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The Greatest Sideshow on Earth
What the heck was happening?

Amanda knew Mia well enough. Was she really dead, too? They'd watched matches more than a few times together, she knew Mia enough to know that she wasn't the type to- she wouldn't just- She-

She didn't actually know.

Things were a mess. She was holding a gun, people were dead, and she had no clue what was happening from day one.

After all that would it be a surprise if Mia was dead?

With people like Kaitlyn, already raiding bags for stuff, showing no regard for the fact that the person it belong to lay dead right in plain sight.

This was wrong.

Completely wrong.

She tossed things, water, food, tossed onto the ground towards them. Were they supposed to pick them up, scrounging for the scraps that Kaitlyn left behind?

And then Kaitlyn had to declare she had a bomb.

The gun went up instantly, defying Kaitlyn's command to not move, and it was only now that she noticed that Kaitlyn's own gun was pointed at them.

"Okay, let's put the gun down." Hypocrite, went a voice in the back of her mind.

"Emma's right. Let's talk things through and not do anything rash here. Take it. Take the bomb."

Woof Woof, I'm a Dog. Kill your Friends.
((Skipping since Grim seems to be away))

Yeah. Things were going south at about two hundred miles an hour.

It hadn't even taken twelve seconds for their entire plan to go wrong.

Jordan was never great at arguments. Sure he had opinions, but god help him if he needed to back himself up with words. Give him half an hour and a thesaurus he might be able to come up with something to say, but he had always been far more likely to stumble on his words somewhere and have his entire argument rendered useless because he wasn't thinking a single step ahead of himself anyway.

Had he already messed up with what little he had said? The words were escaping him already, he couldn't even be sure exactly what he had said.

"We were kinda- Well, it was-" His brain wasn't even forming full sentences now, fragments without subjects or objects just tumbling out.

Thank god Hazel intervened when she did.

And yet there was only found partial relief in what she said. Now there was no plan once more, just him, Hazel, and the pair who had killed, and this time there was no way to leave like they had the first time.

But she'd bailed him, and all he could do was nod at what she said, trying not to look overzealous about backing her up.

"Y-yeah. We didn't mean anything by it. S-sorry."

He already regretted saying that. He could almost guess how Alex would reply, and he knew he wouldn't like it. And yet he knew just as fervently that it would have been just as bad if he'd said nothing. They would notice, they would know that he had said nothing, and that he was trying to hide from the conversation.

So whatever he did he was fucked anyway. He wanted to be back out and be safe again. He wanted to grab her and make another run for it, however his lungs and sides and legs felt about it right now.

But he didn't, couldn't, wouldn't do it, and all on the faint hope that even if Hazel didn't have a plan, she knew what she was doing. And he couldn't risk ruining everything like that.

The best thing he could do was to simply watch, and hope that it turned out alright.

Woof Woof, I'm a Dog. Kill your Friends.
She hadn't planned this out. Of course she didn't. This wasn't the kind of plan that someone who planned things out would make. Keep an eye on them. Make sure they don't get in trouble. The two of them were supposed to babysit a pair of highschoolers who had killed once, and make sure they didn't do it again. He hated the idea already, and yet she was right. He couldn't leave the two of them there to go on and kill someone else.

But was he ready to die trying to stop them?

It was already a full blown miracle that some people thought he could write. Act though? He was terrible at it and he knew it. He was too self conscious, always too aware of what he was doing, what people were seeing. He could almost feel it, people staring at him when he was on stage, and every little movement felt wrong, too smooth, too jerky, too exxagerated, too subtle. He knew somewhere, that no one cared, that no one could see, that half his classmates were at least at bad as himself at least, but none of those thoughts could give him much comfort when he knew exactly what he was doing wrong and how.

And now he was supposed to act. As if there wasn't already enough pressure from backstage in a regular play, here he was a major member of the cast and his life depended on this.

He followed Hazel back to the room.

"Huh?" Alex's question caught him by surprise. He was hoping to be ignored. As usual.

He was prepared for that, but Alex's eyes turned to him instead. He looked back at Hazel, hoping that she was more prepared than him, but he knew she couldn't answer for him.

"I really don't get what you're talking about?" At least his confusion was real. He didn't need to act.

The Greatest Sideshow on Earth
Breathe. She needed to breathe.

She was useless here. What on Earth was she supposed to do about a dead body?

Her mind was stuck, as it had been ever since they'd been here, as if someone had shoved a rusty crowbar into whatever thought processes she was having this whole time. Even her emotions felt stuck, unable to move past that initial shock she'd had ever since she'd seen the body.

And then Kaitlyn here, she said she didn't kill her and she couldn't believe her, but she couldn't not believe her.

It was impossible to believe that anyone could have killed anyone at all, but the dead body in the room made it clear enough that as much as the terrorists might been lying to them, there was, at minimum, one dead body here.

Kaitlyn had a gun in her hand. That marked her out as dangerous, as hypocritical as that seemed. But the girl was far more likely to use it than herself, right? Besides, they said ninety perent of murders were commited by someone the victim knew, right? What if Kailtyn had shot Tessa's neck, just so it'd look like she was blown up by the terorrists?

It was merely a possibility, but whatever happened, staying wary was probably for the best.

"You-", she started, but she had nothing to add. Either Kaitlyn would tell them everything, or she wouldn't and nothing she said right now would really change that. She merely gripped her rifle tighter, hoping that would ward off Kaitlyn trying anything on them.

Woof Woof, I'm a Dog. Kill your Friends.
“What,” he said, about half as flatly as a person currently on the verge of asphyxiating on his own breathing could manage.

