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Say You're One of Them
((Amanda Tan continued from The Greatest Sideshow on Earth))

The gun was lying in front of her once more.

When had she taken it?

She didn't remember taking it from the pub. She was certain that she'd have remembered if she did, that she would have remembered carrying it all the way across the island, and she didn't.

But it was undeniably here with her now.

It was haunting her, wasn't it? It was going to stay with her until she shot someone or she died and she didn't know which she prefered anymore.

She had fucked up. Completely. But Emma would be able to pull herself together. Jaime could watch out for herself. And they wouldn't have her making the decisions anymore and they would be alright.

She had told herself that, but she knew it was the trite rubbish that movie antiheroes pulled and it always ended up biting them later. All she had done was be selfish, and she was going to suffer for it. They wouldn't even have to kill her. Danya would be reading out her name one of these days simply saying that 'Amanda Tan died from extreme guilt'.

And that would be great for everyone, wouldn't it? One less kid for the terrorists to worry about, one less kid that her classmates needed to kill. But that would do nothing to fix the mess that she'd left behind.

She wanted to go back.

It was probably better to go back.

She could still remember the looks on their faces when she had left.

She shouldn't have left.

But she couldn't bring herself to return.

She had tried, once, earlier that afternoon, standing up from the spot that she had sobbed in for god knew how long now. She had even made it to the door, despite her quivering legs. But she couldn't bring herself to open the door. She didn't know why. She needed to do it to fix anything but she was hyperventilating and overthinking things and her hands just fumbled off the doorknob and she ended up storming back to the corner of the room where she had spent the night, where the flow of emotions finally overwhelmed and she fell back down again, not caring that landing on the floor that way hurt.

The gun was still there, staring at her not unlike Tessa had when she had left.

Both cold. Both judging her.

She had enough of it.

She'd had enough.

She picked the weapon up, pulling it above her head in a single motion, and threw it as hard as she could across the room.

The weapon clattered across the floor noisily before crash landing with a flurry of paper. Somehow, she felt no satisfaction from that either.

Three sentences about your kid: Critique experiment.
You somehow managed to make me want to reread my writing so I'm going to inflict it on you too. Stephanie Wright please.

Aperature Science Mafia Signups!

Battle Royale Mafia Fallout Thread
@Zetsu I was being a more than a little facetious, my princess game ended in me not getting lynched. Yay!

If you looked at Vyse's previous games, you'd know he was probably the most dangerous player in the game. He did a really good job of getting me to think we were in sync in terms of reads to push me towards Zee. Like I had diffcculty reading him as scum even though the Zee lynch looked like it made less and less sense on rereads.

Battle Royale Mafia Fallout Thread
As a side note I've been lovers and the princess now, why must my death always hurt someone

Battle Royale Mafia Fallout Thread
I didn't exactly mean you were wrong with the math with MyLo, I was trying to say that your argument doesn't really hold for 3 scum remaining and does nothing but look like extra evidence for the four scum = no lynch argument.

Good play by scum though, Goose and Zetsu managed to avoid my suspicion completely~

Jenny From the Block
"Cleaning up isn't the term I'd use."

Jordan pushed the other body gingerly, trying his best not to be disrespectful, yet still trying to actually get the work done. The way they were being dragged looked like it hurt and he couldn't help but feel sorry for them.

Jennifer, the photographer, she liked movies too, and he was quite sure he remembered talking to her about the Oscars a few months back. Leslie, she wrote too, but her personality was a little abrasive for him to really care to hang about her. But they were dead, and any concerns of the 'how much do I actually know you' and the 'oh my god, I know you but I've forgotten your name' kind, were replaced by the question of what the socially appropriate way of laying a classmate's corpse to rest was.

Definitely not this.

"I don't think it was really ever in doubt. He's a thief who tried to break out of prison, but there are people in school who'd done way worse, but I don't think of anyone as really bad."

