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The Kindness of Strangers
((Adrian Staib continued from Where Was My Brain))

The past two days hadn't been good for Adrian.

The first problem would be the lack of food and water. He was on his last bit of bread and his water was going the same way.

The second problem for most on this island would normally be crazy people with guns. Though he hadn't seen any of those, but then again, he hadn't seen anyone in days.

But being alone wasn't so bad. At least he was still alive.

If Danya could be trusted, just about every person that he had met on this island had died. Simon, Ben, Jacob, even Isaiah. All dead. Those who were still alive weren't much better. He remembered Rob and Sarah. Especially Sarah. Not for the first time, he wondered if all this could have been stopped if he had caught up with her. Of course not. But he couldn't help but think that way.

As he reached a hilly area, he took out his pack of tarot cards once more. Picking out a single card, he sighed. The Seven of Coins. Failure. No matter what divining method he used, it always gave the same answer. Defeat, Pain, Loss. He knew all these cards had a bright side to them, but it didn't stop him from feeling down.

The path began to meander around the hills. He wondered to himself what he was doing. He was just going to survive right? But how was he to do that? Thinking of the pistol stashed in his bag, he wondered if it would be better to take it out.

But these thought were soon banished as there was a loud scream of pain mixed in with a few curses from over one of the hills shortly followed by cries for help. Adrian began to run.

Reaching the top of the hill, he saw a girl sitting on the grass frantically trying to get a log off of her leg

"Are you OK?" he asked, before realizing that she obviously wasn't. "Um... let's try to get this thing off"

Adrian was on the verge of panicking. "Okay. Um, what to do, what to do? Maybe we push it on the count of three." he said more to himself than anything.

"Yeah, let's go with that. Um, ready? One, two, three." Adrian pushed against the log as hard as he could. It was much heavier than it looked. For a moment he thought it wouldn't budge but suddenly it moved, rolling off her leg and coming to a stop a little bit away.

"Um, are you alright?" he asked.

Where Was My Brain?
Adrian awoke to complete silence.

"Gah, what time is it?" he asked. But there was no reply.

Putting on his glasses, he finally realized something was wrong. For the first time since the start of this game, he was alone. That wasn't good, was it?

Finding the note on his bag wasn't much of a comfort either. Andrew had set off by himself into the middle of the night.

Realizing it was dark, Adrian searched his pack for the flashlight. Not finding it, he turned the bag around dropping it's contents on the ground. And lying on top of the pile was a deck of cards. Tarot cards. With all the commotion that had been going on, he had completely forgotten that he still had them.

Picking up the flashlight that had rolled off to the side he shined it at the cards. "Might as well give it a try" he thought, placing the cards in the familiar shape of the Celtic Cross.

Nine of Swords. Death. Nine of Rods reversed. Wheel Of Fortune. Five of Rods. Six of Swords. Five of Swords. Eight of Rods. Judgment reversed.

"Isn't it great to know that things are going so well?" The cards bode ill. Cruelty, Defeat, Strife. All lying there on the ground before him. He picked up the cards and put them back in the pack along with all of his other stuff. The Six of Swords. That represented Travel and was in "Somthing to be embraced".

Ha, seems like the best way out of this mess is to literally walk out.

He stood outside the building for a moment. He felt bad for Andrew. What if he came back and found no one there? Despite this thought, Adrian continued walking towards the mountain. He couldn't turn back.

((Adrian Staib continued elsewhere))

Where Was My Brain?
Adrian watched as Nathan picked up his backpack. Somehow, he had

A shout came from the door. Turning, Adrian saw a large figure at the doorway. Nathan had surely brightened up from that. The person, whoever it was, was definitely a friend.

Giving him a simple farewell, he watched as Nathan walked towards his friend. Another reunion with between friends. It should have been cheerful but somehow, he was reminded of the moment where things started going wrong. Hopefully this reunion wouldn't turn out like that.

" I'll take first watch, so you can just go ahead and relax."

"Another day in this dumb game, right? Well...hopefully, we actually will get rescued. There's a first time for everything."

Adrian turned to Andrew, "That'd be great. I guess there's no point in taking this so seriously is there?"

He put his bag in a corner. Might as well make do with what he had. He lay his head down on the bag and stared up at the ceiling and placed his glasses on the ground next to his bag. Staring up at the blurry ceiling, he said almost to himself, "Maybe it'll all look better in the morning."