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Wish I Had a Chance, Here
((Skipping to avoid the danger zone))

Stephanie was not expecting the house to remain silent. Well, perhaps it was for the best that here was no one inside. Walking up to a locked house and announcing your presence wasn't the best idea.

But now that she'd already done so, it seemed harder to back out so easily. She knocked the door again, hoping to get a reply.

Silence again. If there was anyone in there, they didn't want her in. No one seemed to want her around. The prospect of having to go back through the field again didn't help to soften the blow.

She sighed and trudged back into the wheat field. No point sticking around if she wasn't wanted anyway.

((Stephanie Wright continued in Exposure))

Wish I Had a Chance, Here
((Stephanie Wright continued from O-Lan you are the Earth))

Claire had left quickly when they reached the farmhouse, leaving her alone once again. Stephanie wasn't sure whether it was any safer this way. She knew that there was little point dwelling on the past, but it was probably better to have had someone by her side. Claire didn't seem like a killer, but of course that didn't mean very much in this sort of place did it?

It didn't mean anything now that she had gone further on, only visible as a little head a distance away. She wasn't coming back and Stephanie could only give up that line of pursuit and try the door to the farmhouse instead.

The door wouldn't budge.

Stephanie pulled a little harder but there was nothing but the handle wouldn't move any more than an eight of an inch.

That wasn't possible. She'd seen Zubin and Brian walk out of the building on the first day. She managed to find a second door and tried it as well, only to find that it too was stuck as well.

She knocked the door a couple times, feeling ridiculously naive as she did so. Twice in fifteen minutes she was courting danger for little reason but to satisfy her curiosity.

"Hey! There's people in here, right?" she shouted.

O-Lan, You Are the Earth
"Oh." Stephanie should have seen this coming. Maybe she was the only person who was naive enough to think that alliances between people who'd just met could be anything but tenuous and short lived. What had happened with Mallory was probably the rare exception to that.

"Yeah, that's no problem," She forced a small smile at Claire, "Let's get going then." She dropped the smile the moment Claire couldn't see it. The only thing she wanted to do now was to get to the farmhouse.

((Stephanie Wright continued in Wish I Had a Chance Here)

O-Lan, You Are the Earth
Claire didn't sound like she fully trusted her. At least her presence was being tolerated.

"Depends on what you mean by here. I've been in this field once before and I know that there's a couple buildings around here. It shouldn't be too hard to find them again."

"If you're talking about the island though, no luck there. I'm guessing if anyone had an escape plan they'd have tried it by now," Stephanie said, trying to spot the farmhouse over the wheat. Years of neglect had left the field taller than would have been expected, not helping her out one bit.

"It should be that way, I think," Stephanie pointed out a direction. "You wanna go there?"