Bad taste, he realised. He'd been thinking of people who went above and beyond to belittle to hurt and embarrass, the arseholes who didn't think twice about anyone but themselves, and not the very real things that were happening right now. Then again, he had been trying very hard not to think about it, and it seemed to work.

Maybe if he kept talking Hazel wouldn't realise the blunder.

"Y-yeah, but I think people can change. Like, your experiences build upon each other, right?" He placed one hand over another to illustrate his point.

"Kinda like a tower. But you don't have to build straight up, you can kinda build diagonally sideways? So as you get older, your experiences and choices can move you further away from the person you were before, but you're still not that different from you were yesterday, or the day before, and maybe it's only when you look down at the foundation that you realise that it's someone completely different down there looking up at you."

He stopped there, not quite pleased with the metaphor. It's supposed to be harder to change when you have more experiences, but buildings were able to bend more at the top because they were supporting less weight there. Something about feedback, but the thoughts came as a tangle, and he gave up on going any further with it.

"Okay, there was supposed to be more but my analogy has completely gotten away from me."

MW's Lyric-Based V7 Character/Trait Prompt Atrocity
Totally up for one too.

Jenny From the Block
((Jordan Green continued from If You Had My Love))

"I can kinda see that. He was trying to do what he believed in. I mean that's why it's a tragedy after all, when two things that are right meet in contradiction."

Jordan was sitting on one of the tables, back leaning against some of the equipment. Some of it was familiar in a way, like some of the devices they used backstage, but like Vanessa (had it been Vanessa?) had told them none of it was working.

"But even if the circumstances lead to it, I think people have the chance and the choice to change, and Valjean had given him both. But at the end he really couldn't handle it, could he? That the world was more complex than he ever thought it was."

He let his legs swing under the table.

Jeremy wasn't here yet.

That was unnerving in it's own way. He'd said he'd be here but every moment that past made that seem all the more unlikely.

"I don't know, it's hard for me to really sympathise I guess."

He paused, thinking a little harder about what he was saying.

"Besides, he's a spoilsport." Jordan declared, standing up to punctuate his statement, as if that was all that really needed to be said.

The Greatest Sideshow on Earth
((Skipping to leave thread))

Of course she shouldn't have. Of course it wasn't right.

She didn't know what else she had expected Emma to say.

But some part of her wanted to have done it. Some part of her so sure that she would have been happier if she had done it. Some part of her still wanted to do it.

"Yeah, we do need a plan." She’d said that since day one, but the closest thing to a plan she’d come up with had led them here.

“But what can we do? I don’t think any of us here can outtalk a bullet.”

Hold on.

There were only three people in the room. Her. Emma. Jaime.

Someone was missing. Someone other than Kaitlyn.

“Wait. Where's Lucilly?"

She'd said she'd gone outside for a bit, but how long ago had that been?

Her bag wasn't here. She must have taken it with her, but that meant-

Lucilly had left.

The heck.

Lucilly was gone.

She couldn't breathe, nervous laughter fighting all sensibility for the situation.

Of course she'd left. Of course she did.

It'd been four days now and all they'd managed to do was scrape by.

What had they managed to do? They'd spent two days stuck in a shitty room, and their search for water had ended up with them giving a killer a weapon.

She was terrible at this. She wasn't the one who came up with plans. She wasn't the one who decided things. But no one seemed to want to do it and so she had tried.

Look how great that turned out.

It didn't even feel like she'd tried all that hard, after all.

It was a miracle that they'd managed to keep together as long as they did.

And now it everything was starting to fall apart.

She had panicked when Lucilly tried to leave that first time on the first day. She didn't know why then but now she knew. She hadn't been worried about Lucilly. She had been worried about her little attempt at leading the group falling apart.

But she'd left anyway, proving exactly how bad she was at this.

Why couldn't Emma have taken charge? She was clearly more suited for the role, Emma could handle things. That's why she was in the student council after all. Amanda wasn't meant to be doing this. She wasn't meant to be in charge of a group like this. She always tried to do too much and she knew, she knew that once again she had gone in over her head.

