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Notes from an Even Smaller Island
Her voice was wavering, Amanda was sure of that.

But Lucilly followed, and they made their way down the corridor. Amanda didn't know what to say now. Was there anything left to say? She could only awkwardly lead her back to to the others in silence, turning back every so often, just to confirm that she was still there.

The voices grew clearer as they walked towards them, Jaime insulting the terrorists, then Emma talking about escape, or rescue. There was slight irritation at that. Had they been talking the entire time? Every second that they were talking was another second not searching the rooms. Another second where whoever was bleeding was moving a step closer to dying. Another second wasted into nothingness, never coming back ever again.

"Hey, we're back," she said, shortly after rounding the last corner.

The bloodstain was more visible now that she knew it was there. It was a lot of blood. Too much.

"Did you guys find anyone?"

We're In This Together
((Jordan Green continued from We're Here Because We're Here))

Jordan wasn't asleep.

He had been, for a while, but it was hard to stay asleep when the seats were hard, the air was cold and the couple that he'd somehow decided that it'd be a great idea to be a third wheel for decided that it would be the best time to go at it like- he didn't want to say rabbits, it sounded far too cliched, but it was the only word he could think of.

But what the fuck was he supposed to do about it? Interrupt them? As if he wasn't already feeling awkward enough just being there. And even if he were to interrupt, what was he supposed to say?

Did they even care that he was here, that he might hear them, that he was hearing them fucking in the back of some truck in the middle of god knew where? Would they even care if he shouted at them?

Oh god, what if they didn't care?

Wouldn't that be worse? It would be worse. Was that why they were doing this?

Nope. Doing anything sounded like a horrible idea. He was just going to lie there, and ignore everything that was going on, hoping that the sounds that somehow managed to get across the gap between the two trucks would end soon enough. He had placed a face towel over his face, hoping that the fabric would have muffled the sounds a little, but all he was doing was making himself even more uncomfortable than he should have been.

But they had to stop eventually, and then everything would be alright.


He didn't know when he had managed to fall asleep.

But Jordan had found himself waking up at some miserable hour of the night, his body aching from the umcomfortable sleeping position that he had found himself in.

He had expected to be rudely awoken, whether it was to take the next shift of watch or by the creaking from the next truck over, so it was weird that he had simply woken up by himself. Hazel was lying in the back of the truck, the jacket covering her a reminder that what happened earlier that night wasn't a figment of his imagination.

There was no way he was falling back asleep right now, so he quietly left the truck, doing his best not to wake her up.

He knocked lightly on the door of the other truck.

"Hey, you can get some rest now. I'm gonna take the next watch."

But the truck was empty, no one there, no bag, no sign that anyone had been there but the smell of sweat.

He was gone. Missing. Even his bag was gone.

What had happened? People didn't just disappear for no reason.

Was he in trouble? Were they in trouble?

"Jay?" The question echoed through the garage for a moment.

There was no reply, and Jordan suddenly felt as if he was completely alone in the garage.


He had rushed back to the truck.

She would know what to do better than him, right?

"Hazel, I can't find him!"

We're Here Because We're Here
They were useless, huh? Getting his hopes up a little seemed like a bit of downer now and past him was going to have to squarely take the blame for that.

"Yeah, moving sounds good."

No point staying here if nothing worked anyway.

He followed after the pair, Jae still limping badly and leaning against Hazel for support. He was half-expecting everyone else to follow suit, but Lizzie had decided that she'd be looking for Ty. Vanessa was also going elsewhere to find her friends. Probably her band members, he could have sworn seeing some of them on the bus.

It wouldn't be his first choice, splitting up like this, but he couldn't blame them. They had people that they wanted to find, talk to, and share experiences for what might be the last time. But for him? Was there anyone he'd really wanted to find? The people from drama were cool and all but there wasn't anyone that'd he'd really consider a particularly close friend. Definitely no one he'd want to spend so much time and energy to search for.

