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The Voyage of the Dawn Treader
((Skipping to avoid inactivity))

Kam was gone and Cammy only seemed to ignore her feeble attempt to help.

It was always like this. When shit went down, she always seemed to be so useless. There was nothing she could do to help. She didn't even know how to begin to help.

Things were falling apart now, and she didn't want to stay in this room any longer. She couldn't do anything here anyway. Cammy would feel better without her.

She slunk out of the hospital in silence.

((Stephanie Wright continued in Fools and High Places))

The Voyage of the Dawn Treader
"Oh god."

Stephanie couldn't say much else. What were you supposed to say when you found two dead bodies in front of you? She was rather sure that no culture had developed social norms for that kind of situation.

Blood covered the floor, and the smell of gunpowder hung in the air. It was horrid. The only thought that hung in her mind was to get out of there. She dropped Mallory onto the ground where she landed with a flop.

Three dead bodies in a room and a three people alive. It seemed a little farcical, a bad set up for black comedy. There was little humor to be had in that situation, of course, given that she was part of the scene. If anything, the bodies merely outlined how little separated them from death.

Stephanie walked over to Cammy. The girl looked like she was on the verge of tears. She obviously had it much worse, she had been here when the shots went off.

"Are you feeling okay?" The words felt meaningless, anyone could see that she wasn't. She said it anyway, hoping that even that little would help.

It was sharp and quick.

The knife sliced into her neck quickly, giving her no time to even comprehend what was going on, let alone react to it.

The pain came, and even sobbing was getting harder, the burning pain in her throat overwhelming all thoughts. It was impossible to think, impossible to stop crying, impossible to do anything but to lie there, a pool of blood, snot and tears.

Somewhere in her rapidly asphyxiating brain came a thought, "That wasn't how it was supposed to go."

And then nothing.

Grace Faraday - Deceased

Grace was trapped. Jaq was pressing the blade against her neck and she was sure if she go tan opportunity to check there would be blood. Of course that was a big if.

Jaquilyn seemed to have gone full on crazy, shouting about something that didn't make sense. Why was she asking her? Wouldn't the announcement tell her all she needed to know?

"I don't know. I really don't know." Grace was on the verge of tears once more. She tried to move, but Jaq held the knife close, pressing it against her.

"Please. J-just stop it," she begged. "Just stop."

It came suddenly, the sound of a person running through the grass, snapping her momentarily out of her own self pity. Grace looked up, recognising the face that was running towards her.

"Jaq? What the hell-" She stopped halfway. The thought just stopped there. Jaq was actually here. She was actually here. And she was holding a knife. It was dark and jagged, but definitely a knife. That told her all she needed to know. Jaq wanted her dead.

At that moment, she realised how much trouble she was actually in. She was supposed to have come up with a plan by now. She was supposed to have the advantage of surprise. She was supposed to get a chance to parley. But none of those assumptions or suppositions had turned out right. And that was going to come and bite her in the ass.

Grace struggled with her pack, trying to get at her pistol, but the other girl was too close already. She had barely enough time to open her pack before the other girl hurtled into her, knocking her to the ground.

If there had ever been a plan, that most certainly wouldn't have been it.

Six minutes had passed.

She should go back. Grace was uneasy with returning back to them, but surely that would be better than staying here wracked with indecision. Better than trying to whatever foolish plan she would come up with to stop Joaquim. It wasn't as if she could politely tell him to stop killing people and expect that to work.

"Gah!" She shouted, flopping against a tree dejectedly. Why was it so hard to make this sort of decision? She was always like this. Why couldn't she just make a decision and stick with it?

She wiped away the tears that were forming and stood back up. She wasn't going to start sobbing in front of a national audience.

" What the hell am I supposed to do?" She muttered to herself.

((Grace Faraday continued from Mischief Managed))

The morning cold was horrid, and between that and the dew covered grass, Grace was finding her resting spot less and less comfortable with each minute that passed.

At this point, she was almost ready to turn back and give up. It didn't seem they would be here anytime soon.

She had slipped away from the rest of the party in the morning shortly after the announcements. Joaquim had gotten the kill award and the prize was going to be dropped in the southern part of town, just next to where they had left.

Grace decided to take this chance. She had grabbed her pack, and started for the nearby woods. She felt a little responsible. She didn't, couldn't stop them from getting a weapon. And now they were playing.

And yet it seemed weird, waiting here, for them to show up. The freighter wasn't so far away. She could turn back if she wanted. Just that little expanse of beach between her and Gavin and Megan and all the others there.

Perhaps she should turn back after all. She stood watching the ship a little longer.

Five more minutes, she decided, picking up her pack as she did. If they didn't turn up, she'd go back.