Hazel wasn't making sense. Of all the things in the world they could be choosing to do she wanted to go back?

That sounded like a recipe calling for two more pounds of idiocy than he could manage even in hs current state.

But he had said he'd be back. She was right. It was stupid of him to have said it but he had, and now wouldn't it be going back on his word to run off like a sensible person?

Surely they weren't the absolute worst people on the island to be with, but given the announcements thus far, that seemed like a pretty low bar.

“Even if they're not gonna kill us, I don’t exactly think that they’re gonna welcome us back with open arms.”

"And anyone who knows, who isn't completely daft will know to stay away from Alex, right? Do we really need to do this?"

He stared at Hazel for a moment, trying to gauge whatever the heck she was thinking, before relenting almost instantly when he thought she noticed.

Did she have ulterior motives too? She was hiding enough from him. Sure, he didn't want her to go talking about what had happened last night out of nowhere, but it made it clear that he didn't understand Hazel much better than he did Alex.

And yet, despite everything, she was the only friend he really had left on the island. Too many of them were dead. Too many other people he only barely knew, but Hazel was neither and she was here.

He'd simply have to trust her.

“I still don’t like the idea. But if you seriously think it's a good idea...”

Woof Woof, I'm a Dog. Kill your Friends.
More running. They’d been doing a lot of that lately.

He didn’t really want to, but Alex’s screaming made it clear that they needed to get out of there and fast.

He chased after her back down the corridor they had come from. There was no way Hazel was sick. Not when she was running like this.

Each breath was like a knife to his chest, his dry lungs wheezing, heart pumping at what felt like a thousand beats a second as he tried to keep up with her.

He had managed, for all of ten seconds, but that was all he could do, and he quickly ended up stumbling to a walk.

“H-Hold up!” he called out after her.

Please stop. Please.

Official V6 Away Thread
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Days Away: 5
Reason for Away: I've been called up by the army for stuff. I'll be in camp for a week, so during this time I won't have access to my desktop or laptop. I'll still try to post on time, but this is just here in case I'm unable to access the internet at all there.
Characters: Jordan Green, Amanda Tan

The Greatest Sideshow on Earth
((Amanda Tan continued from Notes from An Even Smaller Island))

She’d gone right out of the asylum without thinking.

It wasn’t as if it was the worst idea in the world. It was enclosed, it was cramped, and they wouldn’t be finding any water in there.

So out Amanda went, barely caring about if the others were there following. They did, but she didn’t know why.

Where she was heading next had become a problem. She said she’d think of it later, but later was now and even as they made their way away from the asylum, she had no idea where she was going.

The beach wasn’t a bad choice, but even if they did manage to get there, what then? She doubted any of them knew how to set up a desalination plant in the middle of nowhere, and even if they did know, it wasn’t like they had the tools for it, right?

And so they just walked on, past the beach, past the bridge, past the radio tower, past half the island to god knew where.

She’d asked a couple times if anyone wanted to go anywhere in particular, but all she’d gotten was a couple shrugs and no strong answers in any direction.

They were completely lost, as if unmoored from time itself, simply wandering from place to place with no aims or objective.
And now they were here. What now?

Split up and look for clues? Yeah. That sounded good. It was something leader-like at least.

“I guess we should look for stuff. Maybe there’s a drink left over or something?” Close enough, right?

The place looked run down like everything else they’d seen on the island. Empty bottles lined the shelves, counters, chairs, a wide assortment of things she could only refer to as stuff.

There was the usual glint of cameras too, silently staring at them. They’d been watching them the entire time. Just staring at them as they made their way across the pub floor.

She let out a shriek when she came upon Tessa’s body.

“Is she- Oh my god, she’s dead.”

There was blood. Everywhere. Crimson splatters like a grade school art project gone awry strewn across the body, each and every streak drawing attention to their source, the mess that had once been Tessa's neck.

She needed to say something. She needed to calm people down. She needed to calm herself down.

She didn’t, or couldn’t, one or the other, thoughts needlessly entangled as she simply stood there, unable to do anything at all.

Woof Woof, I'm a Dog. Kill your Friends.
Arm. Arm. Arm. Arm. Arm.

His instincts were telling him to shake her off, that he needed her to let go of his arm right now. But he just froze there instead, standing there tense as she held on to his arm. He wasn't supposed to feel like this when a girl grabbed his arm, but he couldn't feel elation, only anxiety, and that just made everything all the worst.

The little relief that he had when she let go evaporated instantly though as Alex appeared from behind the door.

He stood there, looking almost the same as ever, perhaps a bit more ragged, but he still had that same air that he always had around him. As if everything was perfectly normal and fine and Jordan was almost ready to beleive it for a second.

But he was a killer and that painted everything in a slightly different light. He'd met two killers now, one before he'd killed and one after. And the two of them were completely different and exactly the same.

He needed to leave.

Why Jeremy was here didn't matter. Either he was with Alex, and that meant bad things, or he was in trouble too. Either way, that meant that he needed out.

And yet, he couldn't bring himself to just up and leave. Some weird sense of propriety prompted him to stay there and let the conversation come to an end before he made a hasty exit.

"Alex. Didn't expect to see you here."

It was then that Hazel collapsed onto him.

He shouted in surprise, almost losing his own balance, but he managed to get a grip on the door.

"Okay, hang on." It was the opportunity he needed to get away. He took slow steps back away from the door, making sure Hazel could keep up with his own speed.

"I guess we'll be back?" he called back towards the room, from the safety of the corridor.