He didn't have any plans now. Not now. Three days ago all he'd been worried about was scripts and classes and now all of that had been left behind in Kingman, together with his dreams of making it big and getting out.

Maybe if he was a little more twisted, the same could apply here. Make it big, and get out.

He wasn't. He wouldn't.

Was he okay with that?

((Jordan Green continued in We're in This Together))

Notes from an Even Smaller Island
"You absolutely sure?" Lucilly looked calmer now, but Amanda had no idea how much that translated to being fine. How much would it take for her to go running off like that again?

Any of a million hair triggers could set someone off like this and Amanda could't be sure how long they could avoid that. How close was she herself from going off like that and doing something stupid. It seemed unlikely now, but she knew enough about SOTF to know that people often did break down. Why wouldn't they. Terrible things were going on left and right, and there was nothing and no one here to stop them from going and doing something stupid, and the terrorists had probably done the absolute best to create an environment that pushed them towards worst-case scenarios, no society, no rules, no adults to police them.

All she could do was to do her best to not mess up. And that meant that she had to trust Lucilly for now. Trust her words that she was okay, even if she didn't look it, even if there was no way she could be okay here, no way anyone could be or should be okay with all that was going on, would be going on, and had gone on here.

She let go of Lucilly's shoulder, even if for some reason not absolutely certain that the girl wouldn't take the oppurtunity to run instantly.

"Come on. The others are probably worried too."

She took a tentative step forward, hoping that she'd follow.

We're Here Because We're Here
It was hard to be upset at not being recognised. It was normal enough of an occurrence, even if it wasn't an entirely pleasant one. It wasn't as if he went out of his way to get noticed, and Hazel's introduction was more than enough for him.

Besides, it'd be hypocritical of him, given that he had been struggling to remember the other guy's name as well. Jay. He was half-certain of that now, but only half, and he decided that he'd simply avoid using his name for as long as he could. His temper was was well known enough and Jordan wasn't exactly keen on dying simply because he messed up someone's name.

Vanessa and Lizzie were inside the building, Liz looking like she was crying, or had been, Vanessa talking to her, probably trying to calm her down.

Jordan only noticed the injury when he started limping towards them, the table leg that had been hastily tied to his leg making it clear that this was recent. Vanessa's words of explanation, that Alvaro did it, didn't make him feel any better. There were people dying, people dead on the island, and this was made it feel much more real than the names announced out of thin air.

"There's not much really. We've just been wandering about until we found you guys. We haven't seen Ty about either. Sorry."

There was electronic equipment behind them, a tangle of wires and machines that looked far less decrepit than he had expected from anything on this island.

Might it still work? It was unlikely to the point of ridiculousness, the place had been on the map, and that probably meant that they wanted people to come here to try and fail to get any of it to work. And yet, for all that, they might as well check it out.

"Has anyone tried any of the electronic stuff here?"

We're Here Because We're Here
((Jordan Green continued from The World Turned Upside Down))

Jordan had barely slept at all.

There was too much space, too much time, too much room for him to think, to wait, to wander. Where nothing happened and where he made nothing happen.

His mind was wandering aimlessly, just a constant stream of thoughts with no meaning or direction. They somehow had the luck, or the misfortune to have met no one else since the morning, and that only added to the creepy feeling that the island had given him thus far. It was too quiet around here, as if even the insects were too afraid to make any noise, and the only sounds he could hear were what he guessed was the distant crashing of waves upon the shore.

Mid-morning came, bringing with it the voice and its list of names. Names of people he knew, of people he saw in school, of people he heard so much about, but said nothing to, people who he had passed by in school without saying another word, people who had been simply been there all his school life and were just suddenly not there anymore.

Ten people. That was a lot of dead people. Seven killers. Far too many as well. Did it really take so little for people to start killing others? He barely knew most any of the killers but it seemed unnatural. It was somehow simultaneously worrying, yet distant and unreal.

