Yours?"