There was too much be angry at. Kaitlyn, the terrorists, Lucilly, the island, Emma, everything.

But most of all she was angry at herself.

"Sorry. I really can't- No, I can’t do this anymore."

They deserved an explanation but she couldn't pull the words together to give them one. Not like this.

All she knew is that she needed to be away from them suddenly and that she had already grabbed her things and that she was already out the door.

Tessa was still outside, cold eyes still staring at her.

She broke into a run.

((Amanda Tan continued in Say You're One of Them))

Battle Royale Mafia Game Thread
Also this might be less relevant to the Brackie push but:


I'm gonna weigh in here on your post. First off, it's not that you look scummy for pointing out the obvious. You look scummy for using a common diversionary tactic, telling us to look at one wagon over the other. Whether that was intended by you or not, this is what it looks like.

You ask why would you not be blunt, why would you try to be confusing, but in a game of mafia, scum doesn't like the spotlight! Being less than direct about dropping your suspicions on someone and trying to confuse town is exactly what scum would be doing. Since we can't know whether you are scum, clearly we can only see scummy looking moves as likely coming from scum.

The thing is, all I've done regarding you is to try and clarify your position on Vyse, as well as add my views on why we should look at both lynches and yet you seem to be jumping to conclusions about me reading you as scum (if i am misunderstanding what your use of psuedo-reading means please correct this), when I was unwilling to make a judgement at that time. Let's be very clear that these arguments aren't a personal attack, and that all we are trying to do is work through the arguments to find scum.

I do feel there is an honest misunderstanding of what you are saying, it definitely feels like you're coming off as more aggressive than you intend. But it also looks like you are misreading arguments as well as making what I feel are bad plays, so honestly it ends up looking scummy on your part. And a good scum player can capitalise on this kind of play, so it ends up reading as null-scum to me.

Battle Royale Mafia Game Thread
EBWOP COMBO: not the Flare thing I meant the Riki hiding thing

Battle Royale Mafia Game Thread
Failed to tag quotes properly :/

Of note to me in particular:

I'm putting money on mafia being one or more of the many malicious lurkers hanging around, especially with Vyse out over-examining the fuck out of everything everyone says and me an actual townie getting the train run on me for trespasses that everyone else is doing but isn't vocal enough to take flack for. Mafia would be insane to try and interject now.

Battle Royale Mafia Game Thread
I dislike the fact that Brackie is relying heavily on emotional attacks.

Of note to me in particular:

I'm putting money on mafia being one or more of the many malicious lurkers hanging around, especially with Vyse out over-examining the fuck out of everything everyone says and me an actual townie getting the train run on me for trespasses that everyone else is doing but isn't vocal enough to take flack for. Mafia would be insane to try and interject now.

Targetting Vyse's style as overanalysing seems to me as suspicious since one, this is Vyse's normal style, and targetting him for doing that seems dubious (admittedly Brackie hasn't played in a while so probably doesn't know Vyse's style). Two, this style of play is one that has consistently gets results (though it works for both factions), and post analysis is one of the only ways to get info as town.

This argument simultaneously discredits Vyse, as well as seed the idea that agressive in that manner is a negative thing. Being passive about scumhuntng won't get town a lynch, and this argument seems to promote that

Brackie eing secretive about reads is also something that I feel is not very beneficial to town, and despite soft-prompting for them there hasn't been anything concrete.

On no one disagreeing with the Flare thing, I did mention that it was possible there were other possible scenarios, but I doubt anyone saw that, given how the conversation has gone.

Yet I'm not one hundred percent on board a lynch given that the justification given by others feels a little thin to me, though admittedly I thought the same thing over in Drag Race where RC corrected someone's spelling. Also, the timing is quite a bit of a rush, honestly.

However, I don't see it likely that Espi responds, and there doesn't seem to be support for a Zee push so, I'm willing to do this as a compromise.


