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Where Was My Brain?
"A watch? That's a great idea." Adrian returned Andrew's smile. He hadn't really thought about it until now. From the announcements he could tell that there were quite a few 'players' on the island. It would definitely be dangerous without a watch. " I'm lucky that I haven't met a single one of them yet.' he thought "So I guess you're taking first watch?" Adrian asked.

" I think this place would be quite good. Even with it looking like it could fall over any moment. But at the very least this should make a good lookout spot."

Adrian tried the door. It was unlocked, like every other building he had seen on this island. Not that it was all that surprising. Were there even locks on any of these doors in the first place? He guessed not.

The door opened to a near empty room. "Hello?" he called out absently. 'Don't be stupid. Why would there be anyone inside?' That question was quickly repeated as he noticed a bag lying on the floor across the empty room. “Shit,” he swore.

He turned around to see a person who was partially blocked by the door. Adrian stepped backwards reflexively.

Adrian just stood there in silence for a moment before giving a weak "Umm... sorry?"

Where Was My Brain?
((Adrian Staib Continued from Milk of Human Kindness ))

The trek from the beach took an unbearably long time. Not sure of where to go, Adrian had taken lead, deciding to trek towards the center of the island. The announcement that had come that morning was worse than usual. Sarah's name again. That cheerful voice reading out the details of yesterdays deaths with his sick sense of humor.

Adrian looked around. It had taken over a day just to get here. The rest of the trek had been surprisingly quiet. Maybe it was just the horror of the situation sinking in. Regardless, hardly a word had been said on their way here the silence pierced only by yet another announcement. Looking at the map Adrian noticed a small mine nearby. It would be the best place to look for anything.

The cluster of buildings which stood there were testament to what was once a mine. The sun lay low on the horizon casting long shadows over the site which had clearly seen better days. What was left was a dusty, creaking mess. Hopefully they would be able to find food and water here. Heading towards the sturdiest building Adrian turned back to the rest.

"I guess we're staying here for tonight."

Introduction Thread
How do you do. My name is randomness (well my screen name is). I've already adopted a character but decided to do a formal introduction anyway.

I found my way here a year or so back through a bunch of friends who were on MTGS. Well I kinda forgot about it till I found it on tvtropes.

Well, I'm kind of new to PBP so I hope that you guys can help me along.

Milk of Human Kindness
((Taking Over Adrian))

The boy who Adrian had called out to remained unconcious on the floor. Adrian thought of doing something but Isaiah was already walking towards him. Isaiah looked at the person a moment and muttered under his breath before returning to the grave. It seemed the person was merely drunk. Might as well finish up the grave. It was the best he could do right now.

Digging the grave took longer than he thought it would. The loose sand and the tides compounded the problem. But at last, the grave was done, and the sun was beginning to rise. The person lying drunk on the floor began to stir. He explained his name was Kevin and that he’d seen a killing. Seems that almost everyone had seen one.

He looked back at the grave. Isaiah was picking up his bag. And with a short farewell, he was gone. Adrian watched as he left. Lots of people who could use a hand, huh? The person who was helping him dig introduced himself as Andrew. The two talked for a while before Andrew decided that staying here would do him no good. Looked like Kevin was following too. Plans huh? Maybe he should follow the two of them. It was safer that way wasn't it? The two of them were already a good way off.

Adrian picked up his pack and glanced back at the grave. He had to make sure he didn’t end up like that.

Just then, the PA system came to life. Adrian tried to shut out that unaturally cheerful voice which continued to read out names of people now dead. But he stopped when he heard Sarah's name. She had killed Eve. He had known something was wrong when she had first taken out that video camera but this was beyond anything he could have thought of. If only he had run a little faster. He might have been able to stop her. He might have been able to help her. And Eve. Adrian hadn't known her personally but everyone had heard when she had gotten pregnant.

"Damn it, Sarah. Damn You."

The voice continued to read out the rest of the names but Adrian couldn't care any longer. Adrian ran after the two who had just left.

((Adrian Staib continued in Where was my Brain? And I believe this thread is concluded.))