They'd talked after that, him and Hazel, about what they were supposed to do. He had no idea what they should be doing, but somehow at the end of it all, they'd decided to head to the radio tower. Maybe they'd find something there, unlikely as that felt. What were the odds that they would leave something anything there that was useful after that fiasco all those years back. They had years to prepare for this.

But when they reached there, it was clear they weren't the first people to think it was a good place to head for. There were already people there, the Korean goth dude whose name momentarily escaped him was clearly the one standing in the door frame. There were clearly others inside, given how he was standing.

"Um, hey! Are you guys..." His question trailed off with the thought that he had absolutely no idea what he was planning to ask.

Notes from an Even Smaller Island
They were too far from the others.

That was the first thought that went through her mind when she caught up with Lucilly.

It hadn't been too hard to catch up with her, but she held onto her shoulder anyway, partly as a measure of comfort, partly to ensure that she didn't run off again.

Not that Amanda thought that she would. Lucilly looked scared out of her wits right now, and was on the verge of, scratch that, in tears over the current situation.

"Yeah, you really shouldn't have," Amanda said, half-knowing that it wasn't exactly the best thing to say to calm her down.

She could still feel the adrenaline, she could still feel her heart pumping, her shallow breathing, everything telling her that she needed to keep moving.

"I don't blame you, though. This place is, like, seventeen different kinds of messed up."

Had the others found the source of the blood yet? Emma wasn't looking so good when they'd left either. And Jaime? She wasn't exactly Miss Reliable. God knew what was going on in that mind of hers.

She wanted to go back now. Make sure everything was alright.

She almost wanted to tell Lucilly to get up, that they needed to go back. That there was someone in trouble who needed help. And that there was no way that she was leaving anyone to bleed like that. Not even if it was someone like Isaac or Caedyn or whoever. Maybe especially if it was them. Even if all they ended up finding was a corpse.

But she didn't.

"So, don't worry about it, 'kay?. Most people would freak out too. Just take your time to calm down."

The World Turned Upside Down
Hazel was following behind him. It was weird how normal everything had felt, even though they were on this island. Perhaps it was the weird veneer of normalcy in their conversations, even when Tara had fallen down the slopes. It barely felt different from talking to people at school.

The person up there had ruined that illusion though, a reminder of the potential dangers of the island, even if it was by scaring Tara off.

Maybe they were friendly, maybe they were not. But, it wasn't worth the risk. If Tara didn't want to stick around, he shouldn't either.

But what if they were just be looking for a friend. What if they were just lost or confused or scared.

He pushed his already tired legs harder, hoping that he would leave these thoughts behind.

((Jordan Green continued elsewhere))

Notes from an Even Smaller Island
"No problem!" Amanda returned Emma's smile.

The reply had been automatic, and while it couldn't have been further from the truth, it was good enough to see that Emma was feeling a little better.

Lucilly had stopped by another door, but she didn't open it. She was staring at the ground, her flashlight lingering on the spot where she stood.

Suddenly, Lucilly shouted, and before Amanda could really work out what was going on, she had already slipped by them.


She took a quick glance at the ground where Lucilly had been standing, but it was near impossible to tell any dark stain from another in this lighitng.

If that was blood that was a lot of it. And whoever it came from was in whole lot of trouble.

Emma started to go after Lucilly, but she still didn't seem well enough to run, holding onto a wall for support.

"Don't. I'll go." Amanda turned to Jaime. "Look after Emma. See if you guys can find whoever was bleeding. They need our help. And fast."

There was no time to wait for their responses, there was no way she was going to let Lucilly go off by herself. This island was already enough of a deathtrap without potential murderers.

"Lucy! Wait up!"

She ran after her like her life depended on it.

V6 First Announcement

I'd be really appreciative if someone threw a save for Amanda. I feel that there's a lot of potential for development in her story and it'd be great to be able to continue writing her.

That said, death ideas are welcome since I don't have any right now, so if you have one, feel free to message me about it.