Battle Royale Mafia Game Thread
@Brackie, if you have a case why not bring it up in this dayphase here and now? It's true that it may be hard to get a lynch off of it, but we don't really have any pushes with momentum right now. Even if it gives scum information, town is more infornation scarce than scum is, so witholding information without strong justification is not tbe kind of play I feel is beneficial for town.

Battle Royale Mafia Game Thread
Okay, I'll admit there was a misreading on that.

Gonna be honest, the more I reread the more unsure I am about a read in either direction.

There are enough confusing and shifty things last phase that I don't like, but voting directions and arguments from last phase seem to read against them now that I think harder about how they fit into the bigger picture.

Going to ask a few more questions if you don't mind. Why were you advocating that Prim move off the Frogue vote if she didn't think Frogue was town? Was it just to prevent the tied vote?

Battle Royale Mafia Game Thread
It's not diehard scummy, but it's not great to the point I could live with a lynch here. That said, with Backslash pushing it, I'm tending to shy away a bit. I do think if she flips scum, Brackie leans more Town. (With caveats that clearly she would have bussed a partner when the winds turned against him (Flare))
I don't think it's possible for both Brackie and Zee to be scum. It's kind of self-defeating to bus your partners in the first two dayphases and I think Zee has been pushing for Brackie from the end of last phase.

@Zee The problem is that your vote for Flare came on the heels of pressure from Cake and your defense of Flare. Collapsing under pressure like that, feels like you're trying to avoid further scrutiny from Cake, who we now know is town. The fact that Cake was offed at night doesn't help.

And looking back at the Prim thing, while you did say it was better to switch votes, you still gave the option of not voting for Flare.

I guess I could change to Flare, even if I still don't really think that Frogue is town.
If you're not committed to lynching Flare you can just unvote to untie the votes

Best case for scum would have been a no lynch rather than a mislynch, so I'm not sure what you were trying to do here?

And then you mention Prim's flipflop as a (admittedly minor) point of interest later on even though you were the one who prompted it.

It's not like we aren't getting information from that either:

-Cake apparently wants you lynched and Frogue not lynched, enough to tie the votes in order to prompt my vote.
-Vyse claims to have been arguing in defense of Frogue.
-Decoy and Goose just sliding in and voting Frogue without much fanfare in pretty close succession is weird and I don't like it.
-Prim's vote was a thing.
-As noted previously, Paige came to both your defense and Frogue's defense basically by claiming that you were both scummy/argumentative all the time and therefore unlikely to actually be scum.

Small things, but I don't like how it looks with everything else.

Battle Royale Mafia Game Thread
I'd like to hear other opinions and a defense before I come to conclusions, but I'm fine with the case for now.

Battle Royale Mafia Game Thread
Man, I got ninja'ed by that big Vyse post. Not really sure if I should switch my votes over, because I still find Espi suspicious at this point, and I'd like to hear something from that front at this point.

However, the case for Zee is something I can get behind. The whole point of insubstantiality was something I noticed in day one, and the evidence seems to be behind this interpretation. One small thing though, Zee pushed Prim to leave the Frogue vote for Flare rather than to unvote him, in a kind of confusing exchange, but it doesn't change the rest of it.

Battle Royale Mafia Game Thread
@Lore I sorta get what you mean, but if you really think he's shifty, sitting around and doing nothing until he gets NKed is kind of bad play. What exactly about Vyse's play do you think is shifty?

For something completely different, Espi's lack of posts this phase was pinging me too so I went to look back at them. One thing I noted is that Espi didn't actually vote last phase, something that makes me want to watch him more closely. I can get not wanting to vote on Frogue while he wasn't around but Espi's opinion on the Flare train isn't clear and I find that quite sketchy given that the Flare vote was kind of the only other game in town that day phase. Staying off votes while saying that he supports the Frogue train comes off as pretty bad for me.

I've got no better leads right now, so just gonna casually Vote:Espi

@Espi Why no comment on the Flare train, and why didn't you vote for either of them?